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charmed appreciation week | day 1 ⇒ favourite character: phoebe halliwell

↳ ❝ i am light. i am one too strong to fight. return to dark where shadows dwell. you cannot have this halliwell. go away and leave my sight, and take with you this endless night. ❞

In regards to people feeling like they’ve been mislead with Damen in terms of him loving Laurent for his snark/edge:

Generally speaking, I get what you’re saying. Throughout the books we have all these scenes of Damen admiring Laurent for being a sharp badass, and now seeing him gush over how sweet he is makes you feel like it invalidates all those scenes and the idea we’ve created of him because of it, but hear me out here. Laurent obviously has a lot of components- ruthless and tender only being two of them. The whole point of The Summer Palace is for us to see them as we hadn’t seen them in the books (because of their circumstances.) In terms of getting to know them as a couple better, we don’t necessarily need to see Damen admiring Laurent’s edge because we already saw that. Now instead of seeing the same thing again, something we’ve already seen before, we’re simply seeing another side of Laurent that Damen loves. This doesn’t change or invalidate the way we perceived his love for Laurent/the idea we’ve had of what it is that he loves about him, it just adds onto it. Its not taking away something that we already knew, its showing that its much more extensive than what we thought we knew. 


Headcanon - Draco Malfoy

Request: "Hi could u write a headcanon for Draco x metamorphmagus!reader?“

gifs are not mine.

  • You two being totally different in character, that being the main cause of your attraction towards each other
  • “Can you turn into a snake??”
    “No, blimey!”
  • Him teasing you and whenever he goes too far your hair turns a color that of a fire
  • “Why is you hair pink? Are you… horny??”
  • Whenever he tries to tickle you, you strike back with animal claws
  • “What about a hippogriff? Or a dragon?? We could fly away, you know.”
  • Him always questioning what it feels like to change parts of yourself
  • You playfully hitting him whenever he jokes about the possibility of your breasts and bum being enlargened
  • Throwing kinky remarks regarding your ability to transform
  • Him weaving his fingers through your hair and admiring its changing colors
  • “Do a rainbow again, would you?”
  • You being satisfied with yourself because you can always impress him

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does the fact that gaston would be the hero if he were to be in any other movie keep you up at night like it does me? i mean, he's a skilled fighter & hunter, is loved by the town, sees a potential threat to the town & goes to eliminate it -- even if he's a bit blinded by rejection from belle, but still. babyboy is a paragon & deserves a chance at redemption or at least more of a look into his character

i think about it every day, anon. every day.

Few thoughts after fight end

  • Bakugou not satisfied with own winning. He thinks he is weak. So why did Deku lose having All Might’s power?
  • The problem is Bakugou hates to be weak. Or even he afraid of weakness.
  • First Bakugou’s intention is to crash. First Deku’s intention is to help.
  • Subconsciously he saw in Deku the strength he desires. (here i may be wrong)
  • Kacchan is stil an amazing, inspiring person to Deku. He is the greatest hero to Deku.
  • It was important to Bakugou to hear words of admiration from Deku. 
  • They change each other. 
  • Secret is safe. Connection between Deku and Bakugou is stronger. 

  • gf: I just want you to be you.
  • me: ???? who the fuck is that???

Based of this anon request:  Can I get a John Winchester imagine? The reader has to go undercover in a revealing outfit & John gets overprotective? Smut?

John x reader

Words: 2402

Warnings: age difference, smut, language, anger, unprotected sex (warp it up!)

Shout-out to the lovely @mrswhozeewhatsis for betaing this!

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You couldn’t remember the last time you’d gone shopping for something other than rock salt, ammo or whiskey. It was definitely a nice change from the hunter routine. You admired yourself in the changing room mirror; short, tight dress hugging your body in all the right places, leaving little to the imagination. John had sent you to the nearest town to get an outfit for the night’s hunt after you’d realized you wouldn’t be the best vampire bait in your jeans and flannels, half of which you’d stolen from one or another of the three Winchesters. Happy with your selection, you changed back into your usual clothes, paid up and raced back to the motel where the Winchesters were waiting for you.

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It took her saying it for me to realize: people admire those who change them. Like a child whose life is saved by a doctor, admiring doctors and wanting to be one. Like a boy bewitched by beautiful skills longing to be an assassin…just like i admired that teacher of ours. (S2x20)


Stop the guys who broke in here. Right now.
- Why should I?

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Top 10 reasons for your illicit shipping of Todoroki and Izuku from BNHA?

Oh… I really don’t like the “justify” part… mostly ‘cause I’m not that good at putting things into words, I just hope it pass into my art haha (and honestly I don’t care if people like something just by the aesthetic sooo *shrugs*)

but I’ll make an effort! ❀ - [under the cut for possible spoilers]

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Idk if you're still doing the name aesthetic thing but would you mind making one for my name: Patrïecia? (Ik it's weird and complicated, sorry)

patrïecia (your name isn’t weird!! i love it ^.^)

getting covered in mud & not caring, an unbreakable bond of friendship, the sound of leaves rustling in the wind, hot cocoa


rose gold, a natural aura of confidence when one walks into a room, the feeling of putting on a warm jacket in the cold, the smell of strawberries


pop rocks on one’s tongue, an overwhelming joy that defies description, flowers lined up in a neat row, the taste of fresh food


racing a friend and not caring who wins, admiring the changing shapes of the moon, late nights spent talking and thinking


a nerd, probably


strength, cliffs hanging over a beach & the accompanying smell of saltwater, stretching out one’s shoulders after sitting still for a while

You know what really grinds my gears?

All of these people saying that Kara is being too “harsh” with Mon-El or that she is treating him “unfairly” can fuck right off. Like whatever, go ahead and ship your misogynistic ship, but insulting Kara’s actions?! Saying that her reasons for cutting off the relationship were unjustified?! That’s crossing the line for me. She is upholding her (imo very important) values and putting her integrity first. Some people seem to think that her relationship with some dude should cause her to change her admirable beliefs. To me that’s plan old bullshit. Maybe I’m coming from a subjective angle considering Kara/Supergirl/Melissa Benoist serves as an integral role model for me. Nevertheless, I am aware that she has by no means always made the right decision, but the one thing she has never done, is be too hard on Mon-El. If anything it’s the opposite and I really hope they don’t get back together because how many damn chances does one bro get?


Pride was honoured to work with the great people that made up his team. He’s gotten close to all of them, but you most of all. It’s not as if you were exceptional; in fact, you were young and inexperienced and looked up Pride with respect. And something just clicked; you two bonded.

But as time goes on, the feelings of respect and admiration and friendship changed for Pride. And it felt strange; strange enough for him to start denying it. You were a good friend, and that was it.

But, as most secrets do, something forced it out. You had almost died, and it actually scared Pride. To know you would have been gone without knowing how he really felt. So he visited your hospital room, bringing flowers with him. Your favourite flowers. “Y/N, I have to, uh, confess somethin’.” He muttered out.

You tilted your head, and Pride felt the same frustrating surge of affection. “What is it? Is something wrong?” You asked him.

Pride smirked and shook his head. “Just the opposite, ‘m afraid.” He responded. Damn, he hasn’t done something like this in years. “I, um, my feelin’s are- how I see you as my co-worker and as my friend isn’t how it used to be-“ He stuttered, which frustrated him, so Pride kept his eyes planted on the wall.

But you were smiling. “Dwayne, I understand.” You stated, and when he glanced to you in surprise, you shrugged and looked away. It was your turn to be bashful. “I’ve been starting to feel the same way…”

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have I mentioned how much I love shidge shippers???

like despite the discourse and the antis and hate, ya’ll keep on creating and consuming which is really admirable, shipping has changed a lot from when I entered and I feel it has gotten really bad in spots as well and much better in others and idk, I’m just really proud for the people who have chosen to stay, not to shame those who have left, for any reason really

just shidge week was really great guys and I’ll appreciate the effort from everyone to participated and those of you liked and reblogged posts  

that’s all I wanted to say (๑꒪▿꒪)*