adnan khader

Khader Adnan embraces his daughter closely during a festival honoring his release after his 56 day hunger strike.

Khader Adnan was arrested July 2014 and placed in administrative detention, - a tactic used by Israel to hold Palestinians without charge or trial for a year. Adnan, 37, is a father of six who worked as a baker. He had spent a total of six years in jail. Previously, in 2013, he had spent 66 days on hunger strike. 

Israeli Occupation Forces Arrest Khader Adnan in Jerusalem Just a Day After Being Release

As you may know, The Zionist authorities in the early hours of Sunday released Adnan who staged a 56-day hunger strike while being detained for a year without charge.

Now, Israeli occupation forces on Monday evening arrested veteran Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan while heading into Jerusalem’s Old City to take part in Laylat al-Qader prayers a day after he was freed from an Israeli prison.
Israeli soldiers detained Adnan, 37 years old, at Herod’s Gate at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City.

This is life under occupation. This is what Israel does to Palestinians!!!

July 13, 2015


Upon his release, ‪‎Khader Adnan‬’s first stop was his mother, whose feet, hands and head he kissed. His second stop was his wife, Randa, who was his spokesperson the whole time he was held in Administrative Detention. He was held 10 times over the past 5 years. She bore him 6 children, the last 3, triplets, were born in 2013. It is not the men who make the resistance. It is the women who make the men of the resistance.