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Happy N7 day!

Mass Effect means a lot of things to me. I rediscovered my passion for writing with it. I met some marvellous human beings thanks to this fandom. I keep discovering new things about how the rest of the fans see my favourite games. 

As I can’t say enough THANKS to Bioware for making the game, and for the good side of the fandom, the ones who keep it alive and kicking, bringing new art, fics, gifs, screenshots, videos, playlist… THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I wanted to write something for this special day, and this little fic popped in my brain ^^ is a bit sad but with a happy ending ;)

Sunlight bathed the yard on the Villa. The crowded space is filled to the brim with recruits, families and press. The first batch of the new N recruits is ready to graduate and get their new ranges, and Alliance wanted to make the party as big as possible.

Hackett has chosen the day wisely. Ten years ago, the war against the Reapers ended with the sacrifice of many, and he wanted to remember every single soul during that celebration.

The heavens seem to be in the mood to celebrate with them because as soon as the high-rank officers begin to climb the stairs of the atrium installed on one side of the yard, the clouds opened, bright sun shining over them. Hackett walks in front of them, walking with long strides until he reaches the dais, the white sheet covering the statue beside him catching his attention while the rest of the group moved behind him. The recruits had been in parade the full time, waiting for their superiors to talk. For the first time since its foundation, the Villa has been the home of the various races of the Milky Way. After the Reapers invasion and the combined efforts to repel them, they discovered that they are even more powerful together. The Citadel will never be again what it was, and after the role played by humanity in the salvation of the whole Galaxy, they have decided to establish the Command Center of the new Allied Federation. And of course, being Hackett who he was, he suggested unifying the special task forces of each race in a single unit. Strangely, they have accepted the idea, and four years after the cataclysm that destroyed the relays, the first group of recruits arrived at the Villa.

Kaidan’s voice distracts him from his thoughts, returning him to the present and the hundreds of eyes looking at him, expectant. “Admiral, whenever you want.”

With a nod, he steps behind the dais, connecting the speaker system. “Today, I stand in front of the best this galaxy has to offer. You are the best warriors, engineers, biotics and pilots. You were destined to be more than you were, and here you are, the first graduates of the N School of Special Units and Tactical Forces.” Some of the families congregated on the terraces around the yard exploded in cheering and claps for some seconds, but it ended as quickly as it has begun. “You will have the honour of wear the same insignia as the heroes of the war. You will write your name beside the ones who gave their lives to save all of us, to give us a future to live.” His hand reaches for the covered statue beside him, grabbing the sheet in his fist. “You will wear the insignia of the thousand soldiers who died during the Reaper war, on Earth, on Thessia, on Palaven, on Tuchanka—" His voice breaks a bit when he looks up, to the shining star over his heads that is the empty hulk of the Citadel. “You will wear proudly the same colours and rank than Major Coats, Admiral Anderson,  Commander Shepard.” Nothing but the sheet flapping in the wind breaks the silence. “You will join the ranks of the best of the best. Soldiers!” The full assembly stands in parade, saluting him, even the high-rank officers on his back and the retired soldiers among the families. With a hard pull of his arm, the sheet falls, uncovering a silver statue of the mighty Commander, no helmet on her head, long locks flying back in the wind. A reproduction of the Normandy at her back landing off, a sniper rifle leaning on her hip while she smiles to the crowd. Even Hackett, having been there when they designed, created and installed the statue, feels a clutch of pain and regret around his heart. Returning his attention to the crowd, he returns the salute. “You will wear her colours, her rank. Our Commander, Jane Erin Shepard, who was, in the words of a beloved friend, ‘bigger than life and much more than we deserved’. Soldiers, the time has come to show the universe that her greatness was not a singularity. Rise and shine, serve with honour, make her proud!”

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VGM » Favorite Videogame [1/?] Mass Effect Trilogy
“I learned playing Mass Effect that choices that are part of the consequences . I learned that love is born from anywhere, from everyone. I learned to respect differences, and love them. I learned to suffer the pain of loss and even to tell the story. I learned to control my depression, to love everybody around me and make the difference in my mind and my soul. Thank you for saving me, Mass Effect.”


It took me far too long to finally get this one up. Things have been busy here the last few days. As I said before this is an oldie, but its a goodie. I hope you all like it none the less and I’m sure I’ll have a newer project to show off soon.