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You’re Special (Tenth x Reader)

Character: Tenth Doctor

Fandom: Doctor Who

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: You’re Special

Requested by anonymous: 

Maybe something with 10? Maybe they go to like the 50s somewhere and she gets to get all dressed up and they run into jack harkness who flirts with her til 10 finally admits his feelings?

A/N: This is a fandom quite hard to write about and it’s my first DW imagine, but I did my best. I mixed Tennant with a creature from Matt Smith’s Doctor.

This request was kind of awesome. I just adore Tennant (and the 1950’s kinda, too). I hope I didn’t disappoint you with this one. Here you go, enjoy! :D

I shook in excitement as I watched how the Doctor pushed buttons and fiddled around with the TARDIS controllers.

“Alons-y!” He cheerfully exclaimed as he pulled a lever with an exaggerated movement.

The TARDIS began spinning and shaking. The Doctor held me by the waist, as I lost balance, to keep me from falling. The TARDIS wobbled and shook violently some more, making loud noises, until it finally came to a halt.

“Here we are!” The Doctor excitedly exclaimed, running to the door and sticking his head out to look outside.

“Where are we?”

He’d always ask me where I wanted to go, but I could never decide. So I would usually let him take me whenever he wanted -except for that time I asked him to take me to the 1980s-, and he didn’t cease to amaze me.

“You’ll see” He fixed his suit as he ran into the time machine again and picked up a big black clothes bag. “Here, get changed, I’ll meet you outside”

The Doctor ran off into the wild as I felt lucky that I had the opportunity to travel the world with that wacky alien man.

I opened the clothes bag and found a long pretty green dress with white frills underneath. It looked a lot like a dress someone would wear in the 1950s. That was going to be amazing!

When I finished getting changed into that beautiful outfit, I realized I had no shoes to match them. But my sneakers would do just fine, the dress was long enough to almost cover them anyway.

Filled with enthusiasm and a positive attitude, I came out of the spaceship.

I looked around and saw a city. A human city that is. It looked like the Earth; the Doctor loved the Earth. Well, and so did I.

We actually seemed to be in London still. And by the looks of it, during the 50s as I had suspected.

I glanced around looking for the Doctor, and soon I found him.

His hands dipped in the pockets of his stripped gray suit and his usual stance as he whistled and stared off into space.

The Doctor was still wearing his white converse, but his brown trench coat was gone. He probably left it in the TARDIS.

I walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.

He turned around and took his glasses off –that he was wearing for whatever reason- and put them back on his pocket as he observed my outfit.

“Brilliant” He grinned, watching as I spun around, making the dress spin too.

“The shoes don’t match, though” I laughed, waving one foot in the air to show him my sneakers.

“Forgot about that” He crossed his arms over his chest in deep thought. “But it looks quite alright”

“Should we go on then?” I smiled at him, excited for our new adventure.

“M’lady” He charmingly said as he offered an arm for me to take, which I did.

Then he showed me that big grin I loved so much and we started walking.

It was fascinating to explore a city that I knew so well during a period of time that I loved so much. Everything was so changed!

The Doctor and I were walking around the streets, not too far from each other but still going our own way.

I was admiring the electronic items displayed in the window of a store when something caught my eye. A shadow.

I turned around to see what was there and I screamt.


Suddenly, the Doctor was shaking my shoulders and staring at me with the worry visible in his features.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

He slightly backed away from me, his glare still fixed on me with a suspicious look.

“You yelled for me” The Doctor gravely told me.

“Did I?”

“You did!”

“I don’t remember doing it…” I admited, wondering why I would ask for his help. Maybe I was just fooling around to scare him?

“You definitely saw something” He looked still concerned as he looked around the streets.

“Maybe we should ask around and see if someone witnessed anything usual” I suggested, seeing as it was the most logical thing to do.

The Doctor snapped his fingers triumphantly.

“Good idea!”

We headed over to the closest house and knocked on the door.

A brunette woman opened up and watched us. She was going to talk when the Doctor interrupted her.

“Hello!” He showed her the famous psychic paper. “We heard something strange might be going on around here. Have you seen anything, ma’am?”

The woman was speechless for a moment.

“Who are you?”

I watched the scene, entertained.

“Haven’t you read it?” He looked at me briefly before fixing his eyes on her again. “I’m the Doctor”

“Doctor? Doctor Who?”

I couldn’t suppress a mild giggle with the mention of those words. And the Doctor was definitely delighted to hear them as well.

“Just the Doctor”

“No, I haven’t seen anything unusual” And she slammed the door closed.

“Let’s keep investigating” I told the Doctor watching as she wouldn’t be of much help, and he nodded.

For a while longer, we asked even if no one seemed to have noticed anything. Not indoors, not outdoors.

But I saw it again.


“Oh, Doctor, I must have zoned out” I mumbled, feeling like I had just lost a few precious seconds of my life.

“No, you never zone out” He said it using that voice.

Not the cheerful and friendly voice he usually used. But his Time Lord voice, the voice that meant there was trouble. Alien trouble, usually.

“Silence!” A voice screamt, and both the Doctor and I turned around.

A tall and quite attractive man wearing a trench coat was walking in our direction.

He slightly slowed down as he noticed me.

“Hello, beautiful” The man charmingly held my hand and kissed it. “Captain Jack Harkness, at your command”

“I’m Y/N” I giggled, flattered by his manners.

“Aww, will you stop it?” My friend complained, firmly wrapping my waist and pulling me towards his side and away from Jack.

“I was just saying hello” Jack defended himself, flashing a flawless smile in my direction.

I blushed and looked down.

“You said silence?” The Doctor diverted my attention from the man and to the problem at hand.

“Yes, but I already dealt with them. They’re gone” Jack proudly said.

“What are you talking about?” I wondered out loud, staring at my friend.

“There’s these creatures called The Silence” He began explaining. “Once you look away from them, you forget ever laying eyes on them”

“And they’re dangerous, so you’re welcome” Jack completed for him.

The Doctor cocked his head to the side and made a face that expressed he agreed with the Captain on that.

“But tell me, how did you meet this lovely young lady?” Jack insisted, and the Doctor scowled at him.

“Can I talk to you?” He asked before Jack could say anything else, and the both of them had a little private chat.

The two men were talking for quite a long time. I watched from a distance as they argued. The Doctor looked beyond annoyed.

But they suddenly stopped arguing when my friend harshly remarked something.

“Because I love her!”

He flailed his skinny arms around along with his words. Jack just shrugged and smirked, amused. I slowly made my way towards them.

I couldn’t overlook the situation. What he had said…

“Is that right, Doctor?” I would have never believed such an interesting and enigmatic someone like himself would feel something for someone so ordinary like me.

“Yes, actually”

“But I’m so…”

“Don’t say it, Y/N” He frowned, looking at me intently. “You always say you’re a nobody because you’re ordinary and not special. But I’ve been travelling through space and time for a long time and I have never met someone like you”

I smiled as I looked down, shuffling my feet coyly.

“I’m not especially smart or funny or…”

“But you have the biggest heart, Y/N” He chuckled to himself. “I should know, I’ve got two of them” 

He winked at me, and I cheekily smiled.

We both went in for a hug, a big hug. A hug different from the countless other hugs we shared. Special and much more intimate.

“Let’s continue our adventure, shall we now?” Again, that big grin I adored formed on his lips.

“Wait, where’s Jack?” I didn’t see him anywhere nearby.

“Oh, he’s gone” The Doctor seemed relieved and happy with it. “It’s just the two of us”

He picked up my hand and we ran around the streets of London to enjoy our adventure.


The Fires of Pompeii - Behind the Scenes

DT & crew are totally cracking me up as they act like consummate tourists outside St Peter’s Basilica in Rome.

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s Pompeii article (DWM 395)

“I almost trod on a chicken,” continues Catherine. “They’re fantastic chickens, aren’t they?”

“One was flapping around my crotch for quite a long time,” says David.  “Did you see?  We’re practically married.”

David can’t decide how to deliver his ‘mad old soothsayer’ line. “Jazz hands?  Curly-wurly gesture?  Or mad Steptoe face?” he suggests.  “Or I could do all three?”

“What, on the same take?” exclaims Phil Collinson.  “No, stick with the jazz hands.”

“Please can we throw some water over Dan now?” chuckles Peter Capaldi, alias Caecilius himself. He’s as anxious as the rest of us to see the First Assistant Director get drenched [standing in for the Pyrovile].

The actual Pyrovile will be added in post-production. “Get ready, everybody,” says Dan, with the weary resignation of a man who knows that he’s about to get a soakin’.  “I only want to do this once.”

Two minutes later, and Francois has thrown a bucket of water over the First Assistant, an expensive-looking piece of lightening equipment, and an even-more-expensive-looking camera. […]men with mops clean up the mess.  Too late for David, though, who’s slipped over in it once already.

“Was that you screaming like a girl just then?” asks Phil, popping up from behind the camera monitor.

“Was it? Certainly not,” says David. “Well, I can’t admit to it!”

“But are you all right?”

“No, no, I’m fine.  It’s only water.” David grimaces. “Much easier to work with than chickens.”

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Dear Matt Smith

It is finally Christmas.

Amid the happy celebrations, all over the world Whovians are gearing up to say goodbye to you and hello to Peter Capaldi as the doctor.

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t a fan when you came on board. In fact, I didn’t start liking Doctor Who until after season six. I haven’t been there since the beginning. And even when I caught up, I wasn’t all that thrilled with you. Yeah I was one of THOSE fans, too heartbroken about David Tennant to give you a chance.

But here’s the thing.

I liked Nine and Ten immediately. Eleven made me work for it. 

It was subtle things, here and there, that won me over. Your graceful awkwardness. Your fish fingers and custard. The fez. Then it was large things, The Pandorica speech or your love for Amy and Rory. Finally, I found myself really liking you.

Just in time for Season Seven. Just in time to say goodbye.

Raggedy man, I’m gonna miss you. I’m gonna miss you quite a lot. And while I’m excited for Twelve, I am not ready to say goodbye. I feel like I just got to know you. Your doctor, the ageless god with the face of a child, had so many great moments that I can’t even count them. Even when I wasn’t pleased with the show itself for things, you were still amazing.

But beyond that, it was hope that you gave me. I went through a very dark time this year, and one of the things that kept me going was the hope of the 50th anniversary. Just hold on, you have to see it. You have to stick around at least till then. And I did. And I healed some. 

I think, above all, your legacy will be hope.