I Stand With Willa, I Stand With Survivors |

In the spring of 2013, Willa Murphy was violently raped by a fellow Georgetown student.

It was such a traumatic experience that it took over a year after her rape before she was able to tell anyone, not uncommon for survivors. It was only in June 2014, after she had taken a medical leave of absence and been off campus since that January, that she officially told the school she had been raped.

I learned all of this two weeks ago, when I met Willa for the first time.

Are people finding the toy reviews helpful?

If so, I’ll start uploading them every tuesday as a Toybox Tuesday theme post. I was considering moving them to a new blog, but since people don’t want me to discontinue this one, I think I might merge them again.

Parent Teacher Conferences: Something’s Got to Give

We could revolutionize conferences and the way that students feel about learning if we allowed these four powerful questions to drive our practice and conversations.  Let’s begin with changing conferences from a less than helpful obligation of parents, teachers, and students to an empowering experience for students.  We suggest three steps:

First, establish success criteria with the students by taking the time to determine what criteria will prove students know and are able to show they have reached the learning goals for the unit of study.  Teachers can do this in a variety of ways, but the key is to involve students in the process so they develop an understanding of what success looks like and have a clear pathway to reach the learning goals.

Second, as the learning occurs ask students to gather evidence in a portfolio, notebook, or electronic tool that can be shared to prove learning.  We recommend that the evidence shows progress, is messy, and includes mistakes, feedback, multiple drafts, misconceptions addressed, and the student’s own detection of errors, etc.  During the entire learning process, ensure that the evidence students collect aligns to the success criteria and learning goals.

Third, change the current conference scenario by asking students to share their achievements through evidence with their parents.  The conference can follow the four powerful questions that define an engaged and assessment capable learner, which will provide everyone with the information needed to understand what learning occurred and what is still to be learned.  

Approaching 10,000 Followers

Hi there everyone!

What with graduating and everything else I have been up to, I didn’t even notice that this blog is now approaching 10k followers!

At 5,000 we held a giveaway of books I had purchased from my local second hand bookshop.

I wouldn’t mind holding another giveaway to celebrate 10k, but I’m not sure what to give away this time. As always I don’t have a lot of money to purchase prizes. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them?

Greatness is often in the smallest of details

I truly believe that if you are an educator, whether an administrator or teacher, that every single student or teacher you pass in the hallway, you acknowledge in some way, whether you teach them or not. Going out of your way to talk to a student, might seem “small” to you, but it could be a world of difference to a student that day.  The “small stuff”, sometimes is the most important stuff we do; we have to learn when focusing on the little things will make all of the difference.

wells-eye asked:

As far as the "Viking ship on the Mississippi River" goes, the original news story was from the World Daily News Report, which is a satirical website similar to the Onion. The picture is your posts is actually from either the excavations at Skuldelev or Roskilde (I can't remember). I would add the link, but the messenger thingie won't allow me to send the message if I do so.

Thank you! I should have checked the source of that, but I was eager to get stuff queued. My bad, everyone. I’ll delete that post.

Also a thanks to dearvince for also notifying me.

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