Our current admins are:

one-intp-girl (June) as the INTP admin

hugfromtheheart (Valerie) as the ISTJ admin

wrath-of-matticus (Matt) as the ISFP admin

isfjwallflower (Rachel) as the ISFJ admin

intuitive-intj (Anastasia) as the INTJ admin

milo-is-my-high (Andrea) as the ISTP admin

-starrynight (Ellie) as the INFJ admin

suguyathealpaca (Cierra) as the ENTJ admin

myers-briggs-junkie (Sarah) as the ESFP admin

myersandbriggs (Ray) as the ENFJ admin

the-mbti-crew (Ari) as the ESFJ admin

thanksmrnarwhale (Anne) as the ENFP admin

soapbubblesareforever (Leah) as the INFP admin

shireenchen (Shireen) as the ENTP admin

We are waiting on a response from ESTP and ESTJ. If you are not one of these types and interested in co-running this blog, shoot us an ask. First come first serve!