“Dans leurs bonjours, il y a des cactus
 Dans leurs cactus, il y a des cactus!”

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You'd be wrong if that's your guess, I'm not wwindbound We've never spoken, I simply decided to partake in the strange ask game.

Hm. Alright, then. I’ll accept that, though you’l havwe to forgivwe my prevwious suspicions. He’s quite the mischievwous little fellowv, and alcohol and sparrin is howv vwe spend a good portion of our time together. You can see vwhy I vwas quick to make an assumption.

im pretty sure that when keith and lance met for the first time at the garrison, lance dropped something and keith picked it up for him. “thank you, dude.” lance says and then smiles. keith is taken aback by how cute this guy is, he tries to say “you’re welcome” and “no problem” at the same time and it comes out as “your problem”. he’s horrified…… never to be seen again…. that’s the reason this rivalry started….


ONE ANON ASKED ME: does koshiro learn japanese/korean AND ANOTHER ANON ASKED ME: can we have more sheith family au AND I DELIVERED. T TAKE!!! IT !!!!!! [LAYS DOWN]