Yowsa. The level of harassment today from HSCC2015 creators and supporters. Without any real challenge or merit. Straight up harassment. The modern day zealot is a real thing, counselors (and we don’t mean us). Even we’re shocked by the lack of professionalism. That’s saying something.

Note: As this is a popular social media item right now, we took the poll from earlier today down because we received an email from Wedgies reporting there was inconsistency in the poll voting. The email said there was an IP address that kept voting “Yes” over and over again… so strange. The percentage for “Yes” votes went from 11% to 27% in about 8 minutes. Who would do that? We can’t wait for our analytics report to show us where all those votes where coming from too.

We’re done. We’ve made our case. Everyone pat yourselves on the back for the feel-good moment of 2015: when you chose to use university funding to send a public high school counselor to NACAC 2015 when you could have sent another person from your own staff. 

When counselors come knocking at your doors again in 2016, you got chewed out by your business office and 30% of your young staff left the university for greener pastures, let us be the first to say…

We tried to warn you. And represent the voice of your staff members that don’t appreciate being overlooked so blatantly.

We don’t want this blog to be a place of political negativity. This is a place to rant about students, parents, financial aid officers, independent counselors, counselors who schedule lunch room visits, and now…  private school counselors out to save the world one college operating budget at a time.

And some people really do drugs. They need help. It’s a hard world. 

Off to ask Panera, Hampton and Courtyard who wants the privilege of paying to send us to NACAC 2015…