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Chariots Chariots.

Greetings, friends. It’s Cave Johnson, CEO of Aperture Science.

As a part of mandatory, court assigned community service, I’m here to try and get you to invest in a…webseries?…Wait,didn’t we already do this? Pretty sure I already shilled out for this…OH, thanks Caroline, it’s the SECOND season of Wish It Inc.

A few years ago, I had some poor, orphan boys from Synthetic Picturehaus visit, and I was gracious enough to give them a few dimes to rub together in order to make a few documentary films about your favorite Science company. (If you’ve yet to see them, audio/visual viewing of these material is mandatory and available here).

But then they went ahead and followed up those fantastic pieces with some webseries about a magic company, and a clown? And a Fairy Godmother who sounds awful familiar.

Well, now they need funding for another season it seems.

First they came to my office begging for money, but I told them to do it themselves; if it doesn’t involve Aperture, I’m not gonna give it any of MY damned money. You don’t get to make something successful by getting everything handed to you.

So they’re on IndieGoGo right now to make this second season happen. You should probably go ahead and take a look at the first season (here), and if you like it, check out the perks, and give a few dollars and help make this happen (here).

Secondly, I need to point out that gas inhalation, regardless of it’s color, or cherry scent, should never be tested on children, adults, senile codgers….or anyone I guess? I STILL DISAGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT CAROLINE.


Hey guys and gals, the guys and gals over at Synthetic PH are fantastic, they’re a great part of the Portal and Valve fandom, and you should definitely take a look at what they’ve done, and help support Season 2 of Wish It Inc. if you can.

Don’t forget;

Ellen McLain
GLaDOS/Turrets/Caroline - Portal
Administrator - Team Fortress 2
Witch, Left 4 Dead 2
Broodmother, Death Prophet - DOTA 2
Jaeger AI - Pacific Rim

John Patrick Lowrie
Sniper - Team Fortress 2
Odessa Cubbage - Half Life 2
…and a lot of DOTA 2

These brilliant people are in Wish It Inc. Season 2!
We literally have GLaDOS and Sniper in this series, plus a whole bunch of other amazing actors

PLEASE, take a look, and let’s support some amazing people in this community!

Image source: schmemy


Beware of user Alexstrasza (#30737)

Usually I don’t do call out posts, however I can’t hold this one back any longer and I think it’s best everyone is wary of this user. Sorry, long post but I’d rather get all the details out.

Long story short:
User Alextrasza (id #30737) (aka Lotus) has scammed me of both a cranial and a light sprite. This user is known popularly as the co-administrator of the Light Flight Skype.

A while ago, because we were friends, I trusted her with borrowing a couple of my items. I know this is against the rules “Item Lending” but I figured it was a nice gesture to friends I could trust. More fool me, I guess. A few friends can attest that I’ve done this.

The cranial since October of last year, and the light sprite since April this year. Evidenced by:

Light sprite


Unfortunately my Skype logs are iffy, but here’s when she asked for the Light Sprite: link

In January, I asked for the Cranial back, but I let her borrow it a bit longer until I forgot about it.

About a month ago, I removed Lotus from my skype contacts, I didn’t say anything. I thought she’d understand as we kinda stopped talking to each other. I had nothing against her.

This month I remembered she still had the cranial. So on the 16th, I sent her a message on FR asking for the cranial (forgot the light sprite at this moment). Never got a response. Okay, maybe she might have missed it. 2 days later, I sent her a message on her profile, again asking for the cranial back. This was deleted by her. I was met with a rather agressive response on my profile.

I sent her a Skype contact request, which wasn’t answered. I also sent her the following message on FR explaining why I removed her. As you can see, I explained very fairly as to the removal. I said she was welcome to add me back at any time. I held no grudge against her.

I realized then there was also my light sprite. However, looking through her bestiary, it seems likely she’s sold it. :|

I had received no contact by the 25th (today). So, I sent her a message on her personal Twitter about it. I messaged her Chickensmoothie account and PM’d her there. She read the PM (thanks tracker) and blocked me.

I have since discovered she is attempting to trade the Cranial. The Light Sprite has already probably been traded. :/

I’ve sent her the following messages on Flight Rising today:

She has seemingly quit FR judging by the unfed dragons in her lair.

She has abused a position of trust, for her own gain, to scam me out of items worth excess of at least $2000.

Other sites to watch out for her on:

Chickensmoothie - Alexstrasza -
Clanheart - Alexstrasza -
Aywas - Lotus & Iocane (58449) -
Tumblr - Lerrturrs -

tl;dr: Don’t trust user 30737 with trades or borrowing anything. Don’t make the mistake I did. I had my trust exploited and fooled into thinking she was a friend.

*Acel stares at the invitation. Is this really what he gets for drunk prank calling while awol? First leniency and the option to apply for leave after the fact, and now an invitation to a gala event with a raffle. He’ll have to bring something… Not a gift, at least not for the Admin, since it’s specifically requested that he doesn’t. Maybe a bottle of alcohol that he can contribute to the party, or something.*

*… And he’ll need to look presentable. Glancing down at himself, he can immediately tell this is going to be a problem. Per Sergej’s suggestion he’s been sticking mostly to sweatshirt and sweatpants for clothes, because they’re stretchy and more forgiving of the fact that he’s been consuming little more than alcohol and pre-made meals for over a month.*

*So he makes a quick phone call before doing anything else, the greeting loud at first and then quickly dropping down into low, rapid French. Aggravation creeps into his voice with every sentence – he probably shouldn’t have called, just avoided the whole headache this is going to bring on by letting go of his pride and going into town to find a tailor. But what’s done is done, and he nearly cracks the handset casing hanging up the phone when the call is done.* Va te faire voir…

*That arranged, for better or for worse, he sits down to scrawl an RSVP on a slightly creased bit of old stationary.*

Miss Mavric,

Thank you for the invitation. I will attend without a guest. We have not yet met in person but I expect I will see Avgustus and he will point you out for me.

– Acel Lavoie

*That goes in the mailbox outside, and then Acel hurries back in side to try and clean up the house before his friend who knows a thing or two about clothes shows up.
The original Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs
Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend - the largest girl party music festival in the world. Rocking Palm Springs for 25 years!
By Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend

Hello GWLG!

Look for me your co-administrator @leztiger666666 at the Dinah Shore this coming weekend and I will take your picture and upload it onto the GWLG page for you!

This is an exclusive opportunity for those of you ladies hitting up the Dinah Shore 2016 Weekend in Palm Springs March 31st-April 3rd. 

Find me there! I’m the one with the Blue Hair,

See ya there!



Resveratrol, quercetin could provide new options for cancer therapy

Resveratrol and quercetin, two polyphenols that have been widely studied for their health properties, may soon become the basis of an important new advance in cancer treatment, primarily by improving the efficacy and potential use of an existing chemotherapeutic cancer drug.

In laboratory experiments, researchers at Oregon State University have developed a system to increase the bioavailability of these compounds in the body by using “copolymers” that make them water soluble and allow their injection into the blood stream, creating levels that are far higher than could ever be obtained by diet or oral intake.

The resveratrol and quercetin then appear to reduce the cardiac toxicity of a very widely used cancer drug, Adriamycin. Although highly effective in the treatment of lymphomas, breast, ovarian and other cancers, Adriamycin can only be used for a limited time in humans because of its cardiotoxicity.

The co-administration of these polyphenols might allow much more extensive use of this drug, while at the same time improving its efficacy and demonstrating the polyphenols’ own anti-cancer properties, scientists said.

Findings on this research have been published in the Journal of Controlled Release, by scientists from the College of Pharmacy at Oregon State University and the School of Pharmacy at Pacific University.

Caption: A new delivery system for protective polyphenols like resveratrol may have value in cancer chemotherapy. Credit: (Graphic courtesy of Oregon State University)

“I purchased and read “This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids”. It is excellent, of course. But what I really need for my teachers’ book club is a book entitled “This Is a Book for Teachers of Gay Kids”. DO YOU HAVE A BOOK TO SUGGEST? I’ve contacted GLSEN with little success.”

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Kristin Says:


Last month we went up to a conference in Massachusetts where we spoke to 70 high school guidance counselors about how to be better prepared for their LGBTQ students. Each one of them was given a copy of This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids!

Even though the book is centered around the parent-child relationship, so so sooooooo much of what is in the book is relevant and helpful for friends, educators, co-workers, administrators, and employers of LGBTQ people! We cover so many questions that are relevant in homes as well as schools (from the more basic, ”Is it a choice?” and “Am I allowed to ask questions?” to the specific, “What do I do if they want to come out at school?” and “What is the difference between gender identity and sexuality?”), and the stories shared by young people help round out a better understanding of the complex experiences of LGBTQ humans!

My other immediate suggestion, since you already know about GLSEN, would be to reach out to the people at NYCoRE (New York Collective of Radical Educators). They have a smaller subset group called NYQueer, and they are very knowledgeable about how to help teachers “queer” their curriculums and be more inclusive in many, many ways. They have resources like reading materials for young kids, yearly planners with notes on historic days in LGBTQ history, and more. They rule, and I am certain they’d have some amazing books to recommend.

Also, remember this: reading about the lives and experiences of many queer and trans people, even though not specifically tied to educational practices, is very, very powerful. The biggest gap in teacher-student relationships as pertains to these issues is a lack of sensitivity, awareness, and understanding. If there is some flexibility in your book club, maybe you can pull a few articles on things like pronoun usage and the importance of gender neutral bathrooms, or watch videos together that cover things like bisexual awareness and the gender binary! Overall awareness will get your fellow teacher-friends in a place where they are being inclusive in their classrooms in extremely powerful ways.

Lastly! Dannielle and I have a goal this year of partnering with educators to help us create a teacher’s guide for This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids, and to build out a teacher-specific section over on The Parents Project. If you have interest in helping us, let us know (email us at info (at) everyoneisgay (dot) com)!!

Beans, if you have more resources, reply with them!!!


Hi! Our advice is always free for all to read & watch. Help us keep this gay ship chuggin’ by donating as little as $1/month over here on Patreon. xo

Also YAY co-admin and I have ironed out the major wrinkles in a major site feature that was really slowing down our productivity and taking up WAY too much time. But it looks like now we can draft up the final version of it and then… we’ll pretty much be 90% done with what needs to be done for the site before soft opening.

SORRY IF THAT IS VAGUE but I promise it is a SUPER fun thing that I think will help with creating a sense of competition and community at the same time (while also earning you MORE MONEY :D) Once we have both gone over the information on it with a fine toothed comb, I’ll put up the info for ya’ll to mull over.

I also want to take a moment to say how incredibly grateful we are to have all of you guys at least somewhat interested in this- and as we reveal more things we absolutely encourage you all to send us feedback, questions and concerns as you have been doing already! We really enjoy the messages :]