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But we still love this blog, and we still love talking about Mark & Yugyeom! So there’s going to be a few changes:

  • URL change! markgyeom-archive ➜ yugmarks
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Hi, I'm so happy you guys are organizing this! Just a thought, maybe one month is too little time for a bb? (at least in my case, this is my opinion here) Especially for people whose first language isn't English. And because it overlaps with finals! (oh no) I understand you won't change it now, but just an idea :)

It is true that the month can be a little tough, but keep in mind that you can start already! The 2nd of April is the “official” starting day, but you can already start drafting and writing your fic! We are not standing behind your shoulder, looking at what you do in your free time ;D

It is perfectly possible to write 15k words in a month, even though you’re not a native speaker (this is admin CJD speaking from first-person experience). It is difficult, but here are a few tips that might help you get started, and that I use frequently:

  • Write every day: I cannot emphasise this enough. Writing every day is what will bring you to victory, eventually
  • Put up a nice playlist of instrumental music: Having lyrics in the music can really mess up your concentration, even if it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve found out that weirdly enough, I write fastest with electronic instrumental music that is repetitive and kinda boring. I once had one 3-minute song accidentally on repeat and it took me an hour to notice, ‘cos I was so into my story. Use Spotify’s excellent playlist catalogue!
  • When you’re stuck, snack: Yes. Eating while writing is an excellent way of boosting your creativity. How? I don’t know. Whenever I do a longer writing session, I have a bunch of grapes or raisins next to me and then I just slowly chew them while writing.
  • When you’re really stuck, jump forward: Take up another point in the plot that you know is coming, and start writing it. It doesn’t matter what you write, if you write!
  • When you’re really, REALLY stuck, just write: It doesn’t matter if the outcome is totally rubbish. Write. Even though you’d only get 20 words on the page, it’s still 20 words closer to the goal.
  • When you’re EXTREMELY stuck, eat ice cream: My best tip. If it just doesn’t work, no matter what, leave it for an hour or two, do something fun, and then come back later. Just remember to actually come back!
  • Get a good writing program: I, myself, use Libreoffice, which is like Word, but free. You can also change the background colour of the program, and I have set it to pitch black. Somehow it helps me keep my eyes on the text.
  • Use Coldturkey: Distraction-free writing is absolutely necessary. Coldturkey blocks certain internet pages (like Tumblr) for a certain moment of time, and that way you just have to write. Can’t get lost on Gordon Ramsay videos on Youtube with that, sorry.
  • Use the Pomodoro-technique: Write for 25 minutes, take a small pause, then do another 25 minutes. Do 4 rounds and then take a longer pause. In this way you will be much more efficient, believe me!

My final tip is to use an app called Writeometer. It is an excellent app that helped me write 50 000 words in a month. You can set up a wordcount you are aiming for, and the app counts the amount of words you have to write per day. You can also use a built-in timer that is just great for using the Pomodoro-technique. It also has a built-in dictionary and thesaurus.

So, for examply, if you start writing now, to reach 15k words by 7 May, you only have to write 300 words a day. Not too hard, right? So just write every day.

Hopefully we’ll see your writing in May! And good luck with finals!

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Concerning the exo magical weapons what about kris, Tao, and Luhan?

Luhan: In Camp Half-Blood it is agreed that out of all the children of Aphrodite, Luhan’s weapon is the most unorthodox. His mother gifted him with a special seashell that at first Luhan had no idea what to do with. As time went on Luhan came to discover that when he opened that seashell, an object would appear in it. Objects that have come from the seashell include, a golden apple, a small dagger, a pearl necklace. It’s hard to know what will come out when Luhan opens the seashell, but no matter the object Luhan always finds a way to use it to his advantage when he finds himself on a quest or in dangerous situations. 

Kris: Since Yifan is a son of Zeus, he requires a remarkable weapon to live up to his father’s expectations. Although it may not look like much, Yifan’s ring can transform into a spear of celestial bronze that only a child of Zeus can yield (and Yifan has definitely caught Jungkook trying to use that spear). Yifan’s striking spear can create lightning bolts, which like his father, Yifan uses to strike his enemies with. 

Tao: Unlike his other siblings Tao opted for a more simple weapon, which had slightly disappointed his father, Ares. Tao’s weapon of choice is a staff made of celestial bronze and although this weapon might seem simple, it is capable of a lot of damage since Tao is skilled in martial arts. When his staff is not in use, it takes on the form of a necklace. 

Read more about this AU here

Meet The Admin: Admin Chan

Yikes, this is well overdue but hello !

  • This is my role on the blog (in case you didn’t remember): Admin Chan will be writing fluff scenarios, bulletpoints for dating or friends, asks about who would date you and why (ships), cute dating advice, send me the funny asks about anything yes yes (Admin C for short)
  • I am a writer on wattpad too (you can ask me for it)
  • I only stan two groups: bts and nct but I’m trying to get into new ones
  • but bts and nct aren’t the only groups I listen to
  • I love singing and I’m not too shabby
  • I love talking to new people like it’s lovely
  • I’m on another writing blog : @nctmagines - admin momo
  • ummmm i like dogs more than cats
  • my nct bias is Mark (he needs rest sm) and my bts biases are Hoseok and Taehyung (notice hoseok more and appreciate tae’s voice)
  • polyamory is cute
  • I’m an ‘01 liner (im 16)
  • so one year closer to Mark Lee until his bday :’)
  • I like sending memes 
  • my phone broke and i have to wait to get a new one :’)
  • I like horror movies
  • I’m an OG of our sin of a groupchat
  • ummmmm this is becoming boring for you guys I’m sure
  • I’m really good at fluff and all that so don’t hesistate to ask
  • you can send me ask about anything you wanna know and i’ll answer 
  • I hope you have a wonderful day! Bye and ily!!

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Hi I was wondering I want to get into the bts fandom but idk how so can you help me? Like what do I do?

My friend, you have come to the right place. First off, a couple sentences about each member. 

  1. Jin (Seokjin): Handsome and beautiful at the same time. Biggest fan of BTS. The mom of the group. Do you know annyeonghaseo? 
  2. Suga (Yoongi): Might look grumpy, but he’s really caring and sweet to his members. Likes to sleep. Music genius. 
  3. J-Hope (Hoseok): He is everyone’s hope. Super talented and everyone needs to stan J-hope. Really, really, really good at dancing. Smile that lights up your world. 
  4. Rap Monster (Namjoon): The strong leader of BTS. Cute dimples. Is really thoughtful, in the self-reflection and philosophical sense. Deeper than the Mariana Trench. 
  5. Jimin: The purest, cutest, and most amazing person to walk this earth. His smiles are the equivalent to sunlight. His smile could replace sunlight with photosynthesis. Amazing thighs. Can you tell he’s my bias?
  6. V (Taehyung): Is everyone’s favorite even if he isn’t your favorite. Amazing vocals that you wouldn’t expect to come from such a squish. Also Tae Tae in a headband cleared my acne and cleansed my soul.
  7. Jungkook: International play boy. When he’s not being a playboy he’s Jungshook. Tbh he can’t even look girls in the eyes. There isn’t anything he can’t do. Meme. 
Spring Day (Namjoon Scenario)

Warnings: Nope. Just some good ol’ fluff. 

Note: This scenario is dedicated to @namgerine. I hope you like this scenario, Zoe. ^_^ Credit for the photo belongs to namjoonsgurl

The change from winter to spring was too slow. The weather was like a teeter-totter, constantly switching between very cold and cool temperatures. You were absolutely ready for winter to be over and for spring to take over. It was about time for the blossoming flowers and green grass to take over the lifeless trees and gloomy skies. Although it was a beautiful day to go outside and feel the gentle cool breezes, you were exhausted from your long week at work and to celebrate the fact that you and Namjoon had a weekend together, you and Namjoon had both decided to stay in and have a movie marathon.

To prepare for the movie marathon, you had gone to the kitchen to gather snacks and drinks while Namjoon turned on the TV and get the first movie ready. As much as you loved Namjoon, and he loved you, you and him both knew that it would be better for the safety of the home if you were the one to prepare snacks. As hard as Namjoon tried, he simply could not cook and even making a simple snack was a challenge for him.

“What are you making?” Namjoon asked as he entered the kitchen. He wrapped his arms around your waist, his fingers making their way to your stomach, and placed his chin on your shoulder.

“Just simple stuff, like sandwiches and popcorn. I also found some strawberries and chocolate,” you said as you finished cutting the sandwiches.


“Let’s go to the living room,” you said after you were finished with the sandwiches. Namjoon reluctantly let you go and helped you carry the food into the living room.

As you walked behind Namjoon, you took note of his appearance. Like you, Namjoon was comfortably dressed. He wore a grey hoodie with black sweatpants. The thin round glasses that he wore added to his relaxed vibe and admittedly you found it very attractive when he wore those glasses. His hair was dyed blond for the upcoming comeback and you had hold yourself back from running your fingers through his soft hair.

A half an hour into the movie and the snacks were mostly eaten, all that was left was a little bit of popcorn and strawberries, which Namjoon was still eating. His lips were slightly stained from the strawberries and you were pretty sure that if you kissed him that he would taste like strawberries.

As the movie marathon progressed, you found yourself scooting closer to Namjoon since you had opened some windows to let in fresh, cool air. Namjoon wrapped his arm around your shoulder as you snuggled into him and laid your head on him. Namjoon’s fingers idly played with your blonde hair and as he was doing so you looked up at him and found a smile on face, his dimply coming from hiding. You gave into your desires and poked Namjoon’s dimple, quiet laughter escaping from your lips.

“Are you having fun, Zoe?” Namjoon asked, finally looking down to you.

“Mhmm.” You nodded your head and let another laugh escape your lips. Namjoon’s smile widened towards your amusement and placed a gentle kiss to your lips. 

“I’m happy that we can be together again,” Namjoon said after the kiss, his fingers brushing against your cheek.

“Me too,” you said as you laid your head on Namjoon’s chest and continued to watch the movie together.

Springtime was finally here. It had warmed your heart and brought you closer to Namjoon.

A Little Bit of Rain Never Hurt Anyone

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Prompt: Itachi fluff, please? thanks in advance💓 (By Anon)

Warnings: None (Unless you count fluff)

Pairing: Itachi X Reader

Author: Admin C

A/N: The gif isn’t ours credit to original owner and whoever made it!

“Are we almost there yet?” You questioned as Itachi, your loving boyfriend, led you somewhere, your eyes covered by a bandana.

         “Just a few steps more…but careful. I need you to step over this log here.”

         "Huh?“ You questioned not quite hearing what he said, as you’d been distracted by the sound of a bird call. Thus causing you to trip over something. A small shriek of surprise escaped your lips as you fell.

          You put your palms out in front of you preparing to catch yourself, but instead you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around you and lift you up.

          "You need to pay better attention…so foolish..” Itachi murmured, though there was nothing but affection in his tone. He’d always called you foolish, even when you two were little.

           “Rude!” You huffed a bit, pretending to be mad for a moment before continuing to speak, “But hey, are we there yet Ita-kun?”

            Your response came in the form of an action as Itachi set you down and untied the blind fold. You squeezed your eyes tightly shut before opening them slowly, so the light wouldn’t hurt your eyes. When your eyes fully opened a gasp slipped past your lips as you looked upon a huge field of wild flowers in every shade and color imaginable.

            “Do you like it?” He questioned looking at you and gauging your response.

             You turned to him a bright smile on your face, that unknown to you made Itachi’s heart flutter in his chest. It only took a mere moment for you to run to him and jump into his arms for a hug, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen Itachi! Thank you so much!!” You Cried out as his arms wrapped around you and he held you close.

            “Not nearly as beautiful as you…” He murmured in a low tone, still holding you.

            "I-Itachi stoppppp, you’re making me blush.“ You gushed a bit, your cheeks on fire from one simple comment. It amazed you how much he could make you blush, you swore he was going to be the death of you.

             He chuckled and released his grip only to take your hand and lead you over to the center of the field where a blanket was spread out, a picnic basket in the middle. Giving another small gasp of joy, you kissed his cheek before excitedly sitting down and waiting for him to do so as well.

             The two of you sat there, eating and enjoying each others company through casual conversation and even comfortable silences. Just as you both finished up your meal, the sky darkened above you.

              Looking up, you both saw that a dark cloud that neither of you had noticed had rolled over head. With a clap of thunder, rain began to fall from the sky.

              Itachi stared for a moment, his dark eyes fixed on the sky above before speaking, "It wasn’t supposed to rain today…” Most people wouldn’t notice the hint of disappointment in his tone, with the exception of Kisame and yourself.

               Standing up you took his hand and pulled him up as well, or rather he got up after getting the hint that you wanted him up.

               "Don’t worry! This just gives us the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do!“ You said, smiling at him before taking one of his hands in yours and placing his other hand on your waist.

                Picking up on what you wanted to do, Itachi Pulled you closer and began dancing with you slowly in the rain. The sound of the rain hitting the plants soothing. And in the moment, it felt as if nothing else existed except you two in that clearing. You stared deep into his eyes with (Eye color) eyes as you swayed to music that no one else could hear.

                 Lost in each others eyes you two danced long after the rain stopped, until the sun began to sink down over the horizon.


1. Cha leader: not to be weird but hakyeon and i have a lot in common, so this is one i think about a lot because he’s the youngest of his family (like me) but also the oldest in his group (like I am the 2nd oldest at work) and because of that dynamic he is very good at caring for people but also really, really, REALLY needs to be babied sometimes. He works so frickin hard to make sure that everything goes the way it should and everyone always says that the rules don’t apply to the youngest in a group of siblings, but Hakyeon is the type of man who would follow the rules even if he was explicitly told he was exempt from them. He would need a lover who’s good at keeping him grounded but isn’t so needy and clingy all the time, otherwise i think he’d get depressed because he would give and give and give and blame himself if he was unhappy. He needs someone who can give as good as they get, who can keep him in line when he gets overwhelmed but also send him cute little gifts out of the blue just because he needs to be reminded that he’s important, too.

2. Jung Taekwoon: I honestly think Taekwoon is the kind of guy that would give and give and give and give and honestly never expect anything in return except mild affection. HE REALLY SEEMS JUST LIKE A CAT TO ME honestly i think Taekwoon would secretly spoil his partner rotten whenever he got the chance, and would want nothing more than to lay his head on your lap and sit in a comfortable silence with you while you read him a book and play with his hair. he wouldn’t like to do a lot of touching in public but i bet he’d be super cuddly in private. He’s a total fuckin’ baby behind closed doors, always wants to touch (even if it’s just hand holding) but never initiates anything or takes the first step unless he’s 500% positive that it’s what his partner wants because his literal worst fear is rejection/humiliation.

3. FRICKIN LEE JAEHWAN. Jaehwan is so-he’s just-UGH. What he needs is someone older slightly than him who is also extremely cute (but could also really fuck ur shit up) who loves it when he does cute stuff and always wants him to smile so they’re constantly just being cute with each other all the time and like playfully flirting with each other and all their friends to make each other secretly jealous but not in a bad way-just a way that makes them both hold on a little tighter when they go to sleep at night ;_; HE WOULD KISS YOU LIKE YOU WERE THE ONLY SOURCE OF AIR ON THIS PLANET and i also think he’s secretly sort of kinky and a little dirty????? like raunchy in the bedroom IDK I BET HE WOULD SAY SOME REAL DANK SHIT TO HIS PARTNER WHILE THEY WERE GETTING IT ON x_x

4. Kim flippin Wonshik. Wonshik needs to feel very important all the time and his way of doing that is to spoil his partners rotten, like, r o t t e n. He would be the one to whine if you didn’t call him before bed every night and he’d be the sappy romantic sort who would propose on a romantic cruise or something xD He just wants to take care of his partner, pamper them and work really hard to give them everything he can. He’s the kind of guy that would want to do well enough in life that his spouse wouldn’t HAVE to work, even if they chose to, because for him i think that stability is really important and that’s how he measures his success in life-by how well and fully he can support his family. he’s a total romantic sap he probably cried after he had sex the first time but like….privately, when he was next by himself.

5. Lee Hongbinshark. THE ONE WITH MANY POINTY TEETH, YES, AHA. I think he’s actually really masculine despite his pretty face and because of that he’d want to fit into a really masculine role in a relationship-maybe not all the time, because i’m sure he’d like to mix it up, but I think he would do well with a person who, like Hakyeon, could give as well get and is maybe a little more okay with being seen as a typical, beautiful couple but then like…. MAYBE HE rEALLY WANTS TO MIX IT UP AND HE SEEMS TO REALLY LIKE HAVING HIS HAIR PULLED SO MAYBE HE ALSO NEEDS SOMEONE WHO’S HELLA BEAUTIFUL AND FEMININE AND WANTS TO BE PAMPERED IN A RELATIONSHIP BUT THEN WHEN IT COMES TO SEX IS LIKE. A TOTAL. JUST. OWNS HIm. -panics bc this is an unpopular opinion-

6. HAN SANGHYUK. Yo Hyuk is such a fucking MAN like he can be all cute and shit but at the end of the day it’s because he honestly doesn’t care what other people think about him he literally does. not. care. about anyone else’s opinion and he’d fit well with someone who needed to be cared for and tbh i think because he’s the youngest he’s really eager to prove himself and demonstrate all the ways he’s grown up like he’s gonna be pickin’ you up for dinner and dropping you off with a cute little kiss before midnight on your first date and he’s gonna do shit RIGHT just to prove that he CAN because he is a total MAN!HYUK

- Admin C. <3