This god damn anime is ruining my life as well as representing something that needed to be done for so long and break down every barrier that blocked the way.

Finally, for once, we’re being given an accurate (well you know) representation of a healthy, normal, and not sexualitized lgbt+ relationship and it’s so…it’s so realistic that it just takes your breath away. It’s not dancing or the skating that caught our eyes or the hearts of its watchers….it’s the characters, their realistic struggles and triumphs, the relationships it’s portraying, the real world life styles! We’re all here now because finally we’re being given something we can relate to and scream over for the right reasons. For once we aren’t a sexualized tag or somethubg to be shamed on. We’re being normal- not set on a pedestal, highlighted, tagged…just…normal. As we SHOULD be.

Yuri on Ice single handedly knocked down so many preset barriers that, with every episode, it’s become a part of us in various aways. It’s encouraging others to do good things for themselves and for others. I swear if you look around, THIS is the purest fandom around. Because that’s what we’re bring given. A pure, healthy, story with a pure and healthy relationship.

Don’t let this ever change, not now, not later, not even it’s long after its ended.

Let YOI’s legend live on and be the domino that sets off the line. Keep posting, show support, freak pray for a season two, and stay positive.

What If

Writer: Aingeal @imnoaingealwritings

Characters - Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary - Dean and Y/N had been an amazing couple. Every hunter wanted what they had. When Dean felt himself getting too attached, he tried to pull away. This eventually lead to several arguments, and the two of them deciding to go their separate ways for a while. No calls, no texts, no communication at all. After some time apart, they happened to be in the same area on a hunt and their paths crossed.

Word Count - 1228

Warnings - None really? Fluff. Teeny tiny bit of swearing.

A/N - Based off a couple of Kane Brown’s new songs…”Comeback” & “What Ifs”…and Chris Scott’s “Worth A Million”

It had been six months since Dean and I had decided to say good-bye. There were times that I had wanted to call to check in, make sure he was doing okay, but I stopped myself. He was the one who wanted push me away. He was the one who said we should take a break from each other. I had finally come to the realization that I was probably never going to see him again. Though it hurt, I didn’t think I could handle the heartbreak of having to leave him again.

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[!] FY! HYUNGWON is hiring!

Hello! FY! HYUNGWON is seeking 1-2 mods to join and help the team!
Before applying, please consider:
 ✷ Your timezone and availability especially for previews, broadcasts, and live events (timezones closer to KST are preferrable but not a requirement)
 ✷ How active will you be on the blog? How much free time do you have? How flexible is your schedule?
 ✷ Your ability to cooperate with other people and your patience to learn FY! procedures
 ✷ Can you be easily contacted when needed?
 ✷ Your ability to navigate through sites such as Fansites, Twitter, Weibo (meaning a computer/laptop will be necessary); however, these skills can be taught if needed!
 ✷ Your commitment to the blog - running a FY! is not easy work and requires responsibility and dedication as well as consistency and efficiency, so if you believe you can provide these aspects, feel free to apply!

If you’re interested, please apply here under the submission box! Include your:
1. Name:
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3. Main Tumblr URL:
4. Your reason to join FYH?
5. How many hours a day you’ll be able to contribute?
6. Other forms of contact (Twitter, KakaoTalk, Line, Email):
7. Are you an experienced mod? What experiences do you have as a mod?
8. Do you know basic HTML/CSS?
9. Do you know Korean? If yes, would you be willing to translate?
10. Do you know any other languages? And, would you be willing to translate from those languages to English if needed?
— Thank you for your interest! Submissions will run to the end of the year until further notice. Please reblog and spread the word. And, don’t forget to submit! ♥


Hey guys it’s been brought to my attention that this  wattpad user has been stealing the works of many of us on here as well as my own, word for word without crediting the fics/stories rightful owners. 

Pls help me report this account and bring an end to this folly (

Thank you x 

-admin blxnktae 

Christmas Carols (BTS Jin x Reader)

Admin B
Basically this is for Jin’s birthday but I figured I’d making a fluffy Christmas imagine to bring this blog into a holiday mood
Word Count: 1,404

Summary: Jin spends his Christmas with his family, decorating their tree and gingerbread men.

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Zhang Yixing

He is cute.

Originally posted by lovesquishynoemi

He is sexy.

Originally posted by derpexosquad

He is a dork.

Originally posted by deerxings

He can dance. 

He can sing.

Originally posted by su-lay

He can rap.

Originally posted by luhtella

He’s a meme.

Originally posted by laygion

He can play guitar.

And piano.

Originally posted by mochildon

And the hulusi (cucurbit flute.)

And the violin ????

He can compose.

Examples: promise, monodrama (co-composed)

And write songs.

He wrote a book.



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His smile.

Originally posted by wooyoung

His eyes.

Originally posted by wendeer

His hands.

Originally posted by yixingofficial


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There are many more things to be mentioned but I’ll be here forever. He’s such a genuinely nice person and I can’t understand how anyone could ever dislike him.

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Part Two

Zhang Yixing Part 2

So since everyone liked the last post I’ll continue.

He can act.

Originally posted by xingkingdom

He can draw.

He is adorable.

He is good with kids.

If he’s having trouble with the kid, he’ll figure something out//He can beatbox.

He likes kids and kids like him.

He can cook.

Originally posted by dilaygent

He is always promoting EXO by introducing himself as:

“Hello everyone I am EXO’s Lay, Zhang Yixing”

Even if his activity is not related to EXO.

His lips. 

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Teaching everyone how to spread that love.

He is athletic.

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More dimples.

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He is scared of birds.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Little Xing.

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He is donating 100,000 RMB/CNY (around 15,000 USD) yearly to his old school.  The money will go towards scholarships to students who are aspiring to careers in the arts.

He didn’t accept birthday gifts so his fans would do kind acts for other people instead.

He is a d o r a b l e.

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He is p l a y f u l.

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He is e x p r e s s i v e. 

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 But also j p e g.

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He is p e r f e c t i o n.

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How can someone be so amazing an perfect and cute and talented and caring and considerate and famous but also so humble to the point that they get surprised at how many fans they have? He speaks mandarin and his home dialect and korean and even some enlgish. Even after all the things he can do he still wants to work harder and better himself.

Once again I can’t understand how anyone could dislike him, he’s literally perfect. People always say there’s no such thing as a perfect human and they’re right because this guy right here is an angel.

This is what I like to see:

If you don’t love Zhang Yixing then you’re really missing out.

I actually had to remove some things from this post or it wouldn’t let me post it, i reached the limit of perfection tumblr can handle in one post.

Comeback Dates || September/October
  • iKON (Bobby): September 7
  • WINNER (Mino): September 8
  • Red Velvet: September 8
  • Crayon Pop: September 9 ?¿
  • Brown Eyed Girls (Gain): September 9
  • 2PM: September 13
  • Infinite: September 19
  • Shinee: September 19-21
  • BTS: October
  • APink: September 26
  • T-Ara: September 30
  • GOT7: End of September
  • Jiyoon: September
  • Monsta X: October 4 ?¿
  • Twice: October ?¿
  • Girl's Day: October
  • Nct-B: October
  • DAY6: October
  • Shinhwa: October
  • BAP: October/November ?


It’s one thing to be mad at Namjoon for what he said but to go to the point of actually threatening his life is going way to far.

Death threats are NOT funny. You are telling someone you’re going to kill them, that is in no way a fucking joke. It doesn’t make you look cool and it doesn’t make you a badass.

Not only will BTS be afraid now of each performance they do in America but they might not even come as often now that this has happened.

To the girl who did this all I have to say is you are an idiot and you’re completely selfish.

These fans have probably saved up their money and waited for so long to see their idols for this shit to happen and they don’t deserve it. You have ruined it for thousands of fans and have BTS (especially Rapmon) scared for their lives.

This goes to ALL Fandoms in Kpop, Idols are humans too and they make mistakes. It’s ok to point them out and let them know if what they did was wrong but death threats are NEVER necessary. It’s immature and a serious issue so you better be prepared to face the consequences. Don’t go crying and telling people you were “hacked” when the police show up at your doorstep

I hope BTS and Army get past this and come out strong. You guys don’t deserve this shit and I hope all of you get to meet your idols despite the selfishness of one person.


you’re a new idol on the scene and everyone loves you

Hi everyone! Admin D here! Admin S and I are going to try to get the blog up and running again after such a long hiatus. To start off, here’s a little click and drag game for your entertainment! The ask box will be open as we work on getting those that have been sitting and waiting forever.

Admin D