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“ For Japan, the battle of Midway was indeed a tragic defeat. The Japanese Combined Fleet, placing its faith in ‘quality rather than quantity had long trained and prepared to defeat a numerically superior enemy. Yet at Midway, a stronger Japanese force went down to defeat before a weaker enemy.

… With Midway as the turning point, the fortunes of war appeared definitely to shift from our own to the Allied side. The defeat taught us many lessons and impelled our navy, for the first time since the outbreak of war, to indulge in critical self-examination.”

- Mitsuo Fuchida (led the air strike against Pearl Harbor, was aboard the aircraft carrier Akagi during the battle of Midway)


“ They had no right to win. And yet they did, and in doing so, they changed the course of a war.”

- Walter Lord, Author 


The Battle of Midway in the Pacific Theater of Operations was one of the most important naval battles of World War II. Between 4 and 7 June 1942, only six months after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, and one month after the Battle of the Coral Sea, the United States Navy (USN), under Admirals Chester W. Nimitz, Frank Jack Fletcher, and Raymond A. Spruance decisively defeated an attack by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), under Admirals Isoroku Yamamoto, Chuichi Nagumo, and Nobutake Kondo on Midway Atoll, inflicting irreparable damage on the Japanese fleet. Military historian John Keegan called it “the most stunning and decisive blow in the history of naval warfare.” It was Japan’s first naval defeat since the Battle of Shimonoseki Straits in 1863.

Bleach characters, giant statues of Admiral Seaweed and Chappy have appeared in the middle of the Seireitei! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

Yamamoto: …

Yamamoto: …

Yamamoto: KUCHIKI BYAKUYA!!!!!!

Byakuya: This was not my doing.

Byakuya: Clearly I am not the only person who has realized the grandeur of Admiral Seaweed and of Chappy the Bunny.

Byakuya: Now everybody will be inspired every time they gaze upon these statues.

Byakuya: I do not understand why your face is turning purple with rage.

Renji: R-Rukia! Did you do this?

Renji: If you did a great prank like this without me, my sadness will only be matched by my admiration!

Rukia: It wasn’t me, fool!

Rukia: How much metalworking skill do you think I have??

Renji: I dunno. I sorta assume you can do anything.

Rukia: …

Renji: Did I say that out loud?

Soi Fon: Whoever made them, they must  be destroyed, and soon.

Soi Fon: They are terrible eyesores. 

Komamura: I dunno. I kinda like the “Anyone can be a military officer, even seaweed!” message.

Soi Fon: That is probably not the message.

Kyoraku: I dunno why everybody is getting so bent out of shape about this!

Kyoraku: This is the Seireitei. No structure here remains undestroyed for long. Those statues will probably be destroyed in a giant fight any day now!

Nanao: Perhaps that is a problem that should be addressed.

Kyoraku: Nah, I’m sure it’s fine.

Kira: Maybe these statues are the Soul King’s doing.

Kira: He clearly favors the Kuchiki clan since he took them to be healed instead of, say, other people who might have needed healing. 

Hisagi: Dude, the Soul King has no limbs and he’s busy being invaded.

Kira: I’m just saying.

Hitsugaya: Oh, come on, people!

Hitsugaya: We KNOW who likes to order giant statues out of a mistaken notion that it will make people happy - Ukitake!

Hitsugaya: He has Akon make statues for presents all the time!

Hitsugaya: Plus, Kuchiki Byakuya and Kuchiki Rukia are both dear to him.

Hitsugaya: I’d bet my hair gel that Ukitake had Akon build these giant statues.

Akon: I would never betray my customer base.

Akon: But yeah.

Ukitake: I figured with everything going on, I should try to spread some joy!


Byakuya: You truly are the best pretend uncle a man could have, Ukitake.

Rukia: B-best captain ever!

Kurotsuchi: You built giant statues without permission, Akon?

Akon: Not getting permission is the Squad 12 way.

Soi Fon: They are still eyesores.

Komamura: I think they are very handsome!

Hitsugaya: I am the greatest detective ever.

anonymous asked:

Can I ask for a fluffy scenario where the Vongola Guardian's tries to confess to their crush?

Sorry for this taking so long, anon!! I finally had time to write this now that I’m on break. I hope you like it! c:

Sawada Tsunayoshi

             “I can do this… I can do this… I can do this…”

            The words continuously slipped past Tsuna’s lips, and he found that even though they were supposed to be comforting him, they somehow had the reverse effect.

            He felt even more stressed out than before.

            Wringing his hands, Tsuna paced around the empty classroom and continued to murmur encouragement to himself even though it wasn’t helping very much. Tsuna wasn’t sure how he was going to be able to do it. He needed to confess to you today, but he was concerned about making a total fool of himself and completely crushing his chances with you.

            It wasn’t as if you were the most amazing person in Tsuna’s opinion—not at all—that made his cheeks flare with red and his spine tingle when he was around you. After Kyoko had denied his affections and he had made peace with the idea of just remaining friends with her, Tsuna had thought that he wouldn’t fall in love again so soon, or possibly at all anymore. Unfortunately for him, (or fortunately? If you returned his feelings?) you had completely shattered that conclusion he had made, with your personality and willingness to accept Tsuna for who he was. Your openminded take on life made Tsuna enamored by you, and he was really hoping that everything would work out once he told you how much you meant to him.

             Just as he picked up the broom at the back of the room and began to anxiously pass it back and forth from hand to hand, Tsuna heard the door slide and then snap open. He raised his head immediately and turned to the room’s entrance, and he was immobilized when he saw you standing at the doorway.

             “Oh, hi, Tsuna. I was just getting some things from my locker before cleaning duty,” you announced with a small smile as you placed your backpack on the ground near one of the front desks. “Do you want to sweep and I’ll clean the chalkboard?”

             “Sure,” agreed the nervous brunette as he clutched the handle of the broom in his hands tightly, almost feeling as if he would snap it in half accidentally. He began brushing some stray shreds of paper towards the back wall, but he was still out of it. Trying to focus all of his energy into sweeping and not staring at you, Tsuna managed to somehow avoid looking in your direction for the most of the time.

             By the end of cleaning duty, when he had replaced the broom at the back of the room again and helped straighten out the desks with you, his palms felt a little sweaty. Scratch that, they were pretty sweaty, and he wiped his hands against his pants so that you wouldn’t notice. Every single thing that he thought flawed his appearance seemed to be more apparent to him, and Tsuna swallowed fretfully. As he tried to build his courage, he was sure of one thing, though.

             He was not going to confess to someone as he had done to Kyoko that one time Reborn had shot him with the Dying Will Bullet… That had been embarrassing. This time, he wouldn’t mess up.

             “[Name]-chan/kun…” Tsuna wasn’t even aware that he had actually spoken your name out loud, and when you turned to face him, he supposed it really was now or never.

             Now that your attention was on him, and your eyes were focused on him, Tsuna felt even more unsettled than before, and he stuttered, “U-uh…” Oh no, he sounded like an absolute dork! He resisted the urge to slap a hand against his forehead and give up.

             Patiently, you waited for him to finish his thought, your hands neatly tucked behind your back, a smile on your face. “Don’t worry. Take your time.”

             Tsuna felt his cheeks blossom with red; you were so kind to him and willing to wait for him to recompose himself… He wondered if he ever could recompose himself with you in front of him. “I, um…”

             Closing his eyes, he forced the words from his lips, “I really like you, [Name]-chan/kun! Please go out with me!”

             He’d been so sure that you would reject him that he couldn’t believe that you had said yes.

             “A-are you sure?” Tsuna asked, his eyes slowly opening as he stared at you.

             With the smile on your face only growing, you nodded your head. “I’m sure. Yes. I like you too.”

             Tsuna felt his quivering lips pull upwards for the first time that day. He’d been so sure that you would reject him…

             Perhaps this love would work out for him.

Gokudera Hayato

             Really, this was unbelievable.

             All right, maybe it wasn’t completely outlandish, but Gokudera wondered how he had gotten this far into this pit of disastrous—in his opinion—emotions that he shouldn’t be feeling. There was a sense of elation that overcame him when he saw you, much like when he came across Tsuna, but he also felt warm and comforted by your presence. Gokudera always had to curse at himself in his mind to maintain his nonchalant look around you, because he was sure that if he didn’t focus on controlling his emotions, he would make a fool of himself in front of you.

             That’s why it was so ridiculous, Gokudera thought. You made him feel weak inside, vulnerable to something, and Gokudera didn’t like being vulnerable. You were that something, and Gokudera wasn’t quite sure how to go about fixing his problem.

             Somehow, his sister had noticed his behavior, and she’d commented that it wasn’t a “problem,” and that he was merely in love.

             Gokudera had responded to her observation with a snort. He wasn’t going to admit to Bianchi that he was in love. Somehow, she knew, and Gokudera felt emotionally exposed in front of his sister.

             Before he’d walked away from her, she had told him that the only way for him to feel better was to let you know how he felt about you, and that it was inevitable that you would find out.

             Dismayed, the silver-haired bomber really hoped that she wasn’t about to go and tell you that he actually loved liked you or anything if he didn’t mention it to you first.

             His concentration wasn’t the same ever since he’d realized that he actually did have a crush on you, and that there was a number of your characteristics that made him really fall headfirst for you. As much as he didn’t want to accept his feelings, Gokudera had to come to terms with the fact that he was in love with you. Frankly, he wasn’t sure how it had started—how he started really taking notice of you and finding different aspects of you to admire.

             All he knew now was that he felt a tad jealous when other people were around you… Especially if someone decided to flirt with you. Gokudera wasn’t oblivious to that burning sense of jealousy in his chest, and he knew that he wouldn’t be feeling that way about anyone else.

             He’d made the decision the night before to confess to you, somehow, as outrageous that seemed to him… Gokudera figured that he would be practical when he would tell you: He’d stay calm, just say that he liked you, and then wait for an answer.

             Shouldn’t be too hard.


             It was hard.

             When he’d pulled you aside after school as you left the campus and were heading home, he found that just looking at you threw off his calculated approach to confessing. What was he going to tell you again? His throat tightened, and Gokudera chewed on the end of his cigarette as he tried to form his thoughts into a coherent statement.

             “Something the matter, Gokudera?” you asked, tilting your head and readjusting your grip on the book in your hands.

             He suddenly glared at you with his olive green eyes, and you were taken aback for a moment. Then, he glanced away, and then he scoffed, “Tch.”

             If this was anyone else but Gokudera, you would have said that there was a tinge of pink on his face, for some reason.

             “I like you.”

             Blinking rapidly, you looked at Gokudera, whose hands were haphazardly tucked into his pockets, in disbelief. He didn’t just confess to you, did he?

             Your silence seemed to have unnerved him, for as you stood frozen in place, Gokudera’s gaze was averted from your figure, and he muttered under his breath, “I’m going.”

             You suddenly snapped our of your stupor and shook your head before blurting out in a rush of your thoughts, “Wait! I lo—like—I like you very much!”

             Aware that your cheeks were alight with color, you looked down at your sneakers and cursed yourself for having rather horrid tact.

             There was no response from Gokudera, and you feared peering up at him, but then you heard that light scoff of his again.

             “Tch. Th-that’s… fine.”

             A smile instantly bloomed on your face, and you didn’t have to look up to know that Gokudera was relieved, a somewhat senseless grin on his lips as well.

Yamamoto Takeshi

             Yamamoto supposed that a lot people—at first glance—believed he was rather clueless and airheaded. Perhaps they were right, perhaps they were wrong; however, Yamamoto didn’t really give their opinions much thought. Maybe he was unaware of some things, but the talented baseball player was sure that he wasn’t lost on one thing—that he really, really liked you.

             He’d seen you at mostly every single baseball game he’d played at Namimori Middle so far since your brother—the first baseman—was on the team. You were always dedicated in coming to all of his games, and Yamamoto admired that about you. On top of that, you were also very dedicated in your studies and didn’t mind helping out other students, within reason, when they needed assistance with school work. Yamamoto found you were an excellent peer tutor, as he’d even asked you a couple questions and realized that you had a very different teaching method than Gokudera’s. Your generosity was much appreciated by the Rain Guardian, and it was complemented by a variety of other traits Yamamoto liked about you.

             As he sat down at his seat ten minutes before the morning bell rang, Yamamoto saw you walk into class as well. You waved at him and made your way to his desk as the baseball player smiled at you. It wasn’t as if you two weren’t friends; in fact, you’d been friends for a long while now, and Yamamoto was planning to tell you about his feelings today.

             He’d be casual about it, and hopefully you’d accept. Otherwise, he’d understand.

             “Hey, Yamamoto! What’s up?” You were grinning as you tossed your bag onto the chair next to him.

             “Yo, [Name]!” Yamamoto returned your two-fingered greeting and then looked up thoughtfully. Should he tell you now or some other time? Nah, he wasn’t really the type to make a big deal about things… He’d just play it cool. “I was wondering if I could talk to you about something?”

             You leaned back against your desk and shrugged. “Yeah, sure, go ahead.”

             Yamamoto’s signature grin stretched across his face, and he found one of his hands resting on the back of his neck when he said, “I really like you, [Name]!”

             “Eh?” You were almost completely thrown off-balance by his statement, and you could only stare at the baseball player in confusion. “I mean… I like you too? Unless you meant that in um… In the ‘like-like’ way…”

             Your cheeks became rose-colored, and you began absently tugging at the bottom of your vest.

             The soothing chuckle from Yamamoto’s lips made the awkwardness drift away from between you, and he reaffirmed his confession, “I really like-like you.”

             You weren’t sure what to say in response since you had been harboring romantic feelings towards him for a while, but you pushed your anxiety aside and pronounced, “I like you too, more than a friend… Yamamoto.”

             “Takeshi,” the baseball player corrected with a short laugh as he reached out to hold one of your hands.

             “Right.” A smile was on your face.

             The two of you laughed as Yamamoto pulled you forward for a hug.

Sasagawa Ryohei

             Sasagawa Ryohei was intensely passionate about many things—boxing, making sure his sister was all right, defending his family…

             He so happened to be extremely stricken with you.

             His love for you was something else he was seriously dedicated to, even though he’d never properly admitted his affections for you. Kyoko was well-aware of her brother’s fondness of you, and she advised that maybe it would be better for him to approach you without yelling that he loved you at the top of his lungs. Not that she disapproved, but she thought there might be a better way for him to confess to you without startling you.

             Finding wisdom in his younger sibling’s advice, Ryohei had decided to buy you one of your favorite snacks and give it to you when he conveyed his feelings to you. He’d like it if someone brought him food too.

             There were several reasons why Ryohei had fallen for you. Your accepting attitude and humor were two of the things he really liked about you, and sometimes the boxer wondered how you had even become his friend.

             “Oh, hey, [Last Name]!” Ryohei called out to you in order to catch your attention.

             Turning to the person who had said your name, you spotted the white-haired boxer running towards you. You waved to him and greeted, “Oh, hey, Sasagawa! How’s it going?”

             “I have something extremely important to tell you!” announced Ryohei confidently, one of his fists raised as he stopped in front of you.

             “Let’s hear it.” You nodded your head and waited for your friend to speak.

             “I extremely like you, [Last Name]!” The way the boy’s eyes lit up and his smile grew on his face made your heart beat a little faster.

             You let out a chuckle at Ryohei’s enthusiastic demeanor, and taking his confession in stride, you closed the space between you two and wrapped your arms around his waist. “Hey. That’s a good thing. I like you too, Sasagawa.”

             Ryohei seemed still as you hugged him, but then he laughed loudly and returned the embrace. He figured that he liked the warmth your body gave him, and he smiled and couldn’t help asking, “Will you hug me more like this?”

             “Of course,” you answered, finding the question very Ryohei-like. “We can cuddle later too.”

             The cheer your boyfriend gave made you laugh as you wound your arms around him more snugly.

Hibari Kyouya

             “Oh, hello, Hibird,” you murmured quietly at the familiar yellow avian that descended from the sky towards you. Extending one of your hands forward, you allowed the little bird to perch on your index finger before bringing him close to your face. “How are you?”

             Hibird tapped his beak against your nose once and let out a small coo of contentment which you took to mean that he was happy.

             “That’s good to know.” You stopped in the middle of the path out of the school when Hibird trilled and then flapped his wings to hover beside you instead. “Hm?”

             Since the campus was rather deserted by this time (you had stuck around to finish some papers for your club as you were a leading officer), you noticed the figure leaning against the stone wall next to Namimori’s gate. There was a dark piece of clothing draped over the person’s shoulders, and you realized, upon taking a few steps forward, that it was a school uniform gakuran. Only one student wore his gakuran like that, you remembered, and it hit you that you were looking at Hibari Kyouya.

             It made sense, as Hibird was still fluttering about you, and you didn’t dare move closer to the exit.

             Hibird had been familiar with you for a long while; sometimes the bird would follow you home or find you when you were outside playing a sport during physical education. You had only known his name was Hibird thanks to Sawada Tsunayoshi’s rather terrified remark about the avian’s presence near you. He’d said that the bird was Hibari’s. However, even though you knew Hibird, you never really knew that much about his owner. Hibari seemed to be in the same places you were more times than not, like when you were walking to the school’s library or making your way to the bread vending machines.

             Although you were conscious of his violent behavior, you thought that if you just stayed out of his way and abided by the school rules, then you wouldn’t have any ill-fated encounters with him. You never sought him out, so you would be all right.

             However, you were a bit confused as to why he would be seeking you, it seemed, whenever he appeared in the same location you were. Maybe it was just coincidence, but you still were curious about him.

             Though, that didn’t mean you wanted to have any confrontations with him; you were fine with observing from afar. He intrigued you a bit too, though; you were interested in getting to know him better. You just weren’t sure how you should go about that since you knew he wasn’t fond of interacting with other people, for the most part. From what you did see of him, you admired his dedication to discipline, although his methods for enforcing the rules might need a little work. You did find that his relatively quiet and—usually—unobtrusive presence was preferable over other people’s loud company.

             As you figured that you might as well get home because it was getting late—never mind if Hibari was at the gates or not—you began walking forward again. Just as you rounded the corner of the wall and out of school, you heard a cool voice ring out in the silence.

             “You interest me.”

             Those were the first words that Hibari had ever spoken to you, and you turned back to look at him. You found yourself not missing a beat when you replied evenly, the same kind of amusement in your voice that was in his, “So do you.”

             “Hn.” You heard the heels of Hibari’s shoes clicking against the pavement as he began walking after you. He wasn’t sure how to tell you that he kind of, maybe, sort of, possibly liked you, and he wanted to get to know you more than what people would consider as “just friends.”

             For sure, Hibari was not going to tell you that he liked you, in all those ridiculous ways that other males had shown their affections towards their “crushes.”

             “How do I interest you?” you questioned, looking to your side where Hibari was now walking. “I don’t think we’ve really met before.”

             As Hibird rested in his hair, Hibari remained quiet in response to your inquiry, and he wondered what a proper answer would be. He’d assessed you from afar, just as he could tell you did him when he was in your vicinity. You fit what he was looking for in someone, even though you might not be aware of it yourself. Just as the two of you halted at an intersection, a thought came to him, and he smirked slightly.

             “You’re the only one suitable for me.”

             There was a certain tone in his voice, the way his inflection dropped that made your cheeks flush with a bright wash of pink. Was he implying that he was actually interested in having a significant other? And that you were the one he wanted?

              “O-oh.” You let your eyes focus on the cars whirring past before you glanced at Hibari. He seemed pretty confident about his statement, and your thoughts wandered for a moment. Maybe you’d give him a chance, and you’d find out more about him, just as you wanted.

             You nodded your head and then answered him calmly, “Then, I guess, I’ll have to see if you’re the only one who’s suitable for me.”

             Hibari’s gaze found yours—a glint in his eyes—and you swore that your heart rate rocketed for a second when he replied without hesitation, “Hm. I am the only one.”


             Lambo wasn’t sure how he was going to do it, but he was going to confess to you today.

             He had debated writing you a love letter like he’d seen his classmates do when they’d wanted their crushes to know about their affections for them, but he felt like he wouldn’t see genuine enough. He could tough it out and talk to you in person. Yeah, he was Lambo Bovino, he could do it.

             Tsuna had even encouraged him, telling him that he’d told his crush in person about his feelings, and that it had all worked out for him.

             Lambo was sure he could do it too, then, when he had learned of his “big brother’s” success in starting his relationship which was going strong for around ten years and counting.

             Now that he was hesitantly pacing outside of the fencing club’s facilities, however, Lambo wasn’t so sure anymore. His typical confidence had been diminished, and the teen was really wishing that some of his childhood haughtiness would return to him right now. He needed the morale boost pretty desperately.

             Nervously, Lambo held the box of sweets he wanted to give to you when he confessed in front of him and then tucked it behind his back. It was a few minutes until he realized that he was suddenly tossing the package up and down, and he quickly stopped himself. He was really distracted, and he knew that he was anxious.

             Trying to calm his nerves, Lambo thought about anything that would cheer him up. His friends, his family, the grape candy he really liked…

             And then his mind went back to the container of candies in his hands, and then he thought who they were going to—not him, but you—and then he was apprehensive all over again. He stared and stared at the box, and then thought about what he’d do with them if you didn’t accept him.

If you didn’t reciprocate his feelings, then he’d just go eat all of the candies he had bought for you and wallow in his despair.

             Lambo nodded. Yeah, that sounded like a fine back-up plan. After all, he got some candies he liked. That would help him forget about you, hopefully.


             Eyes widening, the aforementioned teen straightened up immediately, and subconsciously, his hands snapped to behind his back, the box still settled between them. He knew that voice, and sure enough, it was you, standing in the doorway, your bag of kendo gear slung over your shoulder and your shinai in one of your hands.

             “A-ah. Hi, [Name],” greeted Lambo tensely, a timid smile stretched across his face.

             “What’s up?” You moved out of the space in front of the door and stood beside him. “Got something for me?”

             Without looking at you, Lambo shoved the sweets into your hands and stated rather loudly, “Um, yeah! I got you some of your favorite candies, and I just wanted to say that I like you a lot and um!”

             This was not going the way that Lambo had thought it would, and he didn’t even want to look up at you when you took the box from his hands.

             “Oh, Lambo, thank you!” You nudged him with you elbow and then patted the top of his head. “Hey, look up.”

             Following your instruction, Lambo slowly raised his head and waited for your response.

             “Don’t make that face,” you laughed lightly. “I like you too.”

             Lambo tackled you for a hug. “Yahoooo!”

             You rolled your eyes as you held your childhood friend in your arms, but a smile was on your face.

Rokudo Mukuro

             Checking the expiration date on some of the pocky on one of the shelves in front of you, you hummed a quiet tune and then scribbled down some notes on your clipboard’s paper. Working a part-time job at a convenience store wasn’t too bad, but there were some moments when the shop got hectic during the evening hours you had after school. Usually you worked by yourself, like you were today, so that was why. Since you wanted to pay for your own expenses—things you really wanted—without asking your parents, you had taken up the job. It felt nice to be a little independent.

             As you continued to take inventory, you walked down other aisles of snacks in the store before spotting a familiar pineapple-styled haircut poking up from behind one of the other shelves.

             You smiled.

             That was another upside of working at this convenience store. You’d made some interesting friends, including a blond with the sharpest teeth you’d ever seen, a teen perpetually wearing a white beanie, and two people with hairstyles resembling pineapples.

             They’d all come and go at their own leisure, but they’d always buy a load of snacks—pocky, crackers, seaweed, and candies. You wondered what they would do with so much, but you didn’t pry. It wasn’t your business.

             “Oi, pineapple,” you called out, knowing who was standing behind the shelf across from you. Chrome was shorter than the shelf, so that left only one person with that haircut whom you knew.

             You weren’t surprised to hear a familiar laugh resounding from behind you, and you were even less surprised to see Mukuro not standing where he had been, but behind you, now. Having been friends with Mukuro for a while, you were used to his illusions. At first, you were unconvinced that he could create illusions or even that he had “Mist Flames” as he said. However, when—out of anger—you had conjured up your own illusions one day, when Mukuro’s gang had made a mess in the store, you believed him. In fact, the two of you had fun creating illusions sometimes to prank customers, but you never went too far that they left and never came back again. Just the occasional bag of chips falling on someone’s head when no one was near them, nothing too drastic.

             “Kufufufu. How rude, [Last Name].” There was a slightly indignant edge to Mukuro’s tone, and you had to hold back a laugh at his annoyance of your nickname for him.

             “Good to see you’re here,” you replied, ignoring his comment. “Is there something you need?”

             “Yes, I have my eye on it every time I come here,” answered the illusionist, with what you thought was a hint of smugness in his voice.

             Looking back at your clipboard, you absently addressed him, “Oh, yeah? What is it? That chocolate you really like? Isn’t it your favorite food or something? What do you feel like this time, dark or milk? Lemme check if we have some in stock still…”

             You were flipping through the sheets on your clipboard when it was plucked from your hands. “Wha—!”

             Rounding on Mukuro, you were about to snatch it back from him when you realized how close he was to you. “H-hey, why’re you—”

             “Silly [Last Name]. I always have my eye on you whenever I come here.”

             You sputtered for a second and then tried to form a coherent response, but failed when you understood what he was saying. You were stuck looking at Mukuro, who was leaning over you, one of his hands beside your head and the other holding your clipboard.

             “Kufufu.” Mukuro enjoyed seeing you a bit disconcerted for a moment, not at all because he wanted to get you back for referring to him as such a despicable, spiny fruit. “And if you were curious, [Last Name], that means I quite like you.”

Dokuro Chrome

             Chrome had told you that she’d be out at the park for a while, and you knew that she needed some time to herself, perhaps just to think. You understood where she was coming from, but that had been hours ago, and now you were wondering where she might have possibly gone and if she was even at the park still. The thought of Chrome being in danger did occur to you, but you knew that she had grown much stronger and could take care of herself, without your help.

             You just wanted to know where she had gone.

             Pulling on your jacket, you left Tsuna’s house—there had been a homework gathering and afterwards just time to hang out—and started for the park. It didn’t take you long to get there, and when you arrived, you found Chrome sitting on a swing and slowly rocking back and forth.


             She turned to look at you and then glanced away. You barely heard her soft greeting in return, and you knew that something was off about her instantly.

             “Hey, you okay?” you questioned, claiming the swing next to her and gently resting a hand on her shoulder. “Need to talk about anything?”

             You saw Chrome’s lips pinch together, and then she shook her head, almost as if she was trying to convince herself as well as you that she didn’t need to speak to you about anything.

             Instead of calling her out, you let her be, and you kicked your feet into the air as you swung. Chrome seemed to be thinking deeply as she had stopped moving the swing and let her legs go limp, her shoes pressing into the dirt.

             It was only a couple minutes before Chrome suddenly stood up from her seat, and you hastily stopped your own swing as you knew that she was going to say something. You hopped off and walked to her side, but this time you didn’t prompt her to tell you what she was thinking.

             “[Name]…” She looked at you, her arms folded behind her back as she dug the toe of her shoe into dirt a bit uneasily.

             “Yes?” Your brows furrowed as you wondered what might be wrong.

             She seemed to be debating one last thing before she opened her mouth to speak again. “[Name], I like you. I think—a lot more than just… as a friend.”

             With her cheeks a shade of pink, Chrome ducked away from you and started to hurry off, but you caught her arm. “Wait!”

             Immediately, she looked back at you, and you smiled reassuringly at her. “Come here. I like you too—more than just a friend.”

             Chrome was hesitant for a second, and then she let you pull her into your arms, a gentle and welcoming embrace that she enjoyed.

             “Ah… I’m glad, then.”

flight-freedom  asked:

Yamamoto versus Iowa class? WHO WINS?! 😱

Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku would be able to personally sink all American ships. With his bare hands. The commander of the Imperial Japanese Navy Combined Fleet could defeat the battleships in a few minutes work. His punch could penetrate more than a kilometer’s armor. His powerful stare could make all enemies shiver with fear. Yamamoto wins.

I have a solution to the temporary Muslim ban

Let in all the Muslims in who wanna come in

And allow guns in all public places

What idiot is going to get away with trying to shoot up a place, if he’s 1 gun to 20+ other guns?

Second amendment plus freedom to travel regardless of your religion

Problem solved. An armed populous is a polite populous.

“You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass.” - Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Originally posted by merica-for-mericans

Yamamoto Isoroku as a student at the Harvard University, 1919-1921. He was the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Japanese Navy Combined Fleet during WWII, until his death on 18 April 1943.

Yamamoto Isoroku: A story of “I told you so

In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.

The Battle of Midway, a disastrous defeat for the Imperial Japanese Navy, ended exactly six months after the Attack on Pearl Harbor, on 7 June 1942.

The fiercest serpent may be overcome by a swarm of ants,” Yamamoto opposed the construction of “super battleships” as he believed that no ships were unsinkable. Both ships of the Yamato-class were sunk by swarms of American carrier aircraft.

In the 1930s, Yamamoto urged the Navy to remove all 8-inch guns then installed on the Navy’s latest carriers, Akagi and Kaga, since he believed that heavy surface weapons would be useless on a carrier. The gunnery-minded officers didn’t believe that.

Anyone who has seen the auto factories in Detroit and the oil fields in Texas knows that Japan lacks the national power for a naval race with America.

He was right.

On 18 April 1943, before Yamamoto’s Mitsubishi G6M bomber took off from Rabaul, the admiral was urged by local commanders to cancel his flight for fear of an ambush. Well, he didn’t listen.


Pacific Ocean theater of World War II (1942-1945) 

The Pacific Ocean theater, during World War II, was a major theater of the war between the Allies and Japan. It was defined by the Allied powers’ Pacific Ocean Area command, which included most of the Pacific Ocean and its islands, while mainland Asia was excluded, as were the Philippines, the Dutch East Indies, Borneo, Australia, most of the Territory of New Guinea and the western part of the Solomon Islands.

It officially came into existence on March 30, 1942, when US Admiral Chester Nimitz was appointed Supreme Allied Commander Pacific Ocean Area. In the other major theatre in the Pacific region, known as the South West Pacific theatre, Allied forces were commanded by US General Douglas MacArthur. Both Nimitz and MacArthur were overseen by the US Joint Chiefs and the western Allies Combined Chiefs of Staff (CCoS).

Most Japanese forces in the theater were part of the Combined Fleet (聯合艦隊 Rengō Kantai) of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), which was responsible for all Japanese warships, naval aircraft and marine infantry infantry units. The Rengō Kantai was led by Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, until he was killed in an attack by U.S. fighter planes in April 1943. Yamamoto was succeeded by Admiral Mineichi Koga (1943–44) and Admiral Soemu Toyoda (1944–45). The General Staff (参謀本部 Sanbō Honbu) of the Imperial Japanese Army was responsible for Imperial Japanese Army (IJA) ground and air units in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. The IJN and IJA did not formally utilize joint/combined staff at the operational level, and their command structures/geographical areas of operations overlapped each other and those of the Allies.

In the Pacific Ocean theater, Japanese forces fought primarily against the United States Navy and US Marine Corps. The United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and other Allied nations also contributed forces.

“A military man can scarcely pride himself on having “smitten a sleeping enemy”; it is more a matter of shame, simply, for the one smitten. I would rather you made your appraisal after seeing what the enemy does, since it is certain that, angered and outraged, he will soon launch a determined counter-attack.”

-Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku.

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Yay another khr blog :3 Can I have something fluffy and cute with Takeshi~?


Another sneeze rocked your body as you reached for a tissue and groaned. You had been sick for a couple days now and simply felt miserable. You had gone through a whole tissue box and your throat felt like someone had rubbed sandpaper against it.

Coughing loudly, you wrapped the blankets a bit tighter around your body and shuddered. It didn’t help that light drafts would often drift throughout your house. You grumbled quietly, flipping onto your other side when the doorbell rang.

With a great sigh, you rolled yourself out of bed and shuffled down the stairs, blanket still wrapped around your body. After unlocking the door, you swung it open to see your boyfriend, Yamamoto Takeshi, standing there with a cheery grin and a mysterious bag in hand.

“Hi,” he greeted you cheerily, leaning down to kiss you on the cheek. You quickly turned away and stopped him with your hand.

“I’m sick, remember?”

He let out a sheepish chuckle before straightening and running his fingers through his hair.

“Forgot about that…sorry ___-chan.”

You just rolled your eyes before curiously staring at the bag he was holding. When he noticed your curiosity, he grinned and opened the bag.

“I got you a gift!”

You peeked inside and smiled at what you saw. In the bag was a little stuffed puppy with a red bandana tied around its neck. You gently snatched up the stuffed animal and rubbed it up against your cheek.

“It’s so cute and soft!” you squealed, sniffling a bit as you continued to admire the puppy. Yamamoto smiled when he saw how happy you were and shrugged slightly.

“I thought you might, you know, cuddle it when you felt lonely and stuff since I can’t always visit you everyday…”

You smiled to yourself before reaching for his hand, squeezing lightly. A light blush tainted his cheeks and he stared at his feet.

“Get better soon, okay ____-chan?”

In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, as attributed in Eagle Against the Sun: The American War with Japan by Ronald Spector.

Yamamoto’s words proved prophetic as the Japanese Navy suffered a crushing defeat at the Battle of Midway, June 4-6, 1942, six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Admiral Ugaki is seen before his kamikaze mission.

 On 15 August 1945, Emperor Hirohito made a radio announcement conceding defeat and calling for the military to lay down their arms. After listening to the announcement announcing Japan’s defeat, Ugaki made a last entry in his diary noting that he had not yet received an “official” cease-fire order, and that as he alone was to blame for the failure of his valiant aviators to stop the enemy, he would fly one last mission himself to show the true spirit of bushido. 

His subordinates protested, and even after Ugaki had climbed into the backseat of a Yokosuka D4Y “Judy”, Warrant Officer Akiyoshi Endo—whose place in the kamikaze roster Ugaki had usurped—climbed into the same space that the admiral had already occupied. Thus, the aircraft containing Ugaki took off with three men, as opposed to two each in the remaining ten aircraft. Prior to boarding his aircraft, Ugaki posed for pictures (one above) and removed his rank insignia from his dark green uniform, taking only a ceremonial short sword given to him by Admiral Yamamoto.

 Endo served as radioman during the mission, sending Ugaki’s final messages, and a final message at 19:24, reported that the plane had begun its dive onto an American vessel. However, U.S. Navy records do not indicate any successful kamikaze attack on that day, and it is likely that all aircraft on the mission (with the exception of three that returned due to engine problems) crashed into the ocean, struck down by American anti-aircraft fire. 

The next morning, the crew of American landing craft LST-926 found the still smoldering remains of a cockpit with three bodies on the beach of Iheyajima Island. The third man, his head crushed and right arm missing, wore a dark green uniform and a short sword. The Americans buried the bodies in the sand, and apparently the sword was taken as a souvenir by one of them. 

Trendsetter Feature: London Alexander

Quality menswear isn’t difficult to spot. There’s just something different about well-made pieces like these. It’s as if a dapper aura radiates around them. This inexplicable aura is exactly what you can expect from the collections of contemporary menswear designer London Alexander. From detailed shirts and outerwear, to distinguished accessories, London’s creations have no problem getting stylish guys noticed. Get to know the talented designer. Meet London.

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If Bleach characters and Star Wars characters met...

As requested by anon. :)

The time has come, in my weekly crossover series, for Bleach characters to  meet characters from the old Stars Wars movies!

1. Luke Skywalker and Ichigo

Luke: …and then I found out that he was my DAD!

Ichigo: Unexpected familial revelations? Yeah, I know how that goes.

Ichigo: Not only do I have all these undead relatives that I didn’t know about, but it turns out my dad also isn’t who I thought he was!

Luke: Yeah, but did you have to suddenly come to grips with the fact that you had a thing for your sister?

Ichigo: Nah, I avoid that by avoiding romance completely.

Luke: Smart!

Ichigo: Yeah, you can’t take chances when you’re us!

2. Leia and Hinamori

Hinamori: [fangirl eyes]

Leia: Um….do you want me to sign something?

Leia: As a princess / resistance fighter / all-around bad-ass, I get that a lot.


Hinamori: You have TWO buns!

Hinamori: I love you!


Leia: That’s a new one.

3. Han Solo and Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: We have so much in common.

Han Solo: …I strongly doubt that.

Ulquiorra: No, it is true. Your name is “Solo.” I too am a lonely soul.

Han: Uh…

Ulquiorra: You fly the Millennium Falcon, which is named after a bird, and I am a bat, which is kind of like a bird.

Han: What

Ulquiorra: Also you wear tight black pants, and I have black hairy legs that are tight.

Han: Go away before I shoot you.

Ulquiorra: I love having friends.

4. Chewbacca and Tosen

Tosen: You are an individual who does not speak as others do.

Tosen: Speak to me. I will understand.

Chewbacca: [chewbacca noise]

Tosen: I understand.

Tosen: I have a friend with thick fur.

Tosen: I will find out what brush he uses.

Tosen: Soon you will be plagued by tangles no longer!

5. Darth Vader and Komamura

Komamura: Hello friend.

Darth Vader: [Vader Breathing]

Komamura: I hear that you are ugly. And you wear a helmet.

Komamura: I am here to tell you that you are beautiful! No matter what! Remove your helmet and be free!

Darth Vader: I need this to breathe, dude. If I take it off, I will die.


Komamura: I would like to revise my recommendation.

6. Emperor Palpatine and Sasakibe

Sasakibe: [fanboy eyes]

Palpatine: Why are you looking at me like that?

Sasakibe: It’s just - you’re old! Just like Head Captain Yamamoto! But you have lightning powers! Like me!

Sasakibe: It’s like you’re me and the head captain put together!

Sasakibe: Oooh - or our son!

Sasakibe: Hug?

Palpatine: Please go away.

7. Boba Fett and Grimmjow

Grimmjow: So a bounty hunter is like an actual hunter, yeah? You pick your prey and chase it forever?

Boba Fett: If by “forever” you mean “until I get paid,” then yeah.

Grimmjow: Can you find an orange-haired guy for me?

Boba Fett: One in particular, or will any orange-haired guy do?

Grimmjow: Oh, there’s only the one!

8. Yoda and Ishida

Ishida: I wish people listened to me.

Yoda: Talk like this you should.

Yoda: Unable to resist tortured syntax people are.

Yoda: Great success with it I have.


Ishida: I’m not doing that.

9. R2-D2 and Rukia

R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]


R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]

Rukia: ..

R2-D2: [beeping and whistling]

Rukia: You….are a tiny round robot that cannot speak.


10. C-3PO and Soi Fon

C-3PO: Hello there! I am C-3PO! I am a protocol droid!

Soi Fon: I am a woman who hates robots.

Soi Fon: I suggest you scurry away. Before I blow you to robot heaven.


C-3PO: Yeah I’m gonna do that.

11. Obi Wan and Yamamoto

Yamamoto: So you died and then came back as a ghost, huh?

Obi Wan: Yup!

Yamamoto: How did that work out for you?

Obi Wan: Pretty well. Why?

Yamamoto: Well, I’m old and dead. And my successor realllly needs some guidance.

Yamamoto: Got any advice for a successful spirit intervention?

Obi Wan: Go with blue.

Obi Wan: Nobody can say no to a guy who glows blue.

Yamamoto: I should be writing this down.

12. Admiral Ackbar and Askin Nakk Le Vaar

Askin: Hello. Aren’t you an interesting looking fellow?

Askin: Why don’t you come into the shadows where we can talk more freely?



Ackbar: It’s a trap!

Askin: ….lucky guess.


“The fiercest serpent may be overcome by a swarm of ants.”

- Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, commander of the Imperial Japanese Navy Combined Fleet.

An advocate of naval air power, Admiral Yamamoto was against the construction of gigantic battleships, more specifically the Yamato-class, for he believed that no ships are unsinkable, not even the most heavily armoured of all battleships. He believed that naval air power would play a more decisive role in naval warfare than the big guns. It was a prophetic remark, as both ships of the Yamato-class were sunk by swarms of American carrier aircraft.

I fear all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.
—  Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, upon learning of the success of the attack on Pearl Harbor