What the signs don't want to admit
  • Aries:you want affection/attention but dont want to seem desperate
  • Taurus:u want to fight everyone
  • Gemini:fuCKBOI
  • Cancer:you silently judge everyone out of habbit
  • Leo:peer pressured by yourself to do things
  • Virgo:u a hoe
  • Libra:flower child, u fall in love too fast
  • Scorpio:you have a plan to take over the world
  • Sagittarius:secretly a dragon
  • Capricorn:dude u flirt w/ EVERYONE
  • Aquarius:everyone thinks you're innocent but hell. no.
  • Pisces:u r the gaylord
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10 years later

Ray was sitting alone, waiting for the release of Hotline Miami 6. Then suddenly, a little boy comes rushing into his room.

“Dad, dad! Come see what I’ve done in Minecraft!”

“You’ve been playing that game nonstop for three days, you must be really liking it, huh?” said Ray, a joyfull look on his 35 year old face, as he follows his son. Whilst walking, a deep feeling starts to surface, one he himself hid long ago. Was it… a sign?

“So, what is it you want to show me-”, started Ray when they reached the living room, but he couldn’t finish. In front of him, an image long forgotten. Long forsaken.

“I dug for a while to get gold for the ‘On a Rail’ achievement, but I think it looks cooler this way”, explained Ray’s son, but he was no longer listening. The pixelated 4 blocks-tall yellow tower had his undivided attention. “I still don’t have a name for it though,” continued Ray’s son, “maybe Tower of Winners? Tower of Players?”

“Pimps.” Ray whispered as a single tear ran down his face.

“What happened, dad? Why are you crying?”

“Nothing, just remembering some old memories.”

“Really? How were they?”

Ray smiled to himself:

“Incredibly boring”

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What's your favourite anime?

Nagisa: I really, really like Ouran High School Host Club. And The Devil is a Part-Timer. Basically the crackier it is, the better for me.

Rei: I enjoyed Death Note a lot when I watched it. It was dark, but it got very complex and suspenseful. And I liked Durarara!! as well.

Makoto: I thought Haikyuu!! was pretty good. Noragami was a really interesting one, too. Yato reminded me of a cat.

Haru: Fullmetal Alchemist wasn’t bad. There should be a swimming anime, though.


“A post mentioning the worth of non-romantic relationships!! maybe it will help me feel less like an alien today–!!”   

oh it’s just some homophobic person trying to argue against a s/s ship they don’t like

“A post mentioning the worth of non-romantic relationships!!  maybe it–!!”

oh that was just a three-word disclaimer on a post arguing against the other one

“A post mentioning the worth of non-r–!!”


“A post m–!!”



wait that’s one i made three years ago


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  • Me:*complains about work*
  • Dad:Well, you know, that's life. You just have to get used to it.
  • Me:I know that, Dad. You're not supposed to tell me the cold hard truth here, you're supposed to be sympathetic.
  • Dad:Oh. Like what?
  • Me:You're supposed to be like "Wow, that sucks."
  • Dad:Oh, okay. *pause* Sucks to be you.
  • Me:...that's not how it works, Dad.
  • Dad:*laughing*
  • Me:Mom, can you please teach Dad how to be properly sympathetic?

[things you said at the kitchen table]

Ravi moves in with her after a very long (and completely unnecessary) conversation with Major and Peyton that leaves Liv in desperate need of (a) a friend, and (b) a roommate—the morgue does not pay well enough for downtown living, and a girl has needs, okay?

Ravi and Liv start sleeping together about a week after that.

Needs. And like—science. Liv is totally into doing things for the sake of science. She’s a scientist. And also, Ravi does this thing with his tongue, and she may be the new undead, but science tells her that there are absolutely some body functions still firing at full speed. Female anatomy for the win.

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I had a dream where I woke up and discovered Homestuck had a big update overnight, and it turned out to have introduced six new characters in an entirely new game session. One of the new characters was a ghost and another one was referred to as “The Baker”. By the time I got on tumblr, there was at least one ship war in progress.