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Villains with a heart - Hook

there was a girl once in his dreams, and he thought he’d adore her
there were girls once in the oceans, and he thought he’d admire them
there was the sea in all its beauty and vastness, and he thought he’d venerate it
of course there was a monster in his story, a boy, not older as a teen who came and took the only thing that he treasured more than anything
the captain lost more than a hand that night
now he wastes his days in the darkness to find his freedom again


Pairing: Biker!Bucky x Reader

Warning(s): swearing, parental issues

Word Count: 2075

Author’s Note: let me know what you think!  the next few parts will be more interesting, i just have to build up a background of a few characters first!

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Drabble • Smut • Fic Oneshot

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Seawitchsun's Guide to Shell Collecting!

Looking for shells on the beach has always been one of my favorite things to do. Not only is it a way to improve your collection of tools (for those other sea witches out there!), but it is also a very relaxing and meditative activity- you may not even realize how many hours have gone by until the tide rolls in! Also, you get to spend time at the beach, which is always a plus.

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Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10 (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Okay, since our crappy internet connection isn’t cooperating (and I can’t make any gifsets) with me again, I’m just gonna dump all my fangirling feels here. I need a fucking outlet for all the feels this episode had given me. I’M NOT SORRY

Brace yourselves, because this is going to be one long-ass post full of my nonsensical nonsense.

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As linhas do mar, se tornam as coordenadas para se viajar. A chegada na praia desejada, é gratificante. Quando chegamos, só queremos checar a vista, de primeira mão. Ver como as ondas vão e onde elas nos levarão. 

Comentário de Camila Côrtes.

Fotografia de Cristóbal Gutiérrez.