Mama's Gala

Safe to say Johnny was definitely surprised to be invited to a party. Not just any party, though, but an actual fancy gathering hosted by none other than Madame Mavric. Even if he was sure it was for everyone under her employ it was one of the last things he expected from her. Regardless, passing on something like this was definitely not an option.

It had been some time since he was last at an event of this scale but he believed he fit in easily enough, especially after going shopping for a proper suit. He missed wearing one of these; being hired on as a mercenary didn’t exactly give him the chance to do so often. He’d leave something like that to the men and women that prefer to work in them.

If there was one thing that could be said about the Scout, it would be that he cleaned up nicely.

He mingled a bit when he got himself situated with a glass of wine in hand. It wasn’t his favorite of drinks but it would do. Thus far the majority he had seen he didn’t know very well–passing acquaintances, at most–but he kept looking, hoping to catch a familiar face, or at least a glimpse of the lady of the evening.

catching up
administration-co asked you:

Laura looked about curiously peering about the base where she could in search of the familiar spy. Reynard? It had been awhile. Coming to what she hoped was his room, the assistant pushed her glasses up her nose before knocking.

By all technicalities, it was his room, However, it wasn’t actually where he tended to stay, much preferring his secretive attic space in the storage area to avoid administrators and teammates alike. Fortunately for Laura, it didn’t necessarily mean his former quarters had fallen to disuse, and, after a moment or two of silence, he opened the door slightly to see who it was.

Oh. That was better than having it be a teammate. Marginally.

“Doamna Patrics..” The Spy looked a little guarded, unsure of the sort of news the assistant may be bearing, but opened the door further anyway. “Good afternoon…I hope." 


Eliza hadn’t caught the door of her facilities opening–she was far too engrossed in a scattered pile of paperwork, scribbling down notes as she fiddled with something in a petri dish. The sound of footsteps venturing closer, however, got her attention, and she spun to find an unfamiliar face.

Heels clicked smartly as her arms linked behind her–very much in a militant fashion, in spite of her support class, and she stood at attention in new company.


  “Oh so you like it?” Mama asked with an amused chuckle.
“it’s not often I get to drive within this vehicle. But, this occasion I decided was a good cause of flair. You have bee such a fantastic asset- I think perhaps you deserved this evening out.”

  Hopefully her evening plans wouldn’t be too posh for her enamored scout ally. He had surprised her before however when it came to these sorts o things. So now, it was a game she could play. Just how much did her dear friend know about the upper class? This would be a fun evening.
  “An may I just add that it is a pleasure to have you joining me tonight Johnny. I haven’t had good company over dinner in such a long while. Well not since my daughter came to stay for awhile.”

administration-co asked:

The limo should not have been in any way surprising. It was a deep dark purple, trimmed with silver accents that gave it a classy look and screamed the Admins name. The driver parked, and then left the vehicle to tell Johnny his ride was here. Mama didn’t disappoint, nothing but a five star evening from here.

manyamann answered:

The driver didn’t need to go too far. Like he had mentioned, he stood out in front of the barracks, all cleaned and spiffed up in a charcoal gray suit with a deep purple tie and vest beneath his suit’s jacket–he had a feeling she’d be wearing a similar color. He even shaved despite the fact that it made him look a little younger. Sometimes it sucked having a babyface when he was a grown ass man.

Heading up to the limo with the driver he gave a low and impressed whistle. Talk about driving in style. He gave a nod of thanks to the man when the door was opened up and slid inside to sit down. “Dis is nice, real nice…”

“Heck yeah. I can’t rememba’ the last time I took a drive in a limo.” Unconsciously unbuttoning his suit’s jacket, keeping the fine thread from being pulled, he settled back in the seat across from her, respectfully giving her space. This wasn’t a date, after all. He was just filling in for someone else. Unfortunate, that.

“Yeah? Well, glad to be of service, boss. Ain’t like I do much else outside of the battlefield, yanno? I like bein’ useful.” Once he had taken in his surroundings he looked over at her and, for a moment, he was unable to hide the warmth of his smile.

“An’ might I add that you’re lookin’ astonishingly beautiful.” Sure, not a date, but he did warn her that he would flirt now and then just to get a smile out of her. He already had a real good feeling that anything more would be barking up the wrong tree.

“Yeah I met ya daughta’. Seems like a pretty nice dame. Showed ha’ around for a spell before she had t’go.” Something Mama already knew, of course. After all, she was the one that sent the young woman his way.

Desperation at the Gala [closed]

Black and red suit, aviators still on his nose, and hair slicked back. Dan arrived at the party very late but that was his way. Come late, leave early. See the boss, give her a quick update, chat with their connections and go. All he had to do was make an appearance.

But then there was Laura.

One last chance. This had to end. He had too much at risk, too much to loose and too much on his plate. This vendetta the two had on one another had to end. When Dan came up the stairs the assistant was nowhere, so Dan made due with Mama for the moment and chatted with one of the trade branches before the man spotted the assistant.

Damn it all if he didn’t think she was lovely. Blue always looked good on her but despite the looks he knew what she was capable of. He knew that behind the mousy appearance and soft innocent look she held that Laura was perhaps one of the most deadliest killers in this room. That was saying a lot since the ball was filled with mercenaries. But none were like her.

Coming up behind the assistant, Dan kept a good three foot distance before clearing his throat. “Red Kiss.”

administration-co  asked:

"Johnny honey, your base is lookin a little dingy." Mama commented, gazing out from under her sun hat- decorated in fancy purple flowers. "Think I might send out some maintenance here for a little improvement- how you doin by the way?"

“Heh, yeah.” He rubbed at the back of his neck, peering out over the dust covered surroundings. “S'what happens when you’re in the middle of the freakin’ desert.” Shrugging, he smiled at her and tucked his hands into his pockets. “I’m doin’, how you doin’? Ain’t see ya since the gala." 

Russell adjusts the suit he wears, making sure it is absolutely perfect. He straightens his tie, tucking it until the jacket of his suit, and keeps the invitation in his hand for the moment, just in case. He has a raffle number on it after all, and of course, on the off chance people might not think he was invited. 

After one final look at himself, he heads out, making his way to the party, a celebration of one of the major admin’s no less. This was certain to be a good night.