admiralty house



- Big Ben/Houses of Parliament, Royal Arcade, Royal Crescent/Notting Hill, Admiralty Arch/The Mall, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, St Pauls Cathedral, Liberty’s & Co/Regent Street, Buckingham Palace 

“Yeah, the fanservice there for Pitt admirers leaves a lot to be desired. I visited another residence on Sunday that I thought could have used a portrait or two of your favourite fellow: the Admiralty House. Though perhaps he never occupied the house for any great time?”

ladycashasatiger: Oh my god, I was at Admiralty House on Saturday! What, you mean we missed each other? *NOOOOOOOO*

I suppose you didn’t spot the Valentine Green on the staircase at Admiralty House? ;-)

John lived in Admiralty House from Christmas 1788 until early 1795 when he was kicked out (…. and had to borrow Earl Camden’s house because he’d either sold, or leased out, his Berkeley Square home to someone else). I have to admit it was absolutely aaaammmaaaazzzziiiiinnggg to be walking through the rooms he would have known so well. (Even if I doubt an aesthete like the Earl of Chatham would have picked such a vomit worthy carpet.) I actually stood at the bottom of the staircase behind the rope and just fondled the bannister for a good few minutes, knowing that John would almost certainly have put is hand in the same place many a time. I say “fondled” because there is no other word for it. Honestly if there had been a portrait of him in there I would have screamed and keeled over on the spot so it’s probably just as well there was nothing else there. I (probably illicitly) sat in the First Lord of the Admiralty’s chair for a moment or two in the board room and definitely felt light-headed for a long time afterwards.

Re Walmer, I guess it’s just normal that Pitt the Younger has been marginalised in favour of Wellington/Churchill/Queen Mother stuff. He’s definitely less famous/least popular than the above named bunch. But if they gave me an opportunity to touch a bust of him they’d have to separate me from it with a crowbar. ;-D

(…. yes, I am indiscriminate in my Pitt brother fandom. Although I reckon if they both turned up in a time machine later I’d jump John first)

Ahem. One last *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* and back to work :-D