Reminder! SPN has moved nights!

Reminder to all our followers, there is no new episode tonight.

Starting this week, Supernatural has moved from Tuesdays @ 9pm to Wednesdays @ 9pm.

Why the move? CW is switching around time slots to accommodate their new series, “iZombie” (from Rob Thomas, creator of CW’s previous Veronica Mars series). Supernatural is moving to Wednesdays, taking over the 9pm slot from recently finished season of “The 100”.

To summarize: Sam has forced the Trickster to let the Winchesters out of Tuesdays and send them to Wednesday.

When you're getting your friend into KPOP

What you should say: Are you sure you want to do this? It will take over your life and take all your money. You will lose sleep and friends. You will end up having more biases then friends. Do you really want that in your life?

What you actually say: You’ll love it! The music is great! Check it out! 

Happy Valentine's Day

To all our lovely followers:

Celebrate some love today.  Love for another person, love for your cat/dog, love for a friend, love for yourself.  Love comes in many forms, so everyone has something to celebrate today, no matter your relationship status on Facebook. :)

Today’s the day to spread the love around!

Love to all our followers!  Happy Valentine’s Day!

~Admin C, S, L, and J

Imagine the Karasuno Volleyball Club taking a road trip. They split up and take 2 cars; Daichi and Asahi drive while everybody else squeezes into the backseats. There isn’t enough room in either car, so Hinata has to sit on somebody’s lap.

Dear Followers...

There’s a lot of hate happening in the Supernatural fandom tonight.

Without going into too much detail, there are SPN fans being sent anon-hate on tumblr, being told to kill themselves.  PLEASE keep your eyes peeled for people that need help, that need kind words. 

Remember, “family don’t end with blood”.  Reach out to your fellow fans and help them.  There are a lot of you that follow this blog, and a lot of you that are super kind and caring individuals.  Reach out.

And if ANY of our followers receive any of this anon-hate, please don’t do anything rash.  Feel absolutely free to message either the confessions blog or the Admins individually.  Let us be there for you. 

Please don’t hurt yourselves just because some asshole on anon told you to.

Be cool to one another, SPN fandom.  There’s so much love to be had.  Let’s all help spread it out to those that need it.

~Admin C, S, M, and A

lmitchrskl  asked:

I've been watching spn since this summer when I binged watched & became rather obsessed. I've seen stuff about chuck being God. Where did this come from? How was it confirmed? Noobs wanna know! lol

At the end of 5x22 “Swan Song” Chuck, having completed his narration of the episode, vanishes with a satisfied smile into thin air.

External image

The implication is Chuck was actually God.  There are various fan theories about whether he was actually God the whole time, or if in that moment Prophet Chuck was acting as God’s vessel.  It’s anyone’s guess.  Long story short, Rob Benedict confirmed that he spoke with Kripke, who asked him directly “So what was it like to play God?”

Fast-forward to 8x07 “A Little Slice of Kevin”, Sam asks Castiel how Kevin can be the Prophet if Chuck is still alive, as there can only be one at a time.  Castiel replies that he can only assume it means Chuck is dead.

However, at the end of 10x05 “Fan Fiction”, Marie meets with “the publisher” who claimed the ticket to her show, and we see it’s Chuck, alive and well.  Obviously he’s not dead, but he’s also not the anxiety-riddled Prophet we knew back in season 4 and 5.  This is Chuck as we last saw in back in “Swan Song”.

Thus, the implication is: Chuck is God.

Nobody within the show’s universe has ever directly said Chuck is God, so fans can choose to believe what they wish.  This explanation is only based on the inferences made by details within the show itself and the intentions of those on the show’s production team.

~Admin C, S, M, and A