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Banners & Backgrounds Tutorial

This tutorial has been requested by quite a few anons, and I’m terribly sorry that I’ve been putting this off for weeks. ;u; Horribly overdue.

Difficulty - 1 2 3 4 5

Basic Photoshop knowledge is a must since this process is 80% improvisation. I will just go through on how I made the background since there are many different styles and ways to make them, I won’t go into super detail. I will be making this:

I used Photoshop CC, but that doesn’t really matter.

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A bunch of you should know about this girl I posted about about two weeks ago. In case you don’t let me recap. This is Vy, a 2 year old girl from Florida. I personally did not know her, but she was very close to a friend of mine that he even called her “daughter.” On July 13th, she was brought to a beach. There, she accidentally threw some sand on a man and he had punched her in the stomach out of anger. (The man has already been arrested.) This caused internal bleeding in Vy and she fell into a coma. About a week ago she woke up from the coma and was said to have a good chance of survival. However that chance is now gone.

This morning Vy had died during her surgery. Please pray for her family and my friend so that they may be able to cope with this misfortune.

Rest in Peace Vy.

chansoo for exo-kai

Chanyeol looks so unnatural lying still in the hospital bed that Kyungsoo has half a mind to reach over and jolt him awake, even though Chanyeol wouldn’t be conscious for a while. The doctor had informed Kyungsoo of Chanyeol’s condition—some jargon about medically-induced comas that Kyungsoo thought only existed in movies and dull rambling about bruising in the brain that sounded very serious (and also very long-winded).

“Even if he’s not awake, he can still hear you,” the doctor had explained at the sight of Kyungsoo’s blank stare. “It might help if you talk to him.”

Talk to him? Kyungsoo thinks running from Seoul to Daegu in the rain might be easier, but it was now day three of the coma and he’d visited every day since Chanyeol got admitted.

“I got you sunflowers because you remind me of sunshine. Tell anyone I said that and you’ll be sleeping forever,” Kyungsoo murmurs to the unconscious man before reaching over and smoothing Chanyeol’s bangs away from his forehead. “You look stupid like that. Should probably spend more time on your hair before you have company over.”

Chanyeol doesn’t laugh at his joke. Kyungsoo scowls.

“You have a terrible sense of humor. Always laughing at the things that aren’t funny and never appreciating the things that are. Typical Chanyeol. What am I going to do with you?” Kyungsoo sets the sunflowers aside and sighs heavily. “You’d better wake up soon, you have no excuse.”

Quieter, he adds, “I miss you. Dolt.”

It could just be Kyungsoo’s imagination but there’s a soft smile blooming on Chanyeol’s lips. Sunshine indeed. Kyungsoo just smiles back.


so this is a vid that my senior class made for our video yearbook and it is literally one of the funniest thing i have ever seen.  we are trying to get it to have 1000000 views so you guys should watch it cuz you will laugh =)

just a message to an amazing girl

id like to make a post about vee.

vee your amazing okay, i fucking love you so much, your in all of our hearts i hope you get better soon, when you come home your going to have an amazing suprise on your tumblr. gaining 4k in 48 hours and over 3k messages of love to you.
your an amazing human being vee, you got me onto tumblr, you introduced me to amazing people like tina, thy, danmi and leanna.
your in all of their hearts and in soo many more hearts of people who love you. because we do love you vee, we love you so much, your so beautiful vee, so beautiful you are such a nice person and i fucking hate it when i see you getting hate. to me your like a sister, im like the big brother even though im younger, id look out for you with anything, im here for you whenever you need a friend. your an amazing girl and an amazing person..

your in all of our hearts vee, i love you so much xx
get well soon beautiful <3