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Under The Tree

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1609

Genre: Fluff

The early morning sky was cloudy and grey, filled with foggy gloom and drizzling droplets of ice cold rainwater. You rubbed your eyes again, unable to even believe that it was possible to be awake at such an hour. But, as you turned to look next to you, you saw that Minghao was completely unaffected. The smile on his face was brighter and bigger than any other you’d seen him wear.

His eagerness rubbed off on you a bit, slouching down in the backseat of the cab, you tried your best to relax too. Minghao looked to be at ease, yet he sat on the edge of his seat, clearly also brimming with anticipation.

“Are you excited?” You asked, already having known the answer.

“Of course,” He replied, “It’s my first time going back in so long.”

You chuckled at his cute hopefulness, “Well, I’m glad I get to go with you. I get a free tour guide.”

The both of you chuckled, before the atmosphere became quiet again. Along with the fact that both of you were too tired to function, things in general with Minghao had gotten rather awkward. Maybe it was simply because of the massive crush you had brewing on your best friend, but you couldn’t help but get nervous whenever you were alone with him. And considering that was quite often, you worried that he might pick up on your feelings, which wouldn’t have been a bad thing if you’d known whether or not he liked you back. And you didn’t.

So for the time being, you were stuck in a very high-stakes game of push and pull, one that Minghao might not have even noticed he was a part of.

All he knew, or that he needed to know, was that YouTube was funding vacations for some of its content creators, and you were among the lucky few. It hadn’t been long since you started your career on YouTube, but the fans were as supportive as you could ever dream. But even more than the fame, fortune, or fans, you were thankful to YouTube because it allowed you to meet Minghao. He was the first YouTuber you ever collabed with, and before the camera even turned on, the both of you just felt something click. Ever since, you’ve been best friends.

And so it just felt right to bring Minghao along with you as your plus one. You didn’t really have any destinations in mind anyway, so you thought why not help Minghao go back to his hometown in China?

“Wow, (Y/N),” He began, snatching you out from your thoughts, “Everything about this is so perfect. I mean, except for the fact that I’m awake at 4am right now. But, since you’re taking me to Liaoning, I’ll forgive you.”

“Oh, you’re forgiving me? I didn’t know the evil I committed was so great.” You joked.

“Well, you know I need my beauty sleep. You should try getting some too… You look like you need it more than I do.”

As the both of you started getting your usual playful spirits back, the rest of the cab ride to the airport was filled with giggles. Then, the both of you finally arrived at the airport, hastily went through security, and got on the plane smoothly.

The plane ride wasn’t supposed to be very long, but that didn’t stop you or Minghao from completely knocking out in your seats. In your unconsciousness, you definitely felt something against your temple, but you chose to ignore it and sleep on. What you didn’t realize, was that this strange sensation was actually Minghao’s shoulder under your head. Your head had totally fallen over as you slept, landing onto Minghao’s shoulder.

The feeling of the weight on his shoulder was enough to stir him out of his sleep, and the adorable look on your sleeping face was enough to make him quietly squeal. Minghao tried not to squirm too much, in efforts to preserve the moment hopefully forever, but more realistically until the plane landed.

Suddenly, the was some turbulence, which caused you to wake up as well. Minghao sighed, something you mistook for a sigh of relief.

“Sorry.” You said gingerly.

Minghao blushed, “It’s fine. You look cute when you sleep anyway.”

These words leaving his lips came as an icy shock to you, but as the plane was about to land, you didn’t have much more time to think about it.

After clearing customs, the first order of business was to check into the hotel, which the old and bitter-looking manager told you was impossible to do before 3pm.

“Hmm, so we have 4 hours to kill,” Said Minghao, “Oh! I know something we can do.”

He then proceeded to ask the hotel manager if it was alright to leave your suitcases behind the counter until you could check in. The man reluctantly obliged, and Minghao began dragging you to his undisclosed location.

“Where are you taking me?” You asked with a chuckle, as Minghao led you down the streets of his hometown, pulling you with a light grip on your hand.

“It’s a very special place, and it’s close by.” He explained.

The two of you continued on walking quickly through the crowds of people, until finally, you reached what seemed to be a park. There was a beat-up, old jungle gym and some park benches near an algae-filled pond. It was relatively empty, which was odd considering the sheer amount of people in the city. But, the atmosphere was nice, so you didn’t mind it.

The afternoon sky was bright blue with freckles of white clouds. Minghao gestured to a shady spot beneath a weeping willow tree, motioning for you to sit as he did so too.

“What is this place?” You asked.

“This place used to be a playground. That abandoned building we passed was my old kindergarten, and this is where the kids used to play. I had a lot of good memories here. I learned how to ride a bike, I made new friends, I even had my first kiss here.”

“You did?”

“Yeah, right under this tree.”

The both of you became silent. You wondered if Minghao telling you the story of him having his first kiss under the tree meant anything. After all, he had also called you cute on the plane. What could this mean? Did he like you back?

You fidgeted with your fingers, still thinking about what to do and how to go about the situation. Everything about being with Minghao, from talking with him to learning about his past, felt right to you. You felt more comfortable with him than you ever had with anyone else. It felt like the right time to let him know, and where else would be a more appropriate place to have your first kiss with him than the place he had his first kiss?

You became noticeably still, sneaking the occasional glance at Minghao’s handsome face. He noticed that you stopped rustling and turned his head to face you. The both of you sat directly next to each other, your thighs brushing up against one another’s and your backs against the trunk of the tree. You took one last look into Minghao’s eyes, before leaning in.

“(Y/N)!” Minghao startled you.

“I’m a little cold, maybe we should go inside somewhere.” He suggested, not even acknowledging the fact that you’d just tried to kiss him.

He helped you up from the ground and sped away from the playground hastily, though not being awkward around you. He led you out of the park by your wrist again, as if nothing had even happened.

As you walked down the sidewalks you felt your cheeks perpetually burning. You’d basically just been outright rejected, though Minghao refused to even address the fact that he’d rejected you. You felt beyond embarrassed, but still you couldn’t bear to run away from Minghao. You wanted to feel as comfortable as you just did moments ago, although that wouldn’t be achieved easily.

As soon as the two of you got back to what seemed to be downtown, Minghao took a sharp turn into the first building he saw. It was a quaint, little cafe. The lights were dim and the walls a medium brown to match the coffee. He led you to a booth in the back corner of the cafe, plopping himself down on the same side as you.

“Now what is this place?” You asked, thinking the cafe would be of similar importance to the playground.

You were quickly cut off by Minghao’s lips on yours, kissing you sweetly yet quickly. He pulled away after a short while to look back at your rosy red blush that extended even to your ears.


“I like you too, (Y/N).”

He paused his thoughts for a second to allow you your reaction. Your surprised smile and airy chuckle of disbelief spread a grin across his face.

“I’m sorry I kind of ruined the moment at the playground, but I didn’t want you to get the idea that our first kiss should happen at the same place as my first kiss that I had in elementary school. I just couldn’t kiss you there because… I want to make all new memories with you. You’re way too special to waste a single moment on.”

Touched by his confession, you wrapped your arms around Minghao’s shoulders to pull him in for a brief yet meaningful hug.

“So,” He started as he pulled away, “How would you like to film a China vlog with your boyfriend?”

-Written by Admin Cali

August 2nd - Mobile Masterlist

** - New scenarios

Ft. My shitty descriptions and names  ;)



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**Date! Seventeen

The Missing Piece (Jihoon Au) - Admin Chae

  • Summary: You are an art major in college and you’ve always gotten along well with others and worked as hard as you could which rewarded you with a streak of Straight A’s. Jihoon is by far the best music major in the school, which unfortunately you attended with him. You spent your years without ever running into him, but what happens when you finally meet the hot-tempered producer after an unlucky encounter? Even worse, what happens when you get paired up with this irascible person?
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lmao I forgot to post this yesterday whoops - Admin Angel

Dating Woojin Includes

Admin Min🌱

Stay safe if the hurricane is near you loves!

Originally posted by woojinnies

- he probably accidentally confessed
- awkward smiles on his end
- you crying over how cute he is
- you’re probably the one initiating skinship first until he gets very comfortable
- he’ll eventually become his normal self again
- you both could be watching a movie
- and he’ll stare at you intensely until you notice it
- “ something wrong? ” you’d ask
- sheepishly tries to make up excuse but ends up blurting out something about you being too pretty he couldn’t help it
- giving you soft kisses is his favorite thing??¿¿
- he’s just that soft
- dance competitions between you both
- we all know he wins
- you may be a little uncoordinated anyways
- he does a lot of competitions
- and of course you’re always there because you love being the supportive girlfriend
- plus who doesn’t love seeing Woojin dance?
- loves spending lots of his free time with you
- doesn’t really matter what you’re both doing as long as he’s by your side
- whether it’s watching a movie or cuddling or just eating and watching TV
- personally you love it
- and how could you complain when the love of your life is literally such a soft teddy bear?
- isn’t really able to hide his jealousy well
- will invite you over to the dorms on the weekends
- ends up playing video games with Daehwi and forgets about you
- you go to the store or to hang out with another member
- lowkey silent treatment
- and that’s when his puppy mode kicks in
- follows your around everywhere asking what he did wrong
- puppy eyes ( I couldn’t I survive I tell you )
- (Y/N) I’m sorry please love me he’d say
- you wanted to laugh so bad because you weren’t even that mad
- “ Why’d you go out with Jihoon and Jinyoung and not meeee”
- “ Are you falling for their visuals ”
- he’s already dramatically gasping
- extra but lovable
- whines but it’s so cute
- brings you food whenever you’re too tired to leave your house
- tries to nurse you back to health when you’re sick even risking himself
- attempts to help you with homework when you’re overly stressed but only ends up distracting you away from it
- you’re fine it’s that though because we all know you’d rather be cuddling woojin than think of that dreaded essay
- FaceTimes when he’s away at competitions
- hangs up when one of you falls asleep
- Y'all fluffy I swear
- lots of love
- the snaggletooth grin
- on the floor
- shy af when he first says I love you
- cheeks turn crimson while he receives teasing from the rest of the group
- you’re both never gonna live it down
- late night snacks and talking to each other
- cause he gets off of practice pretty late
- but it’s okay you’d lose sleep for him
- a sentence you’d never think you’d say
- anyways a very cute relationship
- full of blushing and shy skinship at first
- but GOALS when you’re both comfortable

Jisung | Sungwoon | Minhyun | Seongwoo | Jaehwan | Daniel | Jihoon | Jinyoung | Daehwi | Guanlin

anonymous asked:

Could I get Bakugo, Todoroki, and Midoriya where they corner their shy crush after their crush is avoiding them b/c they're nervous and confess to them?

Not sure if you want their shy crush confessing to them at the end, but I think I’ll just add it in there!. - Admin Dabi


  • Cornering his crush is already a bad idea because one, he’s going to look like a creep and two he’s going to look like he’s bullying them. His personality doesn’t make up for it! He never thought that he would be cornering his crush though, he does like them too and it’s been eating him that they’re avoiding him. Which he doesn’t know they have a crush on him, too.
  • He politely demand(?, ask?) if there’s something wrong that they’ve been avoiding him. Holds back his aggressive attitude as possible since they’re so fragile.
  • If his shy crush actually confesses to him, Bakugou would look hella thrilled and takes their hands to go out into the open. He’s going to announce his relationship and everybody looks surprised, shy crush with Bakugou? That’s new, somebody has a soft spot.


  • Doesn’t necessarily corner his shy crush, he wouldn’t like the idea of that. He asks them to come with him alone in a secluded garden to talk about something important. But it still feels like cornering in a way.
  • His calm demeanor is a blessing. He doesn’t force his shy crush to answer his questions about their avoidance. He gives them time, for now, they both sit and eat their lunches silently.
  • If his shy crush actually confesses to him, Shouto smiles warmly causing them to blush. Truthfully, he also likes them but never gotten the courage to tell them his true feelings. They been stay at the secluded area for awhile before going back, hand-in-hand.


  • Wonders why his shy crush has been avoiding him, they usually both conversant with each other on daily basis. Now he’s really worried for them. When he sees them, he takes them to just sit far away from the others.
  • He tells them that he’s really worried about them and what’s been going on these past days. He’s a nervous wreck when it comes to talking to them, personally.
  • If his shy crush actually confesses to him, there’s no doubt that he’ll go stuttering every second and trying to maintain calm composure. He’s surprised since he is also shy in a way, or at least a little different from others. But he’s glad because they confessed and it’s been eating them. He gives them a cheerfully smile and writes in his notebook, ‘This is the best day ever, c/n!.’ Scribble scribble scribble and hands them the notes. They then go back, hand-in-hand, only to be teased by his fellow classmates.

Hey y’all! Just want to address the “hold up” on posting confessions and such. 😉

What I don’t think some people understand is, we don’t make a coin off doing this. None. Folks have emailed us about advertising, partnering up… We decline it all. I personally do this as a hobby and when I have adequate down mental time. So when reading through confessions (sometimes hate mail) gets to be too much, I take a break. Simple as that.

Work and the tension of where I’m living is enough stress, I don’t need to feel obligated to do something I like.

Don’t suggest I leave, cause I’ve been here since Dee (summer 2014) and she handed BWC off to me.

If there are anymore questions, please feel free to inbox or comment on this post. Thank you.

-Admin M


Due to a recent spate of mean spirited confessions, the admin team has decided to add a new regulation:

No confessions mocking/attacking/belittling gymnasts for having romantic interests or significant others will be accepted. Confessions blaming gymnasts’ performances on being boy/girl crazy, obsessed with romance, etc. will also not be accepted.

We will still be accepting confessions about gymnasts and their significant others as long as they don’t contain any language that violates this regulation.


Acceptable confession: “I think Aliya and her husband are so adorable together!”

Acceptable confession: “I don’t really like Larisa’s boyfriend. He seems arrogant.”

Unacceptable confession: “Aliya is so foolish for getting married so young. I think she’ll get a divorce soon.”

Unacceptable confession: “I bet Larisa keeps falling off the balance beam because she’s too obsessed with boys to stay on.”

Please keep this new regulation in mind when making submissions. Thank you!


EXO Reaction To You Tripping Into Them And Confessing

Xiumin: Honestly, he knew you liked him for a while now but knew you were too shy to tell him. So Xiumin took it in his own hands and had Luhan sneakily stick his foot out to trip you. Promptly making you fall into the very arms you wanted to hold at night. “So, can I take you out on a date now?” 

Luhan: Unbeknownst to you, Luhan also liked you and was too shy to confess. The other boys were getting tired of you two silently pining for each other. That was how you ended up running into Luhan after sliding across the wet floor. “Fucking Finally.” Chen huffed out while grabbing a mop to clean up the perfectly placed spill. 

Kris: This bitch was completely oblivious to your liking him, which was fine for you because you were deathly afraid of telling him. Kris didn’t help that situation when he tripped into you and took the both of you down. But on the ground, in a breathless heap, you think to yourself, “What do I have to lose?” 

Lay: Lay would have been trying to teach you some dance moves when your ankle twisted the wrong way. Trying to grab something to stop your fall, Lay was your only choice. You don’t know where you got the courage but on the ground, lying next to him, you said it. “Lay-ah, I like you.” 

Suho: Suho had wanted to confess to you properly so he bought a bouquet of flowers to bring for courage. Unfortunately, he forgot that you were allergic to lilies and they gave you horrible sneezing attacks. Which is how you careened forward into Suho and his flowers and let the two of you in a flowery mess. After you sneezes had calm down, Suho would confess sheepishly which you would accept because duh, it’s Suho.  

Chen: Chen and you had been best friends since his trainee days and you knew that whenever he was stressed out from work, a good game of tag was the best medicine. Also it gave you a reason to be more touchy-feely with Chen, always a good thing. However, today’s game was very heated and when Chen had accidentally tripped you to win and immediately check to see if you fine you didn’t give a fuck anymore and kissed him passionately.

Chanyeol: Chanyeol knew he had to confess to you soon, he had been hearing you making international calls with someone. He assumed another male from how much you laughed and spoke rapidly in English. One day he was tired and pulled you towards him, however that made you stumble in surprise and fall and break your wrist. Let’s say it was awkward when he found out you were asking your brother how to tell Chanyeol you like him while getting your arm casted.  

 Baekhyun: Baekhyun finally mustered up the courage to tell you that he has liked you for years now, however he didn’t know you were on your way to tell him too. Walking around a corner, you crashed into Baekhyun head on. Once you guys were done laughing on the ground, you two would just look at each other and know. 

D.O: The other members were getting annoyed at how much you wouldn’t tell Kyungsoo that you liked him, and vice versa. The two of you would use Kyungsoo teaching you how to cook as an excuse. One day they decided to oil up the floor to get the mood going, you walking in first had you vaulting backwards into Kyungsoo’s arms. I mean come on, how could someone blame you for kissing Kyungsoo when he saved you from embarrassing yourself? 

Tao: You loved every moment you got to watch Tao practice his Wushu, he made it look effortless. Also you didn’t mind when Tao would ask you to grab him a water or to film his moves; you do anything for Tao. Although while walking over to give him a towel, you moved a little too fast and stumbled into his chest. Looking up into Tao’s warm brown eyes, you weren’t afraid anymore of confessing how you feel to him. Which was great cause Tao was getting tired of waiting.  

Kai: You loved Kai’s dogs, but not as much as you loved Kai. Though you would never tell him that, but you always had a sneaking suspicion his dogs could tell how much you liked him. That’s way you weren’t surprised when Jjanggu ran in around your legs while you and Kai were walking the dogs. Trying to undo the tangle, you tripped into Kai taking both of you down into the grass. That was how the other members found you two making out in the park when it was time to go home.

Sehun: You and Sehun were such a mess, not only could the other members see that you liked each other but the two of you did also. However, you both were too pansy to take the final step and tell each other. You thought Sehun should confess being the guy and Sehun wanted you to confess because he’s Sehun. That’s why you can’t be mad when Lay decided to push you into Sehun while walking to get Boba tea. Which was a good idea because now you two are inseparable. 

I had a lot of fun making this and I hope you guys enjoy it!!!

- Admin Jade


@ugtannyrai asked: Can i request SF9 as my classmates and them finding out chani having a crush on u and them deciding to text u during class to let u know and see your and chani’s reaction and eventually chani confessing P.s. badboy chani pls 


sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted(i tried hard to write a badboy chani cx) but i hope you liked it :) also i guess its too many pictures for one tumblr post so ill just make this a two parter even though there are like one or two pictures left to post but ok 

pt 2 

also please do continue to request guys! im a little slow at it but i will eventually get it done (great way to promote yourself belinda ._.) also you can now request here! :3 ~ admin belinda 

How would Miyuki, Sawamura, Ryosuke, Haruichi, Mei, and Kuramochi ask their crush out?

Yikes, so Admin Furuya, being the genius she is, accidentally answered a request privately instead of posting it. This is what they wrote nonetheless. ~Admin Furuya

   Miyuki Kazuya: He had no idea what to do. Miyuki wasn’t good at being vulnerable, he usually pushed feelings aside with humor and sarcasm. So when he realized that he had a crush on you it would take a lot of time for him to confess. He mainly wanted to get to know you as a friend before confessing. He would try his best not to make a big deal out of it.
    “Oi~ Want to come over after school? I’m cooking dinner and I usually make too much for just myself.” He asked nonchalantly.

   Sawamura Eijun: Sawamura wasn’t the best in hiding his feelings, yet he didn’t actually know that he had a crush on you until Miyuki and Kuramochi pointed out that he was acting strangely. After that he spent a lot of time thinking about it. He came to the resolve that if he could be the ace of Seido than could also be the ace of you heart. Although Sawamura wasn’t subtle about how he felt typically, he was a natural when it came to charisma.
    “Would you like to go to the arcade with me sometime?” He’d ask with a bright smile and shining eyes.

   Ryosuke Kominato: Ryosuke wasn’t the best with feelings, but sass and sarcasm had always been his go-to in most situations. He’d strategize how to get you on your own where he knew he wouldn’t be interrupted. He’d smile pleasantly as the two of you talked during your lunch-break and be the model gentleman, but the whole time he was waiting for the perfect moment to spring it on you.
    “Hey, ______, what do you say to going to that new ramen shop that opened up in town? I hear there’s a discount for couples.” He gave you a look of sincerity; you never thought you would see that expression from him, of all people.
   Haruichi Kominato: Sweet and subtle is Haruichi’s style, he’d find a way to talk to you, probably by organizing a study session. Although, he sometimes got embarrassed in front of large crowds, he was strangely confident when it was just you and him. He’d wait until the two of you were alone and working steadily before he’d drop a subtle line to see if you’d notice.
    “_________-chan, is it possible that we could hang-out outside of studying?” He smiled to himself as his lips formed the last couple words of his request.

   Narumiya Mei: Even though he wouldn’t ever admit it, Mei was actually a pretty insecure guy despite his cocky attitude on the field. When he wanted to ask you out he would probably rehearse in front of the mirror for hours trying to find the right words to say. However, as soon as he had pulled you aside and mustered up the courage to speak, he was a mess of words. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t give up that easily, he’d regain his composure and ask you out to do whatever you want.
    “Uh, well, what I wanted to ask you was- Would you like to go out with me?” Although his cheeks were flushed red, his blue eyes shone intently.

   Kuramochi Youichi: Kuramochi is a pretty suave gentleman. He’d probably start by asking if he could walk you home from school. On one of these evenings, snow was starting to lightly fall. Kuramochi unraveled his scarf from around his own neck before gently wrapping it around you, the whole time he wore a serious expression. He offered you his arm, which to his hidden relief, you accepted as you headed down the streets in shared solitude.
    “Would you like to go see a movie sometime?” He smiled sweetly.

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Skinny love with Amber please😁💖 And I mean the skinny love that's like When two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they show it anyway. Tenchu💖

Not sure if this was an imagine request or a ____with____would include. Message me if I got this wrong and I’ll re-do it.

  • Her sneaking glances at you while your talking with someone
  • Her trying to talk to you normally but always stuttering
  • Luna and Victoria trying to get both of you to admit your feelings towards each other already
  • If she sees someone flirting with you she’ll causally wrap her arm around your waist so the person will think you two are dating
  • Luna and Victoria talking about ways to get you two together
  • Krystal getting in on it too cause shes tired of you both ignoring your feelings
  • K- “Y/N you know Amber has a crush on you right?”
  • L- “Amber, Y/N likes you too so just ask her out already”
  • Neither you two listening to them
  • Which then leads them to Plan B
  • They pin your arms behind your back and make you Amber stand in front of each other until yous confess your feelings
  • And as soon as you both confess your feelings they celebrate push you out the door and tell yous to go on a date

~Admin C


REQUEST: Could you please make a Shownu Angst, you’re both best friends but he really likes you and plans to confess to you after their last All In performance but sees you together with Wonho(he’s just asked you) right before they get ready for the stage^^

GENRE: Angst lol hope u die from feels xox
Member: Shownu + lil’ bit of Wonho
Summary: She was meant to be mine, but I left it too, fucking, late.
- Admin Kay

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I've wondered this for a while and never asked. I don't mind... I'm just confused... if someone is banned... how do confessions get posted with a "vague" description of who it is? Hope that makes sense. Love the blog and look at it everyday... Its just something I've noticed and wanted to ask one of the mods about it. Hope you're having a great weekend!!

I think both me and the other admin, Heidi, just let some confessions slip in, just for the sake of not being too… strict. And even if we try to be strict, we’re still just humans “scanning” all confessions. 

Have a great weekend, too! 


Confession time

Hi guys, there’s something I’ve wanted to tell you guys for quite a while but I’ve been really nervous too…

I’m bi sexual

I really wanted to get this off my chest because you guys are a huge part of my life and I couldn’t be here without you.

I really hope this doesn’t change how you see me or make you unfollow me or anything.

Because this is who I am.

Thank you

Admin Carter


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Can't believe the askbox is open!! It's kind of hard to explain what I'm looking for but can you recommend any fics where Jongin is really trying to be a gentleman/not be too forward with Kyungsoo, and Kyungsoo gets kind of frustrated and snaps and makes the first move instead?? Thanks in advance :>

- Admin H + J

BTS//Closest (Female) Friend is Aromantic and Asexual

That title is a mouthful…no regrets though. This is (yet another) filler reaction im totally not just making them because i love searching up gifs of the boys and it’s basically what the title says! For notdonaldtrumpp my unproblematic fave and ridiculously gay friend (gay in the aro/ace way ofc)  gifs aren’t mine

-Admin R the reaction queen

A/N (sort of separate from the above): Make sure aro/ace people are known, please. They exist too, just like the rest of LGBTQIA+ people. ¾ of the admins are straight, and I’m bi as fuck, and more or less my sexuality is known on tumblr. But being aro/ace doesn’t get nearly as much attention as possible. Just needed to say that.


“I think I’m aro/ace.” You smiled up at Namjoon (although it honestly was more of a grimace). 

“Really? Okay.” Your best friend since the beginning of time hugged you, seemingly more or less nonchalant at your confession. “I’ll see you after the show, are you coming with us to eat?”

“I-yeah. Yep.” You nodded. “Could you tell the other members?” 

Namjoon nodded. “Sure, sure.” He acted like you were having any other conversation. You were slightly baffled. After a moment, you turned around to leave, happy (but still perplexed) that Namjoon had taken your words without so much as a batted eyelid. 

Suddenly, you heard him speak behind you.

“I’m proud of you, Y/N.”


You had decided to text him your news instead of tell him face to face. It made you less nervous, somehow.

Y/N: I just realized something

Jin: ??

Y/N: I’ve never liked anyone like romantically or physically or whatever

Jin looked up from his phone at you, smiling like he knew what was coming. He nodded and motioned his head towards the phone, silently telling you to go on.

Y/N: I think its called aro/ace…

Jin: whatever your sexuality is, it doesnt matter to me

Jin: the only thing that matters is if you like my cooking 

Jin: speaking of

Jin: Y/N-ah IM huNGRy

Y/N: Youre an idiot but youre my idiot of a best friend, you know that?

Jin: :D


“I’m aromantic and asexual. I don’t feel any kind of attraction past platonic or aesthetic. And… yeah. That’s it.” You looked down at the keyboard of your laptop, just having confessed to your best friend that you were aro/ace.

Yoongi was silent on the other end of the skype call, and you were concerned. What if he didn’t understand? Or worse, if he didn’t believe you, or didn’t believe being aro/ace was real?

Worriedly, you glanced at your screen, only to see Yoongi’s face split into a huge, gummy smile. He nodded gently.

“I’m so proud of you, that’s great.”


Hoseok’s smile could light up any room and make any serious situation light. 

Shuffling your feet awkwardly and staring at the ground, you stood in front of your lifelong best friend, Jung Hoseok. Telling him your greatest secret, which you had (unbeknownst to yourself, actually) been hiding for a long time, had taken a lot of courage. 

Waiting for his reply had taken even more.

Hoseok pulled you into a hug and out of our reverie. Once you had disentangled yourself from him, he shot you a grin and two thumbs up.

“Aromantic and asexual, huh? I need to go look them up to make sure I know everything there is to know about you.”


“Aye, what are you crying about?” Taehyung’s low voice interrupted your thoughts. Hurriedly, you wiped away your tears.

“Nothing, just, this girl outed me at school, and-” You broke down into another bout of tears. Your best friend put his arms around your shoulders, pulling you close.

“Whatever they said, it’s untrue.”

“They said I’m like a plant! A plant, just because I don’t like people and I don’t want to sleep with people!” You hiccuped, drawing a shaky breath. Taehyung shook his head.

“If you wake up green and leafy, only then you will be a plant. Now smile, I hate seeing my practically-sister sad.” Taehyung made his ‘weird alien’ hands at you, smiling. You couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re absolutely amazing, Y/N, you know that?”


Jimin’s eyes crinkled at the corners as a smile crossed his face. You had told another (stupid) joke, intended to make him roll his eyes. He had done that, yes, but Jimin had also laughed at your stupidity. 

You loved your idiot like a brother, and he cared for you like a sister. Every saturday for as long as you could remember, the two of you had gone down to the small tea shop just around the corner and had a couple of hours alone, just to talk and hang out.

Suddenly, you heard a lady behind you. “Look at those two kids on a date! Aren’t they so cute?” 

You winced inadvertently. Jimin, noticing, called out to the lady. “Actually, she’s my sister. She’s adopted, but we’re very much related.”

The woman, blushing and mumbling an apology, retreated to her seat, while you thanked your best friend quietly.

“No problem. Not everyone needs a relationship, Y/N, and just because you don’t need or want one doesn’t make you weird.”


“I knew it!” Jungkook grinned and began clapping his hands together manically. You couldn’t help but laugh- only Jungkook could turn such a serious confession into something mildly amusing. 

“You knew it? I barely knew it before a few weeks ago!” You shoved your best friend lightly, smiling at him. He rolled his eyes.

“Yes, well, I’m a genius, so I knew it before even you. I’m so smart.” Jungkook continued applauding himself, much to your (fake) annoyance.

“This was supposed to be serious and heartfelt!” You sighed, smiling widely. Jungkook immediately stopped smiling and took on an overdramatic look.

“Are you saying that you don’t love me? You never loved me? You never loved anyone? Are you saying you don’t want to sleep with me?” He pretended to be offended.

You smacked him upside the head. “You’re an idiot.”

“Hey! This idiot happens to be your favorite idiot in the world, thanks. But in all seriousness, I did know it. And I’m happy that you know it too. I’m proud of you.”


Im honestly not a huge fan of Ysera getting corrupted in Legion. I dont know exactly what goes down and if we save her or not cause I didnt get too far in the beta, but if we are forced to kill off a dragon aspect (my fave at that) all because of the fucking Legion Im gonna lose it.

Syn (Admin) - I know I’m kind of excited to see what’ll happen with her, I really hope we have a cleansing saving type story instead of the dreaded “execute her because plot” story. They could make a really cool raid arc with saving her, I hope they do it.

Addressing An Important Issue That Has Come Up

We have begun to get more and more confessions from people talking about this community has done nothing but bring them down, people saying that they have no friends in this community, that no one ever seems to have anything nice to say about them. This needs to end. This fandom should be ashamed of the way that people are bullied by others in the community. We all came together because of Glee and what has been the main message of this show all along? Accepting other people, not bullying them.

Things have only seemed to keep getting progressively worse, but we have decided to address this tonight because we have just received what appears to be a suicide note sent as a confession because of the way that this community has treated that person. Multiple admins have messaged the RPer in an attempt to check on them and talk to them but this can not keep happening. The hate and negativity in the community is literally going to kill someone.

Even those of us who maybe aren’t so fond of the canon show anymore still hold respect for the actors - or at least our favorites - and can you imagine what they would think if they knew that their fans were treating other ‘Gleeks’ so horribly that they are driving people to suicide? I’m pretty sure that they would be horrified. This kind of behavior needs to stop now.

I know that it’s easier to send hate over the internet, especially when you have the option of sending it on anon or even to other blogs who will post it so it never has to be tied back to you at all, but that doesn’t make it any more right. These are still real people who are being tormented, insulted and sometimes down-right treated like dirt! These are real people who are being hurt by this so badly that at least one person seems to be contemplating suicide! 

I created this blog to be a source of praise and encouragement for the community. I wanted this to be something positive where people could talk about their favorite RPs, RPers and storylines. I know that we have taken rants for a while now and sometimes I’m still not sure that we should, but we have made a point to never post anything targeted at a specific person. Until now I have stayed mostly silent on the blogs that do, but right now I am begging for this to end all together. If you have to post it, leave out names and urls. Please don’t let people be directly targeted like this.  

I want this community to be a positive place again. I want people to be able to enjoy RPing, to be able to just write the storylines they want to see for themselves and to entertain the others in their RP and their followers without having to worry about being attacked. I know sometimes people can just rub you the wrong way, sometimes people disregard rules or start things by being cruel to others, but if you have to rant … leave out their name. Or talk privately to a friend where at least no one will see it and get hurt. I think that right now, we all need to adopt a policy of “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

The other admins and I are discussing ways to help counteract this horrible trend that has been left to fester for much too long now by making some changes and/or adding somethings to this blog, so over the next few days there maybe be some new things around here. If you have any suggestions for that, please let us know. 

- Admin Katy 1.0

I feel weird when I see white girls with braids or dreadlocks. It’s like they’re taking something that means so much to us. Black women were made fun of because of their texture and now all I see is white girls trying to imitate us. But it’s our fault too. We walk around with straight hair forgetting that the reason we straighten it is because of them. They made us feel like our natural hair was unacceptable. Queens, we cannot let white girls make our culture a fad. Sankofa!


Your feelings are valid and you are entitled to your opinion, but some of the wording here is problematic. We shouldn’t make the assumption that all black women who relax or weave their hair are doing it out of self-hate. It’s not “our fault” that our hair styles get appropriated. 

-Admin Kelcie


Yes!! Another positivity week!! Thank you! It’s so easy to get caught up in the negative aspects of things and complain but at the end of the day we all love Supernatural and you guys are bringing that to the forefront! So thank you and hopefully this will lift your spirits too! Btw I think this has become my favorite blogs just because I love seeing other people’s ideas and opinions and I check it at the end of the day and the majority of the time it makes me very happy

Thank you all your kind words. We are so happy that Positivity Week has benefited you. We agree that sometimes being a fan of SPN can be a little dark and negative which is why we love the confessions we get during this week too. We hope you continue to follow and keep a positive outlook even when Positivity week is over. Now…

Hey folks!

Right to business: we’re looking to take on another Admin.  

Admin M has had to step back from the blog for awhile, and you guys send us too many confessions to keep going with just two of us (much though we’ve tried).  So the question is : ‘Is there anyone who might be interested in joining the Admin team and giving us their time a couple days a week to help out? ‘


  • Be willing to commit and communicate.
  • Keep up-to-date on Supernatural episodes.
  • Mustbe able to maintain objectivity.  We’re all opinionated, but you’ve gotta be willing to let others have their opinions AND be able to judge them fairly when tagging.
  • Must be willing to enforce submission guidelines.
  • Must understand difference between “canon” and “fanon”.
  • Must be willing to spend occasional weekend caring too strongly about fictional characters.

Okay, maybe not that last one (…officially), but that’s what we’re looking for.  It’s not as lame as it sounds, but we know that everyone on this blog (including us Admins) are pretty strongly opinionated and highly imaginative, and we want to be clear with our expectations.

We just need one person for now, so if we get more than one, we’ll pick based on editing experience & synergy with the current Admins.  We’ll of course show whoever joins us our formats and processes for making confessions. 

The Inbox is still closed to new confessions so apply by sending us a message through fanmail.

Looking forward to adding a member to the team.  Thanks followers and confessors for your help and especially for your continued attention to the blog.

We love you!  Stay awesome!

Admin C & Admin S