I had a shrimp burrito a couple nights ago that brought an uninvited party to my stomach.

It had me on the ropes, for sure, but it’s not how you show up when things are good. It’s how you show up when you’re seemingly down for the count.

Came back strong with a one-two combo: wrapped the first episode for @say_something_crazy (yeah!) and finished this trailer for @jstewnasg .

Don’t just show up. SHOW UP.

Side note: you know the economy is rough when you order a super shrimp burrito and it has THREE shrimp in it.

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I have to give it up to the Adobe PPro tech support staff. Yesterday I received personal help from a tech named Colin who was able to recreate and solve an annoying issue I have been having with the new PPro 2015. An issue that was annoying enough that I had switched back to PPro 2014 until it was fixed. It was first rate, friendly help. Thank you. Also don’t hesitate to contact Adobe if you are having an issue.

PS. Avid, for the most part, has always been very helpful too.