Zac Efron showed off his love for Chance The Rapper with this new possible house-warming gift! Efron has been showing his love for the rapper lately and there seems to be no sign of slowing down.

However, Efron is making everyone a little envious of this kick-ass painting. Since posting this image to Twitter, most of the comments are about where people could possibly purchase the piece.

O céu sempre me encantou. Desde pequena olhava para aquela imensidão azulada, cheia de nuvens bem branquinhas que me traziam paz. Não sei de que parte gostava mais, se era da cor azul, se era do arco-íris, que de vez em quando aparecia, ou se era a minha incrível curiosidade de saber como que existia tudo aquilo. Hoje, já maior, percebo que a minha admiração pelo céu não diminuiu ou se perdeu, mas resistiu ao tempo e cresce a cada dia. Pelo menos, de uma coisa eu tenho certeza. Quando me perguntarem do que mais gosto no céu, vou responder: “Eu gosto do Criador dele.”
—  Floriu

A warm glow
A light that radiates excellence 
Illuminating a love I crave to have in my life
Your glorious melanin shimmering in a golden aura
The beautiful light in your heart
Attracts me like a moth to a flame
A flare of passion that is hidden under your pain
Like a sunrise waiting for the dusk to pass
Meeting your grace at its twilight 
How does one become worthy of your radiance
How does one earn your glittering kiss
How does one dance in your light
When one’s love is left to step in the dark
Overlooked in the shadows 
Lost in a void of assumptions and insecurities 
Perpetually planning to escape this empty vacuum of space between us
One’s moment to earn your presence 
What does one have to do to be accepted into your celestial light


Jack Sparrow

Admiration, attraction, smut

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request:  “Heyyy!!! In celebration of POTC 5 coming out could you do a Jack Sparrow x reader or imagine whichever one you choose where the both of you get marooned on an island by Barbossa and his crew and things get heated like a little more than Jack and Elizabeth in POTC 1. And then like you guys find a way of the island and yeah. I don’t exactly know how but yeah! Thanks <3333”

Word count: 927

gif is not mine.

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I’m the one who’s temporary. Not you. Because, see, with you it was never a skin-level fascination. You’d managed to sink bone-deep into me, and my bones know neither how to decay nor die.
—  🖤