[iQiyi Interview] Interviewer asked Yixing about Luhan’s birthday. Yixing replied with “Ah... Lu-ge... Yeah I know he is going to celebrate his birthday soon. When it’s his birthday, I hope he will be happy on his birthday and his career will go smoothly as well. I remember when I was a trainee, Lu-ge took care of me really well. Brothers forever.”

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Exo’s reaction to Chanyeol having a short girlfriend

*I’m going to do this as if you were his girlfriend and they’re speaking to you

Xiumin: *politely introduces himself then looks at the other members wondering if anyone else notices the height difference*

Luhan: *to Chanyeol* aww she’s so cute! Isn’t she a little on the short side though? 

Kris: hello down there *laughing at his own joke* sorry, it’s nice to finally meet you y/n

Suho: Ok Chanyeol said she was short but I never imagined this… 

Lay: You’re so tiny and adorable, I want to put you in my pocket… Wait, did I say that out loud?

Baekhyun: *sees you and Chanyeol walk over holding hands and bursts out laughing* I can’t help it, you just look so funny together

Chen: *treats you very nicely because he feels bad that everyone else makes fun of you but he secretly thinks you’d be better suited to him. He backs off when he catches Chanyeol glaring at him*

Chanyeol: Please don’t be offended, Jagi. They don’t mean to make fun of you, I think they’re just jealous that I found someone as cute as you

D.O: Finally, someone shorter than I am

Tao: *disinterested*

Kai: *thinks it is the cutest thing he’s ever seen*

Sehun: *looks down at you and gives you his prettiest smile* you ask him what he’s thinking but he won’t tell you… You hear him whisper something to Chanyeol about being the perfect height for… What?

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June 13, 1937: War Admiral, a sound sleeper when the stakes were high, on the morning of his Triple Crown-clinching win at the Belmont Stakes. “War Admiral, winner of all his starts this year, including the Kentucky Derby and Preakness, is fit and ready and is sure to rule an odds-on favorite,” reported The Times. Despite an injury on his back right heel, War Admiral beat his father’s track record at Belmont by a fifth of a second. Photo: The New York Times