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  • Maria: Nat how do you want your coffee?
  • Natasha: as dark as my soul
  • Maria: *hands her a cup of warm milk*
  • Natasha: *struggles to push back tears*

If it’s on a pole then it is art

An interesting discussion with @white-rainbowff about French architectural art ended up with my first Star Wars Rebels post here… and it’s an inside joke no one will understand ahah !

I’m still drawing Kylux and Techienician but it’s nice to look at other pairings from time to time ~ I Hope you won’t mind ! 

sometimes i feel good about myself and am legitimately proud of the amount of weight i’ve lost so far and can admire the small physical changes but then i see one (1)  person thinner than me and its just like nope im disgusting time to go inside and not come out till ive lost weight ha ha ha i dont want to be fucking seen


LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Doi Kazumi (Munakata Reisi’s actor)


charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞

The turning point

I’ve talked before about how Diana changed her opinion about Akko in episode 13, during the Samhain Festival. Before that moment both Akko & Diana more or less just begrudgingly admired eachother.

However, while Diana changed her view of Akko that evening, Akko hadn’t had the chance to change her opinion of Diana yet. Until the episodes 19/20.

Even in episode 19, Akko still believes that Diana is the condescending ‘Miss Perfect, No Problems Witch’.  For Akko, any kindness from Diana is met with a suspicion of condescension. ‘How can this perfect, aristocratic witch possibly understand or genuinely care about me, a failing no-name witch?’ Akko cares a lot about Diana (even though she wouldn’t have admitted it to Diana or herself) but doesn’t expect that Diana cares about her.

However, we know they truly care a lot about eachother.

In this episode, they take turns saving eachother, caring more about the other than the consequences of their actions. Akko disregards the risk of the calamity for disturbing the ritual, while Diana abandons the ritual to nurse Akko.

Throughout both episode 19 and 20, Akko learns more about Diana. The more she learns, the more her prior view of Diana crumbles.

Diana’s childhood was far from perfect. Both her parents died while she still was just a young kid. She was sickly, and was at a point where she could have lost the ability to use magic at all. Her current profiency of magic all came from hard work and arduous practice.

Even Diana’s pride of her heritage is far less snobby than Akko probably assumed. Diana didn’t want to become the head of house Cavendish for the title itself, she wanted to preserve the legacy of her ancestors while continuing in their footsteps. And yet, Diana abondoned the possibility to earn the title only to save Akko.

Basically all assumptions Akko had about Diana turned out to not be true.

After learning about Diana’s hardships and the legacy of House Cavendish, Akko finally reaches her turning point. Just as Diana had changed her opinion about Akko, Akko now realizes that her inner view of Diana was wrong.

Akko is moved to tears when she hears Diana’s dream of carrying her House’s legacy. Akko does a complete U-turn of trying to stop Diana completing the ritual. She now instead fully supports Diana’s heartfelt dream. Akko can finally see what qualities they share: both of them are hard-working dreamers that strive to make the world a better place. This is more important than their differences, more than heritage, magical skill and personalities.

Due to Akko & Diana finally mutually bonding with eachother, the fifth word gets unlocked. I don’t know if they realized that it was necessary for them to grow closer to unlock the word, and that Akko couldn’t have done it herself. But with them finally understanding eachother, they now have a solid ground for them to work on their shared dream.

And I know one thing for certain, I truly want to see more of the unseen world they now have opened. Because from what we can see from Akko and Diana coming closer, it feels truly magical!

They say my lip gloss is popping
My lip gloss is cool

Thrawn on his way to steal your man. Lmao…a lil pick me up for my @white-rainbowff from her latest chapter for Who Dares, Wins

1D- Larry- Do they watch and cry like us

Okay I was watching some old clips and got emotional because, like others, I miss them doing weird stuff and just being normal in public.

I don’t wanna talk about their relationship, if they were together or they are or not but I wanna sit and admire their friendship that they used to have.

I feels so bad about the changed scenario and sometimes I think do they even watch and feel bad about how things changed.

Do they even cry over those memories…..


Just being boys…………….

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Just Teasing each each other…………

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Having fun online….. just simply being themselves…..

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Just being weird with each other………….

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Just teaching stuff to each other……………

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Passing time together………..

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Just messing with each other…….. 

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Just dancing weirdly together………….

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Just walking around placing hands around each other………….

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Just resting on shoulders…………

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Helping when they need each other…….

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Fun during photo-shoots……

Weird interviews……….

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Making each other laugh……

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Proud to have each other on stage………..

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Having private talk whenever they need……………….

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Admiring each other…………

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Hugging each other whenever they need………..

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and their fav.. just staring at each other……

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But now for the last 2-3 years… things have changed…

Admiring each other from distance…….

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Is it how the used to behave around each other………..?

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Standing cautiously next to each other……….

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Can not even touch accidentally……….

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I wonder how much they die inside when they do that………………..

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Showing no concern towards each others presence………………

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Just watching other one having fun with others……

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Can not laugh on each others jokes……………….

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Where is the excitement???

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Can not have fun with each others but with all…….

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Hugging in public like in decades……….

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I don’t know them personally but one can see the beautiful bond they shared in the starting years. 

They could have been more close to each other.

They could have enjoyed those years more because we know how much they enjoyed being around each other.

I don’t wanna type any reason to say why they behaved like this… like strangers…. 

If I will ever get a chance to ask them one question, I will simply ask

“Do they even watch these videos and moments and cry….?”

but we witnessed most beautiful friendship of our time. But we also witnessed most hurting days of their lives.

In love with their love

(I started with some original gifs and moments but that post accidentally got deleted. So I made this shorter version of my original post…. 

The older one was more deep but depressing….)


Headcanon - Draco Malfoy

Request: "Hi could u write a headcanon for Draco x metamorphmagus!reader?“

gifs are not mine.

  • You two being totally different in character, that being the main cause of your attraction towards each other
  • “Can you turn into a snake??”
    “No, blimey!”
  • Him teasing you and whenever he goes too far your hair turns a color that of a fire
  • “Why is you hair pink? Are you… horny??”
  • Whenever he tries to tickle you, you strike back with animal claws
  • “What about a hippogriff? Or a dragon?? We could fly away, you know.”
  • Him always questioning what it feels like to change parts of yourself
  • You playfully hitting him whenever he jokes about the possibility of your breasts and bum being enlargened
  • Throwing kinky remarks regarding your ability to transform
  • Him weaving his fingers through your hair and admiring its changing colors
  • “Do a rainbow again, would you?”
  • You being satisfied with yourself because you can always impress him
The Pleasure Collection | 1. The Art of Seduction

Genre: Smut (kind of sub!yoongi)

Word Count: 6k

Summary: You finally see Yoongi after his six years of service in the navy and he’s so much more attractive than you remember. Now that you’re grown, you’re determined to make him yours.

A/N: For the sake of the story, some things have been excused (Yoongi probably wouldn’t have longish white hair in the navy, and in this story he’s not an officer because I wanted him to still be fairly young). Enjoy :)

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Everything is ready. The food is cooked, the decorations are hung, the Min family is over, and the guests of honor are on their way from the airport.

Everything is in place, but you are undeniably nervous.

You haven’t seen your brother in what feels like forever. Jaesun and his lifelong friend Min Yoongi have spent the last few years serving in the navy. The last time you had seen either of them was nearly six years ago. You are excited to see Jaesun, but you still feel awfully anxious.

And you know there’s only one reason why.

“Oh, I think I see the car!” Your mom grasps your hand a little tighter, looking down the street.

Following her gaze, you see your father’s blue car making its way down the hill to your parents’ house. “That’s them!” You turn to the Mins. “That’s them! Right there!”

Mrs. Min smiles, tears already welling up in her eyes. “I can’t believe it,” she mutters.

It seems like another eternity before the car finally pulls in front of the house. Jaesun climbs out first, a bright smile stretching across his face in contrast to his composed nature. The moment you see him, all of your anxiety fades to the background.

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Sweet Tooth

Requested: Something with a tragic but hopeful ending
Draco Malfoy x Reader
Word Count: 1029


Draco doesn’t chase her, the first time that she runs.

With his fists clenched in his pockets and a secret stuck between his teeth. April showers encroaching at a greyed sky and the all the things that he’s never said - all the things that he has - like talons caught in the ribbons of his lungs.

Because the tides have changed and tectonic plates are crashing beneath their feet, the world having condensed itself into screams thick in the air of the Hogwarts corridors, blood staining the rug in the Malfoy’s sitting room and a word, a word, a word that’s a perennially permanent in the notches of Draco’s conscience as it is on Hermione Granger’s arm.

Because the world has devolved into a dangerous, tricky thing.

And Draco has never really been brave, no, is better at courage when there’s a safety net below him and an easy target to aim at. He’s never been bold or brash and he’s watching her run, now, is feeling the impact of her feet against his ribs because she’s leaving and he’s not following and -

He’d always known that it would end this way.

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the fist of the institute

Of all the institute’s weapons, the greatest is terror. Terror of the unknown, of the creatures that steal human faces, of the shadows that hunt people in the night and vanish by daybreak, leaving behind only scorch marks and corpses.

What did they do at University Point to merit such annihilation? No one knows. University Point is silent, and the corpses give no answers. Only the crows know what the settlers saw. 

Coursers, the Institute calls them. A thing made to run. (The Institute is in the business of turning people into things- see how they turn murder into ticking a name off on a list?)

Coursers, these synths call themselves. They bear their title with pride. The other synths are not trusted to obey, to leave the Institute or carry weapons. Only the coursers are special, only the coursers have been chosen. That is what the needle tells them, and who are they to disobey?

(A secret, one held tightly even within the ranks of that very elite: the coursers are not unaware that they could flee. They know. But this is what it means to be a courser, more than murder or weapons or black leather: a courser is devoted.

It is devotion which sends them out into the ruined world, and devotion that calls them back.)


X6-88′s memory is impeccable, photographic. He has seen the file with all the data the Institute finds relevant about him; he knows his test scores, his missions, the day he was created, the day he is due to be destroyed. The Institute prefers to keep their weapons freshly made.

(It worries him, sometimes, that distant future. He is not supposed to think. But sometimes, when the endless rounds have grown too repetitive, his control slips. He begins to worry- for the scientists, who know so little about the wasteland, and for the survivor, who knows too much. Who will keep order when he is gone? Who else is willing to give as much as he is? No one.)


X6 kills a man. Then he kills the next one. He chases desperate raiders, fights deathclaws, retrieves runaways. He takes the shortest path through the boston ruins, leaping easily from building to building. Pain, gravity, time; all these things are irrelevant. Day blurs into night, mission into mission, one long breathless run into the next. The world is his playground, and he is required to do only that which he loves best: to run.

He finishes the last steps of the dance, as he has a thousand times before, and returns to the Institute, where Dr. Ayo is waiting to give him his next assignment.

“Davielle Lemaire, the sole survivor of Vault 111, mother of the Director. Accompany her on her travels.” 


Davielle is not afraid of X6, but X6 learns to be afraid of her. The brotherhood, the railroad, the gunners, the Institute; sooner or later everyone dies or pledges allegiance to the new director. X6 watches and worries. This is not the Institute he fought for. (He is not the courser he once was. There is something like terror in his heart. Everything he has fought to preserve is changing.)


The new director has many titles: survivor, empress, agent, general. It seems as if she has taught the whole world to bow at her approach. Even an incursion to the minutemen stronghold does not provoke violence. Instead, the wastelanders step away. They remove their hats. They watch respectfully as she advances, Curie and X6 standing at her side.

“The one in black,” someone whispers. “What is it?”

“A courser,” one whispers back. “The fist of the Institute.” A shudder runs through the crowd. Some go pale. Some begin to edge away. Some do not believe. X6 continues his slow advance, waiting on the signal from the director. The guards are watching him, just as he is watching them. They know where the violence will begin.

A man in a brown hat approaches the group.

“Preston,” the director says. “X6, this is Preston, my surface liason. Preston, this is X6, my courser. I think it’s time we stopped hiding from each other.”

Preston holds out his hand. Curie whispers instructions to X6.

“Let go of your weapon,” she says.  “Open your fingers. Shake his hand.” It would take nothing more than a twitch of his hand to turn this whole gathering into violence, X6 knows. The men in the audience are brimming with fear. He has killed a hundred such men, and could easily kill a hundred more. A single shot would end the director’s unwise project and restore the Institute to it’s former course. But he does not shoot.

(It is not in X6’s nature, to turn from a difficult course because he is afraid.)

X6 lifts his hand from the holster of his weapon and shakes Preston’s hand.

the woman with healing in her pocket, first of the minutemen

i thought we were both stars lost in space who happened to find each other somewhere along the milky way. but the truth is, only one of us was a star; you, my love, were the sun. and i was the moon – always admiring you from afar, changing myself to be better for you, desperately longing to be near you… you once illuminated my night sky but now i’m just hidden by the shadow of your eclipse as you bring light to someone new, and it suddenly makes sense why they call it the dark side of the moon. why the moon is so cold. i once believed that love could conquer all, but the sun and the moon were always destined to be on opposite ends of the universe.
—  star-crossed lovers
(cc, 2017)

anonymous asked:

Top 10 reasons for your illicit shipping of Todoroki and Izuku from BNHA?

Oh… I really don’t like the “justify” part… mostly ‘cause I’m not that good at putting things into words, I just hope it pass into my art haha (and honestly I don’t care if people like something just by the aesthetic sooo *shrugs*)

but I’ll make an effort! ❀ - [under the cut for possible spoilers]

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Welcome to a new weekly-ish feature in which we spotlight a talented author in the Han/Leia fandom. Please message us if you are interested in taking part (everyone that would like to be featured will have their turn) and we will let you know what we need from you :)

Our first author is @hanorganaas. Thank you for sharing your stories. We will definitely be re-reading these!

The Legendary Heroine Verse:

A Brand New Hope: In a Retelling of A New Hope with Leia as the Chosen One, Leia Skywalker, who grew up on Tatooine, finds herself thrust into adulthood when on the night her arranged marriage to Han Solo is finalized, she embarks on a mission to save the Galaxy and embrace her birthright. (Rated T)

Revenge of the Empire [In Progress]: In a Retelling of the Empire Strikes Back, Leia Skywalker Solo balances love and Destiny as she is trained by the great Jedi Master Yoda. (Rated M)

Side Stories that go with the LHV (Rated G)

One Shots:

If I Stayed: Explores the idea if Han made it back at the end of ESB and he comes to decision if he wants to stay with Leia. (Rated T)

Underneath the Stars: Han and Leia make love for the first time on Endor. (Rated M)

Nothing Ever Changes: Han admires Leia’s body as they make love for the first time in years. (Rated M)

Witnessing Incredible Things: Pure fluff with Han and Leia cuddling. (Rated G)

Lazy Little Morning: Han and Leia sleep in. (Rated T)

A normal day life.

Summary: The Winter Soldier, at the orders of Hydra, is sent to Russia on a mission: killing a political character. With no emotion, and intent on ending his job quickly, The Winter Soldier immediately leaves for Russia. But if he met someone on his way?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (as The Winter Soldier) x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff, mention of sex. all of them

Word Count: 2K (approximately)

Bucky Barnes was a respectable man in the forties. A beautiful person, both personally and physically; any girl encountered his journey, she craved for Bucky. A fantastic friendship, his only and best friend, Steve Rogers would do anything for him, and Bucky would do anything for Steve. Bucky was a soldier, and had managed to rise in rank, becoming a respectable Sergeant; all the people who knew him admired him. Everything changed that day on the train; his friend Steve Rogers, by now become Captain America, had formed a team of formidable soldiers to fight against Red Skull, the leader of Hydra.
And Bucky hadn’t thought twice about helping his friend. And then he was a soldier; it was his duty to protect his homeland. But either Bucky or Steve could imagine that all that day would change: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes would give their life to save their country, and only after seventy years the world would find out that none of them had actually died.
But while Steve Rogers slept in the ice of the north pole, Bucky Barnes was awake; but he was no longer Bucky Barnes. The Hydra, after finding him dying, and without an arm, had taken him ‘under his wing’, shaping him in their own image and likeness. Instead of his arm, Hydra had implanted a new arm, completely metal. Then, they started with brainwashing; Bucky Barnes’s memory wavered more and more until Bucky Barnes no longer knew who he was. The Winter Soldier was born.

The Winter Soldier is on a Hydra plane, traveling to Russia and his next target. The organization for which he had worked had awakened him from hibernation only a few days before; that was how it worked with Hydra. They used the Winter Soldier to their liking, and finally they hibernated, as long as they didn’t need him again. The Winter Soldier didn’t have a ‘normal’ life; he didn’t even know what to live, as he did only two things: killing and sleeping. Sitting in a chair, around him a machinery that he knew now as his pockets, the Soldier thought for a second what was out there in the world, and what had led him to join Hydra.
And why did he have a metal arm? An accident? Or something else. He didn’t remember; Hydra was brainwashed to him, so that he didn’t remember anything about his previous life. And sometimes the Soldier wondered if they did it for his good, or for their own.
For them, no doubt, he thought instinctively the Soldier. If they did it for his own good, they wouldn’t suffer him so much to every brainwashing; and then why was it so important? What they wanted him to forget so important?
“We’ve almost arrived.”
The Soldier looks up at the man in front of him; he has to command at this time.
“Now I tell you what you need to do Soldier. You and me we’ll infiltrate a gala evening, and when I will tell you, what will you do?”
“I’ll kill my target,” the Soldier says, without hesitation.

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