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everyone deserves a few kind words  (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ 


Hi loves! So 2 weeks passed and I’m back with another part of my long-ass Evak fanfiction recs series, hooray! I never know what else to write here, so I’ll just shut up for now. All the fics can be found under the cut. Happy reading!

As always, the list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ”

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[INFO] 170616 “End of Warm Up”, KARD Will Make Their Official Debut in Mid-July [Admin 💋]

DSP Media’s co-ed group, KARD decided to make their official debut in mid-July and is currently doing preparation for it.

According to the officials, KARD will make their formal debut and meet the fans through music shows next month, seven months since their first single “Oh NaNa” which released last December.

They have finished recording the title song and is currently in debut preparation process. On last May, it was revealed that they filmed their title MV in Los Angles and Las Vegas.

Consisted by BM, J.Seph, Jeon Somin and Jeon Jiwoo, KARD is DSP Media’s co-ed group that announce their music by making headlines with presenting their debut projects to public.

‘Oh Nana’, ‘Don’t Recall’, and ‘Rumor’, all the last single project got well reviews from public, through this ‘masterpiece maker’ KARD successfully creates the new foundation of one top co-ed group generation.

KARD is selected as Top 5 of Kpop Artist that is need to be anticipated in 2017 by the U.S Billboard, also got invited to do recent overseas performances in the U.S, Canada, and Brazil with performance tour under named ‘Wild Kard’ tour.

‘Oh Nana’ and ‘Don’t Recall’ music videos on YouTube breakthrough the record by millions views, also the third song ‘Rumor’ is topped the list of iTunes Kpop chart in 13 countries, such as the U.S, Argentina, Brazil, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, El Salvador, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, and Bolivia.

On the hot month of July, they will announce their official debut song to the world. Sure enough people take interest to their new extraordinary performances.

Credit: Naver Entertainment []

Take out with full credit.

Introducing: @ContactTJLC

The TJLC community is an incredibly clever, big-hearted, and fierce bunch, and I think it’s high time we all get to know each other better!

This blog will serve as a way to do just that: using the submissions feature, send us 1-5 pictures of yourself, a link to your blog, and a brief-ish description of who you are & who/what you’re looking for here (friends, dating, a mentor, etc). I’ll add it to the queue and in a few hours (?) it’ll post!!

Then, you can look through the blog to see a snapshot of the community at large, or you can search specific tags to find TJLCers who live nearby and/or have similar interests! Think of it as a TJLC-themed combination of Tinder, LinkedIn, and Humans of New York.

If this blog becomes popular enough, I also hope it can become a tool to organize real-life TJLC clubs around the world (including college campuses) and a way to show the world how many of us there are when we turn out to be right!

I love this community so much, and I’m super excited to meet more of you this way! 

With amo,

Admin Elise (@221beautifulmorning)

EDIT: make sure y'all submit a profile too! That’s the only way this thing is gonna work ;P

(Tags, thanks, and ways you could help/get involved are below the cut)

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anonymous asked:

The blog is amazing, and I love all four of you! Can I ask - what do you do for your careers? Do you write or something?

Wow! Uh, well, for me (Raylee).. I don’t write professionally. I actually sell steel. I write for fun, and currently, I am the co-admin of an RP group here on tumblr, if you’re interested in writing with me.

I (Hilary) work at a university library! It’s pretty cool and I do write sometimes in my down time. I was an english major with a writing minor, so writing’s been a hobby for a while! I post the rare fanfic, work on original stories I never quite finish, and am attempting to start an actual legit blog.

Morgan here - I’m actually a 911 dispatcher!  But I did major in writing back in college, so who knows maybe I’ll hit gold some time in the future (I won’t put any money on that, thought).  I currently have quite a few fanfics that are nearly ready to post, and you can check out my ao3 account here!

I (Owl) work at an app company, actually. I’m a product manager, which essentially means I plan new features and boss around developers. I’m pretty good at both of these things, if I do say so myself. I do write occasionally for my job, but most of my HP-related writing can be found on my personal blog.

Links to Latest HCs/Fics

If you are experiencing trouble with our blog on mobile (as previous anons have brought up,) here is a post with permalinks to the latest fics (past 3-4 days)

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Wow I just realized I wrote a lot of fics in my third week as co-admin. This is the start of my fourth week. lololol (Word counted 20k+ words for my Week 3 fics document)


Hello everyone! I’m Lily (@edenshazards), and my amazing co-admins Jen (@liohnelmessi), Yvonne (@fearlesskiki), Janeen (@marcoasensioss), and Sof (@marco-reus-dimples​) have been planning on officially and properly launching this blog to be the ultimate blog for all football blogs here on tumblr. As you know, the projects we’ve launched are the Football Blogs Directory (which you can apply here for), and the Birthday Page. We have more activities, events, and occurring posts lined up everyday, so we hope you can join us. A few examples are:

  • Chat Rooms (a place to mingle with other fans that share the same passion, which is our second biggest project which will be launching in June 1)
  • Ultimate Dream Team (fan voting activity to decide the best starting 11 of the season)
  • Player of the Month (you’ll be the deciding factor)
  • Foot for Thought (a weekly dose of football quotes)
  • Caption This (for everyone who has a sense of humor)
  • Football Flashback Friday (Football History)
  • FBD Book Club (a place to share and discuss writing within the fandom)
  • World Football Day (A day to celebrate the sport with any creations such as edits, gifs, playlists, videos, artwork, essay writing piece)
  • Secret Santa (a time to love another fellow fan)

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Let’s Talk: How to Admin

As someone who has adminned my own groups and collaborated as co-admin in other groups, I’m gonna’ drop you some knowledge on being an admin in the RP community. Maybe you’ll learn something, or maybe you’ll see something you’re doing wrong. Let’s talk!

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anonymous asked:

Can you do an (platonic of course) imagine about MC being kinda young? Like 13-15? Thank you!

separated saeran/unknown cuz the setting of this HC is more fitting for unknown, but included saeran too [so there are 2 different HCs]


Note: This request was made by one of the applicants for the co-admin. Posted with permission from the respective person. 

Ri’s Edit on May 6: Ayyyy throwback, this was my entry to get accepted as admin lololol!!


  • he was really interested in the new girl in the RFA… unhealthily interested… 
  • the poor, lonely boy didn’t know that you were barely in high school! 
  • BOOM. 
  • that’s the sound of his guilt and embarrassment crashing on him when he finally met you at the party.
  • “MC! You’re uh, really… young.”  
  • but as you talked with him more, he realized that you’re still the same person in the chat that he admires 
  • he respects you a lot for gathering so many guests, especially with your age
  • you were greeting all the guests so professionally and engaging them in thoughtful conversations, rather than simple, polite ones - after the party, he approaches you excitedly 
  • “MC… I think you’re really amazing… Not everyone can handle this so well at your age!”  
  • he would definitely ask you to hang out with him when you’re free, just as friends, looking past the age difference  
  • he would probably like to take you to a pet shelter that he volunteers at, hoping to talk to you more, and to show you his skill with animals 
  • although he was disappointed that he was still a single pringle, he’d be overjoyed that someone he respected so much (cough, you) was his friend


  • it didn’t matter to him how old you were, because to him, you’re still a lady  
  • and he’s deadset on being a gentleman. 
  • he will fawn over you and offer his aid for the littlest things 
  • “Let me help you, mi'lady.“ 
  • *insert sparkly smile* 
  • Even if it’s just pouring water. 
  • he takes a lot of selfies with you because he thinks that’s what teenagers are into. 
  • deadly protective of you. 
  • he will glare at seven for even THINKING to prank you, and WILL hunt him down 
  • and he will even talk to Jumin Han if it means keeping him from talking to you and ‘tainting’ your purity 
  • Zen was like the older overprotective brother (or maybe sister lololol) you didn’t know you had… 
  • and even after the party, he continued to treat you like his little sister: taking you out for ice cream when you passed your tests, shopping with you and offering his fashion advice, making sure boys weren’t bothering you, all that sisterly Zen stuff


  • she has so much respect for you, honestly  
  • no, not because of the party organizing actually  
  • but because you could deal with Jumin Han.  
  • “MC! Please… I beg you to grow up faster, my job will be reserved for you!“ 
  • you thought it was ridiculous. It’s not like you really had any control over Jumin… 
  • but you and Jaehee got along very well, and laughed about Jumin together  
  • she even got you into watching Zen’s DVDs… although she covered your eyes for every inappropriate scene 
  • “nonono MC, you’re too young for this!”  
  • although, it really made you curious why she’d always be nosebleeding after…  


  • dude, he’s been gushing over how cute you looked since he first looked into your background 
  • he has spammed V’s phone about you too many times to count 
  • when he finally met you, he’d be playing pranks on you CONSTANTLY 
  • and he’d be cracking lame jokes with you  
  • and telling stupid stories to you - and pranking OTHERS with you  
  • all those things he wanted to do with his brother… instead, he did them with you, someone he viewed as his little sister  
  • but all his fun and games are gone as soon as anyone else makes fun of you. A guest pointed out that you were just a kid, and that it was improper for you to be at the party. 
  • Seven angrily retaliated that you had organized the party, and made the guest apologize 
  • that is, not before he stole the guest’s id card and hacked into all their social media!! 
  • all behind your back of course, he didn’t want to be evil in your eyes. He wanted to be your Defender of Justice, 707! 


  • he had no idea you were so young. 
  • after all, he was completely ignorant of it when you mentioned it in chat… It’s Jumin Han, what do you expect? 
  • when he first saw you at the party, he thought you were a lost child. 
  • “Good afternoon… Do you need help finding your parents?”  
  • to say he was shocked when he found out you were MC would be an understatement  
  • you two got off on the wrong foot for sure. You, upset that he thought you were a kid. Him, upset that you had shouted at him about it. 
  • but as an adult, he felt that it was his responsibility to watch over you  
  • so he watched as you easily interacted with the guests, making them laugh and successfully encouraging them to donate as much as they could 
  • and he watched as you got along with the other RFA members better than he did, even though he’d been with them for much longer 
  • and he watched as you delivered an inspiring speech, your charisma captivating the audience 
  • he was so ready to hire you. 
  • but you were still bitter about him… 
  • so for weeks after the party, he was sending you luxurious gifts in an attempt to coax you into wanting to work for him in the future 
  • finally, you confront him, demanding that he should stop sending gifts because you’d rather get to know him and develop the desire to work for him, rather than be tempted by money 
  • well! you’ve just won over his respect and admiration, as a person, and as a female. 
  • despite your protests, he will NOT stop spoiling you. Your TV broke down? Replaced. You cracked your phone? Now you have an entirely new one. You want a pet? Just choose one.  
  • he’ll even give you special permission to play with Elizabeth the 3rd.


  •  - he adored you. 
  • this man absolutely loved children, and treated you like a child, rather than your age 
  • he gave you a giant teddy bear, bags of candy and a tiny tiara accessory when he met you at the RFA party 
  • “she’s our little princess, don’t you think?!" 
  • he sounded so excited about it, you’d feel bad protesting. 
  • Seven was constantly taking pictures of you and snickering, and V eventually found out why 
  • he felt bad for not considering your feelings. 
  • he later apologized to you privately for treating you like a child… And promised to treat you with the same respect as the other members - but you admitted that you kinda liked being spoiled by him… 
  • so don’t be surprised when he gives you a dress the next time he meets you - "it’s to match with your tiara, princess~" 
  • you weren’t old enough to be his queen, but you were perfect to be his princess! 


  • he shifted uncomfortably in front of you, and you stared right back with a smile
  • you had been tending to the party, but decided to take a break to talk to Saeran  
  • he was still a bit shaky and adorably shy, now that the drugs weren’t controlling him anymore… The others were still a bit wary of him, so you wanted to give him a warm welcome…… although it wasn’t all too effective because you were so much younger than him 
  • "you know, I’m not a kid… You don’t have to stay here to look after me,” he muttered, looking at his feet. 
  • you smiled despite his intentions to push you away, replying, “but I’m a kid. So could you look after me?" 
  • Saeran cracked a smile at your reply 
  • ”’ve taken care of this entire party, so I think you can take care of yourself…“ 
  • and to your surprise, he said, 
  • ”..but I don’t mind being with you like this.“ 


  • "why is my target so tiny." 
  • that was his initial thought when he first began to stal- wait no that sounds illegal, ahem, investigate you 
  • honestly, he felt a twinge of guilt as he watched you pick up the cell phone. But he proceeded with the plans anyway, secretly hoping you would refuse to follow his instructions 
  • but goddammit, you were so fucking gullible 
  • a part of him was silently screaming at you to be more careful of strangers, and to not be so trusting 
  • after all, he couldnt trust anyone… not after THAT.. but that’s another story  
  • he couldn’t help but watch over you worriedly, guarding your apartment, rather than spying on you (okay fine maybe a bit of both, he admitted..) 
  • but apparently, you had noticed him from the start 
  • he was a bit dumbfounded that you didn’t call the police or, god forbid, Seven for help, if you noticed him but oh well 
  • you giggled in reply, "Of course I noticed! I’m not dumb, I helped to organize the party after all… I was waiting for you to say hi!" 
  • he couldn’t help but blush. Only a little. Just a little…  
  • "ahh… hi” (man he was awkward) 
  • you smile, “Hihi~! You’ll be my friend, right?" 
  • why was she so naive? Didn’t she know he was dangerous? Didn’t she herself just say that she knew he had been watching her secretly for DAYS? God, why did he even care about her, she’s just a target so-  
  • your expectant gaze just killed his doubts.  
  • ”…okay.“ 

[170613] Happy 2nd Year, What17Says!

Two years ago, this blog was “born.” At that time, I didn’t know that it was going to be active for two years. I didn’t know that it’s going to have as much followers, subscribers, and staff members as it does now. So I really would like to thank all of you for your support. Not only to the blog, but of course, to what matters most – our boys, SEVENTEEN.

For the past two years, they have been making us really proud. I know the feeling is mutual. I’m sure that they’re proud of each and every one of us, CARATs, for being a strong fandom that supports them a lot and spreads love not only within our own fandom but in others as well.

I have short messages for the ex-admins, current admins, staff members, and followers/subscribers in the link below. Keep Reading if you want to see more. :)


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genocideroute  asked:

hey I just stumbled upon your AU. I actually co-admin the UndertaleTrashGroup on DA and once I saw your pages, it peeked my curiosity to dive into this. I love your style and art and can't wait to see more of this AU. <3

Ahhh omg, thank you so much for your nice words!!

We’re really happy you like our AU (and super grateful to you for featuring our art on DA) ;v; we’ll do our best ~

*deleting the text or self promoting on this will disqualify you*

Hello there lovely palmtrees! We’re team Bora Bora of The Island Unity @islandunity and together we present to you The Bora Bora Awards! The awards are things you can do/visit as tourist at Bora Bora! 

- R U L E S -

- A W A R D S -

every award will contain 2 winners!

🌴 Best Posts: Leopard Rays Trench

🌴 Best URL: Mount Otemanu

🌴 Best Add-ons/features: Matira Beach

🌴 Best Theme: spotting whales and dolphins

🌴 Best Colourscheme: diving with sharks

🌴 Best Icon: Tupitipiti Point 

🌴 Best New Discovery: Mount Pahia

🌴 Sweetest personality:  Scuba diving

🌴 Best Overall: Bora Bora Lagoonarium

- P  E R K S -

  • Winners will be displayed on a beautiful page (under construction)
  • The page will be on every blog of us (= 6 blogs)! That means lots of viewers!
  • New friends
  • Tons of new followers!
  • A follow from all of us

- O T H E R S -

  • Winners will be announced around the end of the month June or when we’re happy with the notes
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us
  • Banner created by my amazing co-admin of The Island Unity: @fauhne
  • Please don’t delete the text and try not to selfpromote on this!!

Happy reblogging and enjoy your short trip to Bora Bora with us! ♥

Love, Bora Bora Team! xx

Hey guys! I’m co-admining a YOI Discord group! If you would like to join, please send me a message and I’ll give you an invite code.

Please note that due to the fact that the admins are adults, we are making a hard rule that you MUST be 18+ to join the group. There will be NSFW and SFW channels that are separate, but we don’t want to take any chances.

Also, this is a discourse free zone. No au/ship/headcanon hate tolerated.

That being said, I hope to get a lot of people in there!

anonymous asked:

It upsets me when people dont like cancers or pisces just because their "too emotional". They cry so much because they care so much. Yeah sometimes their emotions get a little out of hand but they never mean any harm. They just wanna help you and make you happy. Seriously why would you ever hurt such precious beans?

I totally agree with you. One of my closest friends and also the co-admin of this account is a cancer and let me tell you she is SO MUCH more than just a “crybaby” or “emo” and she doesn’t fit in that stereotypical cancer prototype. I feel that people fail to see how strong cancers are because of the loyalty they possess. Cancers are, to me, exceptionally steadfast people who you can share your feelings, insecurities, and goals with. And it’s not that they’re too emotional, it’s that they are just emotionally adept people who know how to handle it when their friends are emotionally distressed. Water signs f👏🏽t👏🏽w

giantmeteorforpresident  asked:

You follow my demisexuality blog and when I saw you reblog my post my heart skipped a beat

I’m honored that you appreciate my attention, because I was under the impression that the pleasure was all mine. Like, all of it. I thought this was a one-sided pupil (me) teacher (you and your co-admins) relationship. You see, I just started to discover that I am ace spec over the past year and your demisexuality blog has really helped me to better understand the feeling that I have. Thanks for doing what you do ☺

Tangential information: I was developing a comic in which the main protagonist was a nonbinary individual named Ari, but my good friend is actively working on a comic in which there is also a nonbinary character also named Ari… he was willing to change it, but I believed that the name was a better fit for his character (given the story he’s aiming to tell). I’m still going to write MY comic, I just need to rename the character now. Anyway, I though that was a fun coincidence.