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Kinky Night (Jaehyun)

anon said: Smut with Jaehyun please. Jaehyun’s back from performing abroad and he’s brought you a little present, lingerie. you’re more than happy to oblige and give him what he wants but you’ve also bought a few surprises, a pair of handcuffs and blindfolds. your both eager to get it on in an ‘extra special’ way tonight. Feel free to play with any other fetish or kink. maybe ice play, breath control and overstimulation. what can I say I have a wild imagination lol. Peace!~~ 

author: admin ni ayeee

word count: 2,834 (i got a little carried away, so not sorry :) )

genre: kink smut for ya nasties

a/n: luv ur request marry me (again the “sex” is referring to ya naughty parts lmaooooo)

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Tease- Isaac lahey

Request: ‘Could you do an Isaac Lahy imagine where the reader and Isaac are at dinner with the readers parents and Isaac plays with her under the table and then more smut after dinner? Love your writing!!’

prompt: Isaac surprisingly teases you during dinner with your parents and as soon as they leave the house, things get heated

warnings: SMUT 

pairing: isaac x reader

A/N: finally finished! just two more weeks till I got winter break and then I’m gonna write lots of imagines so stay tuned! Btw thanks to the anon that requested this one for telling me you like my writing style! x


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“Sweetheart, can you help me out for a second?”, your mum called from the kitchen. “I’m coming!”, you yelled back. You wanted to get up from the couch but your boyfriend Isaac held you back. You sent him an annoyed glare, telling him to let you go. 

Isaac pouted and eventually let go of you. You got up and walked into the kitchen, where you helped your mother to get the food on the table. Isaac and your dad already sat down at the table as you brought the food into the dining room. 

When everything was set up, all of you sat down and began eating. You hadn’t really noticed but Isaac had been horny the whole day and had been checking you out as if he had never seen you before. All of you ate in silence as you suddenly felt Isaac’s hand on your thigh. 

Even then, you didn’t really think much about it, but unfortunately his hand gradually guided itself higher. Your parents’ focus was on their food, but you still couldn’t believe Isaac was doing this. The first time he ever stayed for dinner, he was so shy and behaved so well. 

 But the two of you had been together for quite a while now and your parents grew to love Isaac. You lay your right hand onto Isaac’s, stopping him from moving any further. His hand now lay on your knee again. You shot him a warning glare and continued eating. But, unfortunately Isaac slipped his hand up higher your thigh anyway. 

You rolled your eyes as you put some noodles into your mouth. Isaac wanted to tease you, alright. But he would never-. You suddenly felt Isaac’s hand slipping underneath your dress and his fingers were soon touching your core. You quietly gasped and then coughed, which drew your parents’ attention towards you. Isaac quickly pulled his hand away and it seemed as if he was just casually eating. 

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Deputy's Girl - Deputy Jordan Parish Prompt

Y/N was standing in the middle of her living room in a sparkly silver dress, matching high heels that showed off her tone legs. Curls hung nicely down to the middle of her back with only a touch of make-up, making her face look fresh and natural. The living room was filled with people she knew, family, friends, and cops, her dad’s co-workers. Even though, Y/N and her brother, Stiles, were two years apart they had most of the same friends, as they were both a part of Scott’s pack.

From where she was standing, she saw Allison sitting on Scott’s lap on the recliner in the back corner of the living room. Near the fireplace, Stiles whispered something into Lydia’s ear, making her blush as they held hands and stood close to each other. By the window stood a tall, lean man with his back facing Y/N. She’s rarely seen him in other clothes besides his uniform, but she knew by the figure, the short dirty blonde hair, and that bubble butt she’d recognize from anywhere. It was her secret boyfriend, Deputy Jordan Parrish.

Liam reached Y/N with two cups in his hands, giving her one of the cups, “Admiring the butt again, are we?” 

Y/N laughed. “You know me too well, Dunbar.”

“It’s a good thing he’s not a wolf and can hear your,” Liam shook his head with a smile on his face. “I got you a Sprite. I don’t want to get you the good stuff considering this is your house and you’re dad is here.” 

“Aww,” Y/N whined. “What’s a New Year’s Eve party without a little fun juice? I can’t kiss my boyfriend at midnight, so a little alcohol can cure the pain.”

“Your boyfriend also happens to be a cop. I’m sure he would disapprove of you drinking as well,” Liam took a sip of his coke. “Besides, when are you going to tell your dad? It’s been a few months already. Don’t you think it’s time already?”

“You’re right,” she grabbed a glass of champagne from a waiter who walked by. She chugged the cold drink and handed the empty glass to Liam. “Wish me good luck,” she walked away from Liam and towards her father who was in the foyer.

“Dead girl walking.” Liam mumbled.

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I am in such a Christmas mood right now. I want to bake and make gingerbread cookies and make little houses for them. I want to go Christmas shopping and see everyone walking around with a bunch of bags in their hands. I want to get a peppermint mocha from Starbucks and admire their red cups. I want it to be cold outside and everyone is wearing their coats and scarves and gloves. I want to pick out a tree, come home and decorate it while Christmas music plays. I want to have a Christmas movie marathon while I’m snuggling under my blankets and drinking hot chocolate with a candy cane and a bunch of marshmallows. I want to wrap all the presents and put them under the tree and think about how happy my gift is going to make that person. I just want Christmas and everything that comes with it.

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How would I go about creating the Batfamily? Interpret it as you'd like!


  • 5 cups justice
  • 3.5 cups pain
  • a sprinkle of humor
  • 2 tbps sarcasm
  • 2 cartons stubborness


  • 6 cups knowledge
  • 5 cups dick grayson love
  • 5 cups dad treasuring
  • 6.5 tbs mother-henning stephanie brown and cassandra cain
  • 8-10 jugs invaluability to the batfam


  • 6 cups pure sunshine
  • 6 cups damian wayne toleration
  • 4 cups mid-fight chatting
  • 5.5 cups batfamily appreciation
  • 1tbs bad hairstyle and costume decisions (for that one time)
  • big spoonfulls of barbara gordon love


  • 4 cups sarcasm
  • 4 tbs pain
  • 3.5 cups anger
  • (mixed) 2/3 grief and 1/3 love for bruce wayne 


  • 6 cups brains
  • 5.5 detective skills
  • 5 cups stephanie brown love
  • 2.5 cups damian wayne dislike
  • 4 cups conner kent (what? we don’t know, just throw kon in there)


  • 6 cups anger
  • 4 cups dick grayson love
  • 5 glasses need for family validation
  • 2.5 cups tim drake dislike
  • a bunch of animal love


  • 26.5 ounces nutella
  • 3tbs sassiness
  • 2 cups need for tim drake ass kicking
  • 4 cups tim drake love
  • 7 cups admiration for cass & babs


  • 10 (big) cups ass kicking
  • 3.5 cups cain pain
  • 4 cups hope
  • 6 glasses bruce wayne comprehension
  • ∞ cups steph&babs appreciation


  • not enough patience in the world
  • ∞^2 family love

happy baking :)

rebvodka-closet-admirers  asked:

3 & butter cup! 😋

Thank you so much for the ask :D 

3. Favorite quote? 

I got two favorite lines by two people I truly love and admire. First one is from Twin Peaks tv series, quote is by Special Agent Dale Cooper: 

‘‘ It’s not so bad as long as you can keep the fear from your mind. I guess that’s true about most things in life.“  

The other one is  by Bruce Lee: 

‘‘Having no way as way,having no limitation as limition.’‘ 

Those quotes are words to live by ,if applied appropriately in so many situations in life.

Buttercup : Would like to talk more 

feeling is mutual ,as you’re one of my favorite blogs and it’s always so good to see your posts on my dash. I’m always open for a chat :D

Thanks so much again <3 

I think horse racing is barbaric and pure animal torture. These ‘fashion forward’ fuckers go out and parade with shrubs and trees and 'hats’ on their stupid heads, pretending to be classy on a 'day at the races’ while these beautiful, majestic animals are pushed across the track at speeds they are not meant to be running at. They are just babies. Their lungs get damaged, they get incredibly dangerous high internal and external temperatures and God forbid they fall or break a leg during the race. 

They are just babies

Horse racing is animal cruelty and once again humans show no value for animal life in the face of billions of dollars. 

R.I.P beautiful Admire Rakti

"I love the way you hurt me. It's irresistible."

Dan stirred within Phil’s arms, groaning lightly and arching his back to stretch. His body fell limp and he fluttered his eyes open to be met with Phil’s, close and staring straight into his. Dan smiled and mumbled a sleepy ‘morning’ which Phil returned before pressing his lips softly to Dan’s. A soft sound escaping, the younger let his eyes close again and moved his lips lazily against Phil’s.

His hand started working down towards Dan’s, clutching his wrist and guiding his hand to Phil’s crotch. Dan rolled his eyes under his eyelids as Phil forced Dan’s fingers to close around him. That’s no surprise, Dan thought, feeling Phil’s hard-on through his boxers. Anticipating Phil, Dan began rolling the heel of his hand into him, earning a breathy moan. Woke up horny again.

Parting his lips to invite Phil’s tongue, Dan gripped the waistband and tugged Phil’s boxers down, feeling Phil’s tongue slide across his lips and enter his mouth just as he started stroking him. Breaking the kiss, Phil flopped onto his back and arched it, letting out a thick moan as Dan played his thumb in his slit.

“God, Dan. Fuck.”

He started jerking his hips up to meet Dan’s hand. Dan would be pissed at him right now if Phil’s moans and messy bed hair weren’t turning him on as well. He does this most mornings; starts getting all affectionate and intimate, one thing leads to another and once again Dan’s going down on him. Either that or morning sex, and Jesus Christ that can hurt if Phil’s really hard and desperate to get off.

And he IS, most of the time. Dan noted before pushing past these thoughts and leaning into Phil’s neck, kissing and sucking and eventually creating a lovely bite to admire later in the shower whilst Phil fucks him. Not that I’m complaining…

Dan traded Phil’s neck for his lips just in time to swallow his moans as he came messily over Dan’s hand. Dan smiled against Phil’s lips and kept stroking him through it, getting lost in the short breathy pants that Phil was making.

You’d never guess they were just friends. They weren’t dating, not in any loving relationship. No, they’re just Dan and Phil; best friends. Who spend most of their time procrastinating making videos or going shopping or seeing friends and family with sex and kisses.

There’s just one problem;

Dan’s not okay with it anymore.

Hell, he still wants all this with Phil. He just needs this to be a little more… committing. Serious. More than just “hey Dan, lets have sex I’m bored” or Dan having to get Phil off and usually getting nothing in return.

Like now.

Phil shuffled out of bed, pulling his boxers back up and murmuring a quick “I’ll be in the shower…” then he was out the room. Dan sighed and flopped back down onto the bed.

He was a little pissed at Phil for making him do this again, then just leaving him in this flustered state. Then expecting him to join him in the shower in about 10 minutes ready for Phil just to use Dan’s body for sex again. But he can’t stay mad, he can’t say no. Mainly because it’s Phil and it’s sex and hell, he’d give anything to get off now. But also because he’s too scared of anything being different. Ever since that first night Dan came to stay round Phil’s, it’s been too hard to keep their hands off each other. And since Phil was older and had more experience than little nineteen year old Dan, Phil took the lead.

And five years later, here they still were. And nothing’s changed. So Dan just has to grit his teeth and bear it.

He shuffled his pants down and grabbed the lube bottle from the side of the bed. Flicking the lid open, he dribbled some onto his fingers and played it through them to warm it up. Once he was happy, he brought his knees up and prepared a finger at his entrance before pressing it in.

Biting his lip, he pushed it all the way to his knuckle and let out a breath. Barely hesitating to add the second, Dan winced at the stretch but persevered, simply needing a quick stretch. Knowing Phil, sometimes he can get a little /too/ excited and just goes for it, completely forgetting to stretch Dan or use lube and just thinking “fuck it” and unfortunately hurting Dan in the process.

Just a quick stretch, just incase he’s a little too horny this morning.

Removing his fingers, Dan kicked his boxers fully off and slid off the bed. Making his way to the bathroom he could already hear Phil moaning on the other side and rolled his eyes. Yeah, Dan thinks, he’s really excited today, and opened the door.
Phil turned to him and quickly pulled his hand away, but not looking ashamed in the slightest.

“Took you long enough.”

It took Dan less than ten seconds to get under the spray with him. He stepped right up to him, their noses touching.

“Stop complaining and kiss me.”

Dan grabbed the sides of Phil’s head and kissed him, hard. Pushing him up against the wall, he felt the water gush down his face as he pried Phil’s mouth open with his tongue and slipped it in. Phil moaned into his mouth and wrapped his arms around Dan’s waist, holding him close.

One hand keeping Phil against the wall, the other trailed down to Phil’s dick but a hand seized his wrist.


Phil moaned into the kiss, probably guessing what Dan was trying to do. He really didn’t feel like sex right now, he just wanted someone to touch him. But of course it’s what Phil wants goes, right?

Phil grabbed Dan’s shoulder and tugged him roughly away, moving back and pushing Dan against the wall in Phil’s earlier position. Dan groaned in annoyance as Phil connects their lips, dominating again. He doesn’t like it when Dan dominates most of the time unless it’s to give him head, but even then Phil feels the constant need to control that as well.

It doesn’t last long, and Dan was quickly spun with his front pressed against the wall as Phil lined himself up against him. Dan took a sharp breath as Phil filled him immediately, not wasting time before setting up a firm, rough rhythm. He set a decent pace so soon so Dan was guessing Phil was pretty close already.

Dan choked suddenly as Phil snaked his hand round to clasp Dan’s dick and stroked fast, desperately. Dan moaned, finally getting the friction he’s needed all morning and rest his forehead against the wall.

Phil groaned out Dan’s name along with other profanities only for Dan’s ears as he reached his climax again, on that thrust hitting Dan’s prostate dead on and sending him over too. Dan leaned on the wall and let small sounds leave his mouth as Phil pulled himself out, cleaning himself up as Dan just lost himself in the maze of his own mind, which is never a good thing.

Why does Phil always have to get what he wants? Why does he always use Dan for sex, then just leave him alone to go about his day? Then expect Dan to be willing and ready for more at the click of his fingers or the ring of a bell.
In a way, he’s like his sex slave. Just waiting around the apartment until Phil wants something from him.

He’s pulled from his thoughts by a gentle hand on his nave, cleaning him up as small whimpers dribbled from his lips, still in his post-orgasm state.


Dan breathed out, exhausted already and feeling the need for sleep, though just waking up about half an hour ago. Phil brought a hand around Dan’s neck and pulled him into him, kissing him intimately before pulling away and stepping out the shower. Exhaling loudly, Dan leaned back against the cold wall, feeling the water spray onto his legs as he watched Phil pull a towel over himself. Phil looked back at him innocently, like they hadn’t just had sex in the shower like they do most days.

“You staying in or…?”

Dan nodded, stepping under the stream of water and wetting his hair as though emphasising his point. Phil shrugged to himself as though thinking ‘what the hell’ and stepped back into the shower, turning Dan to face him.

“Let me do that.”

Dan smiled as Phil applied the shampoo to his hands, humming appreciative sounds as Phil ran his fingers smoothly through his hair. He let his eyes flutter closed and head droop, feeling like he could fall asleep there and then. Phil let out a soft laugh.

“Tired are we?”

The only response he got was a lazy groan, answering his question.

Sometimes Dan forgets the nice things. The sweet, comforting, adorable things that Phil does for him, even as a friend. He forgets it’s not all about sex with him, though most of the time it is.

Dan opened his eyes wearily, placing a hand to Phil’s shoulder and playing his fingers along Phil’s slightly damp skin, admiring his complexion before cupping his cheek, watching as Phil smiled back and leaned into his touch.

How does he still think we’re friends? Does he just not see it?


Dan woke from his midday nap around three, so much for midday, and wandered into the living room in some comfy joggers and shirt he’d put on before getting into bed. On the sofa, updating his twitter, was Phil. He turned his head and gave Dan a big smile before focusing his attention back on his laptop.

“Thought I heard you get up.”

Dan flopped down beside him.

“Don’t be so nice, you mean you stopped hearing me snoring.”

Phil just nodded his head.

“Can’t I lie for once?”

Dan shook his head to himself.

“No chance. You fail at lying.”

Phil snapped his head round, feigning offence.

“I do not!”

Dan tried not to laugh.

“You do! Remember yesterday when I asked if you’d finished my cereal and you said no? Then your face flushed completely red?”

Phil glanced away and shuffled in his seat, mumbling.

“Hadn’t meant to finish it.”

Dan shook his head and gave Phil a playful nudge.



An hour later, Phil slipped an arm behind Dan and pulled him closer, letting him relax his head on Phil’s shoulder. Dan let out a comfortable sigh, but it wasn’t long before Phil started whining and extending his neck away, displaying it better for him.

For a second, Dan considered simply refusing. He could just say no, get up and walk out and there would be nothing Phil could do about it; he can’t force him into anything. The only problem was, Phil’s neck is just so smooth and beautiful and inviting that he just couldn’t deny himself. Besides, it would be better for both of them if he just plays along and does as Phil wants.

He lowered his lips onto the warm skin and Phil let out a satisfactory sigh. Dan started kissing Phil’s neck, being soft and gentle and simply peppering kisses across it. It was Dan’s weakness — Phil allowing him to kiss him, and run his hands along his skin, and nibble on his neck and bottom lip. Phil would encourage Dan to do as he likes and eventually get him to do what Phil wants.

Phil pushed his laptop away and pulled Dan on top of him, a hand at his lower back and the other combing through his hair, pulling him closer. Leaning his head away and exposing more of his neck, Phil rolled his hips up to Dan’s and let out a soft moan at the friction. Dan answered with a moan of his own and rolled his hips down, unable to help himself. His mind was telling him to get off but his body kept going.

Phil’s hand slipped down Dan’s back and tugged his joggers down, his other hand going too as Dan pulled back from his neck and worked at Phil’s trousers. Climbing off Phil to remove them and leaving them both in their boxers, Dan tugged at Phil’s shirt before climbing back onto Phil’s lap. He pulled it over his head and leaned down to connect their lips in a wild, needy kiss.

Then Dan’s brain started screaming at him. He couldn’t keep letting Phil do this to him, no matter how good it felt. He pulled back immediately and slowed his hips.

“Shit, Phil… I can’t…”

Phil grabbed Dan’s hips to pull them into his, letting out another moan as he leaned up to kiss Dan again. Dan made a frustrated noise and pushed Phil’s face to the side.

“No, Phil-”

“Stop talking. Just stop talking.”

Suddenly Phil was pulling Dan down and laying him on the sofa, straddling his hips and bringing his down onto Dan’s. In response Dan arched his back and rolled his hips up to meet them. He could feel his stomach start to tighten and just kept going, his body wasn’t listening to him anymore and neither was Phil.

It almost didn’t feel consensual to him — Phil was just doing what he wanted and no amount of Dan saying no was going to change that. Phil took Dan’s wrists in his hands and pinned them above his head, adding to that feeling, and leaned down to bite Dan’s neck.

Phil moaned, breath burning against Dan’s skin, as he came, still rolling his hips into Dan and sending him over too, though he only let out short whimpers. Phil collapsed on top of him, breathing heavily and kissing Dan’s neck for a while longer. Dan didn’t say or make any effort of anything: he just lay their numbly as his mind kept yelling at him.

Without thinking he pushed Phil off of him and rushed to his room, hearing Phil call out his name but quickly blanked it out as he shut his door. Locking it, Dan burst into tears. He wasn’t really sure why, but he felt violated, used. He’d never felt this way after he and Phil did something before, and he didn’t want to ever again. Dan hadn’t been able to say no and for some reason felt weak because of it.

What was happening to him? Why was this such a problem now, after being okay with him for five years?

Phil didn’t disturb him. He didn’t come knocking or asked what was wrong. He simply continued his day as Dan curled up and felt sorry for himself in his room. He was probably being overdramatic, but once his mind starts it never stops.

Phil had come in around ten to get into bed, curling up besides Dan and not saying a word. Despite how wrong he felt, Dan found himself wanting to cuddle with Phil. It just felt nice, and he fell asleep that way.

It wasn’t until the next morning that Phil mentioned it. Phil waited until Dan woke up, placing soft kisses on his bare shoulder until Dan opened his eyes.


Dan groaned and stretched.


“What was with you yesterday? Were you crying? Did I hurt you at some point?”

Phil’s eyes were sad and full of concern so Dan snuggled closer to him.

“I was fine. It’s only…”

Dan stopped. He’d thought about this so many times but had never actually formed this into words. That was a shock.

“What, Dan? What?”

“Well I… You keep… Umm, I don’t… Oh.” Dan stuttered, not as articulately as usual. He really didn’t know what to say? “You don’t pay enough attention to me?” He didn’t mean for it to sound like a question but he wasn’t sure how to word it.

“Oh, you mean… Do I not… Am I focusing too much on myself?” Dan nodded, that was true. Phil smiled confidently. “I can fix that right now if you want…” He spoke slowly, seductively, making Dan unsure if Phil truly understood what he meant.

Dan felt Phil’s hand run up his thigh and he flinched.

“Oh. Ohhh, that’s not what I meant. I meant…” His voice trailed off as Phil’s hand reached his crotch and palmed him through his boxers. He let out a sigh and tried to keep his hips down. “Phil, listen to me-”

“No talking. What have I told you about talking? Ruins the atmosphere.”

Dan grabbed Phil’s wrist, pulling it away from him, and pinned it onto the bed between them. Phil made a confused noise and raised an eyebrow at Dan, who had a seriously pissed off expression on his face.

“This is exactly what I’m trying to talk to you about. You don’t listen to me. You do whatever you want and always have done because you’re the oldest. Have you ever stopped to consider what I want? That maybe during all this there came times when I didn’t feel like having you up my ass? Are you too far up your own to do that for one second in five years?!” Dan was shouting and he knew it. It was like all those little moments of annoyance had been building up inside him and now the time bomb had exploded. “We’re not even together! It’s not normal for friends to do these things even once, let alone everyday for five years! It’s NOT NORMAL! Waking up and having me suck you off? Not normal. Fucking me in the shower? Not normal! Having me jerk you off whilst we watch a movie because it’s late and you’re bored? Still not fucking normal Phil!”

Phil was taken back. Dan has never raised his voice at him like this before, his face was even turning red.

“Jesus, Dan. You need to calm down.”


Dan pushed himself out of bed and stood facing Phil, not caring that he was only in a shirt and boxers.

“It’s not a big deal! We have some fun, you’ve never complained before. You like it right?”

“Well yeah because it’s you and it’s sex! But it’s a big deal to me.”

Phil was out of bed now too, raising his arms in a ‘what’ gesture.

“Oh yeah? How?”

Dan stormed across the room, muttering inaudibly under his breath as he picked up a bin and held it before Phil.

“You want to know what was wrong yesterday? Fine! I was crying. I cried for three FUCKING hours Phil! I went through five packets of tissues whilst you sat on your ass without a care for me.” Phil opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted by Dan throwing the bin to the side and it crashed against the wall. “I was crying because I’m fed up with this shit; I can’t keep performing things for you like some fucking slace. I’m a person - I’m your friend! NOT a thing to fuck when you feel like it. I told you to stop, on the sofa I said ‘no’ but what did you say?”

Phil didn’t answer. He kept his head down.

“‘Stop talking’! And then what did you do? You used me anyway.”

Phil looked up at that.

“Used you? You make it sound so bad, like I’m just using you for sex.”

Dan scoffed and folded his arms.

“Well aren’t you? Because that’s what it feels like.”

Phil shook his head frantically, a shocked look on his face and eyes wide.

“No! That’s not what… This isn’t… Dan, please tell me you understand!”

Phil grabbed Dan’s arm in desperation, he looked on the verge of tears. Dan’s brows furrowed and he threw Phil off him.

“Of course I don’t, Phil. We do all this and it feels so intimate, and each time after I lay there and think this time you’ll say it, but you never do. After five years you can touch me and not feel a thing? Not guilt or attraction or l-“

Dan choked on the last word; how many times he’d dreamt of Phil saying it to him and it’s never happened.

"I-I don’t get what you mean. Of course I find you attractive, you’re the most handsome guy I know.”

Dan felt like he could cry.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it. Don’t you feel ANYTHING for me?”

Phil knew exactly what he was talking about, he just didn’t want to say it. He’d avoided it for five years just fine, why was Dan bringing it up now?

Apparently he took too long to answer as Dan brought his hands to his mouth in shock.

“Oh my god you don’t. You don’t… You don’t…”

Dan ran from the room, tears already falling. He wanted to head out the door but then remembered he was in his boxers and made a frustrated noise. Phil followed him through but stopped when he noticed the tears that stained his face.

“I love you,” Phil’s body tensed as Dan said the words. “Fuck, I love you but you don’t even see it. Now if you’d excuse me I’d like to take a walk alone, so can I get dressed please?”

Phil nodded his head reluctantly but stayed where he was as Dan went back to his room. When Dan came back Phil was still standing there, frowning at the space before him as he closed the door behind him. And Phil was alone.

Dan wiped his tears as he walked, no idea where he was going, just letting his feet keep moving as he tried to stop crying. Why was he even crying? He knew anyway Phil didn’t love him, this wasn’t a surprise.

But he’d thought he did. With the small things, polite gestures and hell, even cuddling after sex, Dan truly believed he could feel just how much Phil loved him. That just made it so much more painful each night when Phil didn’t say it, and they fell asleep in a disappointing silence.

He needed a friend. Someone to vomit this at, just one target for a shit load of catharsis.

Then, without proper thought, he found himself outside Peej’s apartment.


Phil wept like a child. Dan had walked out on him. He’d driven his best friend away. He’d never meant to hurt him, just wanted to have some fun with him and look where it got them; Dan falling in love and Phil without a friend in the world.
No, screw that he had Charlie, who he could always talk to.

So without hesitation Phil got dressed and walked out of the apartment, leaving Dan a text saying the keys were under the mat if he came back first.

It was chilly out, and pretty windy too so Phil was relieved when he finally reached the door to Charlie’s house.

“Phil? Hi! Come in, quick. You must be freezing!”

Phil gave him a quick thank you and shuffled inside. Charlie took his coat as Phil slid off his shoes.

“So what’s happened this time? Ate all his cereal again?”

When Phil didn’t laugh and the edges of his mouth didn’t even twitch Charlie took that as a bad sign.

“Oh god. That bad huh?”

Phil nodded his head without lifting his eyes, then his face scrunched up as the tears came back and he fell into Charlie’s arms.

“Hey, it’s okay. You can work this out. You’re best buds, right?”

Phil sobbed loudly and shook his head into Charlie’s shoulder. In response Charlie frowned.

“What happened that could possibly break your friendship?”

Phil pulled his head away so he could talk.

“He’s in love with me.”

And I’ve been a huge arsehole and taken advantage of him all these years, not paying enough attention to him and his feelings and burying mine deep to let them grow and culture in darkness, Phil didn’t add, though he should’ve done because this was all his fault after all, not Dan’s. And now those buried feelings were like a horrible rock of guilt weighing him down.

Charlie froze. That was hard to hear. Charlie had always had a little crush on Phil since they first met, but he and Dan were so close all the time that he suspected they were together, in some form. Don’t get him wrong, he had nothing against Dan. It was just… Well, Phil was really hot.

“And do-” Charlie forced down the lump in his throat. “Do you love him?”

Phil hesitated. That was just the problem; he didn’t know. He always simply passed it off as a strong bond of friendship, but maybe he did? But he didn’t know for certain, wouldn’t he just KNOW?!

This was making Phil’s head hurt. This was exactly why he’d avoided it for five years.

“I… I don’t know. I can’t tell.” Phil interrupted himself with a sudden sob. “I wish there was a way to. A way to compare things, feel if things are different with Dan than my actual friends.”

Charlie had to keep himself from jumping with his arm in the air, or yelling “I volunteer!” at the top of his lungs.

“Well Phil, I’m your friend? Maybe things would feel different with me than Dan?” Phil pulled back sharply and raised an eyebrow at Charlie, so he coughed and lowered his voice, looking away. “I mean, I don’t mind helping you out, you know, take one for the team. I mean, if you gotta know then you gotta know, right?”

Despite his failed attempt at a save, Phil actually seemed to consider this; well Charlie WAS just a friend, and it COULD help him see if he actually felt something more with Dan or if he really did just like him as a friend? Phil slowly nodded his head, not exactly comfortable with the situation but he felt he needed to do it.

“Yeah… That could work. You sure you’re okay with it though?”

Charlie actually wanted to yell at him “are you actually kidding me” but stuck to nodding his head confidently instead. Phil gave him an appreciative smile before closing the distance between them, connecting their lips gently.

At initial contact, Phil felt nothing. It was just skin-on-skin. So he tried moving his lips and Charlie did the same. It was better when Charlie joined in, so Phil went with it from there. He took Charlie’s bottom lip between his own and sucked on it gently, earning a soft moan from him. Damn, Phil was good.

Phil nibbled on it lightly as he brought his hands up and around Charlie’s neck. Absentmindedly, Charlie’s found Phil’s waist and pulled him closer. His heart was pounding because Phil was kissing him, but Phil simply felt a kiss and nothing more.


“And then I just walked out. I mean I didn’t know what to do with myself!”

Dan was sitting on Peej’s sofa with him, holding a glass of water that he’d been offered as he walked in. He’d just spent the last thirty minutes explaining, in detail, the evolution of Dan and Phil’s relationship up to this exact point with Peej simply nodding along where appropriate. Dan was in a fragile state.

“He doesn’t love me, Peej. After all this; I thought he would, I thought I could feel that he did.”

“Did he say specifically that he didn’t love you?”

Dan glanced down and twiddled his thumbs.

“Well, no… He just stood there. He barely moved.”

“Then maybe he does-”

“You weren’t there, Peej. He wasn’t going to say it.” Silence stretched between them, awkwardly. “I just… I’m so angry with him. I just want to make him pay.” Peej gave Dan a worried look and he realised that came out more psychotic and aggressive than he’d meant it. “No, I mean I want to get back at him for hurting me. Not by hurting him, but by making him feel how he would if he had feelings and I scarred them. ” Dan raised his head and their eyes met, intensely. “I want to bmake him jealous. I want to sleep with someone else.”

And the next thing Dan knew Peej’s mouth was pressed against his. They pressed themselves up against each other as they tore away their clothes, breathing heavily with need and kissing desperately. Moving fast, Dan pulled Peej on top of him as he fell onto his back on the sofa, tearing their mouths apart and gasping for air.

“God, I want you.”

The other swallowed, slightly in shock at the situation he’d found himself in but they’d already started so it would be too awkward to stop now. Besides, their group had always been too close anyway.

“Fuck, same.”

Dan grabbed the sides of Peej’s head and yanked him back down again, mashing their lips together and rutting up into him.

“Peej, just… Fuck just fuck me, please. Right here, fuck me now.”

Peej nodded, sitting up to rid them both of their underwear. Of course Dan was a power bottom – really he shouldn’t have been as surprised but Phil was older. He pushed Dan’s legs apart and sat between them.

“I don’t have lube, Dan.”

He nodded in understanding and reached down to grab his trousers, retrieving a small foil packet and winking at his friend. Were they still going to be friends after this?

“Always have some handy. Seriously, just call me over whenever for round two.” Peej rolled his eyes but was truly relieved. He quickly took the packet from Dan’s hand and slicked himself up, preparing fast because Dan was whining impatiently and rolling his hips beneath him. “Get in, please PJ, fuck me!”

As he pushed in Dan gripped Peej’s wrists which were placed strategically by his sides to hold himself up, and both kept thrusting and moaning and gripping tightly and scratching the other, just as desperate as each other. Dan squeezed his eyes shut and tried not to think about Phil, but finally thank god he was having meaningless sex with someone else!



Reluctantly Charlie pulled back and rubbed his thumbs into Phil’s back.

“How is it so far? Different? Odd?”

Phil nodded, confirming. Charlie was a different story to Dan altogether. He met their lips again but this time brushed his tongue along Charlie’s bottom lip, wanting to experiment elsewhere; they’d only be sharing closed-mouth kisses up until now.

Startled at how Phil wanted to go further, Charlie willingly parted his lips, not complaining in the slightest. He felt Phil’s tongue slip into his mouth and already he was in heaven. His tongue explored, testing his taste and encouraging the other’s tongue to move along. Without thinking Charlie moved his hands to grip Phil’s collar to pull him closer, feeling a sudden rush of need but Phil jumped back, instinctively pushing him away. Charlie’s heart began beating too fast and thoughts flashed through his head ‘oh god I’ve messed this up oh my god’ and Phil shook his head, eyes wide as if he’d flinched awake and hurriedly left his friend’s apartment.

His head was throbbing like a hangover as he staggered through London, gaze down in shame, feeling like people could tell what he’d just done from a simple glance. His hands were shaking as he fumbled with the keys blocks too soon, struggling to fit it into the door as he opened it and being met with an uncomfortably empty flat again. Phil felt tears approaching, it was all twisted and wrong not having Dan here but it was all his fault; if he hadn’t always given in to his ambitions and instead listened to Dan and realised what he was doing to him then none of this would ever have happened. He was such an asshole to the one person who was truly important to him, simply because he was selfish and refused to open a door he’d never brushed the dust off before.


He shot his head up from the sofa once he heard the door click, an hour after he’d fallen to a tsunami of regret and self-pity. Phil heard footsteps and immediately sprang from his seat up to the door, where Dan stood expressionless.

“Dan! Please, forgive me I’ve done this all wrong. I shouldn’t have avoided feelings towards you like I did, I swear if I could I would go back and let myself fall in love with you and start this relationship properly with solid foundations, but I can’t so I’ll have to made do with whatever scrap of a relationship we’ve got left. I messed up and I went to Charlie’s while you were out and I kissed him and it was my intention to and I’m so sorry I did it - ”

“I had sex with someone else.” Dan interrupted, face still blank.

“W-what?!” Phil seethed, scandalised.

“I had sex with someone else.” He repeated, meeting Phil’s eyes.

His brows narrowed and his face twisted in anger. “You cheated on me? Fucking cheated on me? How could you!”

“I-I thought - ” Dan started, face dropping.

“I was apologising for kissing someone else whilst you’re having SEX with a friend?! Do you understand how CRUSHING that is?” He wasn’t even ashamed that his face was going red, that he was yelling too loudly. He couldn’t believe this.

“Please, i-it was a mistake - ” Dan tried again but his voice was too small.

“I was about to tell you that it was worth it, because I’ve finally figured out my feelings! I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU THAT I LOVE YOU! I FUCKING LOVE YOU LIKE HELL AND YOU CHEAT ON ME?”

Dan cocked his head, remaining silent. His eyebrows raised in confusion. “You love me?” He whispered cautiously, voice quiet as if each word was a step on fragile glass. Phil was breathing deeply but he nodded his head, letting Dan break out into a soft grin. “I wanted to get back at you for all the times you slept with me without meaning. I didn’t want to do it because I was horny. I didn’t even like it; it wasn’t you enough.” He took a step forward. “I’m sorry.” Was all he said.

“You…you…you dick…” Phil tried weakly. “I can’t believe…you’d have sex…just to make me jealous…”

That made Dan laugh. “Look, okay, I’m sorry. I wish I hadn’t done it. I feel horrible.” Then Phil darted across the room, and for a second Dan believed he was going to hit him, but then he was engulfed in a tight embrace by strong hands like they were scared to let him go. Dan felt Phil begin peppering his face and neck and shoulder with kisses and giggled. “Stop, haha, Phil stop! That tickles!” He wasn’t serious though; the embrace finally felt different. The arms didn’t feel held back and his kisses weren’t empty. Phil was letting out how he felt - and he loved Dan.

“I love you, Dan. I love you. Shit, I really do.” He muttered between kisses, pushing Dan back against the wall. Phil stepped back a moment and bored his eyes into Dan’s, full of care. “Are you okay to do this? Because I-I don’t want to do things if you’re uncomfortable doing them, and you did just kind of have sex so it’s fine if you - ”

Dan shut him up with a powerful kiss to his mouth. “I wouldn’t pass up sex with you when you’re all like this. Now shut up.” He grabbed Phil’s face in his hands and crashed their lips together, letting Phil take it further because he always dominated.

“I love you.” Phil kept mumbling against Dan’s lips breathlessly. “I love you, I love you - ”

“I love you too you fucking idiot, so shut up.” And Phil did, so Dan stifled a laugh and pulled away, cheeks flushing red. “No I was joking please keep saying it. I’ve been waiting too long for you to say it, d'you really think I literally want you to stop saying it?” Phil laughed himself and snaked his hands around Dan’s waist to pull him closer, their crotches rubbing together making them both breath out moans. They moved against each other desperately, like they were those two horny teenagers again, with their clammy hands running over backs and through hair, tearing clothing from their already too hot bodies.

“Say it…” Dan whined, wearing only his boxers as Phil dipped his hands between Dan’s legs and gripped the back of his thighs to pull them up and around his waist. “Say it, please…” He moaned whilst bucking his hips into Phil’s. Phil leaned down, smirking, and connected his lips to Dan’s collarbone and working up. When he starting sucking on Dan’s neck he felt his legs twitch in his hands, which were placed at the tops of Dan’s thighs. He huffed in frustration. “Phil you utter - hmm - utter fucking asshole - ahh - you stubborn little - fuck - Phil!”

Phil laughed, pulling away. “Sorry, what were you asking? I can’t remember…”

Dan rolled his eyes. “Fucking hate you.”

Phil pouted. “You looooove me.” He dragged out mockingly.

Then Dan grabbed Phil’s head, crashing their lips together and straight away forcing his tongue between Phil’s lips, being the dominant one for once. “Okay, now I’m done with your bullshit. You can laugh all your want but without me, you’re getting yourself off tonight, then I’ll be laughing at you.” He groaned as he pulled away.

Phil ground their hips together making Dan dig his nails into Phil’s neck. “Yeah, but don’t forget you’ll be in the exact same boat.” He winked making Dan scoff.

“You know, if you weren’t in love with me I’d be having sex with all the guys we know right now. And I’d be loving it.” He bit his lip; Phil was always known to get pretty jealous over Dan, and when he got jealous…Dan couldn’t help but get a kick out of it.

Phil’s back straightened. “Oh. Oh yeah. Someone had sex with you, didn’t they?” Dan nodded - he could see this was working. “They got their grimy hands all over your body, didn’t they?” Dan nodded again, this time more confidently. “They touched where I touch. They tainted you. You have them 'on’ you, Dan.”

Before Dan knew it he’d been lifted up and slammed down onto the kitchen table. Phil prowled over him, parts of their bodies connecting heatedly as he gripped Dan’s wrists and pinned them above his head, leaning down. “Were they on your lips?” Dan nodded, then felt Phil mashing his mouth onto Dan’s again before pulling up and staring at him intensely. “I need to get rid of any trace of them on your pretty body - it’s mine, understand?” Dan just kept nodding, completely slipping into submissive mode. “Now where were they?”

Dan thought. “My chest. And thighs. And I touched his skin with my hands.” Phil growled at his lover, diving down to kiss across the mentioned areas and run his hands all over them, trying to cover the other man’s traces with his own familiar touch. Dan let out a string of soft moans and leaned into Phil’s warm hands. 'He loves me’, he kept reminding himself, 'he loves me and he’s touching me like he loves me.’ For some reason Dan couldn’t explain it felt different this time - meaningful, like their first time. Everything was so scarily intimate but he loved it nonetheless. All those pretending Phil was in love with him and now he didn’t have to pretend anymore.

Phil’s hands left him only to rid him of his final garment, then his own, then they gripped his ankles and dragged him closer so their hips were almost against each other. “You okay for this? Are you stretched?” Phil questioned with the utmost concern. Dan nodded fast. “You sure you want to do this? It’s okay if we…” Phil let his voice trail off this time as Dan’s head was shaking vigorously, obviously confident. He drifted his hands to Dan’s hips and gradually pushed himself in, savouring the moment like it was simultaneously their first and last time together. Dan groaned deeply as he felt Phil entering him, his body was sparking and alive and everything about Phil against him was more euphoric than he’d ever felt before.

He started slow, leaning down to catch Dan’s lips and swallow his moans as he felt his hips bucking up with every push in, being as delicate as he dares’ before Dan got frustrated. He moved his hands to dig into Dan’s shoulders, leaning down so their bodies, already coated in sweat, were flush against each other again. Pulling away and taking a well-needed breath, Phil ducked into Dan’s neck and bit another bruise into it, admiring the unexpected groan that pulled from him.

“Phil…” he started, trying to focus on his words but there were much better things he could focus on. “Phil, I-I’m sorry I-I slept with someone else, I-I’m a dick, I-I promise…” Phil gently shushed him, whispering that it didn’t matter, and let his hands explore Dan’s glistening body beneath him. He was out of control, trembling and moaning, legs twitching and mouth slackened open and eyes drawn closed. Dan’s hands fumbled for Phil’s head before sliding through his hair; he couldn’t see him but Jesus Christ he could feel him. He was everything Dan could feel and ever wanted to feel for the rest of his life.


Dan awoke to soft kisses across his cheek, delicately tracing a trail down his face. A sleepy smile grew across his lips and he didn’t even open his eyes yet. He was still pretty tired, and Phil’s caring arms shrouding his sleeping form and the invitingly warmth from Phil’s body, it was too tempting to stay. So he snuggled closer, nuzzling his head into the crook of Phil’s neck and purred in contentment. After five years, they were finally in love.

Dan finally had what he’d aspired to all this time.

The Light at the End
The Heart
The Light at the End

Note: The naming of this file is speculative but from context I believe these heart lines were originally meant for the final mission. This line might also belong here.

See how they turn on each other. Martin, Pendleton, or is it Admiral Havelock with the cup of treachery?

Everything has changed. Now what will you do?

They always knew there would be some loose ends to tidy up. And tongues to silence.

The Admiral had to carry the struggling child, his shirt soaked with sweat. She bit his hand.

The lighthouse beacon will continue long, for many tomorrows. A reminder of what has happened to Dunwall.

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Taemin the type to replace the vodka in the bottle with water and watch his hyungs pretend to be drunk.

Taemin sat back, a shit-eating-grin on his face as he watched Onew throw Key to the ground who only kept complaining about wanting to go get some sparkly jeans he saw. Jonghyun was just laying there on the floor and Minho was casually sipping his drink with a dark look on his face. 

He took threw back a shot before once more admiring his work. His cup with still full, barely touched, only for the sake of watching the others make a fool out of themselves. This was his revenge, and he was recording the whole damn thing.

They thought they could steal the beer he had been saving before and have a little party for themselves without him; with his beer. His beer was sacred. No one was allowed to touch his beer without verbal permission from him, and he had given no such thing to any of them. He had no doubt it was Minho that had found his stash so he wasn’t going to give him any mercy especially. Because they had even taken away his tequila shots, that was just unforgivable.

His grin grew when Jonghyun started balling his eyes out for no apparent reason. It was so entertaining to watch this, even better that it was being recorded. It was so much better.

“Hyungie,” Taemin said softly, stepping over Jonghyun’s body and ignoring his cries, as he went over to Minho and sat beside him. “How’s my favorite hyung doing?”

“I thought I was you favorite,” Jonghyun sobbed. Taemin shushed him and blew him a kiss before turning back to Minho. 

“Hyungie needs a hug Taeminnie,” Minho said. Taemin grinned and squeezed him tightly, ignoring Minho’s groans and pleas to be released. 

“Oh, there there my adorable little hyung. Let Taeminnie make everything better okay?” 

He purposely hit Minho’s head roughly, supposedly “patting” it down. Minho winced and Taemin released him as a heap onto the floor beside Jonghyun. “Cuddle there with Fuckboy #2. You’re both going in your cages later anyway.”

He moved over to Onew who was now just face first on the floor with Key screaming under him to get off of him because he was heavy and he was ruining his happiness, or something along those lines. Taemin wasn’t completely sure what Key’s babbles were when he was like this. He pushed Onew off with his foot before moving Key some ways away, a little closer to Jonghyun and Minho. 

“You’re all idiots.”

“That’s not nice! Kibummie’s gonna cry now,” Key whined.

“You can start crying after I upload this video to youtube,” Taemin said back, throwing a pillow at his face to keep him shut. 

“What do you mean video?” Onew asked, immediately getting up from the floor, no signs of alcohol in his system. Taemin grinned at him.

“This is what you bitches get for taking my tequila shots. You’re all a bunch of dumbasses, pretending to be drunk with water,” Taemin replied. He shifted his gaze to Jonghyun and Minho who were already up and “sober” again. “You two get to your cages.” 

While they trudged away, Taemin caught Key trying to sneak off. “Oh, Kibummie, I hope you know how to sleep with one eye open.”

He turned back to Onew who shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. “And you, my dear, are going to get your thighs and wallet over to the liquor store and restock my stash. You’re the leader so you take responsibility for what they did.”

Taemin left to go get some food for Jonghyun. His puppy needed at least some care if he was going to be staying in the cage. Minho was going without dinner though. 

Star Grazer

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Characters: Jungkook, Reader

Genre: Superpower!AU

Word Count: 3k

Warnings: attempted assault, fight scene, language

A/N: He just looks really cute in that gif, this is how I imagined him while writing this lmao, also i didn’t proofread thoroughly oops

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