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Even if you don’t ship Willabeth, you have to admit that the new scene with them is beautiful and so heart-wrenching.

They love each other so much… and then Will died right after their wedding (even in somewhat saving Elizabeth). And he got revived as the new captain of the Flying Dutchman, sure, but he and Elizabeth could only be together one day every ten years–and that curse was even supposed to be for eternity, until Henry broke it.

When they’re reunited in DMTNT, they’ve basically only spent two days together in twenty years; and that was all right after their wedding and honeymoon, no less.

But even with all of that, they made it through!

If you’re not moved by this, I can’t even- Especially since Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley absolutely killed it with the new scene.

And their pain’s not even over. Because now it looks like Davy Jones wants revenge on Will (and also Elizabeth?) for killing him.

…I feel like these two are never going to catch a break. *le sigh*

mayleen-shadowhunter  asked:

Is there a special page where you read the comic? I am interested in knowing who is that blond instructor and why you ship them together I have to admit that it looks cute af 💙

I don’t understand your question? (English is not my 1st language sorry) you meant my sideblog? I don’t think anyone else has shipped them yet besides me. (it’d be great if someone ships them too, though) 

Here is my post that will tell you why I ship them together.

and another - post - I - draw

and here… for you (please don’t mind my terrible quality here YvY)

Kraglin having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo KRAGLIN 😊😊Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him giggling and laughing so much when you’d spend your time with him that he realizes how much he wants to be with you

-Him nervously laughing and getting flustered whenever you’d both meet gaze as he thinks you were about to check him out just as he was about to

-Him blushing yet getting excited whenever you’d ask him if he’d like to listen to music with you while offering him an earbud

-Him liking to steal glances at you whenever you’d change or tie up your hair, as he really just enjoys looking at you

-Him being speechless when you’d change completely and take charge of things whenever the ship needs to be fixed or the crew is misbehaving, as it truly gives him other ideas

-Him having to calm himself down whenever he finds out you’re both being paired up for the puppy pile, only to end up being so shy about it that he makes the moment awkward until you’d break him out of his shell

-Him going out of his way to hang out with you when you’d all visit a new planet as he loves how excited you are when you discover new things

-Yondu and the other crew members constantly egging him on about being obvious and always trying to let you know, making him fight his way to shut them up

-Him not knowing what to do whenever you’d tale care of him, whether it be from placing his hair back, wiping his mouth when he gets food stuck or arranging the collar to his jacket

-Him having drunkenly admitted to everyone on the ship that he has a crush on you, making them laugh and come up with ways to get you both together


(Which can totally happen guys, since Loki is genderfluid and actually gives birth multiples times.)

Baby Liam Series - Part One


Got done early, fam.

Okay, So I guess this will be a series if you want?

Given by anon. Not gonna put it all cuz it’ll spoil it all ;) Just know, baby Liam and daddy Derek <3

This made me really happy while writing.

Rating: Do you really care? There’s cussing, that’s it =)

1710 Words 

You were out hanging with Scott and Stiles, eating at some restaurant near the high school. You were asking normal questions. How is school? Are your grades good? Any new werewolves? Y’know the normal stuff. You stuffed your face with some waffles. Breakfast just seemed like a good idea at the moment, even if it was six at night.

It was nice, until you got a call from the house phone, of course. If someone called from there, it was important. Stiles’ head shot up as he recognized the ringtone of Stewie’s voices yelling mom. Scott looked up slightly before continuing to eat.

“Momma Hale speaking.”

“Y/N, that’s how you answer the phone? Nevermind, you need to come over like right now. It’s like code fucking red.“

Scott’s eyebrows rose at the sound of Derek’s urgent voice.

"Uh, okay, I’ll be there in like five minutes.” You said before he hung up. You sighed and looked up at the boys. “Looks like I’m going to have to leave. Take forty, that should be enough for all this,” you said as you dropped two twenties on the table. “Um, Don’t do drugs, be safe, see you guys later.”

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psa: please don’t ever think that you have the authority to tell me what and who i can and can’t ship. i’m a 36 year old adult woman, i’ll do as i please. keep your nose out of my business and we’ll be just fine, okay? okay. 


if antis believe that Keith, Hunk and Lance are 16 and therefore can’t be shipped with Shiro, who is 25 apparently, and Allura, who is still “adult coded” then why do they also insist that Pidge can’t be shipped with them

like, just admit that you want to get Allura, Shiro & Pidge out of the way because they threaten the popularity of K/ance

On Oikawa Tooru and “Tobio”

So I was rewatching the Haikyuu anime because I couldn’t fall asleep and noticed something peculiar during the Seijoh vs. Karasuno match. It turns out Oikawa always calls Kageyama by his first name. To his face, it’s “Tobio-chan”, a sort of teasing meant to clearly be humiliating/condescending, since high school-level boys don’t normally refer to each other by their first names, much less using a suffix that’s reserved for girls or children, unless they’re extremely close to each other. He doesn’t even call Iwaizumi, his best friend since they were kids, by his first name, granted he does have a cute/silly nickname for him. 

But that’s not all of it. 

Oikawa also refers to Kageyama as simply “Tobio” when talking about him to others. 

Which leads me to my original reason for writing this: what if Oikawa slipped up and referred to him as “Tobio” to someone who doesn’t know Kageyama’s first name? For example, someone who hadn’t been present during the two matches they first played against Karasuno? Someone like Kyotani Kentarou. 

Now, just picture the Seijoh team having a meeting right before their last match against Karasuno, and Oikawa mentioning something like “Beware of Tobio” or whatever. And Kyotani’s there looking puzzled and wondering out loud just who the hell is this “Tobio” that Oikawa talks about so much? 

“Is he your boyfriend or something?”

“What?! Why would you say that?!”

“Well, for starters, you call him by his first name, and you talk an awful lot about him. And you also call him your ‘cute underclassman.’ You’ve got to at least have a crush on him.”

Silence fills the room. Everyone seems to slowly realize the truth in Kyotani’s words. Oikawa runs away crying. 

Forgive me for making this so long and silly orz. Y’all already know I’ll forever be OiKage trash, and even if you don’t ship them, you gotta admit those two have a very peculiar kind of relationship.


SUPERWOLF AU: The one where Dean fucked up again and Sammy walked out on him. The one where Derek saves Dean from a fatal injury and nurses him back to health. The one where they get too attached during recovery. The one where they start hunting together. The one where they begin to trust each other. The one where they eat fantastic PB&J sandwiches and drink stale beer in shitty motel rooms while watching re-runs of I Love Lucy and they wait for Dean to heal again. The one where Sam rings Dean up one night in a panic, and Dean takes the impala and just drives. The one where Derek wakes up in the morning to an empty bed and a note on the pillow. The one where Dean can’t sleep for days. The one where Derek can’t bring himself leave the motel they were staying at. The one where they only love each other when one of them is in danger or dying. The one where neither of them will answer any calls, but will listen to every single voicemail. The one where dreams just aren’t good enough anymore. The one where Derek becomes a bargaining chip for every enemy the same way Sammy was. The one where Dean becomes another nightmare Derek has to push away. The one where letting go was the safest option for both of them, but each can’t help but wonder if he made a mistake somewhere along the line. 

[ Part 1/? ]

Psycho-Pass Rambles

Putting this under read more because it’s quite long and none of my followers are into this show, ahah. No one has pointed this out yet so I’ve given up and decided to do it myself. It’s only about Ginoza and Akane’s relationship please just ignore this and continue on with your much-normal-er lives.

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After re-watching Natasha and Steve’s hug scene in CACW, I saw so many things I missed the first time ‘round and I wanted to share my thoughts with you guys! This can be taken platonically or romantically, at this point I don’t really care. It’s my favorite relationship, regardless of what kind of relationship it is in canon.

Minor spoilers (not much the teasers and tv-spots haven’t showed us. Just extra dialog from the actual movie.) under the cut! Don’t say I didn’t warn ya

[If you’re on the mobile app, there might not be a cut. Copy the link and open it in a browser to keep reading]

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Killervibe Week: The Moment You First Started Shipping Them

Originally posted by briarsrosie

I admit I was wracking my brain trying to think of something earlier than this, because I’m a little ashamed to admit it took me this long. I was also convinced there had to be something from earlier because I love them so much that I couldn’t picture only shipping them for a few months, but to be fair I really never considered The Flash in terms of ships until this season.

This just seemed like such a clear OTP moment to me. They’ve both had long, hard days for completely different reasons, but their biggest concern is that they’ve missed each other. Despite all of the external and internal turmoil they’re dealing with, they take time for each other, and they don’t even have to say anything- they’re just quiet together, because that’s how comfortable their relationship is. Just being together is refreshing and recharging for both of them. 

It was also the quiet intimacy of the moment that got me- the gentle way he touched her shoulder, the way his voice cracked with exhaustion on “Glad you’re back”. The fact that they can have such a profound moment in the tag to such an action-packed episodes speaks to the power of their relationship. 

It also struck me that she said “this is home” not out in the cortex among the rest of the team- she said it alone with Cisco. She didn’t mean that Star Labs was home. She meant him.