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don’t think for a second that I’ll wait for anyone to choose me. i deserve more. i deserve consistency. i deserve to be courted, & taken out on dates. i deserve good-morning text messages & just checking up on you phone calls. i deserve a little bit of clingy & romance. i deserve patience & understanding. i deserve “I want you to meet my mom”, & it means something. i deserve someone who’s genuine, without games, without manipulation. i deserve to be more than your infatuation phase & just the pretty picture you admire on instagram, or the girl you’d just like to fuck. if your not here to offer me that then for fucks sake, leave me alone.

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The Asset (Finished)

Bucky’s past contains a lot of things to be guilty about, and one of the heaviest weights on his soul is his role in the death of a young girl during his days as the Winter Soldier. In the present day, he will come face to face with his past and a shot at possible redemption.

Prologue / Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven / Part Twelve / Part Thirteen / Part Fourteen

Astronomy in Reverse

College!AU Bucky Barnes. Bucky is a veteran who decided to go to school after finishing his service. He is studying Astronautics and wants to work for NASA after graduation. The reader has been through some rough things of her own, and the two find comfort in each other. The title comes from the song “Venus” by Sleeping at Last.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three


Bucky takes work at a bakery in Bucharest to make ends meet while he tries to pull himself together. It takes place between the events of The Winter Soldier and Civil War movies in the MCU.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four

зима  (Winter)

AU!Bucky Barnes. The Winter Soldier is a member of the Vesna, a splinter rebel group in the country where your family rules. The main rebel forces take drastic measures, and the Vesna task the Winter Soldier with protecting you from the rebellion.

Part One / Part Two / Part Three

Burn/It’s Quiet Uptown (Finished)

This two-part set takes place during WWII. It focuses on Bucky’s wife (the reader) and her life stateside while he is at war. The titles are from the “Hamilton” song titles that served as loose inspiration.

Burn / It’s Quiet Uptown

The Guardian

This series takes place after the events of Burn/It’s Quiet Uptown. Bucky is now the Winter Soldier, and the reader is still grieving the life they lost together. When they cross paths, the Winter Soldier’s programming begins breaking down.

Preview / Part One / Part Two

Birthday Cake

A one-shot story about a certain super soldier trying to surprise his girlfriend for her birthday. Note: This story is Steve Rogers x Reader instead of my usual Bucky Barnes x Reader. It was written as a gift to my friend.

Birthday Cake

In the past 4 days I went to the gym 4 times, ran 4 5Ks, ate 4 days of clean and healthy foods, and took this picture in which I fell in love with myself.
I don’t do any upper body work (yet) because of a shoulder injury that I’m recovering from, but I work hard on my legs. I’ve never had nice legs, they’ve always been oddly shaped. This is the first time I’ve ever taken a picture and admired them.
I’m clearly overweight still, but I’ve never felt this small. It’s the most insane feeling, but I’m finally starting to feel healthy. I AM healthy. For the first time in my life, I’m taking care of myself. I deserve that much.

Ummm this isn’t exactly coming out the way I wanted it to so calling it done and being done with it now.  ’^_^

(more Thrawn fanart)

The Jumper

Newt Scamander x reader 

Requested bythestrawberryblondehobbitbatch =  Newt x reader. Newt comes home to find his wife wearing his old hufflepuff jumper. That’s more like a dress on her. Sitting at her desk finishing of her sketch of frank.

Resume: After a long day of work Newt comes home to find you, his wife, wearing his Hufflepuff jumper. 

Warnings: None. 



Newt came back from the Ministry feeling exhausted of a long day, but he was back to the little apartment you both bought once you got married.

He sight as he closed the door and started taking of his scarf and jacket. While doing that he glanced up at your wedding picture that was framed up the wall.

Seeing the picture caused Newt’s heart to warm with the memories of the event that barely occur 2 months ago.

“I’m home” he yell while he still admire the moving picture. He realize then the apartment was too quiet, there was no sound at all as if it was empty.

He walked over the room to see if you were there but it was empty except for the magical case that was laying in the middle of the bed.

Newt smiled knowing you were probably inside and didn’t wasted a minute in opening the case and stepping inside.

Once in he could hear all the magical sounds of the creatures outside the little office.

Before he stepped out to greet the creatures and you, he gather some treats and put them in a basket and stepped out.

Almost immediately the mooncalves and other creatures hearing him and smelling the scent of the treats ran towards him. He smiled widely as he saw them running towards him.

“Mommy’s here!” he yell and pat them as they looked up at him waiting for their treats. He started to feed them and once the treats were done he started to look for you all around.

He turned and saw you sitting crossed leg, back turned to him in a rock drawing Frank who was peacefully laying in his comfortable nest.

Seeing you caused Newt’s heart to jump. He scanned you with his honey eyes and he noticed you were only wearing his old Hufflepuff jumper.

He started to walk near you quietly and once closed he wrapped his long arms around you and bury his face in your hair.

At the contact you smiled and left the sketch-book and pencil and surrounded your hands with his. You chuckle. “Well aren’t you sneaky Mr. Scamander” you said playfully. “Isn’t that jumper too big for you Mrs. Scamander?” he asked cheekily hiding a smile. You bite your lip fighting back a smile. “You’re back early” you said. He broke the embrace and sat by your side taking your hand with his. “I wanted to come home to you” he said and admire the way you were still sketching Frank. You smiled noticing he was looking down at the drawing with sparkly eyes. “You like it?” you asked waiting for approval. He nodded. “But I like more the way you look in that jumper” he said with a smirk and scan you once again with his eyes. You blushed madly but softly pushed Newt playfully. “Newton Fido Scamander” you said and chuckle. He smiled.

“Let me see the drawing” he said and you gladly handed him your sketch book. He admire every pencil detail. He started to pass the pages seeing the other sketches you had, some were the creatures, others were landscapes but mostly he found loads of sketches of him. You blushed softly as you saw him looking at those. He cracked a little smile. “Merlin” he whispered. “I wish I was as good looking as this drawings” he said seeing one of the sketches were he was drawn sleeping. You grabbed back the sketch book softly from his hands. “Believe me you are much better looking than this drawings” you said. He blushed and lead your hand to his mouth and kissed it. “My wife” he whispered. You touched his soft hair and stand. He look down at you seeing the jumper fit you like a short dress, and he was loving how it looked on you. He bite his lower lip and sight. “We are going to have to do something about this jumper cause it is driving me crazy” he confess not removing his eyes from your naked legs.  

You smiled cheekily seeing that you were causing a kind of weakness to him. You walked near him teasingly. He looked up at you and breath in and out. He smiled. “In fact, I think I want it back, take it off” he said standing. You chuckle. “No way! Now it’s mine!” I said getting away. “Take it off right now!” He yell and started to chase you as you ran away laughing.  


Request open you guys! I make every single one! 

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She’s gone. She’s not behind the quilt in the blanket fort or curled up in the back of his closet. She’s not curiously admiring the pictures on the mantle or slowly learning more and more words to describe her world. She’s not looking into his eyes as he brushes blush onto her cheeks or holding his hand like a lifeline. She’s not warm and safe and unafraid with soft new clothes to wear and endless boxes of Eggos to eat and all the loved ones she could ever ask for to call a family. She’s gone. She’s alone… But Mike isn’t going to stop. He replays the memories in his mind like a familiar film. He holds onto the gentleness of her voice and the defiance in her eyes and the courage in her very being. He keeps the oversized shirt from Benny’s that still smells faintly like the forest and the rain. He keeps the sweatshirt and sweatpants that still remind him of the softness in how she held his hand. He ritually bikes past Mirkwood every day by himself with some Eggos he snuck into his pocket, tissues, and sometimes warm clothes that he tucks into a deep divot in the roots of a tree, right where they find found her that rainy night. Even when they’re apart, he won’t give up hope. It’s the only thing keeping him from being utterly consumed by the darkness.

But Mike Wheeler would never know that those gestures of hope, a bright but waning flame in the void, were the only things keeping her alive, away from the jaws of darkness

Anna Dwight Weir Reading a Letter (c.1890). Julian Alden Weir (American, 1852-1919). Watercolor, gouache, black ink, and graphite on white wove paper. Met.

Weir painted this tender depiction of his wife, Anna, just before his full immersion in Impressionism. The precise handling of Anna’s head suggests the influence of 16th-century portraits by Hans Holbein, whom Weir admired. The picture-within a- picture device recalls works by Whistler, Degas, and Manet.


The way Tom is looking at Lance in the distance ❤


I was tagged by @garrulousgibberish (thanks Ran <3) to post my lock screen, home screen, last song I listened to, and a selfie; apparently it’s a new meme :D

Lock screen: this Stan O’ War moodboard because I love moodboards and this one is p much my aesthetic

Home screen: the beautiful piece I commissioned @peekabooitsmiko for a couple months ago, of the Stans walking in a winter forest! <3 I can’t stop admiring this picture and it makes me so happy every time I unlock the screen ;u;

Last song I listened to: TØP - Doubt

No selfie because I hate taking photos of myself -v-

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Day Eighteen

-A woman approached the counter with a three-pack of baby wipes in her hands. She proceeded to open the three pack in front of me, place the three individual packs on the conveyor belt, and hand me the packaging, telling me that it was for the three packs of wipes. I had gathered that much. What I still could not determine was her goal here.

-I asked a man if he had found everything alright, to which he bellowed, “yeaaaaaah buddy.” I genuinely admire his enthusiasm for picture frames and decorative pumpkins.

-Mid-conversation with a woman I was ringing up, I looked down. When I looked back up, she was gone. Thankfully she had just stepped away to get a drink from the cooler. I was worried that she had been a ghost all along, which would have been a problem for me, as I do not think ghosts have the ability to carry wallets.

-I handed a mother a second sticker for her daughter. The mother told the daughter, “You can give this one to your sister!” The daughter told the mother, “I can give this one to me!” and proceeded to slam it on her shirt before she could be stopped. This is a hero who knows what they want and will not let anything get in their way.

-I heard a little girl shouting, “I hate this! I hate this!” As I heard her approach, I expected to see a child mid-fit. Instead, I saw a child thrilled with the concept of despising the world around her. At least she is happy with it.

-A girl was ecstatic that her mother agreed to buy her Tic Tacs. To make her day even better, I handed her the Tic Tacs outside of a bag, with a sticker hidden under it. She shouted “Tic Tacs!” and looked as happy as she could possibly be. Thirty seconds later, she discovered the sticker, and started babbling gleefully about having a sticker. This was the single purest, most unadulterated happiness I have ever witnessed, and I think my purpose in life was to bring about this moment.

-My manager brought me a Cadbury Egg Frappuccino. I do not know to whom he sold his soul, but no mere mortal should be able to put anything they desire so perfectly into frappuccino form.

-I talked with a man about the legal drinking age and why it is what it is. This was a good conversation. He then told me how Hillary Clinton looked like a specific blow-up sex doll. This was a finished conversation. 

-This job is officially turning me into a coffee person. At first I was disgusted with myself, but now I see a whole new world of opportunities before me. After a single grande salted caramel mocha frappuccino, I found that I had the ability to run the entire store single-handedly, run a marathon, hack the NSA, and register to vote for a candidate who is not a white supremacist. The possibilities are endless now.

blumarvel  asked:

Steve cried every night after he saw the demogorgon because every time he shut his eyes he could see it. Eventually someone caught him but he played it off like he was fine. And he refuses to use a night light so he either cries himself to sleep or just doesn't sleep

(I’m going to add some fluff for good measure)

-He doesn’t think his nightmares are that big of a deal not when Nancy has to deal with nightmares of her best friend dying in that place and not when Jonathan almost lost his brother to that monster. So he deals. He falls asleep in class and his grades slip out from under him just like everything else in his life. He dozes off in the dark room while Nancy and Jonathan admire Jonathan’s new pictures that Jonathan took with the camera Steve gave him. Jonathan and Nancy try to bring it up to him a few times say they’re worried, he’s not acting like himself and would he please just tell them what’s wrong? And as much as he would love to tell them what’s wrong his problems are so inadequate compared to theirs that he can’t even seem to get the words out. So he laughs it off says he’s fine just a little tired and besides the bags under his eyes are Louis Vuitton. They don’t push it after that. So he continues his pattern of not sleeping and it’s working out just fine if you ask Steve. Then one day Nancy and Jonathan come over for a “study session” and with their body heat surrounding him and the soft hushed voices he can’t help but fall asleep. When he comes too they’re staring over him with pure looks of concern and Steve can feel himself choking up. We get nightmares too they say. Steve wants to say that they have every right to get nightmares. He doesn’t have an excuse he’s just weak. But he doesn’t for once in his life he just keeps his big mouth shut. He just stares at them with tears in his eyes and Nancy rubs his back and Jonathan cards his hands through his hair and he slowly starts to drift off again. They stay with him like that all night and his nightmares don’t stop but their presence helps him breathe through it.

Poor baby Steve