Painters have a knowledge which goes beyond words. They are where musicians are. When someone blows the saxophone the sky is made of copper. When you make a watercolor you know how it feels to be the sea lying early in the day in the proximity of light.
—  Etel Adnan, from Journey to Mount Tamalpais (Post Apollo Press, 1986)
Love begins with the awareness of the curve of a back, the length of an eyebrow, the beginning of a smile. “It happens!” The presence of another being mobilizes your attention, your senses. That feeling grows, becomes a desire to repeat the experience. It becomes an itinerary. A voyage. The imagination takes over that reality and starts building fantasies, dreams, projects … It creates its own necessity, and in some people encompasses the whole of life. It becomes that voice in the night that tells you “I love you,” and that knocks your whole being off balance. Ultimately, it reaches the zones where you question the whole universe; it domesticates thinking, it ends as an addiction. And then, in the tragic cases, it falls into an abyss, where there are cries of pain, where the lovers lose sense of all dimensions, of all reality. These are times when a poet can say that love changes the direction of time. This state of being in love is an uneasy state: it is unstable, permeable to all winds, almost irrational. It easily creates a sense of terror, becomes obsessive. That’s when heartbeats accelerate, and one puts out the lights, lies down with another body, and sinks into a kind of desperate bliss. How can one bear such an intensity? Love becomes a river of “re that replaces blood in the arteries. It leaves one breathless. One wants to stay still, not moving, having forgotten the hour. Even the sense of one’s body disappears. The body disappears from memory. There’s an immobility due to the total mobilization of the senses functioning henceforth in an altered state. Desire itself is eventually overcome. Strangely enough, this state approximates the experience of death.  Who can endure for a long time such an internal upheaval? The lovers themselves end up fearing their happiness and feel ready to destroy it. And society itself suspects such love and represses it with all its might. It considers it to be a potential subversive revolution. Love always acts like an earthquake. It strongly affects not only lovers but also those who watch it happen.
—  Etel Adnan, from Etel Adnan: on Love and the Cost We Are Not Willing to Pay Today (Hatje Cantz Verlag GmbH & Co KG, 2011)  
What BVB has taught me...

The difference between BVB and Bayern M. is that when BVB win or lose is always about the team and for the team; with Bayern is always (or most of the time) about the rival team.

I mean, when BVB win we celebrate and congratulate the whole team and fans for their effort. When we lose, we can be mad and sad, but at the end we are still  there cheering our team ready for the next match.

Winning or losing it is all about our team and for our team.

When Bayern win we hear from them how they “destroyed” the rival team. When they lose we hear how and why “they are still better than the rival team”

Winning or losing it is all about their rival team.

Borussia Dortmund has taught us to enjoy and celebrate the victory but to recognize the effort and work of our rivals. Borussia Dortmund has taught us to live the defeat, to learn from it and to use it to be stronger later, and once again to recognize our rival.

Borussia Dortmund has taught us loyalty.

Borussia Dortmund has taught us friendship.

Borussia Dortmund has taught us love.

Borussia Dortmund has taught us respect.

Borussia Dortmund has taught us passion.

And that’s why I love this team, and I always will…

When I realized I was honestly too lazy to even fake the “manic pixie dream girl” shit in the first place.

*Me* “I like Star Wars. I like Marvel.” (I was being genuine.)   

*dude* “Call of Duty?”

*Me* “That’s just basically minimum-wage paid guards getting killed in hallways.”

*dude* “Trump?”

*Me* “They gave a 5 year old nuke codes.”

*dude* “Reddit?”

*Me* “Only useful to figure out if Adnan was guilty or not.”

*dude* “Riding a bike on a sunny day?”

*Me* “I’d just accidentally run over a pedestrian.”


I don’t cosplay too much so I’ll put my photos on my art blog, but I honestly LOVE how these pics came out and I wish I could get more. Thanks sooo much to my pal Kelly for the photography!! 

Here is my turki boi brooding as he does.