Yui: …. (walks into her room, sees Shu laid out on the bed) Shu?

Shu: … ((I’m ignoring you)) Don’t be noisy.

Yui: I’ll be quiet, I promise. (sits down at her desk and starts to work on hw)

Shu: … (mildly annoyed) ((I’m ignoring you but that’s all you have to say?))

Yui: ….. (reading her textbook)

Shu: … (moderately annoyed) ((what’s fascinating about that? ask about my day))

Yui: ….. (turns a page)

Shu: … (irritated) ((does she not care? why is she always cold and heartless))

Yui: … (yawns)

Shu: Hey, why are you ignoring me? ((where is my due attention? where is it??))

Yui: I’m not?