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Ask before you pet someone's dog!

So, as every follower of this blog knows that I have a dog named, Bucky. And he’s a sweetheart, often reminds me and my friends of actual Bucky Barnes with his emotions and mannerisms.

And he’s also adorable. So, I completely understand why people want to pet him or touch him, and just coddle him. I get it. But my dog suffers with anxiety when outside! He stays beside me, literally walking under my feet because he hates crowds and loud noises. He’s skittish outside, but I got to walk him because he’s a dog and needs exercise. I love waking him, don’t get me wrong, some of my best moments with Bucky is outside at his favourite places. I just don’t like that people, strangers, feel like they have some kind of authority to touch my dog… without my permission!

I get it. I’m young, and people think they exceed some kind of authority over me anyway. But he’s my dog, I know him and I’d just prefer if people asked to touch my dog before they do it. A simple, “hey can I pet him?- is he okay to pet?”. Instead people, I don’t even know, come up and just pet him.

He’s a small dog, I feel like that’s another tipping point. He’s small so he can’t hurt me, a lap dog. I’m not saying Bucky is vicious or will bite, he isn’t like that but put into a position, a situation where HE feels like he can’t get out of; well, I can’t say he won’t bite. He wouldn’t but he’s a dog, if he feels threatened or scared, his reaction, basic reaction is fight or flight. And honestly, most of the time it’s a quick walk around my neighbourhood with him, he doesn’t get let off the lead because he usually doesn’t even want to leave my side anyway.

I’m writing this rant because some woman, who o don’t even know, decided it was a good idea to come up behind me… didn’t make herself known to me at all… and pet my dog. Bucky was sat beside my leg, I was busy reading the menu to the smoothie stand near my house. And she scared my Bucky so much that he yelped (he’s a dog where if he doesn’t like something, he’ll let you know about it!). Instantly I knelt down, noting the woman, who was laughing as if it was funny. I picked him up, only Bucky was scared and just in panic mode that he didn’t recognise me at first, he scratched up my arm and chest, plus neck. I am so sore but I’m not even worried about me.

The woman then said “Oh what a little whiner!” And I like to think I’m a nice person, I don’t like conflict and I rarely let people know they’re idiots directly. But my inner protectiveness came out and I said something I really shouldn’t have and walked off, didn’t even get my smoothie btw, I just walked off not caring that I had hurt the woman’s feelings because my dog was curled in my arms, whimpering! Bucky was whimpering.

I know the woman meant no harm, I really do. But this happens a lot, more than it should. And this is just me, a simple dog owner of a loving, beautiful dog that gets anxious in the outside world.

Please, please ask before you pet someone’s dog!

If she asked, I would have picked Bucky up and made him as comfortable as he could for a simple pet. Once he gets a little familiar, he’s okay. Like any small dog, they’re anxious of *new* people in the outside world. They aren’t in their home, where they’re comfortable and safe. So, please, take a second and ask if it’s okay. You’ll be making my dog, millions of other dogs, plus the owner who loves them dearly a lot less anxious when walking. Thank you. - Rosalee

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do you have any high school au ideas?

• Character A and Character B are partners working on a school project together. They have a dating history, but broke up years ago. However, spending so much time together outside of school is causing them to realize how much they miss being with the other.

• Character A gets dragged to the informational meeting for their high school musical/play by their best friend, Character B. They find out that the play/musical is based off of their favorite show/book/movie, so they decide to audition. Character A has to battle their horrible stage fright the entire time.

• “Once again, no, I won’t give you my homework. Just because you’re kind of attractive doesn’t mean that I have to let you walk all over me, now go do your own work like you’re supposed to” AU

• Character A and Character B fight over who is the better teacher’s pet in every class they share, which is every class. All their classmates are either extremely annoyed by this or they root for one or the other, there is no in between.

• “Whoa, hey, get your own coffee dude I need the caffeine just as much as anyone else” AU

• Character A is having an extremely stressful night, trying to write an essay, finish a project, and complete several worksheets, while also packing for a trip they’re going on for the next three days. Character B comes over to help them get everything done in time before Character A breaks down and has a panic attack.

• “I don’t think you understand how important Tumblr is to me I can’t get through high school without it” AU

• Characters A, B, C, and D have a study jam at Character A’s house. They have mountains of textbooks, notes, papers, pencils, pens, higlighters, and various foods and drinks strewn about A’s room. By the end of it all, they goof off more than they study. 

• “Can someone kill me please? Preferably before exams start in a week” AU

Smut Pet Peeves #463

Lack of consent and/or safe practices

Trigger Warning: Brief mention of rape 

I was but a wee young thing when I first discovered smut, maybe 10 or 11, Quizilla was at the height of its popularity, and Naruto and Inuyasha were life. A lot of my formative information about sex came from fanfiction. I’d wager that this is even more true today for Gen Z and the Alpha Generation because they are born internet natives. 

So, it really bothers me when smut depicts non-consensual sex. Consent is always sexy people, always. A good, long conversation about consent and what is and is not acceptable in the bedroom can even be used as a sexy lead-up to the actual smut. This is especially true when writing anything that is a potentially dangerous kink (Shibari, temperature play, bondage, whipping, flogging, choking, etc). Also, a scene without consent that includes a lot of rough sex can come off as rape rather than the hot sex scene a writer is going for. This can be triggering to people who are rape survivors. It is better to err on the side of caution and write consent, or, include a trigger warning if a rape scene is a necessary component for character motivation or plot.

In the same vein are writers who portray the characters jumping into bed with each other with no thoughts of protection, possibilities of pregnancy, or STD contraction. If the character is supposed to get pregnant off a drunken one night stand fine, but please include a PSA or something about safe sex. Sex education (at least in the US) is really terrible in a lot of places, and I would argue that the internet community has a responsibility to portray sex in a safe and consensual manner. 

Writers, please portray safe and consensual sex.

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and now a side to this pet human thing no one saw coming. optimus being a human-lover, like he's shown in ALL REINCARNATIONS, what if he had a sorta-pet human

time to get Nasty part 3

Optimus Prime (Transformers: Prime)

No one noticed the shift in yours and Optimus’s relationship, at first. It was so subtle- even you hadn’t really noticed until recently.

The leader had taken it upon himself to be your guardian, since the others had their own human (aside from Ratchet, who was too busy at base to do it). Thinking back, you realized he always was a bit more defensive of you. He obviously cared and protected the other three but, for the most part, you were the first he went for, if he could.

You don’t know how he did it, as well, but he would come up with gifts for you. He’d, uncharacteristically, avoid the questions you’d ask about the gifts. You decided to just accept them without question- you never got any answers anyway, so what was the point in asking?

One day, you had joked about getting an Autobot symbol tattooed on your body. Optimus, obviously, listed the dangers. Although… there was a certain look in his optics- one that showed how excited he was about the idea. After putting on the leader show for the group, he took you to a private area and asked you if you really wanted it. You never gave him a clear answer- you’re still thinking about it, to be honest.

Everyone else would get a little confused, whenever you two were closer than usual. It became a habit of Optimus’s to run thumb over your hair and back when he was in thought, whenever he was holding you. You were in his hands more often than not, as well. He almost didn’t want to let you down, sometimes.

You don’t quite know what Optimus /truly/ thinks of you. Does he care about you as a charge? A friend? Lover? Pet? You don’t like to think about it, too much. The idea of him only seeing you as something to protect and dote on doesn’t sit well with you.

So, you go along with it. You let him idly pet your hair, and happily sit in his hand with something to keep you occupied. Maybe one day, you’ll learn the truth. You just hope you’re happy with what you learn.

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Who's responsible for giving the twins their baths? Also, do they have a favorite bath toy?

Stan: Its usually me since Ford works at night to make time for the kids during the day.

Stan: Also, bubbles. Mabel refuses to have a bath without bubbles and, well, Mason doesn’t like the bath so he hasn’t had time to pick a favorite toy

By the Ocean AU

Character A is on the beach, watching the sun rise as the morning fog is slowly burned away. Everything is calm and serene…until Character A is bowled over by a dog that’s slipped off of its leash. Seconds later, a very flustered and apologetic Character B helps Character A to their feet, while attempting to keep their dog from jumping back on Character A.

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Obligatory "What if Soundwave got a pet human" because I'm trash.

time to get Nasty

Soundwave (Transformers: Prime)

The capture was quick. You barely had time to register that you were being picked up, before you thrust through the swirling green tunnel. The long, thin finger curled around you kept you suspended in the air. You turned to look at your giant captor. He was sleek, and silent. A faceless mask stared back at you- at least, you think it did. The head was turned in your direction, but who knows where it was looking?

You screamed at him- often. The screaming switched between angry, empty threats, and fearful pleas to be released. The faceless creature- “Soundwave”, as called by others- simply let you screech. He sat on the other side of the room, letting you wear yourself out.

When you’d finally tire, throat too sore to scream, he’d walk over and pick you up. He let you thrash in his hold. Once you wore yourself out, again, he’d continue what he was doing. Too raw to speak, too sore to move, he’d simply watch you.

His thumbs would move over you, as if trying to pet you. Was he calming you, or satisfying his own curiosity? You don’t know. It confused you.

What you do know? He was… so gentle with you. He never left a single bruise, or a cut- which was miraculous, considering his sharp digits. The process was always the same. He’d tire you out completely, then proceed to treat you so carefully- as if you were made of glass.

It almost seemed loving, and it disgusted the other Decepticons. You could tell what Soundwave was really trying to convey, though.

Even though he was gentle, there was a quality to the touches he’d give you, while you were too tired to move. The very air around him would change, and some kind of energy would surge from him that made your skin tingle uncomfortably.

Dominance. Possessiveness.

The cycle repeats. He stares. He antagonizes. You screech. You struggle. He soothes. He controls.

You don’t know how much longer you could keep the cycle going.

Domesticated Dragons AU

Character A is taking their minature, domesticated dragon for a walk through the park, when Character A’s dragon becomes fixated on an object – the fallen leaves, acorns, pretty pebbles – and refuses to budge until they’ve found the most perfect object to add to their hoard.

While waiting for their dragon to finish up, Character A sits down on the same bench as Character B, who is also waiting on their dragon, and the two of them strike up a conversation about owning dragons – the hassle of cleaning up after them, the dangers of owning a firebreathing dragon, trying to clean up their hoard once it starts to smell, etc.

Bot-rinarian AU

In a world where animalian pets do not exist (classics such as dogs, cats, fish, etc.), people have begun to care for an innumerable number of plants. The plants become more and more animated due to an inordinate amount of human contact to the point where they evolve to fill their role as the “house pet.”

Character A is a doctor of these plants that can now feel pain, so when Character B enters their office holding a moaning pot of myrtle, they can’t help but ask questions.