Let us all take a moment and appreciate the joy of Vanessa and Lin’s relationship. They are absolutely adorable!

Theatre Ladies

Okay I’m genuinely interested so humour me and reblog this and answer in the tags…

Are you more of a Cosette or Eponine fan? Vanessa or Nina? Maria or Anita? Veronica or Heather Chandler? Which Schuyler Sister? Small Alison, Medium Alison or Big Alison? Wendla or Wendla, no other options you gotta pick Wendla she’s earned it. You gotta choose you lil jerks I’m MAKING YOU choose

My nicknames!! ~ nessa

Hi tumblr people! Vanessa here! (Lol wut) I don’t post a lot on here but I decided that I would add to the conversation of nicknames!!! I too have also been called different nicknames. The obviously famous nickname I have is Nessa. So I’ve been called:
• Ness (I don’t like this one too much idk why)
• Van (fun fact ‘van’ was the first word I learned how to spell other than my name 😂)
• Nessie (I really like this one)
• Loch Ness Monster (only one person has called me this nick name my entire life)

And that’s pretty much it lol. Also to add to roni’s list of nicknames, one of my favs other than roni is Ronald haha!

Another fun fact, my name means butterfly 🐛