Matt Nathanson - Mission Bells (Music Video Review)

This week we’re going all black and white for the long postponed music video review of Matt Nathanson’s Mission Bells, released back in May 2013. The song was released as a single and later on became part of Nathanson’s July-album Last of the Great Pretenders.


Nathanson himself stated that the music video is Hitchcock-inspired but since I don’t know any Hitchcock movies (yeah, I know, I miss out on great stuff very often) I won’t comment on that at all.

Therefore I’m going to start off with the song itself. Like most songs we’ve reviewed, this one is also about love, or rather about the end of a relationship. A guy lets his girlfriend go since even though he loves her, he also knows that he hasn’t treated her right. Overall, Mission Bells is another of those awesome songs by Matt Nathanson that will get stuck in your head for weeks (trust me, I’ve been through it all again and again). The lyrics convey many metaphors and repetitive patterns which contribute to the song’s catchiness.


As you probably already guessed, the music video is in black and white. What I especially like about the music video is the connection of black and white in the video with the mentioning of black and white in the line of the lyrics “what kind of man misunderstands a woman like you, sees her in black and white.” Mission Bells was shot in San Francisco and the contributors to the storyline part of the music video are a, presumably, blonde woman who is the main character and a mysterious man, wearing suit and hat, whose face is never shown.

Matt Nathanson is also part of the music video but he isn’t part of the storyline; he performs the song in a separate dark room.

Like the black and white setting already suggests, the music video sends the viewer back in time to the mid-twentieth century, which is mainly presented through the clothing of the protagonist.

Now that we know what the characters look like, here’s what the storyline is about: The woman sees the mysterious man out in the streets, upon which she hurries away to her flat where she quickly packs a suitcase which includes a special ingredient, an expensive-looking necklace.


Then she leaves the city with her car but when she stops to make a phone call, she sees the mysterious man again standing on the cliffs, upon which she hastily leaves again. Her way leads her to a sort of motel where she locks herself in but continues to nervously check the outside.


The scenes are continuously interrupted by scenes of Matt Nathanson performing the song but also by the parallel story of the woman being murdered with a knife, which might foreshadows how the main storyline ends.


The video also features some special effects, like the repetition of scenes in the same frame in which they are happening at the moment. And since it’s so hard to explain what is actually going on, you better look at these self-explanatory gifs.


Furthermore, the video also features a main motive which is the triangle. Right in the beginning of the music video, several scenes that present San Francisco are shown and the blending between those scenes takes place in triangles. Moreover, there are buildings in triangle-shape, a staircase, the necklace and even the spotlight in Nathanson’s empty setting lights the middle of the room in triangle-shape.


The connection between song and setting does not only exist in the line that I already quoted above but is made on several occasions. The connection to the title is made even before the song starts because the viewer can hear bells ringing. The lyrics and the storyline are linked several more times but since this review has already become fairly long I’ll spare you the remaining examples.


Personally, I absolutely love the approach of this music video. Really good black and white videos don’t seem to be released too often, and this one is definitely a magnificent specimen. Furthermore, Mission Bells doesn’t only come along with an awesome video, instead it also features awesome lyrics which once more showcase Matt Nathanson’s brilliant songwriter-skills. Therefore, I would call this a solid comeback and I can only recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched the music video yet, watch it now!

anonymous asked:

What are some FC alternatives for Alice and Roxy?

Hello! We’re glad you’re interested in the characters of Alice and Roxy! These are some examples of alternative faceclaims for both characters. 

For Roxanne:

  • Zendaya Coleman
  • Jessica Sula
  • Alexandra Shipp
  • Antonia Thomas
  • Jessica Parker Kennedy
  • Zoe kravitz

For Alice: 

  • Maddie Hasson
  • Emma Roberts
  • Alice Englert
  • Sabrina Carpenter
  • Sarah Bolger

I hope this post was helpful. If any of the other admins have faceclaims to add for Alice or Roxanne, feel free to update this list. 

Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (MV Review)

This music video review is about We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift. The video was released on August 30, 2012 and the song was released as first single out of Swift’s upcoming fourth studio album Red which is scheduled to be released later this year on October 22.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is a typical breakup song about a couple whose relationship is not a happy one anymore. This is mostly due to the fact that the guy’s a player and betraying the girl with as many other girls as possible. He’s swearing to her that he’ll change, but in the end it’s always the same story over and over again. Her friends also tell her that he’s only playing her, yet she keeps on believing in him until a certain point where she just can’t take his lies anymore and throws him out of her life. This story is presented in a very colorful and almost comic-book-like way in the music video.

The video clearly displays the story told by lyrics very well and does this in a pretty cute way, especially through the techniques of blending that are used in it, which can be mainly compared to those children books that tell their stories in 3D. If you’re not up to my thought yet, here, have some gifs that show it quite well:


The seriousness of the actually topic of the lyrics is furthermore ridiculed even more throughout the chorus, where Swift’s band appears in animal costumes.


Yet, since they disappear as fast as they appear it’s kind of left open if they are only imagined or if they are as much part of the music video as Swift herself (who plays the female lead role) and the male lead character. Furthermore, the colorful and happy atmosphere displayed by the setting, the costumes and the outfits that Swift wears make the video appear so comic that one can hardly believe its seriousness and therefore makes me wonder if the video isn’t even there to ridicule the whole message given by the lyrics.

Out of the lack on more points to discuss: YAY this is the end of this lovely review! Leaving me only to state my very own opinion on We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and this is throughout a very positive one because hereby I want to declare this one of my absolute favorite music videos of this year! The originality with which this video comes along is really extraordinary and by now I love every single detail of it. At first I was a bit confused by the people wearing animal costumes, but to be honest I really think it’s an awesomely funny idea and fitting really well into the comic-like theme of the video. And of course I don’t only love the video but also the song, since it’s really awesome and catchy as well. It sort of makes me want to dance to it each time I hear it. So, now there’s really nothing left for me to say anymore, apart from: If you’ve got any opinion on the video or simply want to discuss the video with us, please feel free to do so via our ask box!

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I'm interested in auditioning for a character, but is this an active RP?

Yeah, it is, but you also have to think it’s Summer for some of us and other’s are in school, so it can be a little slow at time, but over all we are active. I’m glad you are interested, we would love to have you.

~Admin Nia

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They way you have it set up. How do I roleplay with you guys? Is there some process? I looked through quite a bit of your tumblr and it further confused me. I'm just not use to this format, sorry

There is an application process in order to become part of the group. Once you’ve decided on a character, the application form can be found here. Any information listed on our page is important to the setting, characters and overall plot of Blackborough. We ask that all interested applicants read our rules and guidelines prior to submitting an application, as it will be extremely helpful in the application process. 

Admin N

Brown Eyed Girls - The Original (single review)

This review deals with the Brown Eyed Girls’ latest single album The Original, which was released on July 17, 2012. The cover art features close-ups of the faces of the member and as Admin J correctly detected: it is also pretty similar to the cover art for their mini album My Style. The only difference – apart from the pictures that were used of course – is that on the one for The Original Jea and Miryo are on top and Narsha and Gain are on the bottom, while on the one for My Style Narsha and Gain are on top and Jea and Miryo are on the bottom.


This single album includes only two songs, which are both not following the current trend of electro-pop and uptempo songs, since they can be rather compared to the routes of the Brown Eyed Girls which can be found in soul rhythms. This also goes along well with the reason for the release of the single album, which was to thank their fans for their ongoing support even though the group is lately not working together, since each member follows their solo projects.

The first song on the single is A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which can be seen as the main song off this single album, since it was supported by the release of a music video. Just like both songs featured on this single album, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a soul-influenced ballad which supports the strong vocals of the members very well. Additionally, this song was written by member Jea. Without even understanding the lyrics, this song already makes the listener feel the summer-night-vibe so-to-say. Especially since it really makes you feel like you’re sitting under the starry sky while listening to a concert. The lyrics of the song tell the story of a couple who’s on a date late one summer night. The story is told out of the perspective of the girl for whom this date feels just like a dream which she doesn’t want to end. She’d rather spend the whole night with her lover in an intimate way. Yet, the lyrics leave open if he feels the same way for her. While she wants this night to never end she also questions him since when he loves her. As for the English used in this song, well, there’s not much to say here, since there are only a few English words and those are really pronounced well. So, instead of criticizing anything in this part, I want to highlight Miryo’s part in A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Those almost spoken-like lines do indeed fit the song pretty well in my opinion since they give the song a story-telling-like kind of feeling, which really fits well into the whole concept of the song.

The second song included on this single album is Come With Me, a song which is also a ballad and just as soul-influenced as A Midsummer Night’s Dream. To me this one appears more mellow though, which is actually the reason for why I prefer this song. The lyrics to this song leave a lot of room for speculation, but let me first tell you the facts: This song comes along with some very sad words and expression of loneliness. In it the speaker doesn’t want to be lonely anymore and therefore wants someone to join them on this day, yet it’s not given who this companion should be, nor why the speaker is so sad. What is given though is that the speaker feels some kind of relieved in front of the ocean. Furthermore this person searched for acknowledgement by strangers, which they might not get as well. So, these are the basic facts I can give you, now let me tell you the story that I made up in my mind while reading those lyrics: I kind of feel like it’s the story of the Brown Eyed Girls, at least to a certain stage. In the earlier stage of their career they didn’t get much acknowledgement. So at least to this point it would still make sense. Yet, this can also be interpreted as a kind of a love story without happy ending because even by trying to keep the relationship going it might has ended which makes the speaker pretty sad, but nature is still there as a relief to console them. Since I don’t want to speculate too much at this point I’d rather end this here.

To conclude this review, I want to say that I love how the Brown Eyed Girls went back to their roots for this special single album release. I further think that it’s therefore a magnificent present to thank their fans who stuck to them since the beginning and never gave up on the group. Personally I prefer Come With Me to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but that might only be my own humble opinion. Basically I can only recommend this single album to anyone who’s kind of fed up with the all-the-same electro-pop that is currently around, since this single album is really different to everything that other popular groups do these days.

If you’ve got any opinion different to mine or just want to talk about this single album, please feel free to drop us a message in our ask section!

As of Sunday, June 21st, Darkest Rapture will be on a semi-hiatus. What this means, for players and applicants is, there will be no new biographies released, nor will any events. In short, the main will not be as active throughout the week. Players are still encouraged to roleplay and interact with one another. 

Applications are also welcomed and encouraged – and will be reviewed/accepted as they are received. This hiatus will only be temporary, lasting three weeks, so do not fear that we are closing the place down. Admins will still be around to answer questions and review applications, but the majority of activity will happen on the weekend.

Thank you for your patience,
Rapture Staff.

Avril Lavigne (feat. Chad Kroeger) – Let Me Go (Music Video Review)

This week’s review deals with the gloomy music video for Let Me Go by Avril Lavigne and feature artist Chad Kroeger of Nickelback, which was released on October 15, 2013. The song is a beautiful ballad and is part of Lavigne’s self-titled album, for which I wrote a mini review as part of my Sunday Mini Series. To read it, click here.

The lyrics of the song deal with the end of a relationship, the difficulties of letting go of that beloved person as well as of the memories. Nevertheless, the lyrics do not suggest getting lost in those memories, but rather to move on to a new life and let the memories in the past where they belong.

The music video picks up the topic of the memories that can’t be forgotten. It stars Avril Lavigne as a ghost from the past who haunts a mansion or rather the old man who’s taking care of it. Chad Kroeger is also part of the video, in the role of the younger version of this old man.

In the present, the mansion is empty and the old man is the only one around, apart from all the old furniture and the memories that haunt the place. In the beginning he is shown raking leaves but he stops before the music sets in and changes into a black suit and sits down in front of a mirror with his guitar. His reflection in the mirror is Kroeger, in the absolute same outfit which convinced me that they are meant to resemble the same person.


Lavigne is shown walking through the mansion, but mainly she’s performing the song on a sofa and while playing the piano.


This room with the piano is also the only place where Lavigne and Kroeger are shown together.

But there’s also one scene featuring Lavigne that I think doesn’t really fit into the storyline, at least not the way I outlined it. That’s the scene of her with the tablet PC, which I think is first of all quite shameless product placement, but furthermore it also doesn’t fit the image of her as a ghost that only exists in the memories of the old man. When he was younger, there were no tablet PCs for sure, unless he’s a time traveler.

When the song reaches the part of the lyrics where it’s time to let go of those past memories, the old man destroys a big hourglass that was standing behind him on a table which is his way of breaking free from the past. Afterwards, Kroeger lets go of Lavigne at the piano and time is running backwards for the old man until he’s shown in his work clothes again, walking down the hall but he’s only shown in the mirror.



Therefore, he might have also become a part of the mansion’s past.

The music video for Let Me Go fits the mood of the song very well. With its rather gloomy and artistic features it adds up to the ballad’s perfectness. Overall, the song is my favorite off Avril Lavigne’s new album and the music video only made me appreciate the song even more. If you haven’t watched it yet or want to watch it again, you can do that here!

Blown Away: An Album Review in About 200 Words

Artist: Carrie Underwood

Album: Blown Away

Released: May 1, 2012

Genre: Country, Pop-Rock

Track Listing: 1. Good Girl

                        2. Blown Away

                        3. Two Black Cadillacs

                        4. See You Again

                        5. Do You Think About Me

                        6. Forever Changed

                        7. Nobody Ever Told You

                        8. One Way Ticket

                        9. Thank God for Hometowns

                        10. Good in Goodbye

                        11. Leave Love Alone

                        12. Cupid’s Got a Shotgun

                        13. Wine After Whiskey

                        14. Who Are You


Those who already know my Top 25 Albums of 2012 countdown know that Blown Away is my favorite album of 2012. And those who don’t know my little countdown yet, might want to check it out now. ; )

Blown Away is the fourth studio album by American country singer Carrie Underwood who once again shows her talent of putting together an album that features entertaining lyrics, awesome vocals and great depth. Therefore, this album is just as good as her previous ones. Blown Away consists of a good combination of ballads and slow-tempo songs and fast, up-tempo songs with catchy rhythms that make you want to dance all crazy alone in your room (no joke, I did this a couple of times ^^). Just as usual for Underwood’s albums, the main topics of her songs are revenge and love; patriotism is also an element presented but this one is more subtly used and is therefore not one of the main topics. Yet, patriotism is used in the recently released music video for her fourth single See You Again. Apart from this music video, three more belong to the album; Good Girl, Blown Away and Two Black Cadillacs. For the latter I’ve also written a review which you can find here. In my opinion the album has no real downsides and I’d like to name Two Black Cadillacs, Blown Away and Cupid’s Got a Shotgun as my favorite songs.


Rating: 5/5

To the person who submitted a question: your ask and submit are not open, so we could not reply privately. To answer the question ‘how do I apply for an OC servant position?’, you need to check out our application page and scroll down until you see the ‘Original Character’ section. Fill out the information in that section and the ‘Out of Character’ information located at the top of the page. Then you submit your application in the box provided on the same page (or via the normal submit).

- Admin N

The 3rd Album Part.1: An Album Review in About 200 Words

Artist: K.will

Album: The 3rd Album Part.1

Released: October 11, 2012

Genre: Soul, R’n’B, Pop, Ballad

Track Listing:  1. 술래잡기 (Closing My Eyes) (Intro)

                        2. Butterfly

                        3. 이러지마 제발 (Please Don’t…)

                        4. 나가면 고생이야 (Come To My Crib) (feat. Beenzino)

                        5. 환상 속의 그대 (Hey You) (feat. Choiza of Dynamic Duo)

                        6. You’re So Beautiful

                        7. Bluffing


K.will actually had two releases in 2012; his mini album I Need You, released in spring that year, and The 3rd Album Part.1, which, like the title suggests, is the first part of his third full-length album. The 3rd Album Part.1 was more successful than I Need You; and it owns a great deal of this success to its lead track Please Don’twhich became so well-known through its music video which deals with homosexuality. It was actually the first k-pop music video I ever saw dealing with this topic, but there might be more that I just don’t know. But of course I didn’t only rank this album on #4 in my album charts of 2012 because of this music video! The album overall features a wide range of styles, including soul and ballad, and amazing songs that showcase K.will’s great vocal skills. Furthermore you cannot only expect hearing K.will’s voice on this album, additionally rappers Choiza of Dynamic Duo and Beenzino lend their voices for one collaboration song each. Yet, even though I placed the album so high in my ranking, I don’t like all the songs equally. In my opinion the album starts off kind of weak with the intro Closing My Eyes but from there on it only gets better. For me Please Don’t…and the two collaboration tracks Come To My Crib and Hey You are the best songs. Overall the album is anything else but a disappointment and definitely worth listening since K.will will melt your hearts!


Rating: 5/5

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do you have any alternate FC suggestions for Laurel Parrish, or is her face claim non-negotiable?

Her face claim is negotiable, but any alternative would still need to resemble her brother and father. Some alternatives we’ve discussed for Laurel are:

  • Anna Kendrick
  • Elizabeth Olsen

Admin N