Stewart’s two appearances create a feeling akin to a supergroup reunion.

At Thursday’s rehearsal,   Stewart watches Colbert admiringly from a seat near the front of the Ed Sullivan Theater. In his off-duty beard and a backward FDNY baseball cap,  Stewart occasionally weighs in with colorful words of encouragement and the odd reference to the Coen brothers film “The Hudsucker Proxy…

Then it’s time to address  the other big news of the day: Ailes’ ouster. Stewart is summoned to the stage, where the seasoned TV veteran feigns ignorance of production basics — “which way do I face?” he asks in an affected Jewish grandma voice — then crawls beneath Colbert’s desk…

The bit plays well  in rehearsal, its success fueled by the obvious chemistry between Stewart and Colbert, who pops out from below the desk to explain the Taylor Swift-Kim Kardashian feud and to admonish Stewart for mocking Arby’s (a running gag from “The Daily Show”).  The only problem is the episode is running long by about six minutes. As a sound guy removes his microphone, Stewart shakes Colbert’s hand. “We’ll tighten it down. We’ll get it good…

During a commercial break, a gaggle of producers distracts the audience by pretending to point at something awry in the ceiling while Stewart sneaks into position. Amazingly, it works…

Stewart adds to the live version a pointed reference to the lack of Republican support for 9/11 first responders, and a pithy recap of the convention’s key themes. He also keeps the CBS censors on their toes with some basic cable-style profanity. (Luckily, they’re also well-caffeinated.


All the backstage goss from Jon’s thursday visit to theLate Show.

Dating Kim Yugyeom includes *black girl edition*
  • catching him staring at you admiringly
  • him not looking away after you catch him bc he isn’t embarrassed about it
  • him playing with your hands admiring your beautiful skin
  • hugs from behind
  • his chin resting on your head bc he’s a tall giant
  • always showing small gestures of affection
  • “I love you.” “I love you more.”
  • cuddling under blankets on the couch
  • watching horror movies together him not flinching one bit
  • snuggling 24/7
  • lightly scratching your back to help you fall asleep
  • long hugs
  • him touching your hair and feeling your curls
  • “will our kids have curly hair?”
  • “most likely..”
  • wearing his sweaters
  • having sweater paws bc his sweaters are too big for you
  • buying you two chocolate milk
  • complimenting you ever so often about small stuff (ex. “You smell good.” “Your hair looks nice” “I love when you do ____”)
  • secret intimate moments
  • forehead kisses
  • catching him checking you out on
  • him trying to teach you how to dance
  • you guys doing trendy dances together
  • him laughing when you almost trip over your own feet
  • using dancing as an excuse to press his body behind you to “help” you do a move you struggled with
  • laying his head down on your lap and you playing with his soft hair
  • the two of you getting stares in public
  • very little pda only bc he’s shy 
  • but still holding hands
  • him getting embarrassed when you kiss him in public
  • him not turning down the kiss anyway bc he loves you
  • giving you piggy back rides around the house/the dorms
  • waking up to him singing
  • getting ready in the morning together
  • getting ready for bed together
  • him making fun of your bonnet
  • him kissing the top of your head
  • helping reach something for you
  • dangling that something above your head where you can’t reach
  • tickle fights

credit to @got7includes for most of these :) the rest are coming soon!

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These are the cutest things OMG they give me life u don't understand I can't stop checking to see if you've written more! Could you do prompt 69 with holtzmann!!! You're the best!!!

A/n: Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy the blog :)

You stared admiringly at the arrangement of flowers standing in the center of the florists shop. It was a rounded vase with white lilies and roses that were a light pink color along with little white flowers all through it. The smell was lovely and the colors all looked pretty together.

You liked coming to this shop to look at all the flowers, you’d talk to the employees and watched them cut flowers and make new arrangements for weddings or funerals.

This time though, the shop was pretty empty. There was only one employee working the cash register, it made you wonder where everyone had gone.

You turned around whenever you heard someone calling your name.

Your eyes lit up when you saw the face of your old college friend, Colin, smiling at you.

He was wearing a blue shop apron tied around his waist and holding a large bundle of cut sunflowers.

“Colin! I didn’t know you worked here.” You said, folding your arms and leaning against the counter.

He laughed, setting the flowers down and taking off his gloves. “Actually I own the place.”

“You’re kidding?” You said surprised, he was a botany major but you never knew he was into flowers. “That’s so great, how have you been?”

And so you spent a few minutes talking and catching up. When you told him you had to go he gave you a big hug and picked up a sunflower, cutting down the stem.

“Take this for the road.” He said smiling, tucking it into one of the button holes of your coat.

You smiled at it. “Thanks, and it was really good seeing you again. We should hang out sometime.”

And so you two exchanged numbers and you left the shop with a big smile, it was always nice seeing old friends.

“Come here often?” You heard a familiar voice say and you about shot out of your skin.

“Jillian?! How long have you been standing there?” You said, seeing that she was leaned against the side of the building, frowning.

“Not important. But what I would like to know is who the HELL was that and why was he touching you?” She said, her expression unimpressed and grumpy.

You looked into the window of the shop, Colin was placing flowers in a tall blue vase.

“That’s Colin, he and I went to college and he wanted to catch up. No big deal.” You said, shrugging.

“Oh yeah? Explain that then!” She said pointing to the sunflower on your coat.

You groaned. “It’s just a flower, Jill.”

“Yeah? Well I came here to get you flowers because Erin said girls like that kinda stuff.” She said, keeping her eye on the stupid flower. “But I guess it was all for nothing.” She said defeated.

You smiled at her, walking up and kissing her cheek. “Thank you, Jillian. That was very sweet of you to think of.”

She looked at you and blushed. “I mean it was nothing…I just wanted to
make you happy.”

You wrapped your arms around her and then grabbed her hands, pulling her away from the shop.

“Let’s go get some food.” You said, swinging your hands back and forth as you walked further into the city.

Trump’s remarks about O’Donnell, Fiorina, and Kelly vividly illustrate misogyny’s underlying logic. Such hateful and hostile reactions are frequently directed either at women who challenge men’s power and authority, or at women who decline to serve men, flatter them, or hold their gaze admiringly. When women challenge male dominance, they are liable to be written off as greedy, grasping, and domineering. When they are perceived as insufficiently oriented to men’s interests, they are perceived as cold, selfish, and negligent….

Misogyny is what happens when women break ranks or roles and disrupt the patriarchal order: they tend to be perceived as uppity, unruly, out of line, or insubordinate. Misogyny is not an undifferentiated hatred of women—which, in light of women’s social roles, would make little sense on men’s part. Why would a man disparage the women looking up at him admiringly, or bite the hands that soothe and serve him? Misogyny isn’t simply hateful; it imposes social costs on noncompliant women, who are liable to be labeled witches, bitches, sluts, and “feminazis,” among other things.

Think of misogyny, then, as the law enforcement branch of a patriarchal order. This makes for a useful if rough contrast between misogyny and sexism. Whereas misogyny upholds the social norms of patriarchies by patrolling and policing them, sexism serves to justify these norms, largely via an ideology of supposedly natural differences between men and women with respect to their talents, interests, proclivities, and appetites.

—  Kate Manne, The Logic of Misogyny

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Rose x Guns Polishi her guns. Its a ship dat ish truuuuu.

“Let’s get you polished up,” Rose cooed.

The translucent liquid oozed out of the bottle, running down the long shaft. Before it could drip to the base, Rose gently wrapped a towel around it, and began to slowly caress it. Up, and down, the shaft began to shine, ever straight and hard as steel. Carefully, she pressed into the side, and the latch opened. After a short moment of extending her fingers into the latch and inserting, she closed it.

“Now… let me see you shoot.”

Her fingers crawled down the shaft, teasingly slow, until she reached a spot where she clasped her fingers. A gleeful look of anticipation on her face, she squeezed tightly, and a hot explosion erupted from the… gun barrel.

A small stream of smoke came from the barrel, and Rose looked admiringly at her revolver. All polished and shiny, and still firing perfectly. She looked over to the table, where her metal polish and three other guns still laid.

“Alright, on to the next one.”

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if you're still doing ships could you please do a male tmr/tw ship for me? I'm a very outgoing person, I love being around friends and family, I love super cheesy jokes too, my favorite thing to do is read, things I hate are rude people and people who think they're better than everyone else. if you can't ship me then that's totally fine and thank you, I really appreciate it!

Thank you, dear! 

I ship you with Minho and Stiles!


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Even though he can be a slinthead at times and has a temper, you don’t let him get to you and take none of his klunk. And that’s precisely why he likes you so much, you could tell when the first time you sassed him back and he looked at you admiringly.


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Your friends usually get annoyed at you two because you’re always together and, more importantly, love to make each other crack up with cheesy jokes or puns. Stiles and you can’t even stay away from each other even if you still love to be around your other friends too.

I saw:

Timeline- A bunch of Hollywood questionable archeologist hard at work on a site of a 14th century battle, a dig sponsered by a mysterious corporation that keeps giving them far too specific information on the place. Up front we get a nice info dump about the battle, an listen as one archeologist gushes admiringly of a lady that died a martyr there. This guy also is devoted to period combat skills, thinks that era was the bestest time evah, and oh yeah, he goes at length about a mysterious sarcophagus sculpture of a one eared night and his lady love. HMmm. I wonder if any of that will be significant later?? LOL

 The professor in charge heads off to corporate headquarters to talk to them, but while he is gone they break into a new chamber. What do they find (and poorly document….I mean they just pick up stuff and don’t even take photos first, even an idiot would do that!) a document written in the 1300′s by their professor and part of his glasses! Off they head to the corporation HQ where the shady boss tells them the technobabble. Mucking about with inventing a teleporter they found a wormhole, combined that meant time travel. They get hustled off to travel back to the time and place they were digging to rescue the professor, without so much as a quick briefing on the rules. Because why bother telling them how the devices to go home work until you are already there? They send some experienced former soldiers back, and they don’t follow the rules either leading to near total disaster.  I mean, shady, ruthless corporate men are par for the course, but these guys are into self sabotage by not thinking. 

One guy has the sense to realize teleporters mean death. I have said it over and over about Star Trek. Transporters there seem to work like their replicators. At best they work by tearing your body into bits and then reassembling you. More likely they work by copying your data, destroying the original, and then building a replica on the other end! Either way it is a form of suicide!!! (Obviously if the teleporting actually involves stepping through a fold in space or using a doorway into a some other dimension as a hub or whatever this doesn’t apply) But his reluctance to go, and his tech credentials, mean his questioning going isn’t about the hypothetical and philosophical implications of teleporting but making sure someone with the right skills is in the right place.

That’s the thing about the movie….it is absolutely predictable. I’ve told you enough you probably even know the ending. It also has an atmosphere free kids playing breathlessly in the backyard feeling. It’s probably just as well I watched it on a night I was too exhausted to think, otherwise I would have been annoyed wondering if they thought I was as stupid as the characters acted. But as brain dead time travel fluff it’s ok as long as you don’t expect much.

The funny thing is, being predictable is the most obvious flaw, yet that is only a problem because the movie doesn’t distract you with rich characters, stylish visuals, emotional music or…much of anything. Mom always says she doesn’t get why I don’t like it when she says things are “fine”, but this is a good example. It’s “fine” meaning adequate, passable, nothing to get excited about…just sort of there.