Shout Out to All the Premeds...

Who had their dreams come true today! Congratulations! 

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 Who are still anxiously awaiting admissions news: 

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 Who received waitlist emails (don’t give up! Keep those grades up! Send updates to the schools): 

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 Who received rejection letters: 

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And most importantly:

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Regardless of the outcomes of October 15th, I think you should all be hella proud of conquering the nearly year-long process (read: 7th circle of hell) that is AMCAS. Jumping through all those hoops requires a great deal of sheer determination and a strong work ethic, so:

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Admission: I am not very body confident. I don’t like my breasts but I do still try to love myself no matter what. I want women to be recognized for their completely unique beauty, but most of all for their confidence and self love.
10 YouTube Channels to Help You Study for AP and IB Exams

Hundreds of thousands of students are taking AP and IB Courses, and the hardest part for many is preparing for the actual exam. While the AP and IB classes themselves are fairly different, preparin…

Hooray for studying!

This year’s Ivy League admissions totals are in. The 8.9 percent acceptance rate is impressively exclusive, but compared to landing a job at Wal-Mart, getting into the Ivy Leagues is a cakewalk.

Last year when Wal-Mart came to D.C. there were over 23,000 applications for 600 jobs. That’s an acceptance rate of 2.6%, twice as selective as Harvard’s and over five times as choosy as Cornell.

Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate than Harvard

Admission #196: Ma'am

Patient is texting on his phone and doesn’t even bother to look up: Girl, I’m busy right now. Go away and get me some juice.

Me: Too busy to talk to the doctor who wants to consent you for your hemodialysis?

Patient suddenly looks up : OH. I-I was talking to myself. About the text I was sending. Not you, of course. Doctor. Because you’re definitely the doctor. Sir. Ma'am. I mean, doctor. Doctor Ma'am.

As summer approaches, it is time to begin thinking about where and when you want to apply. Early admissions can be a great tool in your college endeavors. However, they can also be very confusing in their rules.

Early Decision: This is a binding decision. By applying early decision to a college, you are stating that that school is your first choice. Essentially, you are signing a contract that says if you get in, you will attend said school. You may apply to other schools in their regular decision round, but if you are accepted by your early decision school you must withdraw those applications. This is great for students who are 100% sure of where they want to go. However, it limits the opportunity to apply to other schools early or finding a better fit. 

Early Action: This is the most “casual” of early admissions. You will get your admissions decision early, but you may apply to as many early action schools in their early admissions round as you’d like. You may accept immediately, but you have until May 1st to decide what school you will attend, whether regular decision or early action. You may also decline an early action offer. 

Restrictive or Single-Choice Early Action:  If you apply to an early action school, that is the only school you can apply early to. However, you are not committing to attend this college. You have until May 1st to decide if you want to attend, and may apply to as many regular decision schools as you’d like.

If you are set on where you want to go or have several early action schools in mind, early admissions can be awesome. However, if you are still on the fence about applying, there is no shame in waiting. In addition if your transcript or extra curriculars could use another semester of work, it may actually help you to hold off applying until you can show these skills in the regular decision round. I hope this helps and if you have any questions please feel free to message me and I will answer you as best I can! :)