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The Single Silver Fox & His Supernova || A Jim Kirk Fanfic

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My dad had been single for 20 years. 20 years is a long time to not have sex. Especially since he’s probably the most handsome man on the planet. 
My mom died when I was 3, and dad was 38. She was 31. 
Dad is now 58 with a head full of gray hair and a white beard when he lets it grow out. He’s turned down a countless number of dates all because of my mom. 
Which, surprises me because Dad tells the story of just moments before she took her last breath, she looked at him and said, “I want you to be happy. Find someone who treats Eva (me) well.” And he hasn’t. He has refused. He says no one will ever be able to compete, or even compare to my mom. 
He still has nightmares about her dying. 20 years later. 
I mean, I guess I would too if I had to watch the love of my life die the way my mother did. It was in the middle of an attack in Yorktown, the first attack on a Federation Base that the Klingons had made in the war that had began three years prior, and a large piece of metal had fallen from a building and literally split my mother in half. Dad watched as it fell on her; helpless from yards away. Attempting to move her out of the way would have been futile. He ran but he was too late. She remained alive for 5 minutes. Dr. McCoy said that if they moved the metal while she was still alive it would kill her instantly. Dad held mom as she took her last breaths. The last thing she said to him was “I love you.” 
I remember that day. I remember because she came in to say goodbye to me and she looked stunning in her gray battle outfit. Her hair was down, Dad liked it down. She was well rested and her skin was glowing, probably a by-product of a lot of sex the night before. (Dad’s drunk confessions aren’t always appropriate.) And she told me, “I’ll see you later, Sugar Plum. Mama loves you.” I can still smell her perfume.

I am 23, and I’m getting married in two weeks. And Dad is going alone. To my wedding. “I can’t, Eva. I just can’t. You know why and I’m not explaining it again.” he said, his hands in the air, as he went back and taped shut another box of my clothes.  
“Dad, it’s been twenty years! Mom would want you to be happy!”
“What do you know? About what your mother would want?” he snapped back. “You were three. You barely remember her.” 
My heart stung. I looked down at the floor before turning my back and resuming my task of taking every article of clothing I had off of the hangers. 
“I’m just saying, you always tell the story of how she said she wanted you to be happy–”
“I am happy, Eva. I’m happy to be alone. You only get one great love in life, and your mother was mine. And I’m happy to be alone with memories. I don’t need a subpar woman to share one of the happiest days of my life with.” 
“Okay.” I said, dropping the subject for the 93rd time. 

Tomorrow, my grandparents were hosting a wake and celebration of life for my mom. Kind of a Cajun tradition, I suppose. Crab boil, beer and zydeco music. Ancient music. Awful music. But, mom grew up on the Bayou. Everything we ate was spicy as a result. She wasn’t exactly bland either. 

My grandparents hoped that the wake would give dad more closure. They asked him to be there. And despite his strong desire to not go, he had accepted the invitation. 

The next day, we pulled into my grandparents estate, and the entire yard was filled with cars of every shape, size and color. Family had come from across Louisiana and beyond. This was family. Loud, crazy, annoying. 
“Eva! Where’s the beau?” my grandma asked, coming over to me. 
“He’s in New Delhi for work, Grandmere. I’m sorry he can’t make it.” I said as she kissed my cheek. 
“Oh, no big problem. Jim.” Dad’s face was solemn. Grandmere went up to him and hugged him. Grandmere looks the way Mama would have if she ever made it to 75. “Don’t look so grim, Cher. We’re here to celebrate her. Not mourn.” 
“Doesn’t matter. Doesn’t change the way I feel.” he said, looking down. 
“Cher, it’s been twenty years. It’s time.” 
“If you’re going to sit here and lecture me as to why I should move on from the greatest woman I knew then I’m going to leave.” he said, smiling at her, trying not to make a scene, but failing miserably. 
“That’s not what I–”
“I shouldn’t be here. Thank you for the invite.”
He turned around and walked back to the car. “I’ll call a car for you later.” he said, looking at me. 
“Dad…” I said, following after him. “You have to speak. Grandmere already arranged for it.”
He sighed, “Fine. I’ll stay, but only to speak. Then I’m leaving.” 

The party dragged on. And it was time for Dad to speak. “We’d like to invite Jim to come and speak, to give us something inspiring to meditate on.”

People clapped and Dad walked up there, straightening his sport coat. Everyone got quiet when they saw the look on his face. Broken. Still hurting. “A supernova is an astronomical event that occurs during the last stellar evolutionary stages of a massive star’s life, whose dramatic and catastrophic destruction is marked by one final titanic explosion. This causes the sudden appearance of a “new” bright star, before slowly fading from sight over several weeks or months, or in my case, years. I believe, you get one true, pure love in life.” he looked over at a picture of you they had on the table, taken when you were 19. You were smiling, your hair curled, and eyes shining. “And she was mine. She was brilliant, beautiful and full of life. And joy. Sweetheart, you were my Supernova. I will always love you.” 

With that, Dad walked off of the make-shift stage, tears in his eyes. I raced after him. “Eva, listen.” tears fell down his face. “I don’t want anyone else to make me happy, or to spend my time with, or whatever, because I had that with your mother. And she will always be enough for me. Please. Let me be the Starfleet’s  single silver fox. I enjoy it. I have you, and now Beau to love. And one day I’ll have grand babies. That’s my lot in life and I’m okay with that. Please. Let me honor your mother in this way.”

Tears sprang to my eyes. I nodded. “Okay, Daddy. Whatever you need.” 

He nodded, and pulled me into his chest. We haven’t talked about him dating since. 

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My love, 

I miss you more with each passing day. Eva is getting married and tuning into my feminine side to plan this wedding has been difficult, but worth it, because our baby girl is having the wedding of her dreams, like we did. I hope I’m doing an okay job by you, Sweetheart. I love you. I will always love you.


AOS Fic: and we are home

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My response to @goingknowherewastaken‘s birthday challenge. Happy 21st, Katie! <3

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk.

“Get in, loser,” Nyota smirks through the drivers’ side window.

Jim picks himself up off the dirty curbside, feeling every bit as dejected as he looks.

Ny reads it in his face. “What happened, Jim?” she asks as Jim slides into the passenger seat with a disappointed scowl. “I thought you had enough money not to let this happen to you.”

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On the day Leonard McCoy retires, he is more nervous than happy.  Jim watches him fondly from the audience of the official ceremony, Spock maintaining a dignified presence at Jim’s side like usual. The Surgeon General at the podium talks about all the great work Leonard has done throughout his career, from the saving of countless lives to the advances in medical theory accredited to him to the many doctors, staff, and scientists who as of that moment are lamenting Leonard’s retirement from their community. The man continues to detail how Leonard’s work will be the inspiration for generations to come, at which point Leonard can only bob his head along dumbly and pray he doesn’t embarrass himself completely when it is time to give his goodbye speech.  

At long last, the Surgeon General introduces Leonard and welcomes him to the podium to say a few words.  Leonard briefly ponders saying a simple “Thanks” but as he looks across the sea of faces (and the cameras of the stations televising the event across the galaxy, oh geez) he knows his heart wants to say a little more and so he does.  

“I could spend all day up here listing the folks I’m grateful to.  That’s what it means to be a part of Starfleet and our Federation… your accomplishments aren’t made alone.”  He pauses before going on.  “I’ll just tell y’all this: your potential to help others is best realized when you have someone to help you.  Without the support I had from staff, crewmates, colleagues and friends, I doubt you’d see half the list of achievements they put in that brochure for you to read.”  The crowd chuckles.  Leonard ducks his head a little and fixes his sparkling blue eyes on the men in the front row.  “I’ll just add too that it helps if you’re dating your ship’s captain and first officer at the time.”  Laughter now.  “On that score, I’d be remiss not to mention my two best reasons for being up here today and the very same reasons I need to retire these old bones - Admiral James T. Kirk and Cpt. S’chn T’gai Spock.  They swore up and down they weren’t going to embarrass me today but I made no such promise.  Give them a hand!”  He claps, to which he faintly hears Jim groaning, “Bones,” and Spock pretending that he isn’t dismayed by the sudden attention and cheering.

“I think you forgot to list my best accomplishment,” Leonard whispers not so quietly to the Surgeon General, basically for everyone to hear.  “Came right at the tail end of my career too: sweet-talking two of Starfleet’s most decorated officers into matrimony.”  As the Surgeon General looks confused, Jim sucks in a breath and Spock raises both of his eyebrows, Leonard stares down at his long-time partners and says, “One of you’s always reminding me there is no better time than the present… So what do you say?  Can we finally get hitched now that I’m a free man?”

Shouts of encouragement, catcalls, fierce clapping - all of it fades to the background as Leonard, smiling, watches Jim and Spock exchange a glance before standing up together, their acceptance though unspoken already plain to see.

It’s the Surgeon General who is shaking his head, but he - nor anyone else sitting on the stage - looks particularly surprised that a retirement ceremony for one could so easily turn into an engagement party for three.  After all Kirk, Spock, and McCoy have never played by anyone else’s rules but their own; but that too is why there has always been cause to celebrate the partnership of these three men.  

In the end, the man cannot help but join in, clapping for a union of the ages.

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Do you have any recommended TOS fics? Love your blog, btw!

Thanks nonnie!

Ok so for TOS I don’t have a lot but here are some:

Fulfilling the Needs of the One (Or the Both) by plaidshirtjimkirk

(TOS), rated t, 8740 words

Spock begins to wonder if his relationship with Jim has been one-sided in his own favor.

An old married Spirk fic written for the K/S Valentine Calendar. This story actually started and evolved from this anonymous writing prompt on tumblr: “Old Married Spirk where Jim teaches classes at Starfleet and Spock is an ambassador. Spock goes to visit Jim in his office and finds a student with a bit of a teacher kink being a bit too forward with Jim. Spock finds a streak of possessiveness he didn’t know he had.”

I follow her blog, she’s really into TOS and a really good writer so you should definately check out some of her other stuff too.

Waking by Cate Adams

(TOS), rated g, 721 words

Jim considers the events of the night before, waking to a new understanding of his relationship with his closest friend.

Gentlemen Alone by DeeGilles

(TOS), rated NC17, 32420 words

Spock, a married systems engineer from Vulcan, dutifully attended the VSA and married the woman his father arranged for him to marry.  Then one day his company sends him to San Francisco to help build galaxy-class heavy cruisers for Starfleet.  While there, he meets Starfleet’s galactic savior, fresh from the VGer crisis, Admiral James T Kirk, and Spock’s life is forever changed.

*sobs* so angsty but so worth it

A Millennium of Cadence by obsidienne

(TOS), rated e, 4111 words

When T'Pring rejects Spock, Jim chooses not to fight. 

God I miss this author, she kinda went away but she’s an amazing writer and I even used to follow her blog. 


plaidshirtjimkirk also runs a TOS fic rec blog, thyla-recs,

there is also the TOS tag here at thesesimplefeels.

How I think Jim introduces his husbands

I just gave it this thought and, this could totally happen:

Jim: This is my bondmate, S’Chn T’Gai Spock.

Spock: Greetings. *Gives the ta’al*

Jim: And this is my other husband, Doctor Leonard Horatio McCoy.  *Bones’s face turns red*

Bones: *Elbow jabs Jim* And this is OUR husband, James Tiberius SWATSON GRAYSON POTTER LEE REDSHIRT KIRK!

Spock: *Raises his right eyebrow in alarm*

Jim: !!!!! *Then makes heart  eyes at Bones with a beaming, proud smile* Of course it is.

Basically, Jim being Jim and accidentally saying McCoy’s middle name. XDD.  I figure Spock would play along with it including the natives if they were on a alien planet or a diplomat would jokingly just nod along and laugh. Or an admiral.

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James T. Kirk during academy!


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  • Probably flirts with EVERYONE he meets, who is available.
    • His flirting is often mistaken for being “too nice”, so he learns to differentiate his body language so people can tell he’s flirting with them.
    • Lookin’ for a good ol’ time.
    • Just likes the thrills of a relationship, whether long term or short term. Most of which happen to be short term. Likes the physicality of it too.
    • If you don’t think Bones is his wingman, then?
  • Figured out red is a good color on him, thanks to the uniform.
    • Hell, red looks good on everyone.
      • Falls asleep in his uniform a lot, whether in his dorm that he shares with Bones, or even in mess halls/public spaces.
    • He has a knack for falling asleep in strange places. Something he’s acquired from drinking socially.
  • Probably misses the quietness of Iowa.
    • Though he wouldn’t admit it outloud, the fact that Starfleet Academy is in a big city like San Francisco sort of throws him off sometimes.
      • Calls his mom every once and awhile to see how things are going. Usually on, or around his birthday.
  • Kirk opening up to Bones.
    • Having to explain that joining Starfleet was nothing more than a dare.
      • “Are you you just stupid, or?” Bones says. With love.
    • Telling him who his father was, and the struggle of how he feels obligated to live in his father’s footsteps because of it.
      • Probably cries when the opportunities arises to talk about this sort of stuff while drunk.
  • Actually rather invested in the classes and lectures, though.
    • Doesn’t like the rules, per-se, but deals with them head on if he does encounter them. This is something that doesn’t change.
    • Bones finds it interesting, because on multiple occasions, Kirk has gotten really excited about the criteria and gets into debates every so often with the professors. Kirk gets really into it though, and has been known to raise his voice when unneeded.
    • It’s funny.
  • Imagine Bones and Kirk trying to study, but Kirk is absolutely 100% infatuated with you from across the room. 
    • But the girl you’re studying with was someone he knew.
      • So Kirk simply asks Bones, “Who’s that girl with Adrina?”
      • “Oh, that’s (Name).”
        “I’ve never noticed her before.”
        “That’s a first, you not noticing a girl.”
  • Meeting you through a ‘mutual friend’ (A girl he used to sleep with).
    • Unfortunately, you’d heard things about him from other people. But, you still wanted to get to know him before you could verify the rumors you’d heard. (Mainly, that he was a womanizer, and usually had a new one every week).
  • Kirk being automatically infatuated with you. It starts off the same way as usual, meaning he just wants a bit of fun with you.
    • Turns out you’re actually in a few of his lectures/classes, how has he never noticed you before.
    • You’ve also been on the set of the Kobayashi Maru when he took it the past two times. He keeps a mental note to act extra macho in case you were there the next time he took the test.
  • Tries to get with you multiple times by using the excuse of “I don’t know what’s going on in this class, can you help me”.
    • You’ve seen his notes though.
    • Truth is he knows very well what’s going on in the glass he just really likes you.
    • But, you play hard to get, rubbing his shoulder softly and saying, “I know you understand. Try again.”
      • This gets him frustrated? No girl so far has been able to resist the Kirk Charm. Maybe it was wearing off.
      • Imagine him bitching to Bones about it like, “no one’s ever said no to me like that before.
        “That means you should give up”. Bones informs him.
        “I need to try harder.”
        “Maybe you don’t actually have charm, and you were just lucky before.”
  • Underneath that kinky, sexy facade, he’s a real romantic and does try very hard to be with you.
    • Even bought you flowers, after Bones suggested that.
      • They made you sneeze though so he threw them out.
    • “If i need to bet on my hands and knees for you to go out with me, I’d do it in a heartbeat”.
    • “I’m going to become a Captain one day, and I need a beautiful woman on my arm. Not as a trophy, but because well. You’re beautiful.”
    • The look of bemusement you give him is almost earth shattering, but he manages to laugh it off.
    • “Truth is, I haven’t thought about being with someone this long before, it’s sort of freaking me out. It’s like, you’re tied to my mind.”
      “Is that another corny pick up line?”
      “Not this time.” Kirk looked down at you through his baby blue eyes and sighed, slacking his shoulders forwards, “Damn, I guess Bones was right…”
      “About what?”
      “I don’t have any charm, and I was only getting by on pure luck…”
  • You eventually agreeing to go on a date with him.
    • Dinner, and then some drinks before he walked you back to your dorm. 
    • End of the night, probably one of the first nights where he ended things with a kiss, rather than sex. But, he liked it.
  • The two of you becoming an official thing, and Bones praising whatever god there was because now he didn’t need to hear Kirk gush about it anymore. But he did have to deal with the PDA you guys showed.
    • The two of you being absolutely supportive of one another while at the Academy. You, supporting him no matter what, because he always had this admirable feature of taking problems head on.
      • And Kirk. Oh my gosh. He absolutely adores you.
    • You help him with his classes, with papers that are due, with reading. Sometimes you read to him because it’s not his favorite thing. You make things understandable to him.
  • He just hopes he makes things understandable to you. He just hopes that you know how much he adores, admires and loves you.
Important OMS Thing

Jim and Spock are both those teachers that mention their spouse regularly, except they’re both famous, so they basically just name drop each other All.  The.  Ttime. The cadets intellectually know that they’re married, but  they are still awed by the casual way they talk about each other. 

”My husband wrote a paper on this last year, if you want more information.” “Excuse me, sir, but are you referring to Captain Spock? The Federation-wide renowned scientist? Author of the award-winning paper that completely revolutionized this field?”

 “Jim was saying the other day…” “Jim? As in Admiral James T. Kirk??? Are you serious? Can you get him to guest lecture?”