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BTS Reaction on having a crush on you and you admit they are your bias in an interview

Anon Requested:  Hi! I don’t know if you have reaction requests open but if you do can you write one (BTS and BIGBANG) have a crush on you (an international star) and then you are in an interview and you say they are your bias? I’m sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Thank you so much and I love your blog 🙂

Okay these are really long so sorry about that.

Jungkook:  Back in his dressing room Jungkook was flipping through the channels that were streaming on the tv that was connected on the way. Jungkook froze when he saw you, his attention diverted to you who was sitting down in a chair in front of a man who was laughing with you and asking you questions. Subtitles appeared on the bottom of the screen once you and the interviewer starting talking.

“So (Y/N), anything new in the love department? Have an eye on anyone?” The man smiled warmly at you. You couldn’t help but laugh and nod slightly.

“I mean there’s this one guy I think is really cute. But we don’t know each other exactly.” You lightly laugh, cheeks lightly reddening at the embarrassment. “He’s a star in Korea and he’s in this boy band called BTS. I think he’s really cute and he’s my age so that’s nice too.” You admit, hands slowly rubbing against each other. 

Jungkook didn’t need to hear his name to know it was him who you were talking about. The moment you said he was the same age he knew it was him. Jungkook smiled, not making a huge spectacle about your announcement in the dressing room. He looked back at the screen to see the interviewer continuing to talk to you and seeing the tint on your cheeks still evident. 

“She likes me.” 

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V: Taehyung heard that you were going to be on a Korean radio show so he had to listen to it. Finally finding the channel he turned the volume up and listened, he knew you spoke some Korean from prior interviews he had watched you on. He listened on and felt his heart stop when he heard the interviewer mention himself to you.

“So I assume that you’ve seen the interview with BTS’s Kim Taehyung, right?” The man asked you and you slightly laughed and nodded your head. 

“Yes I have actually, I think I saw it a day after it aired. Honestly it shocked me because I didn’t know he even knew about me.” You admitted.

“But you knew about him before the interview?” 

“Yeah I’ve been a fan of BTS for about a year now so I definitely knew about him.” Taehyung’s heart began to speed up hearing the words leave your mouth. She knew about me? She knows me?

The interviewer continued to ask you questions about how you felt about Taehyung’s crush on you, you answered honestly smiling with each answer you gave. “I mean he was always my favorite out of the group, I can’t say I like him since I haven’t really met him before but he is very charming and would love to meet him.” The interviewers smile grew wider as he called for his assistant to grab his phone.

“I mean I can’t magically have him appear here for you to meet him but what about talking to him? Would you want to?” The interviewer clicked Tae’s contact in his phone and began ringing him. Taehyung didn’t know a single thing going on since all he could do was listen but his thoughts were quickly interrupted by his cell phone ringing. Without looking at the caller i.d he picked up.



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Jimin: Jimin was on weekly idol with BTS, he never expected that he would be asked about his prior relationship or even if he liked anyone else. Usually he’d just be asked about the recent album and do fun games like before. When asked he answered truthfully, saying that he was much better after his break up from his ex and that he had his eye on an international celebrity. What you didn’t expect from watching this episode of weekly idol was that the international celebrity Jimin was talking about was you. You knew Korean from the past years of studying it so you knew what he was saying.

“She’s from America, her name is (Y/N) and I’ve always been interested in her from her debut.” Your heart stopped for a second, your breath hitching in the back of your throat as Defconn continued to speak. 

“Well maybe we should get her down to Korea to meet you! That’d be a fun episode.” He laughed. Jimin just smiled, not saying anything after. His other members just patting his back and laughing with the hosts. “Well what do you think (Y/N)? If you’re watching us right now let us know!” And without even thinking about it you grabbed your cellphone and called your manager who you find out had already made plans for you. “Oh what’s this?” Defconn’s voice broke out from your computer screen. “Looks like you’re going to get to meet (Y/N) sooner rather than later Jimin.”

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J-Hope: You were clicking through your mentions on Twitter when multiple links showed up in a row. They were all the same and everyone who had put the link in the message told you that you just had to watch this and watch it immediately. Clicking on the message you were brought to a Korean interview with a group of boys. You clicked on the option for English subtitles and began watching the interview. 

“Her name is (Y/N) and she’s an American singer.” One of the boys said. The woman sitting across from them began to speak soon after. 

“Does she know who you are? Does she know that you like her?” 

“Wait what?” You say out loud, eyes widening. You look back at the boy who was once speaking and see him shrug his shoulders. Your mind is racing with questions and thoughts. 

“I actually don’t know, I don’t know if she’s into K-Pop or even likes our group. I’ve just always been a fan of hers.” The boy admits. You scroll down from the live interview and click on your phone to translate all the words to English so you can read the words. 

“Okay so which one is he?” You ask yourself. “Is this Suga? Or maybe he’s Jin, no he can’t he doesn’t look like a Jin.” You quickly pulled out your computer, still leaving the interview on your phone so you can continue to read the subtitles. You googled his group and typed in BTS. “Ah there he is! J-Hope!” You cheered, happy to find out who this mystery boy is. You looked back over to your phone to continue to read the subtitles.

“So you like her? You like her alot?” The woman asks again, and J-Hope nodded with a smile on his face. “Well maybe we should get her down here some day.”

“I’d like that a lot actually.”

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Rap Monster: “So Namjoon did you see that an international star has a little crush on you?” The woman interviewing him and the rest of the group asked. Namjoon shook his head, slightly confused on what she was talking about. “What? Really? It was all over the internet all last week.” She said baffled.

“I saw it.” Suga admitted.

“So did I.” V added. 

“I’m pretty sure we all did.” Jungkook spoke up. “How did you not see it? I would’ve thought you’d be the first to look at the article seeing that it was (Y/N) who said it.”

Namjoon’s eyes widened and looked at all of his bandmates. “What?” All of the boys including the woman nodded.

“(Y/N) totally admitted that she had a crush on you dude.” Suga said laughing at the leaders expression. Namjoon couldn’t feel his fingers, he was numb at the news that was just presented to him. He couldn’t help but crack a smile looking at the camera then back at the boys. 

“She likes me?” He asked. The interviewer chuckled and nodded at his big smile.

“She likes you.”

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Suga: You were friends of many groups in the kpop industry, you were especially good friends with members of BTS so how fun would it have been to make a surprise appearance to one of their interviews? Well it would’ve been a lot more fun if you weren’t in such an embarrassing situation. It was a simple surprise to see your friends but the interviewer just had to ask the boys about who they were crushing on. He went down the line of boys starting with Jungkook and ending with your closest friend Yoongi. The answers from the boys were typical ranging from Sana from Twice, Hyuna from 4 minute and Goeun from Cheese in the Trap. You expected to hear someone like those women from Yoongi, what you didn’t expect was your name to come out of his mouth. 

Obviously the man interviewing the boys didn’t expect that either, especially because he had to introduce you to the boys in a few minutes. “Well um, Suga! You say your celebrity crush is (Y/N)? Aren’t you two pretty good friends?” Yoongi nodded with a small smile. “Does she know you like her?” 

Yoongi shrugged casually. “I mean I’d think she would get a hint, the guys found out after maybe a week of us being friends. Though at the time I’d deny it because I didn’t think I had feelings for her at the time.”

“When did you know you liked her?” The man asked, you had to squint but you could see a slight smirk on his lips as he asked the question. He knew you were coming out and wanted to get more out of Yoongi before then. 

“I admitted it to the boys only about a month ago but I kept it to myself for 2 months prior.”

“So what do you guys think about it? Are you as close with (Y/N) as Suga is?”

“We’re all really close with her.” J-Hope spoke up. “We kept pushing him to tell her but he would always say no thinking it’d ruin the friendship.” Yoongi nodded at that smiling a bit more at his best friends words.

“Well I did say we would be having a special guest.” The man said. “Everyone please welcome (Y/N).” You looked at the screen showing all of the boys and the cameras focused on Yoongi’s face. His big smile dropped and eyes widened. He didn’t speak out loud but you could see the faint words of ‘fuck’ that left his lips. You sighed and walked out to the boys, praying that this interview would go by quick.

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Jin: “So sources tell us that a certain member from a popular boyband in Korea has admitted to having a crush on you, have you heard of this?” The man interviewing you asked. Completely baffled your eyes widened and shook your head. 

“What group?” You asked instantly, it’s no secret that you were familiar with k-pop music, you’ve admitted to listening and being a fan to it in recent interviews. What shocks you is that someone actually knew who you were. 

The male interviewer chucked and pointed to the television that had a video clip paused. “Just watch.” He clicked play on his little remote he had on is desk and set it down once it started. 

A video clip of BTS played and your eyes widened, tripling in size. Your heart dropped once Jin’s face popped on the screen, he was smiling admitting that he had a crush on you, your smile mimicked his once the video ended. You faced the man once again, smile still evident on your face.

“So (Y/N), what do you have to say about that? Do you know who he is?” You nod slightly, still managing to get your words out.

“Well he has always been my favorite in the group.” You smiled still trying to get over the fact that Jin admitted to liking you. “I’d say the feeling is pretty mutual, if not more.”

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Please may i request a Julian Albert oneshot/imagine set after flashpoint where youre Barrys younger sister & he walks in on you & Julian & hes really confused & annoyed bc he doesnt like Julian, thank you! :)

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Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces is a rather unusual placement for Mars to be in. Because Pisces is ruled by Neptune, a Mars in Pisces can have a hard time asserting themselves. Often times, a Mars in Pisces can fall victim to being used and dominated by others. They are passive, they aren’t direct in their anger. They are extremely passive aggressive and often times can release indirect aggression. Mars is in Pisces, an intuitive Water sign and a Mars in Pisces can sense even the slightest negativity in tone or body language. They are definitely able to become aggressive manipulators and won’t be satisfied until you admit your wrongs and make it up to them.

Mars in Pisces are mild tempered and gentle. Since Mars is in an uncomfortable position, Mars in Pisces people should learn how to express themselves creatively. They have much talent and should definitely put it to good use. Because they are also so spiritual, they feel the same way towards sex. A Mars in Pisces has many sexual fantasies that should run wild. Sex is an all consuming experience; physically, emotionally and mentally. They can’t help that they can get extremely attached. For the experience to be enjoyable with them, they should have an emotional connection to their partner, even better; spiritual. They are very conscious and responsive to their partners sexual needs, but not aggressive. Since Mars in Pisces are rather emotional, they prefer romantic love making towards rough sex. Mars in Pisces are true romantics and are sensual. Although Mars in Pisces is seen as weak, they are not. More so than any other sign, a Mars in Pisces is willing to take any blow and obstacle headed towards them and still rise above it. They are amongst the bravest of the Mars signs.


There’s something that frightens my about the depth of my loyalty. I’m afraid that it’s quite a bit deeper than my logic.

And even though I’m an INTP, and logic is supposed to be the core of my being, I think that might be a good thing.

There’s so much more to life than knowing things for certain, than thinking things through, and working everything out so that it fits neatly into your brain.

At some point, I have to leave logic behind and admit that there are some things than are bigger than I am. Some things are more important. Some people don’t make sense, but that doesn’t mean I give up on them.

Maybe, just maybe, there’s more sense to being logical, but there’s more courage to being loyal.

Sam Winchester, the most admirable character in fiction

Sam overcame so much and he acts far more courageously than any human being should ever have to.  Sam has suffered and endured far more than any human being should have have to.  For me I realized that Sam represents the parts of me that makes me want to be a better person, and I find inspiration in Sam who keeps trying and keeps working and he moves on from the past.  I love Sam’s empathy and sense of morality.  I love that he’s not afraid to admit when he’s afraid or worried or anxious.  Sam is the best representation of humanity because he helps people even when he doesn’t have to.  He helped Marin the girl in the mental instution even as he’s dying and in pain.  He’d help anyone if they needed it, even those that really don’t deserve it.   After everything he’s been through, after everything he’s done and seen, he still has hope for him and his brother, that people can change, that we are based on what we do and not what we are.  

when the sun rises tomorrow
you will still be broken
and bruised
but unlike yesterday
you won’t be alone
and that has to count for something.
you finally found a family
worth fighting for.

does anyone else like……. have….. imaginary friends?? i guess would be the best way to put it. but like im 17 so not exactly like imaginary friends like little kids have but pretty much. i cant figure out if its bc of my borderline or maladaptive daydreaming but kinda both. like i kinda,,, disociate/not 100% conected to reality bc in my head im chillin with like gerard way or my fake girlfriend like ?????? (does that make sense????) but its rly weird and confusing

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What do you think Kate meant by it not being enough that she'd been running around with the school's funniest kid? What did she want from him in that moment?

There are so many brilliant people in this fandom who I feel could answer this question far better and more in depth than I’m about to, but in short, what I took away from that specific point in the scene was this:

In that moment, I believe Beckett was meaning that it wasn’t enough anymore in their work partnership, especially since he had just suggested taking a step back from pursuing her mother’s murder. Castle’s role as the class clown, so to speak, always provided what was obviously a much needed comic relief for Beckett in various aspects of her life, but I think even if it terrified her to admit it, she wanted more than that. She wanted to see more of the man behind the jokes and persona that had been slowly doled out over time, if that makes sense? Another motive I took away from that scene is that Beckett was trying to push him to just come right out and say too much and stop dancing around what they really were at that time. Which would have given her a reason to shut him out rather than conceding to the fact that he may be right and her mother’s case was too big of a battle to be won. 

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Where did you get the inspiration from for your Do No Harm MercyMaker fic? It's really a beautiful piece, It's taken me on a roller coaster of emotions more than once already and I will admit I've teared up during certain scenes, What's your secret?

Thank you so much!

@dinochoobs told me that Mercymaker was a thing a couple months ago, but there wasn’t a lot out there for it, especially in the way of longer fanfics. I felt like people weren’t attracted to the ship (despite the fact that it’s two pretty badass ladies come on now) because there wasn’t a good foundation for it–because they couldn’t make it make sense in their heads. I sorta felt the same way until I started thinking about it…

…Then my thinking about it turned into a giant emotional rollercoaster of a fanfic. Oops. Sorry not sorry!

So long story short, I guess Do No Harm is just me sharing my overly complicated Mercymaker headcannons with everyone so that they will ship it too. Is it working? :)

Ah, so that was it.  “And Brian makes that oily darkness that screws up your hearing.  The Parahumans wiki said it was darkness generation.”

Brian smiled, “I put that into the wiki myself.  It’s not wrong, but it does catch people off guard when they think they know what you can do, and there’s something more to it.”

Heh, that’s a smart move.

But Taylor, are you sure you want to admit you’ve been doing research?

Lisa added, “It’s not just hearing.  It also cuts off radio signals and dampens the effects of radiation.”

Makes sense; radio signals are, after all, light.

“That’s what her power tells her, anyways.  I haven’t had much chance to test that part of things.  I get by as is,” Brian said.

It could be useful against security guards. Cut off the radio contact so they can’t report that someone just shrouded them in darkness.

He turned his hand palm up and created a handful of the darkness.  It was like smoke, but so absolutely black that there was no texture to it.  It was like someone had taken a scalpel to reality and the blackness was what was there when everything else was gone.  I couldn’t even gauge the dimensions of it, unless I looked at it from a different perspective.  Even then, with the way the darkness shifted and billowed like smoke, it was hard to judge the shape.

This would look pretty cool in a well-done Worm TV series, I think!

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Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing CN with us. I wish it didn't have to end but I understand the need to move on. I have to say... the part where Tony was talking about things not making sense. I experienced a loss a few months ago... it was a big blow on so many levels and I've been struggling a lot more than I care to admit. It forced a complete change in the way of life for me. It's hard to explain how that feels to other people but I think you did it perfectly. So thank you.

Thank you for saying that, and sorry for your loss.  But, yes, as someone who has also experienced loss, I think that sense of not being able to adequately explain is very real.  When my cousin was killed in a car accident at 18, I couldn’t talk about it with anyone who didn’t know her for a long time. It just felt so wrong somehow, and I still can’t quite articulate why, except that talking about it with someone who wasn’t also affected diminished it in my mind in a way I couldn’t accept.  So, I think that sense of not being able to really get at why something is bothersome is very real in relation to loss.  

Glad you liked the fic.  Hope it helped to bring you a bit of peace.

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What would you say your favorite story is and why?

drakulya’s kiss by kay elle because it builds an allegory for prejudice and discrimination (most notably anti-blackness) with fantasy elements (i.e. vampiric creatures). i love harriette’s self deprecating humor, i love how passionate she is about social equality, i love how she loves others and refuses to admit it out loud (but she can’t stop herself from smiling or her eyes from shining and that really says it all). the story is lovely and i feel like a lot of people forget the more happy and hilarious aspects because it’s a romantic tragedy. i love happy endings but over time i’ve come to love the story for what i was given, not for what i would have preferred to have been given (if that makes sense). thanks so much for asking!!

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I keep seeing stuff about 'using up all of the hot water'. Does America have like a limited amount of hot water you can use at the time? Why?

Okay, SO. There are two types of hot water heaters: tankless and with tanks. The kind that have tanks only have so much hot water at a time; when the tank runs out, you’re out of hot water for a bit. You might run out if too many people are running appliances with hot water, or if too many people take showers before the tank can refill.

I’m assuming this ask is in reference to my Legends of Tomorrow post where I talk about Sara using up hot water, and I have to admit that I genuinely don’t know if it actually makes sense of the Waverider to have hot water tanks or not. Given how technologically advanced the rest of the ship is you’d think probably not, but I genuinely don’t know what the plumbing system would be like so I think… maybe? 

Either way, it’s funnier to imagine the crew could suddenly find themselves standing in freezing cold water first thing in the morning

For Mark.

Hey Mark, I know there is probably a slim chance you would be able to see this because of all the notifications you get every day, but I have to tell you something.
You’re one of the kindest Youtubers I’ve ever seen, your channel is amazing and you’ve honestly helped me get through some bad days in the past, I find you hilarious and your sense of humor always brings a smile to my face. I saw your video about being lost, and I won’t lie, I’ve felt that way too, I think we all do. We’re human, it’s normal. I admit, I cried when you said that we saved you, to know that you care about us that much? It makes us so happy. It means so much to me that you love us so much, that you want to make us happy with your videos and talking to us-you make us happy by just existing. You seem like such a wonderful person and the fact that you actually take time out of your day to talk to fans?
That’s amazing.
It’s truly wonderful how humble you are even though you deserve everything out of life. Please know that we’re always going to be here for you, every step of the way. Thank you so much for just being you. I love you, and will always be supporting you. ❤️

Why is Alternia gray??

It can’t really be the plant life because that’s not only been well-established to be a plethora of bright colors but additionally gray/black plants would generally only happen on planets that are orbiting faint, red stars. Alternia’s sun is supposed to be really strong, so that’s kinda odd. Pictures of canon also don’t really indicate much to suggest that things on Alternia are inherently gray either 

So is it the atmosphere? That wouldn’t really make sense either just judging by the weather patterns and the clear images that we’ve seen of Alternia though I admit that Hussie prolly didn’t think much about the issue so it’s undoubtedly a moot point

The cool thing about Alternia though is that at certain times of the night, when both the green and pink moons are illuminating the planet, you could feasibly look down and have two different shadows

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"Arbitrarily" is so good. The though of Aqua having trouble sleeping at night makes so much sense (and it can go from Aqua being stressed, all the way to her having terrible, terrible nightmares) and either Ven or Terra (or both) taking care of her are "future headcanons" I play in my head all the time, and you presented that so beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing that story with us! :)

ahh thanks! I’m glad you liked it! I admit the insomnia/nightmares trope is an angle I play often in my BBS fics for all three members of the trio (anyone who’s read more than a couple of them has probably noticed that they occasionally bleed into each other and some even take place in the same timeline) but I AM WEAK FOR SLEEPOVERS/BED-SHARING AND REGRET NOTHING. and besides given the name of the game they come from and the symbolism in their fates can I really be faulted for leaning heavily on sleep themes :^)

Love is for Fools; Sherlock x Reader

Requested by Anon: Hello, I kinda wanted to make a request if you are already busy ignore this but well if you could do one where the reader explains love to Sherlock and she accidentally tells him she loves him. Just really fluffy. Thank you 😊

You and Sherlock sat in your separate chairs inside of Baker Street, warm and content watching Pride and Prejudice. Somehow you had coerced Sherlock into watching a move with you so obviously it had to be this one.

“I don’t understand this,” Sherlock finally admitted.

“What don’t you understand?”

He sat up, looking ready to give you a whole list of reasons. “First off, why does Lizzie even care about him so much he’s an asshole and historically he would clearly have other women in town? And second, Lizzie’s family is not doing too well financially it doesn’t make any sense for a man of Darcy’s stature to be marrying here.”

“Love, Sherlock. Just chalk it up to love. Love crosses social boundaries and it also requires quite a lot of trust that Lizzie has clearly earned from Darcy.”

“Love is your solution?”

“Love is always the solution.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes before pausing the TV, preparing to enter a heated debate. “I want one real life situation,” Sherlock demanded.

“Easily. Your parents, John and Mary, Molly and… Tom?… you and me- Obvis-“ you began before realizing what you had just let slip. You looked to Sherlock to see if he had caught your mistake and the look on his face showed he had.

“You and me?”

You looked away from him in shame, not in the mood to discuss your feelings, or rather get rejected. “I don’t really want to talk about it Sherlock,” you told him, unpausing the movie. Sherlock remained silent as the movie kept playing and he remained quiet until the credits began to roll. In fact he had been so quiet it scared you. “I think I’m going to bed,” you said, standing up before you felt Sherlock grab your hand.

He stood up and looked you directly in your eyes. “Love is for fools and… I think I’ve became a fool,” Sherlock whispered before he swept you up in a long awaited kiss. Your lips moved in time as you revealed in the long-awaited touch of his lips and Sherlock seemed just as eager as you were.

Finally Sherlock pulled away and stared deep in your eyes as you saw the look of desperation in him.

“If love is for fools, than love is for fools like us,” you whispered.

#2839. Upon coming back to Sm4sh, Lucas was horrified by Megaman, as he reminded him of the Masked Man. Megaman tries to make friends, but ends up scaring Lucas and giving him anxiety attacks. After he finds out about the Masked Man, Megaman goes out his way to prove that not all robots are evil, even admitting he used to think most humans were evil after dealing with Dr. Wily so much. His efforts seem in vain until Lucas inadvertently discovers Megaman is a big brother. Being a little brother without his other half, Lucas develops a literal sense of brotherly love and finally sees that robots can be as affectionate as people. As of late, the two have been seen gardening and making flower clowns for each other.
Mismatched [Stiles Stilinski x Reader]

Author’s Note: I don’t what this is. I just started writing and then this happened. I’m not sure if it makes much sense because I’m pretty tired but I hope you like it! I haven’t really proofread it but I’ll come back to it when I have more time ha ha. I’ll admit I didn’t think too hard about this. I kind of just had one small idea and rolled with it. Just something cute and silly. I really want to write another imagine for Stiles soon to redeem myself for this one because I feel this one could be better. But enjoy anyway!

Word Count: 2,982 (so close to 3,000!)

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Chained no more

Despite the recent confession I made on facebook about what happened to me…I think I’m finally coming down from the high of letting it out.

In 2007, I was stalked, molested, and mentally abused by a classmate. I was looking to make friends with him. He saw a girl he cold control.
In 2008 I went to a new school. Friendless. Alone. I entered a mentally and physically abusive friendship. I allowed once again to let someone control me.

Yesterday, I came out with some of my story on a video.

Yes, I have freed myself of his hold over me.
But. The memories, the ones I still have, knowing I have blacked out most, that is all still very much there.

The sense of closure, telling people you were molested…admitting what happened…it feels so…amazing. But now, now I deal with the aftermath.

While yes, overwhelmingly I feel new, free, I know I am still in a sorts trapped by one persons actions.

From his abuse of me, I became stronger. I gained a voice. From two people who used me, I learned to stop allowing them to take what they want from me. He saw a girl who was naïve, innocent. The other (a very abusive friend) saw a broken girl, friendless and desperate. They used me. Back to back. But they never expected that they could take my broken wings, and give me the reason to fly again.

Yes, I will never fully forget what they did. No, I will not allow the abuse to harbor or stop me. I took their abuse. Mental. Physical. Invasive. Wrong. I turned it to make me the strong force to be reckoned with.

It may have taken me nearly ten years to speak up, but I finally found my voice. I am FREE.