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You asked me to stop admiring you but how could i? How can you not admire eyes that sparkle like the north star, and hair that falls in loose waves, cascading around a perfectly carved torso. How am i supposed to stop admiring one of the wonders of the earth when its sitting right beside me?
—  You are the world to me

These two definitely deserved a happy ending
When I saw this video, I immediately started thinking of what  I wish Genndy  could have done for the last episode.
More time. This episode definitely felt like it was being rushed, especially the scene where Jack Finally killed Aku.
Ashi would have vanished the moment she felt Aku leave her. It doesn’t make sense for her to still stay in the past for a while and then tragically disappear on the day of Her and Jack’s wedding (which my guess is must have been a few months or years after they defeated Aku) .
After Ashi dissapeared it would time skip to the day all traces of the damage that Aku had made were gone and everything was restored.
it would zoom in to jack who was standing on one of the balconies in the palace, which was back to its rightful condition, looking over the land and admiring the beauty he had loved to watch when he was a boy, but unlike his young self he did not have a smile on his face. his mind drifting to Ashi.  imagining her right by his side and the reaction she would have made as the leaves started to change for the coming fall.
his back would be facing his parents as they looked at him with a sad expression on both their faces, knowing their son was still greaving  the loss of the one he loved (Jack had told them about her when he had told them about the journey he endured in the future and the sacrifice she had made) and like any parent they went up to him and tried to comfort him, this was not the first time they had seen him like this.
The Emperor tries to ease him by reminding him of the reason why Ashi had made the decision to return him back to the past and that was to prevent the horrendous actions  Aku had laid waste to the people , to preserve the beauty that nature has made, and bring hope back to the people. None of those would have been possible if jack hadn’t showed her the truth and by grieving her death, he was her dishonoring her.
Jack understands, its not his intention to dishonor her but even so it doesn’t make the memories of her less painful. though he had saved her from the lies she had been brought up in, she had saved him from losing hope, recalling the moment when she had saved him from committing Seppuku.
He then excuses himself , saying that he needed to go for a ride to clear his mind.
This is where the scene to this video would have come in and then maybe the scene of the wedding (minus her disappearing of course). I would have been okay if the wedding hadn’t occurred, I just wanted both of them to be happy. heavens knows they deserve it, after being raised in an abusive home(Ashi) , spending the majority of your life training ( Jack and Ashi), and  traveling around for half a century before finally completing your mission (Jack).
So apparently after all those years, those three gods don’t even have the decency to reward him or even thank him for getting rid of the thing  that they themselves didn’t put the effort to take out.
Note: I mean no offense to these gods, just criticizing the way they  were portrayed in the show. BTW, just to make sure everyone knows, i didn’t make the video i just found it on youtube.

The beauty of admiring

It’s a beautiful thing to admire, not something physical, but a quality, a talent, or even an achievement. If someone is eager to tell you good news, wether if they got an A, a relative managed one whole year in therapy, or if they made the best paper airplane of their life, take a moment to step back and really admire it. Cherish everything new. Be amazed of everything that excites people because someday, you might want to amaze someone.

I would love to see more plus size models be referenced and posted when it comes to admiring beauty aesthetics like makeup, hair etc...

Passion Jonesz


Gabi Fresh

Rosie Marcado

Sharon Dumfries

Essie Golden

Glam by Gabriella

Make up with Jah

There’s more but I can’t post everyone, but I just want my plus size sisters to know that there are plenty of plus size models and bloggers who are killing the beauty blogosphere as well.

Small Things To Contact Spirits About

…If you want to flex your communication muscles but don’t want to be cutting deals or making things complicated for now. Just little things to try.

  • Let me hear a love story
  • Show me a song from your people
  • Tell me something you did today that you are proud of
  • Let me draw a portrait of you
  • Tell me a little about your culture
  • Ask me any questions you may have about human culture (and I will answer them, if I can.)
  • Look at this song/story/poem I wrote, tell me what you think.
  • Tell me my local reputation, if I have one.
  • Tell me your story (and if desired, I will record it and pass it on for more to see.)
  • Share a joke.
  • Let me admire your beauty/grace/powerful appearance/plumage/scales/wings/great personality
  • Tell me about your friends
  • What is your one big token of advice?
  • Teach me how to make my home more welcoming for you (while still being safe for me.)

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So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

Lefou tries very hard to show Gaston that he’s still admired by everyone because he knows Gaston needs it but the villagers are just putting up with his narcissistic bullshit for Lefou

darling, you are my sun, my moon, my stars. you are a whole god damn galaxy.
—  and i’m just a wanderer, travelling through every part of you and admiring the beauty that you are.

Jalec Week: Day 7 - Own Choice

So close no matter how far
Couldn’t be much more from the heart
Forever trusting who we are
And nothing else matters”