admiral controlled


Admiral Piett - Well, that didn’t go as expected…

A few random panels from the upcoming comic Damage Control! It is only the start of a very bad day for poor Piett.

I am hoping to make enough pages to start posting this unabashedly imperial-centric comic up soon, for sure it is a learning process but I am happy so far!


“Remember the part where I said I’m not allowed to have men in the apartment?!” she refreshed his memory at the sound of the land lady’s footsteps, “we need to hide, she’ll hear you apparate so that won’t work.”

Tina frantically looked around for a closet to shove him into or a window to push him out of when she spotted his suitcase and instantly felt like an idiot for not thinking of it first. She popped open the latches and grabbed his hand before jumping down in just as a key turned in the lock of the front door.

Power Loss

Lieutenant Ciena Ree and Admiral Firmus Piett

A little panel test for this comic! I should like to imagine that Ciena and Piett generally get along alright, as he is less brutal than many officers and she is both conscientious and quietly competent - which are qualities that he would probably greatly approve of.

Is this style of lettering readable and is the image size OK?

(( Pfft. I love my two grumpy boys.))

Gabriel Reyes:

-He definitely doesn’t take well to you taking charge.

-Especially since he can be a bit of a control freak.

-He tries his best for you since he likes making you happy.

-It doesn’t work very well.

-You both bicker back and forth endlessly then he reconsiders, he gives you permission to tie him down just so you’ll be quiet.

-He acts like he doesn’t enjoy it, but secretly does very much.

-Might consider letting you do it again, as like a present to you.

-Is mildly embarrassed over the whole thing.

Jack Morrison:

-Jack likes focusing all of his attention on your pleasure so he naturally dislikes the idea of you taking charge since he can’t do anything to help.

-It takes a lot of sweet talking, pretty pleases, and pouting to get him to agree.

-He squirms around a lot, and you genuinely admire the self control he has.

-You begin to feel sorry for him and let him take charge when you’re both close.

-He admits he likes it a bit more than he thought he would but he was willing to try again.

-He offers up different ideas like you both switching between being dominant and submissive.

-You’re overjoyed he’s willing to compromise and eventually you have nights where you’ll be completely dominant for round one. You’re grateful to have such an open-minded lover.


Lights, Camera, FUNK!!! When I was watching the Ashish Fall/Winter 2016 show for London Fashion Week; there is no secret as to why Ashish is one of London’s most lionized and loved designers. This collection reminded me of a late 60’s, early 70’s disco party…Ashish sent colors down the runway in more ways than just one! Lots of sequined looks, some fur here and there, and those WIGS!!!!!! This is one of my favorites from Ashish without a doubt! “This collection was actually inspired by a box of crayons I owned as a child” Ashish says. He also stated “Last season was kind of random; This season I wanted to be super structured, organized & controlled.” I admire everything Ashish Gupta & Anna Trevelyan have done as a team when they work together. Ashish is to London what Jeremy Scott is to the States and that’s why I love them both so much, they take risks that a lot of designers are scared to take, they are far from basic. P.S: one of my favorite looks from this collection was the Mustard colored jacket that read “Golden Shower” on the back, lol! Everything was great though!
Amazing show Mr. Gupta! *bows down* 🎨

Tenth Doctor Imagine

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You are standing at the door of the Tardis looking out at the landscape in front of you. On this planet called ‘Rtefyn’ the grass is a gorgeous shade of teal blue and the sky a bright violent. The field before you eyes is littered with white flowers in full bloom and a sparkling city of silver glitters out in the distance. 

You: Oh Doctor this is brilliant. Simply brilliant. Look at the colors… Oh just smell that air. 

The Doctor admires you from the control panels of the Tardis. He had picked you from your hometown a few weeks ago. You two had met during a small alien invasion and he admired your bravery and curiosity of what is beyond your own planet. He begged you to come with him especially after getting to know how unhappy you were with your current struggles. This was the first time he had actually seen you smile so brightly. The city of silver in the distance looked dull compared to the sparkle that was in your eye. The Doctor couldn’t help but smile. *gif*

Doctor: If you like it from this far away just wait until you’re in the city my dear (Y/N). Allons-y!!

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so, you like this, right? getting attention, getting love, admiration, been in control, see how farther would people go for you.

Dark took an inhale, like he was accepting a drug into his system, and his eyelids fluttered in a pleasured and ecstatic response to their statement.

“It is what I aiM for. It is the epitome of my efforts, to be admired as Mark is. To share in his glory.”

  • what they say: perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. this sweet child did nothing wrong
  • what I hear: this character is as bland as flour, super boring, but I won't get in trouble for publicly liking them like I would if they were a multifaceted character

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Hi! I love your blog!! I have a question... I came across the post where you were talking about the panel where Erwin opens up to Levi about everything, and I mean, I'm new to the SNK fandom on Tumblr, so I don't really know where everyone else is, so I'm sorry for bothering you, but my question is, how is Levi going to help Erwin? I mean, Levi can kick some major ass and that could get them to the basement. Is that what you mean? Helping him find those answers is what will help him?

Oh please! This is not a bother at all! In fact, I should be thanking you for allowing me to use this 540 pixel wide platform to gush about something I feel very strongly about. 

I believe you’re referring to this post where I make some conjecture about the series of panels that includes this:

I’m in the minority here, but it made me feel hopeful. We know Erwin has been carrying massive amounts of guilt on his shoulders. He feels responsible for the deaths of hundreds of soldiers and thinks he’s been lying to his friends about his motivations and objectives. When he reflected on that, it was Levi’s face he saw.

So here is Erwin opening up to Levi about some of this. Just think -  this is Erwin’s deep dark secret. This is what keeps him lying awake at night. And if he’s sharing even a fraction of this with Levi, if he’s coming clean about even a portion of it, it’s a wonderful thing. Talking about our problems with a friend is often the first step in healing. 

What’s more, for all this fandom talks about Levi being awkward and terrible at conversation, he’s actually quite talented. Levi has been known to give one hell of a pep talk. And at this moment, Erwin could use one. That’s the sort of help Erwin needs. That’s the sort of help Levi can provide.

Levi has dealt brilliantly with Hange, Armin and Jean when they had personal crisis. He’s also amazing at quickly and accurately reading situations (Dimo Reeves for instance). Levi and Erwin have been friends for more than five years. There is no way Levi is unaware that Erwin is struggling emotionally with something. There’s no way Levi won’t do everything he can to help.

So yes, I’m happy about this. Like I said, it’s all conjecture at this point, but I’m hoping when the raws drop and we see what comes next, Erwin is getting the encouragement he needs to move forward.

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Recently I saw an MCU post on your blog, and just out of curiosity, how do you think the members of the HTTYD gang would interact with the avengers?

See also this post on Hiccup and Tony Stark interacting.

Oh my goodness, YES, I love this! Since there are so many dragon riders and Avengers (even if we limit it just to the MCU thus far), I cannot talk about how everyone would get along in the web of interactions. Still, I can chat a little how I imagine it might work out!

Fishlegs and Bruce Banner would get along very well. Bruce is a fairly reserved and quiet individual, a bit more introverted than a number of the other Avengers. He has an admirable amount of self-control, and when he is not the Hulk, he is a peaceful sort of fellow in social interactions. Additionally, Banner is a scientist and very well-studied. All these traits combined mean he would make a great pal for Fishlegs, who is also a bit of an introverted, quiet soul with a love of knowledge.

Peter Parker would get along well with Hiccup but drive Snotlout crazy. Hiccup and Peter would find a lot of areas to relate to. They have both struggled with missing parents and early deaths of family members (Uncle Ben and Stoick). They have both been teased and treated as outcasts during their early teenaged years. They are both incredibly intelligent, inventive young men with a great idealistic desire to help others and make the world a better place. Hiccup and Peter would get along very well. The more I think about it, the more I love the relationship.

However, Peter, with his quips, would quickly drive Snotlout crazy. When Snotlout would protest back, it would likely start a battle of sass and sarcasm… one Snotlout would lose every time. Only making him more grouchy around Spider-man. Furthermore, Peter’s accomplishments might make Snotlout feel a little uncomfortable and jealous around him, such as we see Snotlout get a bit jealous of Hiccup in Riders of Berk times.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut would prank Vision, Thor, and Steve way too much. The twins would notice the potential of pranking all three of these individuals. Though Vision is incredibly wise and thoughtful, he also has lacked many basic human experiences, meaning the twins could quickly trick him to doing something unusual. Thor, having lived in an entirely different Realm, would be pretty oblivious, too, and be a good target for the Thorstons. Last, Steve, especially when he is still trying to get up-to-date on the modern world, would be particularly vulnerable to pranks.

I feel like all three of the Avengers would suffer through the pranks decently well. I think Thor would be the most chill about it and Steve probably the first one to tell them to stop.

Steve would have to intervene before the twins annoy Bruce Banner too much. Because the twins would have fun, because they like destruction and chaos. But that wouldn’t be a good idea to incite Bruce, because destruction and chaos.

All the Viking dragon riders would feel a little awkward around Thor. Because, well, he is literally their god that they have worshiped and talked about their entire lives. Snotlout looks especially sheepish when he finds himself swearing in Thor’s name around said god’s appearance.

Tony Stark would not be able to stand Tuffnut. Iron Man would have no patience for Tuffnut’s constant yammerings, especially since most of what Tuffnut says sounds like nonsense. Tony, as someone who likes results and intelligent conversation, would constantly want Tuffnut shut up.

Snotlout would try to flirt with Black Widow. And he would get rejected in the blink of an eye.

Astrid and Natasha would have respect for one another. Both of these women use quick, effective, sometimes acrobatic fighting moves. They do, however, have their differences, meaning that I imagine Astrid would ask Natasha if they can spar together and have the Black Widow teach her a few things. Natasha would be pretty chill with it and show a few basic tricks, and be impressed with how quickly Astrid catches on.

Astrid and Scarlet Witch would also get along very well. Unlike Astrid and Natasha, I imagine that Astrid-Wanda times are largely casual hangouts and conversations. They would enjoy having some chill downtime together.

The twins have a double-twin hangout. Ruffnut and Tuffnut have hoards of fun being unfettered in their obnoxiousness. Pietro and Wanda regret the idea about five minutes into the event.

Sam Wilson would be chillest around Astrid and Rhodey would be chillest around Hiccup. While Hawkeye, dear, dear Hawkeye, would be completely equally cool with every one of the dragon riders.


Who ever decided to do this one a close up you’re grounded! It’s gorgeous in its desperation. Imagining her breath, and her longing to have just one kiss but he doesn’t let her. Because Marcus doesn’t wish for Abby to suffer more pain then if he allowed it, also he knows in order to show an example he can’t break and I believe he wanted to kiss her as well but men and their insistent need to protect and love their women when their life is on the line is a pesky thing. ;) I have to admire his self control, it’s one thing about his old self that’s not a bad thing to be honest. Abby is a bit more impulsive, Marcus is more the type to plan and then make his move. Gotta love that their voices have been getting softer, rather whispery with each other. 💗


Martin Freeman in conversation with Mark Lawson.

What turned out to be a very good interview, which Martin really seemed to enjoy, certainly got off to a bad start with this first question.  What is it that compels so many interviewers to talk about Benedict with Martin before they’ve even properly talked about Martin with Martin?  As a nonnie said to me, his self-control was admirable.  I think, given the occasion, Martin was unable to sarcastically refer to ‘that motherfucker’s shadow’, though this fan would have silently cheered if he had.