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BTS Reaction To You Dyeing Your Hair An Unnatural Color

Anon asked: BTS reactions to you dyeing your hair an unnatural color? -a pink haired Yoongi enthusiast  

Yes of course, thank you for the request~~ -Spice

Rap Monster:

He’d absolutely love it, no doubt about it. Styling and dyeing your hair was a form of self expression, and Namjoon loved nothing more than seeing you be yourself. Expect him to complement you to no end, while also taking your picture to set as his lockscreen.


Jin would probably be a little shocked at the sudden change. He’d miss your natural hair for sure, but he thought that you looked stunning with your new color, and wouldn’t hesitate to tell you so. Seokjin would also nag you about not dyeing your hair so much to prevent damage.


He wouldn’t even act like he had noticed the change in your hair color, but internally he was admiring how you looked. Ultimately your hair color didn’t mean much to Yoongi, because as long as you were happy he was happy too.


Hoseok would scream as soon as he saw your unusually colored hair, “Jagi, when did you do this?” His reaction may seem dramatic, but he was ecstatic about your hair. He’d spend the rest of the day complementing you and playing with your newly colored hair.


His eyes would bug out of his head when he saw your new hair color, and he would probably be speechless for a minute. When you asked what he thought about your new hair, Taehyung would smile brightly and tell you how gorgeous you looked. You dyeing it was a surprise for him, but a delightful one at that.


Jimin would smile as he took in the sight of you and your new hair, admiring how the color complemented your skin tone. He’d giggle as you got embarrassed with his staring and would assure you that you looked gorgeous with your new hair.


Jungkook would be a little shocked to see your hair a wildly different color, and would probably ask if it’s a wig. When you told him it was a real hair, he’d nod and smile at you and say that your new hair looked lovely, but he’d probably ask what brought on the sudden change. Jungkook really did like your hair, he was just surprised you did such a drastic change so suddenly.

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wow, ive practically kind of grew up with this comic? i started reading when i was 14 and now i'm 21! lol, but real talk i've admire how dedicated you've been to this comic, i really do.

Veronica: Holy cow that’s a long time!! I’m so happy you’re still here ;____; Thank you so much!!


Hey there love! Could you do an imagine where the reader and joe meet online (she’s American) and she flies out to meet him and just a bunch of fluff and happiness? I love your writing, and I could use something happy tbh 💕💕

Being a Youtuber was something you had enjoyed since day one, and even though you were still a small youtuber with just five hundred thousand subscribers you were still proud of yourself for reaching that goal, you loved to lay down on your bed and scroll down the comments of your videos.

In your latest video-which was a Q & A-someone had asked you which youtuber you wanted to collaborate in a video and without hesitating you answered Joe Sugg, you also admitted how much you admired his work and how funny you thought he was?

At the end of the video-and just for fun-you asked your subscribers to go and spam Joe on Twitter and tell him that you wanted to do a collab with him.

The day the video came out your phone was blowing up with tweets in which both you and Joe where tagged in you smiled to yourself thanking you had such support for all your followers, and three hours after people started spamming Joe you got a new notification that immediately caught your attention.

“Joe Sugg mentioned you in a tweet”

You clicked it as soon as it popped up in your screen

“Heard you wanted to collab @yourusername?”

It was then that you felt a huge wave of excitement cursing through your veins, you wanted to scream and jump all around the apartment, but instead you decided to smile like an idiot as your shaky fingertips typed a response.

“Maybe 😉 What proceeds now? 🤔”

It didn’t took long for him to reply

“I guess your phone number would be a good start 😏”

That’s how your relationship started, of course after Joe’s last reply people couldn’t help but comment “I ship this” or “I fully agree with this friendship” it made you chuckle inevitably.

After you exchanged numbers the texts were coming back and forth, FaceTime calls, comments and likes all around your social media but everyone had the same question.

When will you you two collab?

The thing was that you lived in Las Vegas while he was in London and trying to get your schedules to actually work out was definitely easier said than done, but you were glad you got to actually know him outside your screen so that when you actually collab it wouldn’t be awkward.

But it was one day, after 6 months of knowing this simple roof thatcher, that with time became a big influencer on YouTube around the world, you could actually know him in the flesh.

He said he would fly to Las Vegas instead of you coming to London since it was easier for the both of you-and also cheaper for him-. You also asked Joe if you could blog his arrival to Las Vegas, which he had absolutely no problem with.

So present day you grabbed your vlogging camera and its flexible tripod-that you twisted around your arm-as you turned it on, previously making sure it was perfectly settled.

“So hello to all of you watching me, today it’s going to be an exciting day because we’re picking Mr. Sugg himself from the airport, so let’s dive in today’s adventure” you chipped as you opened the front door of your car.

Pausing the recording you climbed up and took the camera to put it behind the wheel in the car tripod you had bought a month ago, after that you restarted the recording smiling widely at the camera as you put your seatbelt on.

“To the airport!"you exclaimed making a weird voice as you simultaneously started the car driving into the highway in direction to the airport "Now if I’m being honest I’m scared but also quite excited, is that even a thing?” You laughed nervously

Then the keyboard of your car ringed, you looked over and realized Joe was calling you. “Oh look it’s Joe!” You informed looking at the camera for a second before you quickly picked up the call. Hey Joe! Say hi to the vlog!“ You said cheerfully

"Hey guys!” He replied quiet happily making your smile grew wider “We just landed” he mentioned casually as you finally parked at the airport.

“Awesome! I’m just parking the car”
“See ya in a bit then?”
“You bet” you replied teasingly making him laugh, after you said goodbye since he had to pick up his luggage the call was ended.

Entering the place you continued talking to the camera nonchalantly making some jokes here and there walking to the room where he appeared shortly after “Oi! Here he comes!” You chipped focusing the camera on him, he was caring a medium length suitcase and a backpack also wearing his usual “nerd” glasses as you called them.

His eyes never left yours as he approached, until his arms wrapped around your body almost perfectly, your senses welcoming the scent of men cologne that his shirt reeked of, both of you hugging each other tighter not wanting that moment to end.

“Wow you’re quite more muscular than I imagined you would be” you teased taunting his biceps making him chuckle at your witty manners “Well so here’s what we’re gonna do, since you’re taller I’ll take your backpack and you’ll hold the camera.

He nodded as you exchanged your belongings, but he still took the suitcase with him "Now that I’m in the vlog it would sure go viral” he joked running his fingers through his hair, focusing the camera on the exact moment were you rolled your eyes at him.

“Haha” you laughed sarcastically as you headed over to the parking lot

The ride was nice, Joe used the aux cord and both of you sang some of the songs that were on his Spotify playlist, you over exaggerated the high notes and almost dropped the camera at some point but you knew it would be fun to watch for everyone at home.

Finally you arrived to the building in which you lived in, and as Joe pressed the elevator button after giving you back the camera, you took this as a chance to do something crazy, so you smiled at the lend placing your index finger on your lips in sign to keep quiet before you jumped on his back.

“Oh shit” he laughed slightly stumbling aside, luckily for the both of you he quickly regained his balance and placed his hands on your thighs to keep your legs on his waist, before he was sure you could hold them by yourself taking the suitcase again.

The doors of the elevator opened and he was quick to jump in and you took care of pressing the button of your floor, a few seconds passed and the doors opened again revealing a few people of different ages waiting for the elevator.

You didn’t actually care about the people watching you, since from the moment the doors opened you hollered “Giddy up, giddy up” in a horrible cowboy accent, the brunette boy complied your demands as he went up and down slightly, making the both of you laugh obnoxiously as you neighed down the hall

“I guess that’s all for today’s blog! Please like and subscribe and do all those amazing stuff only you know how to do.”

“Bye!” Both you and Joe said at unison before you finished recording.

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Any special types of brushes you use in paint tool sai?? I really admire how smooth all your stuff is and I'd love to "borrow" some of yr brushes

naw, i kinda just use standard pen for lines and use the airbrush! i barely fiddled with the settings on it so i’m pretty sure it isn’t all that interesting :s (thank you btw!)


“Idris is the Shadowhunter home country located between Germany and France. Wardings have been put up over all its borders so that if mundanes try to cross into it, they are instantly transported from one border to the next and therefore few mundanes know about it. Alicante is the only city—indeed, the only major settled area—in the country. Idris is, nonetheless, very beautiful country: low Alpine, stacked with sheaves of pine trees, among which meander countless rivulets and brooks. Angelic enchantment appears in each leaf, each river stone, each dwelling. The land stands presided over by the soaring figures of adamas that form the towers protecting its capital.”


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…


me @ those haters who’re trying to smear super junior members


Admiral Konstantine, deploy your fleet to these coordinates

We will join you shortly


A Solitary King… no longer?

Everyone knew that Furudate’s character development skills are unholy, but chapter 224 has honestly just slain me. Naturally, a lot of people expected Hinata to help Kageyama snap out of it again, but who would’ve thought it was going to happen in such a beautiful, stunning and meaningful way. He didn’t just help him get rid of the unwanted title — he actually made him accept it. Hinata showed him that it’s a part of Kageyama’s nature, one he shouldn’t just try to get rid of because others thought it was making him useless as a setter. Kageyama did leave it behind once, but it caught up to him in Miya’s words still, so this time Hinata took no chances: he managed to actually make Kageyama see his own value in a completely new light, and the fact that there was nothing wrong with disagreeing with his teammates as long as he kept his temper in check (and if he couldn’t, the rest of them would certainly point it out). 

Sure, Kageyama realized that he hasn’t been listening to his teammates after the harsh feedback from middle school, and he fixed it with Karasuno, but he also completely forgot that this communication should go both ways, and that it shouldn’t be just him adapting to the spikers. 

Hinata took something that’s been weighting Kageyama down for over a year, and he didn’t just throw it away for it to haunt Kageyama again later — he twisted this dark metaphor into something fresh and something good, something that would definitely help them all become stronger. And he did it with such sincere, and yet ridiculously simple words.

What makes Hinata such a good person isn’t just him seeing the good in people — it’s about making those people see it, and not even just see but also get accustomed to it and start using it to reach their goals. And while Kageyama is just one example, he sure is one of the toughest and brightest yet.