I Want to Redraw Your Art!

Hey guys,  if you don’t know,  I’m a professional Background designer, and my friend Max is a Character designer.  We’ve both worked for Rick and Morty and other studios including Dreamworks and Disney.

We made a YouTube channel Dedicated to redrawing viewer submitted art work!  we want you to send us art.  and we will redraw it from the perspective of animation professionals.  and we’ll make a cool video about it!  

It doesn’t matter what skill level you are.  We want your art! here are some of the things we’ve done!  We’ll even draw you a background and give you tips and tricks along the way!

We Cover lots of Photoshop tips specifically catered to animators and cartoonists.

We might even ANIMATE your drawing!

We also talk about the animation industry and we provide lots of insight about whats its like working in Animation!  Head on over to our you tube channel to see all the cool stuff we’ve done!  and send your art to bam.redrawmyart@gmail.com