EPA advisor who quit in protest says Trump admin. has subcommittee on “firing line”

  • Two Environmental Protection Agency advisors resigned in protest Friday after the Trump administration removed their committee’s co-chairs.
  • Carlos Martín and Peter Meyer, advisors to the EPA’s Sustainable and Healthy Communities subcommittee, wrote in a joint letter posted to Twitter that they could not be “complicit” in the removal of committee co-chairs, Courtney Flint and Robert Richardson — or what they called the “watering down of credible science.” Read more (5/12/17)

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Donald Trump to reverse Obama policy that improved decades of difficult relations with Cuba
Donald Trump is likely to reverse the Obama administration’s policy on better relations with Cuba - the latest overturning of his predecessor's work, according to The Daily Caller.

Mythili Sampathkumar at The Independent:

Donald Trump is likely to reverse the Obama administration’s policy on better relations with Cuba - the latest overturning of his predecessor’s work, according to The Daily Caller.

After a late 2014 breakthrough with President Raúl Castro, Barack Obama was able to reestablish diplomatic relations with the communist Caribbean island nation the next year after nearly 60 years of hostility.

Travel restrictions were lifted and opportunities to do business also opened up - much of it done through executive orders signed by Mr Obama that avoided the need Congressional approval. However, Congress voted not to lift the US economic embargo.  

However, on the campaign trail Mr Trump. touted as the pro-business candidate - said he would “terminate” any deals Mr Obama made with Cuba, a fact that may not sit well with the airline and hospitality industries.

In what has become a commonplace occurrence, Mr Trump took the opposite position as well. In 2015 he told the Daily Caller that the “concept of opening with Cuba is fine.”

Reuters reports that the Trump administration will probably bring back some restrictions on trade and travel, but will “stop short of breaking diplomatic relations.”

After President Obama began the process of normalizing relations with Cuba, Trump wants to reverse that trend.

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Why exactly do you not like the Obama administration? No hate, cos I find your political worldview really interesting :-) just curious because I'm english, and not really that knowledgeable on American politics. But Obama seemed cool and english people generally liked him so idk :-/

Where do I even begin? The constant unconstitutional executive overreach. The push for restrictions on second amendment rights. The refusal to acknowledge the real issues of Islamic terrorism. The fact that he was given a Nobel peace prize before doing anything and then spent eight years pouring kerosene on the fire that is the conflict in the Middle East. The unnecessary and irrelevant involvement on social issues that were none of his business. The fact that he can still be considered “pretty cool” while drone striking his own citizens for maybe possibly being terrorists.

Hello and Hap'piraki!

I hope the news of a new Mod of askaceattorney wasn’t too much of a shock, because as of today, there will be two!

That’s right!  I am the second new Mod, who will be working alongside the new Mod (as well as the previous Mod) to keep the flow of letters going from curious askers to quirky characters, and back. To avoid any confusion, you can refer to me as the “Co-Mod” (or the “commode” if you’re feeling particularly jokey).

As with the Modthorne, I’m very honored to be a part of this show, as well as extremely excited!  (Seriously, I slept for a grand total of zero hours last night.)  My hope is that together we’ll be able to make it just as entertaining, hilarious, and thought-provoking as it has been up until now.  We’ll do our best to be as authentic as we can, but we won’t be revealing exactly who is writing what – it’ll be up to you to try and tell us apart.

So, a few quick things about me:

  • I’m a lover of music, art, and creative writing (which is a big part of why I love the Ace Attorney series).  If you’re interested in seeing what I’ve created so far (including Ace Attorney fan art, among other things), check out my main blog at imnobodyuknow. However, please keep in mind I won’t be answering questions related to this blog from there.
  • I’ve been an Ace Attorney fan for a few years now, and a fan of video games in general for much longer.  Questions on the topic will be welcomed!
  • I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to humor, as you can probably tell from what you’ve read so far.

So, in conclusion, if it pleases the court, I’d like to thank everyone here for keeping the blog going with your questions, compliments, jeers, etc., and I hope we’ll make this an Ace Attorney experience to remember!

Also, I’m kind of new to this, so…go easy on me, all right?

See you ‘round!

Today was intern orientation, and as I co-administrate this program I had a full morning of talking and also sitting listening and I had to turn my phone over because though it was silent it kept lighting up with Tumblr notifications with people shouting/crying at me in the tags of my Barricade Day fic and I had to try hard not to laugh because my co worker kept looking at my phone like …Katie what is that? 

I DID tell y’all it was sad. XD

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15 (Most hurtful thing someone said to you) and carnation (I stalk your blog):P

Hi there! Well we’re two co-administrators, a boy and a girl and now I’m the ENTP guy ruling this account. Ugh, that’s a tough one, huh? More than a concrete phrase, the most hurtful thing being used toward me was when a INTJ girl who had been obviously flirting w/ me (and intentionally deceiving me) for about 2 years, made me think that I was being a total paranoid believing in things that never exist, besides treating me with a frightening condescendion, like she was a superior being helping me with “my psychological problem” (like if I was almost a harasser). The fact is that she had a boyfriend and when ppl started to gossip about her and me, suddenly every thing we had lived together (if you had been at those moment or read out convos, you would have freaked out! They weren’t typical friends moments) disappeared and she despised me in order to mantain her reputation (anyone would believe the cute good girl and not me, the boy who always had a crush on her). Fortunately, our close friends know us so well and knew for sure that I wasn’t crazy and it wasn’t completely my fault.

(Btw that girl was a fucking evil mastermind haha).

Now, I’m okay, that moment passed away and I do not love this girl anymore. I think from this we could learn that we have to be consequents with our actions (it is awful to play with others feelings, moreover if you actually have boy/girlfriend) and, ¡¡Important!! NEVER NEVER NEVER despise your own feelings and hurt someone who gives you his/her love, just because of your reputation. People gossips SUCK. But those who change and harm their “loved”/close ones due to “what people will think” are the worst thing ever.

Sometimes the most hurtful things are people, not words.

(Thanks for reading us! 😊❤)

Mann Co. Dance

So Zazzles45 sent me this cool idea for a dancing headcanon, and I’ve also been getting a lot of requests to do another fic, so I thought I’d combine the two to create what you are hopefully about to read. (A/N to Zazzles45: I 

Because of some recent, and most likely illegal, battles going on in Tuefort, the citizens have begun to complain about the Mercs and Mann Co. The Administrator obviously can’t have this getting in the way of her master plan, so she puts on a charity dance. The two teams are forced to learn how to dance together, which causes a lot of friction… especially when a few of the team members seem to get too close with their enemies…

*cough*Sniper and Spy*cough*

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Prompt: An older one from castlefanficprompts. AU S1 “why don’t you shut up and put your mouth to better use” so he does.  M rating.

She’s going to kill him.  Him and his stupid theories, him and his constant questions, him and his cocky grin and his blue eyes and his broad shoulders and the way he crowds in close to her that turns her on more than she will ever, ever admit.

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Vista interior, Edificio de Administración, Bacardi y  Cía S.A. De C.V., Autopista México-Querétaro 4431, Tultitlan, Estado de México, México 1961

Arq. Mies van der Rohe

Interior view, Administration Building, Bacardi & Co., Mexico-Queretaro Highway 4431, Tultitlan, Edo. Mexico, Mexico 1961

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What does a producer of Teen Wolf actually do? Like they can change things they dont like? Example: Evil Producer: "Here is the part we graphically murder Liam and hack his body-" Tyler Posey the Good Producer: "No, instead we'll have Scott give him a bath and loads of hugs, kill this person instead because *States reasons* - " Is it something like that?

Hey there Nonnie! Like you, I think a lot of us are wondering what it means for the show now that Posey has been granted with a Producer title. So what better time to address this question then on day one of Teen Wolf Season 5 right?!

Ok so here’s what we know. Posey is now a Co-Producer.

The important thing to remember is that a co-producers’ responsibilities vary enormously depending on which type of Co-producer they are - though they always work under the direction of the Producer. Which means, for better or for worse, Posey can’t actually go in and lord his new powers over the entire production team. The buck will always stop at Jeff Davis.

This doesn’t really tell us what specific duties he will be taking on though. So I did a little more research to see if I could uncover more information.

  • Because the Co-Producer title “varies so greatly sometimes the title connotes responsibility and at other times it is largely honorific” (x). 
  • Translation: it’s hard for us to say how many new duties Posey will be given this year, but they can vary from creative, financial, technological to administrative (x).
  • In general co-producers need to possess “a thorough working knowledge of the creative and business processes of filmmaking, as well as an awareness of the current markets for different styles and genres of film” (x).
  • Wikipedia classifies them as “a writer on the show who may not have written the episode, but contributed significantly through table reads or revisions”.
  • And I’ve frequently seen it said that they may be “on location everyday overseeing the day to day of filming and keeping on top of the film’s budget” (x).

So basically, taking all of this in, I suspect that Posey will be using this year to learn about more of the technical aspects of filming - as well as maybe giving creative feedback on the show at large, rather than just say his character or a scene he’s in. Again though, a lot of this is speculation! It’s hard to actually know how hands on he’s going to be (or how hands on they will let him be) but it does suggest that he’s investing more into the show and will have a part to play in its production!

Blind Date!
{{ Open to all! }}

Oswald gently strummed his fingers against the table top of the little diner he resided in, his gaze set on his hands as a multitude of anxious thoughts ran through his mind. The medic had been here for a blind date of all things, all thanks to a ‘gentle’ push from his blonde, Russian coworker.

He wasn’t one to so eagerly jump into the dating circle and actually be willing to participate in events such as these. It was just making him more and more nervous by the second. Oswald always thought love blossomed naturally between people (he was a hopeless romantic! He couldn’t help himself!) but he supposed it couldn’t hurt to give fate a gentle nudge forward every now and again.

So now here he sat in a booth by himself, wearing casual clothes consisting of a deep blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, black pants, and a pair of saddle shoes to pull it all together.

Introduction Time

Hello, hello! Welcome to our new blog, attack-on-fanfic. Basically, my co-administrator (Admin S) and I were inspired by the snk positivity project and created this blog to acknowledge the few, the brave, and the bold–the writers of Attack on Titan fanfiction.

Writing is a really difficult task, whether it’s getting through the actual writing process, mustering up the courage to post your writing on a public forum, or maintaining self-security when you feel as though you’re not as acknowledged as other writers. That’s why we’re here. We want to honor those of you who do this on the regular (or not-so-regular), and bridge the gap between writers and admirers alike.

Generally, submissions will be kept anonymous, short, and sweet, in order to fit the following template:

For information regarding what submissions should look like and how to go about submitting your compliments, please check out our Rules and FAQ pages. In addition, we will be posting any fanfiction that submissions mention on our Library page, which is organized by pairing.

We hope to hear from you soon!

–Admin A

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hey. i was just wondering when and how did you know you were gay and if you had problems coming to terms with it. if this is too personal you dont need to answer it thanks. :)

No it’s not too personal at all!

It’s tough to know when I really knew I was gay because for a while my homosexual tendencies were something I tried surpressing. I was very religious at the time and I knew I had the tendencies but I always told myself that I will just have to settle for a girl so I didn’t see myself going to Hell (not because I actually believed this but because that’s what the religious half of my family had made me believe). Around this time I felt uncomfortable with who I really was. I felt like I was decieving God and I felt like an alien in my own skin. I resorted to about 6 months of self harm (I’m since 1 year clean as of May 21st) but it got pretty serious and my Mom ended up finding out and I quit immediately after. After deliberating amongst myself and the few people I came out to and trusted, I made it my choice to abandon religion. That made it easier for me to tell friends that I was gay – they were generally supportive and I even found myself confiding in a group of friends that were also LGBTQ and I felt welcomed and accepted there. From then I found it easier to come out to family. I first told my mom, who just so happens to be a loud mouth and told everyone. She was generally supportive, a little bit confused and worried that I would get hurt because of it but she’s an amazing mother and I could never discredit how she handled it. She then told my dad who was also generally supportive, very awkward and confused, but supportive nonetheless. From then I didn’t really tell anyone besides close friends. I was covered myself up as an LGBTQ “ally” (straight person who sticks up for the LGBTQ community/movement) and co-administrated my schools Gay/Straight Alliance program with my friend Delany. I finally mustered up the courage (last year AKA my sophomore year) to openly come out via Facebook (that’s what everyone in my school had). The feedback was mostly positive aside from a few people who were coward enough to say things behind my back, but I’m not going to shed a tear for someone who doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to talk shit about me to my face. Since I became a Junior (grade 11) I’ve stopped caring entirely how others feel about my sexuality. I don’t shove it down people’s throats but sometimes acting really flamboyant to spite those who have a distaste for homosexuality can be fun. Now I’m a generally happy (well, yeah) homosexual that doesn’t have a care in the world how anyone feels about it. If you’re going to waste your time defining love or even ostracizing your peers from loving who they please, you’re the problem with the concept of “love.”

All in all I was really lucky, the most crucial part of my journey through coming out was that my parents were accepting. I can’t fathom how difficult it would be if my parents were hellbent on religion like the rest of my family was, because my experience could’ve been 100% different. 

Moral of the story – Don’t let anybody tell you that what you’re doing or looking for is wrong. Homosexuality or any type of sexuality (or lack there of) between two consenting human beings that doesn’t harm any individuals is perfectly acceptable and in fact a beautiful testiment to humanity. Love who you like and show no shame. People are going to judge you but they’re missing out on an opportunity to advocate the most beautiful thing this world has to offer; Love. It’s your life, do as you please within bounds of reason and never feel ashamed to have feelings because you’re not here to live under someone else’s pretenses.