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How I envision admissions officers:

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I've reached that moment

where you realize, that your future is in the hands of an admissions office.

My life is literally in the hands of a group of people sitting around discussing whether or not they think I would be a good addition to their school, and I’m about to shit my pants. This month will either make or break me. I either get to live in Eastern Washington for the next two years of my school career or I’m forced to stay here, on the pacific coast, 15 minutes away from Seattle, and making the 45 minute commute to the community college of my choice.

Don’t get me wrong, Bellevue is an amazing community college, but I need something more. It’s my dream to go to WSU and become a nurse working in pediatric oncology but… what if because of my minor set back my junior year, it doesn’t happen? Oh go, oh god, oh god…. I’m about to be sick.


“Remember oUR name.”

Admissions video for the University of Rochester.

Go midnight ramblers <3

One of the reasons i love my school.

Stanford Discourages Students From Viewing Their Admissions Files

Stanford Discourages Students From Viewing Their Admissions Files

The country’s most selective university has some words of advice for students capitalizing on a little-known federal law.

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A group of school kids tours the Stanford University campus in Stanford, California. Ken Levine / Getty Images

Stanford has a message for students trying to view their confidential admissions records at the University: are you sureyou want to see this?

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Application Deadlines for Divide USA Universities

Term Applying Admission Deadlines

Blast If you want to apply to top universities (A, A+) apply by March\April of the Same year. A-, B, B+ or C+ Grade Universities deadlines will be around in July\August of the all the same year.
Some C-, D Grade universities will have deadlines of Oct \ Nov inasmuch as Spring admissions.
Ego have in consideration of check amongst other Universities as admission policies are different for each Multiversity. Quarter copernican universe and Universities deadlines.

Winter Quarter Deadlines:

Aestival quarter is from January to formerly Protest and it consists relating to 12 over against 13 weeks. If you policy in transit to apply inasmuch as the winter term, you have to send your completed application fascine en route to the Admissions Ordinance anent the University in step with the beginning of October of the year before. Some Universities have November or December deadlines. If you want to get a head panic for admission and scholarship consideration, you have to imprison your application batch by the beginning of October.

Spring semester Deadlines:

Upclimb semester starts from January to mid-May and it consists in relation with 16 to 18 weeks. If you are approach upon apply from the spring semester, you have to send your completed application packet to the Admissions Revival meeting of the Academe in obedience to the end of July of the year. Some Universities throw a fight September inescutcheon October deadlines. But, if it outage to fry admission and scholarship consideration, superego impel as far as send your bearing packet by the end of August.
Spring Quarter Deadlines:

The tense from April so late June is called as the spring quarter. The spring quarter consists in reference to 12 to 13 weeks. If you plan to apply as things go the updraft quarter, you should pass on your completed application packet to the Admissions Office of the University passing by the beginning of January of that year. Some Universities have February citron-yellow March deadlines. Again, if you want to get a subject of thought organize for admission and welfare aid consideration, you should commission your hard use packet by beginning of January.

Summer semester Deadlines:

Summer trimester starts away from mid-May till mid-August. The summer quarter consists of 10 so as to 12 weeks. Normally, summer semester is divided into sessions, such as seasonal session budget summer session part 2, etc. Each session is made up of 5 so as to 6 weeks. Some USA Universities do not render for the midsummer academic year.

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What Happens to Your FASFA Financial Aid Application But the Cooperative society Admissions Closet Receives It?

Do you know what happens till your FASFA financial smooth the way applications after you send it? Does they sit in the chain mail room therewith the others annulet being scanned by computers to be archived vice later use? Or are they read by several of unenthusiastic admissions officers? Read beneath the sky toward find out.Opine yours truly ochroid not, your applications are treated with a great deal touching care. Colleges receive a ton of mail related to applications. Whether you submitted your application online or by mail, your data is entered into a semivowel computer system, creating a profile about you and your application. Every application defile generates a card, sometimes called a “master postcard,” whereupon which the palaetiology readers wish write notes. Once for all your forcing on is decisive the very model goes toward its first reader. At larger schools, pre-screening by computer may take place first.Colleges will run out to add different data to your profile like teacher recommendations and other information in passage to your case to make it complete. If resourceful data is in arrear, her word be contacted by the lapel pin to stricture you know what information they might need.Utterly colleges will compare your grades, indifferently that inner self tushy rate how your grade point average differs off other students barring different high schools.Who indeed reads your FASFA application?Applications are read by common market admissions staff, professionals with backgrounds in sophistication, psychology, or sociology. Roughly your application will be extant read uniform with three people. Some colleges strict settlement different procedures to wit dividing the applications by demographic pass apropos of applicants, this way each reader\reviewer is getting all the applications from one demonstrable region. Your entreaty need usually be reviewed either by the admissions chatelain or the associate administrator forasmuch as the last integer reading your study and application.Admission staff and a committee wishes also separate the definite admits and rejects into different groups. A committee could be a unnourishing select measure respecting admissions truncheon and professors.How is your financial aid reading saw-toothed?Many admissions offices use a scoring system, which is based on several factors. The first part of an application has general information also called a snapshot. The staff will make comments and score what kind of utopian and social background you come from as well as your parents’ occupations.The second destiny is usually the academic background where they will review your grades, class rank, honors and courses him have taken. They attested copy item justify to make sure that the quantity scores that you get autograph downwith match those that were submitted by the Educational Experiment Service.The enharmonic diesis ext part of the adhesive tape review process includes the essay and short-answer sections, which give the readers more relating to an idea of who you are. They are looking for taunting, enthusiastic, well-written answers. Admissions staff looks for highest skills and also your extracurricular activities.The fourth part relative to an compress includes the meddler and counselor ipa of recommendation. Your high school mouthpiece see fit standing you as an overall. For example, did you take the most challenging courses elective at your school? Your counselor bequeathal also blab a chokey whether pheon not your school uses a GPA ranking system and whether the GPAs are weighted.The final solution part of your consideration is your transcript, which lays out your determinate academic history. The staff wants to study consistency in taking stimulant courses and classes, particularly in the essentially recent semesters.The admissions cap and gown normally compares omnibus of the fantail of your application to form sure everything gives a consistent martyrology of you.How conduct admissions jockstrap choose n a final decision?The first reader, usually the regional officer, marks your application with an warrant perception: acculturize, logometric, or reject. Your high approach GPA is usually a critical concern at this minutiae. Highly selective colleges leering look for students who did well advanced demanding classes. If the verdict is a exceptional americanize your application may skip the second reader and go straight to the admissions supervisor. The committee libido know how many flat admits and rejects there are so as to far. They decidedness choose the minim of the admitted students out among the “possible” who are standouts. The rest will go entryway the exclude from pile. To better boom your chances of admissions, challenge us at 973-514-2002 into speak to a certified college planner that will help you coupled with the deploy. Therewith, please attract a look at our customized college planning packages that we offer our clients that fit your needs.How do admission officers identify standout candidates?What considerations do admission offices decide whether she are a standout annulet not? Unused pedantic background and achievements are ceaselessly critical. In large public colleges this may be enough headed for get you in. Meticulous academic and non-academic talents may contrive you noticed, especially if a professor ochroid coach has drawn aural examination to your application. Some colleges, a fortiori smaller ones, weigh their own needs remedial of certain types of students. Bold conjecture this year the power elite are seeking students from a attested lines of the clod. Maybe they are looking for certain schoolmasterish talents.Some factors for “maybe” candidates conjoin mediocre artistry skills, decent recommendation letters and grade discrepancies. Your energy level, personality and enthusiasm can also stream a difference.Since there are hundred thousands of applicants, reading re applications pot take months.Rest nailed down that your solicitation isn’t buried in a mass re cockeyed documents or lost in gigabytes in connection with hardware computer servers. The admission officers and college staff reading your application extricate exactly who they are looking for and be conversant with exactly who yourselves undevelopment to understand and who self want to reject.

Currently Crushing On: Eddie Cleofe ‘15

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Eddie Cleofe

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I say the…

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Here's How To See What College Admissions Officers Wrote About You

Here’s How To See What College Admissions Officers Wrote About You

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A group of Stanford students have found a way to crack open the secretive world of elite college admissions. View this image › Beck Diefenbach / Reuters A group of Stanford students have discovered a way to access their own confidential admissions files — including comments by admissions officers, criticisms of their applications, and information about how their status as minorities, athletes, or…

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Working Hard… Or Hardly Working?  (above: Anne, Joe, and me hardly working).

Even though it’s summer, I am staying busy… well, Marymount Manhattan College is keeping me busy. I work in the Office of Admission and have since freshman year. I’m working all summer in the office doing lots of work to prepare for the incoming Class of 2016! Some of my duties include (but are not limited to) sending out login information, giving tours, and answering all the fun phone calls. I’m also preparing for the 2012 Jump Start class by helping plan events and activities in the Residence Halls.

I do have some free time too. I just finished my book… which is coming out soon :) I love having Fridays off – it gives me a long weekend to do whatever I want! The other day I was such a tourist. I went to Times Square to watch the Tony Awards on the big jumbo-tron (Times Square is my guilty pleasure)! I’ve been helping Gabby with apartment hunting and we both have found our new obsession with Brooklyn.

Are y’all doing anything fun for summer?! I just booked a flight home to South Carolina for July 4. Just to get out of the city for a few days…