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reference for anyone who wanted another look at maui’s tattoo of moana over his heart

oh and here’s mini-maui waving goodbye to moana for that extra bit of heart-stomping feels. now go forth all of you and draw mini-moana being cutes with mini-maui.


so recently i’ve been reading a lot of taekook and in the span of a few months i’ve read a lot of fics that have made me an emotional mess (in a good way). so i thought i’d share a few with everyone since i don’t have anyone to talk with about these really great fics. im telling you, you will not be disappointed.

most of these i’ve found in ao3 and a few are from aff (in which most of them are college aus one shots cause i love a good youth fic). they are not in any particular order, only alphabetical, although i have labeled my favorite fics with a star (☆).

also if you do bother reading any of these and finish it crying, feel free to talk to me and we’ll cry together. hah

Jeongguk gets stood up and a weird barista with a nametag that says “V” won’t stop making him weird drinks with names like ‘lean green fighting machine’ and acting out complete monologues behind the counter.

“i was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me” au

Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.

'Aren’t you that tiny boy who followed me around like a puppy in middle school and looked at me like I hung the stars? Ok well we’re in college now and you still have a huge crush on me and the only difference is now you do ridiculous things to try to impress me and honestly you’re so adorable even though you’re huge and stronger than me now’

in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Poor little Jeongguk living in the heart of Seoul, doing what he always dreamt of and simply wanting to disappear.

In which Jungkook is a sort of popular tumblr blogger and his life gets all messed up by the most definitely more popular blogger Kim Taehyung, who somehow happens to be fond of him.

For his first year of university, Jeongkook expects sex. If he was honest with himself, it’s one of the things he looked forward to.

What he doesn’t expect, is to become fuck buddies with the first person he hooks up with.

when taehyung wakes up as a kid, everyone wonders why jeongguk is the only one taehyung wants.

Taehyung accidentally tells “I love you” to the guy on the other line while ordering a pizza and gets a “Love you too” followed by a"I hope you’re not expecting a discount on the pizza just cause we confessed our undying love for each other.”

maybe they’re a little bit ridiculous, but people always did fall in love in the strangest ways.

Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.

when jeongguk draws taehyung’s (aka the love of his life’s) name in their school’s secret santa, he vows to be the cutest goddamn secret santa this world has ever seen.

In which Jungkook gets possessive of Taehyung without noticing, Taehyung’s dumb and the rest of bangtan decides to take the matter in their own hands.

Jungkook gets his first apartment away from Busan, away from his parents, away from the stress of his earlier life.
He soon finds out that his next door neighbor is pretty much out of his fucking mind.

I’ve said it from the beginning: fuck soulmates. I don’t care who my soulmate is gonna be. If it’s not you, I don’t care. I only want you.

Admit One: Kissing Booth Ticket

“who dat qt boi on ur story”

aka: in which kim taehyung discovers the love of his life on park jimin’s snapchat story.

“It’s a lot like falling in love with a city you’ve never been to.”

Taehyung thought his day couldn’t get anymore shittier than it was already, but he was wrong. (or maybe not)

also known as,

“Heard a scream and thought you were getting killed but it was just a spider!au”

“What does it feel like?”


“Knowing you fixed the heart of the man who broke yours?”

“it’s the middle of the night and i’m walking home alone in the dark and there’s this guy following me and he’s starting to gain on me and i found this phone booth with a lock on the door and i tried to call my best friend but my hands were shaking so badly i accidentally dialed the wrong number and i don’t even know you but help me” au

Apparently IOU’s are a few of Taehyung’s favorite things (to Jeongguk’s standards at least).

It all started when Kim Taehyung almost impaled Jeon Jungkook with a pink umbrella.

“If you want to be with me, you need to be honest with yourself and fucking tell me!”
“I’m not good at that, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?”

From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist.


Just 762 days before he finally meets his soulmate.




And then it stops.

this will probably be updated in the future, also if you have any good taekook fics please message me cause i want to read e v e r y t h i n g.

that’s all, happy reading ^^

fic rec!!!

ok so as some of u may know the 80% of my time spent on the internet is dedicated to reading fics (bts ashame..) and now that my ass has bookmarked more than 30 fics i thought it was time to do a fic rec :))) all of these fics are yooNMIN bc i hate myself but there are a couple with namjin and taekook, and taekook appears as a side pairing in some of the yoonmin ones. all of the links will take u to ao3 bc thats where i keep them saved more easily but i invite u to check my recs page where i have reblogged some awesome fics u cant find in ao3!! lastly almost all of them are fluffy!!!! bc angst makes me crY. also i would love if u guys could rec me fics u have loved n want me to read!!! thank u

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yes! please recommend some

I feel like I can only rec taekook fics cause they’re the only pairing that I read tons of fanfics of……. I AM A TRASH YES I ADMIT AND I THINK I NEED HELP

These are from my browser’s bookmarks so I’m sure these aren’t everything, haha! Maybe I’d make a page for my fanfic addiction…..??? ALSO, I barely read fantasy!au and angst so these are probably mostly fluff and smut lol. (I’m a sucker for romance I obviously don’t experience myself.)

***bold ones contain smut, be warned!***

  • can you be (mine?) — Taehyung likes Iced Caramel Macchiatos, the Arts, and a man that vaguely resembles the Adonis statue.(i saw you at starbucks once and immediately started crushing on you and oh shit did you just talk to me? fuck im so weird you’re probably weirded out im so dead kill me now au)
  • come on, lattice bond — lab!au
  • cut out all the ropes (let me fall) —  Being Korea’s most successful model has been working pretty well for Taehyung. That is, until Jeon Jeongguk appears.
  • cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) — taehyung always has bad ideas. and jeongguk thinks this might be the best. fake dating!au
  • Date Me —  Taehyung flirts with the cute high school boy and relishes in the flustered reaction he gets for almost an entire year. But when the following year comes along, he finds himself choking on his own words.
  • Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste —  Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.
  • Hit and Run —  Jimin and Jungkook have been the top hitmen duo in Seoul since the day they picked up their first revolvers and shot a man without a second look back. But when they cross paths with a skilled hacker by the name of Kim Taehyung, things start to change up a little.
  • I feel safe in the 5 a.m. light (love in my arms and the sun in my eyes) — And Taehyung thinks he’s never loved anyone more in his life than the boy above him who’s a little bit rough and sometimes a bit insensitive and maybe a little bit mean, but he’s also so soft and so gentle, and he treats Taehyung like he’s something so precious to him.
  • Kiss Me Hard Before You Go — fake dating!au where jeongguk and taehyung pulled the biggest prank on their friends. guess the joke’s on them! 
  • law & order —  innocent jeongguk gets distracted by cute tae in the office he’s currently working at
  • maybe we’re all just fools —  Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before.
  • Pucker Up —  Admit One: Kissing Booth Ticket
  • Riptide — fwb!au + college!au + fake dating!au combo
  • Serve & Protect — After a grueling two years of police university training, Kim Taehyung is excited to join the ranks of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s new recruits. But getting partnered up with senior police officer, Jeon Jungkook, just might be his biggest challenge yet.
  • Will you be my Forever? —  From the moment Jungkook turned 18, he had been excited to see the numbers appear on his wrist. soulmate!au.
  • you can leave a toothbrush (at my place) — fwb!au


The British Museum opened its doors to visitors for the first time on 15 January 1759. The Trustees decided that the Museum should be freely open to the general public as well as to academic visitors. However, they were afraid that the collections would be damaged if large crowds of people were allowed into the building. They therefore ordered that visitors should not be admitted unless they held tickets, and that only a small number of tickets should be issued for each day.

Like this ticket, issued for 1 p.m., all tickets were issued for a particular time. Visitors were taken around the Museum in groups of five, each group guided by one of the Under-Librarians. They were taken up the Great Staircase, through the upper rooms and down again to the ground floor. During their tour they were shown the collections of manuscripts, medals, antiquities and natural history.

Calum Hood - Disappointment

A/N - I hope you all like this one, it was originally posted on hashtags :)


“I’m coming!” I shouted as I ran down the stairs, trying to get the door as quickly as possible. I groaned internally when I recognised the figure being the crystallised glass.

“Hey Cal.” I sighed as I pulled the door open, my gaze running over my ex-husband’s face.

“Hey, I just came by to grab the ticket for Lily’s graduation ceremony.” he smiled slightly. I stood aside to let him in as I went to find the tickets we’d been given.

“She’s so glad you can come Cal. It means the world to her.” I admitted, grabbing the tickets off the cork board in the kitchen and handing him one.

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” he grinned, looking down at the ticket before his face fell.

“What?” I asked cautiously, although I knew exactly where this was going. He’d done it a hundred times in the past.

“I thought it was this Friday.” he said slowly, looking up at me as if hoping the ticket had got the date horribly wrong. “You told me it was this Friday.”

“Calum, I told you the 25th. That’s next Friday…” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“No! No, you told me this Friday because I arranged everything around it!” he insisted but I could see he was just trying to convince himself.

“Calum, I promise you I told you the 25th.” I glared at him now, but I did feel slightly bad for him. I knew he never missed anything that was important to Lily, at least not when it was in his control. I knew how much this meant to him to be able to see his only child graduate, and he’d done everything he could to push his tour back a week so he could be there.

“Oh fuck.” he groaned, sitting down at the breakfast bar and slamming his head against the counter, a loud thud as he did it, making me flinch.

“Is there no way you can come back for it?” I asked hesitantly, leaning against the counter opposite.

“We’re playing a show that night, there’s no way I can get back.” he mumbled, rubbing his head. “I can’t let her down again.” he ran an unsteady hand through his hair. He’d missed her piano recital last month because he’d been called out to America to finish some important parts of the album. He’d missed her first day at school because he was on tour in England. He’d been on tour when she’d first started walking, when she said her first words. He’d barely made it back in time for her birth.

These were all things that were important to me, and they’d ended up causing a divorce, but Lily still had faith in her father. She’d gotten through the last 2 years of disappointment from Calum by saying “at least he’ll be at my graduation. He promised.” She always saw the good in him, because he always made it up to her in some way, but this would bring about crushing disappointment that he wouldn’t be able to redeem with a promise of a day out at the local theme park or a shopping spree.

To say I was going to kill him was probably an understatement, but I also felt sorry for him. He was never in one place long enough to make these kind of commitments, something I’d learned the hard way. But he always did everything he could to make sure Lily was happy. She was the only permanent thing he had in his life right now and he was about to potentially destroy that.

“You better think of a good excuse for fucking this up.” I told him, grabbing the ticket back off him, just as the front door opened, making Calum’s eyes go wide and shake his head at me.

“Dad?” Lily’s voice exclaimed when she saw her father sat in the kitchen. “What’re you doing here?” she grinned, wrapping her arms around him quickly before sliding onto the stool beside him.

“I came by to grab some things from your mum.” he smiled weakly at the girl that was his world.

“We have your ticket for graduation!” Lily realised, gesturing for me to get it off the board. “I’m so glad you can come, and you promised me we’d go out for dinner afterwards, remember? Is that still happening?” her eyes were hopeful as she looked at the man who had given her so much disappointment her whole life.

“Hey, Lils?” Calum started, his eyes welling up with tears as he looked at her. Lily’s face fell when she knew exactly what he was going to say. I guess some part of her had been expecting it. Who wouldn’t? “I’m really, really-”

“You promised.” she cut him off, her jaw setting in a straight line.

“Lily, I tried. I really tried.” his voice cracking but Lily just stood up, glaring right back at him.

“You always try, but it never actually does any fucking good!” she shouted, making Cal and I flinch.

“I got the dates mixed up, and I organised everything around the wrong fucking date!” he shouted back. I flinched at him swearing at her, but I knew better than to intervene when they both got like this.

“And I’m supposed to forgive you for that? Oh it must be okay, because daddy just got the dates mixed up like always! You’re never there and I was okay with it because you promised you’d be at my graduation! But no, you’re off being a rock star because that will always be more important to you than me!” she screamed at him, tears now running down her cheeks.

“You think I’m okay with this?!” he asked furiously, raising his hands in despair.

“Why wouldn’t you be? If you fucking cared you’d be coming.” she hissed at him, storming into the living room.

“Don’t you ever tell me I don’t care about you. You are the only god damn good thing in my life and I would move hell and high water to make you happy.” he spat angrily, following her into the living room, me following closely behind.

“THEN WHY DO YOU NEVER SHOW IT?!” she screamed at her father.

“I do show it!” he defended himself but I knew it was no use.

“Taking me to the cinema and the theme park because you feel guilty for missing my piano recitals or my prize giving is not showing me you love me.” she informed him, tears still streaming down her face.

“I am trying to be the best I can be for you Lily. I am trying to do things for you, but I have a job that takes me away, okay? My marriage suffered for it, but I don’t want our relationship to suffer for it.” he pleaded with her but I knew it was no use.

“I really wish you weren’t my dad.” she spat at him, turning to storm up the stairs but I stopped her.

“Don’t say that.” I told her. I knew she was angry at him, but I also knew how damaging saying something like that could be. Calum had a funny way of showing it sometimes, but he loved his daughter more than anyone and hearing that from her would kill him, I was sure of it.

“It’s true though. I’d rather have a father who actually cared about me and would bother coming and seeing me once in a while because he wanted to rather than because he felt guilty.” she said coldly, before pushing past me.

Calum hung his head as he sat on the sofa, his hands running over his face over and over again. I’d only ever seen him get like this when I’d handed him the divorce papers.

“I can’t get anything right, can I?” he sobbed, making me feel awful for him. He did try but his job got in the way of that.

“I’m sorry Calum. She didn’t mean it when she said that, you know that right?” I rubbed his back but Calum just shook his head.

“She means it as much as you meant it when you said you couldn’t do it anymore.” he told me, standing up.

“Where are you going?” I asked cautiously as he headed for the door.

“I don’t know.” he mumbled, before opening the door and slamming it behind him.

I watched as he drove away, making me worry more about him. I didn’t think he was in the right state to drive but I didn’t have a say in that anymore.

Pref 01# Your brother plays in Real Madrid (Lashton):

Requested: Yep, and that was a hard one x) Despite being a Brazilian, I don’t follow much of football, at least not much of international football anyway. So, you know, I’m sorry for obvious mistakes football-related. (request here)

N/A: I divided it in two, because I’m a monster and I can’t keep it short. Hope you don’t mind!

Edit: Part II (Malum)


Luke - (Iker Casillas):

Even though Iker went through the trouble of saving you a spot on the best place of the stadium, you still can’t see much outside of the big screen hanging over your head. You spent all the first-half trying to see the goal and your brother in it, jumping up and down on your sit until the inevitable happens: you lose your balance. Tumbling down, you hold for dear life on the closest thing you can grab, which happens to be the shirt of a really tall guy on the next aisle, a blonde haired and blue eyed handsome one, if you can say so.

“Oh God, I’m so sorry”, you begin, but he interrupts with an “It’s ok” as he smiles gently. You notice he wears a lip-ring, and unconsciously licks your own, suddenly disconnected from the game.

“Are you all right, though?”

“Yeah, sure. I was just trying to see the goal a little better”.

“The goal? Doesn’t everybody usually focus on the ball or something?”

You smile. “My brother is the goalkeeper. I just came to see him play, as I don’t get do it often”.

“Oh”. He mouths, and then looks at the field, spotting your brother and making a face “Is it… Cadilas?”

“Casillas”, you correct his pronounce, and he flushes red. “I get you’re not a fan of the game?”

“We won the tickets”, he admits, “And Calum is crazy about it, so…” He trails off, pointing a dark haired boy in his group. You nod, and your eyes reluctantly go back to the field, finally finding a breach between the giant boys now that one of them is facing you.

“I’m not the biggest fan of the game myself, but I really like to see him play. That is, when I can. Not the case right now”.

“I thought…”

“You guys are just so tall”, you say playfully, and he frowns.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m right in front of you, huh? Here, we can switch…” He starts, but you simply jump down to his chair, getting a grip on his shoulders and then placing yourself in front of him.

“Don’t worry. I like this way better. Besides, now you can hold me if I fall again”.

You don’t turn around, but you know he’s blushing when his hands envelope your waist, like a safeguard.


Ashton - (Sergio Ramos):

“Oh no, they didn’t”, you say, your voice filled with so much anger that Ashton, whom you’ve been seeing for a few weeks now, looks funny at you.

“You’re ok there?”

“They sent him off! They actually sent him off because that stupid stunt that lil’ shit played! I mean, how blind that referee can be, Sergio obviously did nothing…”

“Ah, actually, I think he hit that other guy pretty hard…?” You turn to him, murderous intent in your eyes, and he gulps down, smiling easily at you.

“He’s a bloody center-back, his freakng job is to make sure the other team doesn’t pass through with the ball”, you scold him. “You know what, you don’t know a thing about football, Ashton, I don’t think you get an opinion”.

“Woah, calm down. I’m just trying to watch the game with you, you know? Since you apparently can’t go farther than a few inches of a telly when there’s a game on”.

“This championship is important, Ash. And I said you didn’t have to come over, we could have met up later”.

“Then you’d be mean and cranky if they lost! I rather have the light mooded you while I can”.

“Shut up”, you say, not really offended. You could get pretty intense while watching your brother’s team games. Not that Ashton knew you were Sergio Ramos’ sister. “And they’re not going to lose, even if this dumb referee is bought by the other side. Giving Sergio a red card, this is ridiculous…”  

“Are you one of those weird football fans with their walls full of posters of their teams? Is that funny faced guy competition? Should I be worried?”

“You will find a few photos of the ‘funny faced guy’ over my room, yeah. I even have a good lot of photos of me with him”, you say, amused. “And yes, you should be worried because he could kick your ass if he wanted, and I bet he will”, you complete, and Ashton pouts. 

“Are you a football groupie? I suddenly feel like I’m dating Calum in skirts”.

“I’m much hotter than Calum though”, you say, and he smiles.

“Don’t be so sure, babe. Calum works out pretty hard”.

“I don’t think that’s the path you want to go down if you want to see those walls tonight, Ashton”.

“I look forward to meeting all the men in your posters”

He says with a serious face, but his voice cracks at the end and he ends up laughing so hard that tears fill his eyes. You shake your head, thinking it’s actually funny how close he actually is of meeting them all. Being Sergio’s little sister, you got to know quite a few of the Real Madrid’s players, and they all treated you like a lucky charm. Ashton doesn’t have an idea of the trouble ahead of him.

“Oh, you’ll get to know them. Don’t worry”.