Let us all take a moment and appreciate the joy of Vanessa and Lin’s relationship. They are absolutely adorable!

I betcha a hot peso that Usnavi helped Vanessa moved into her apartment. 
The elevator was broken and she was going to call more people to help them climbed the stairs and Usnavi’s macho ass was like “Nah, I got you” 

two hours later he’s laying on Vanessa’s bed with an ice pack because he threw his back out and Vanessa is thinking 

“This is not how I imagined getting Usnavi in my bed.”

Theatre Ladies

Okay I’m genuinely interested so humour me and reblog this and answer in the tags…

Are you more of a Cosette or Eponine fan? Vanessa or Nina? Maria or Anita? Veronica or Heather Chandler? Which Schuyler Sister? Small Alison, Medium Alison or Big Alison? Wendla or Wendla, no other options you gotta pick Wendla she’s earned it. You gotta choose you lil jerks I’m MAKING YOU choose