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Followers, remember way back when, how there was rumors of Netflix taking Supernatural down but that was actually Hulu? Remember how we explained what really happened is that CW and Netflix were renewing their contract, with the new additional fan benefit of not making us wait until a week before the new season for them to add it? How they’d start adding shows a lot sooner after seasons finish?

Well, here we are a week after the finale, and guess what…


Go forth and binge, followers!

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Since tomorrow is the start of inktober I made these Mystic Messenger prompts! Feel free to use them and please tag me!

*******It’s been brought to my attention that #28 is missing! It was supposed to be alternate universe!

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anonymous asked:

Are Louisiana creoles a different race than Haitians? I know our black ancestry comes from Haiti but us being a ethnically mixed group has raised a lot of questions on whether we are black or not.


The question of Louisiana Creole identity and history is a complex one and should not be viewed solely as one of Haitian descent. While many can trace part of their origins back to Saint Domingue or Haiti, Louisiana Creole is a specific identity linked to Louisiana and their “black ancestry” likewise reflects non-Saint Domingue origins. Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, for example, has written about the slave trade and the ethnic origins of blacks in Louisiana. Although many Louisiana Creoles maintained links or ties to Haiti, their “black” ancestry was never solely derived from Saint Domingue. I hope that answers your question.

EXO Mafia Roles and Rankings

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The Boss: Suho

Sitting at the top of the mafia with everyone underneath him is Kim Junmyeon. Though appearing sweet to those who aren’t aware of his “underground” business, Suho has several dark roles as the leader of one of the most powerful mafias to ever surface. He has the power to order anything from anyone in the organization, and he uses this power to its highest extent. Suho is greatly respected and widely feared by his subordinates. Without ever even being there to claim responsibility for some of the things he orders, he is easily one of the most feared men to ever walk the earth. He rules with an iron fist, but treats his men well and with respect.

Consigliere: Sehun

The right-hand man to The Boss is his consigliere - Oh Sehun. With a quick glance and a wink, Sehun has people twirled around his finger with ease. Although the consigliere is not an official part of the mafia family tree, he holds one of the most important roles in the crime industry. He is the main confidant to Suho, and has enough information about activities that no else knows about to send everything into shambles. When called upon, Sehun is used to obtain unbiased opinions about what is best for the organization. He is not supposed to base emotions on his advice, and as one who is very good at concealing them, Sehun fits right where he needs to in the mafia.

Underboss: Kris

The second in command is Wu Yifan, a ruthless man with no regrets. At the heart of the violent and brutal world of the mafia, Kris is ready to take over for Suho at any moment. He is ready to step in if anything goes wrong in place of The Boss. It is not uncommon for Kris to go out with the rest of the boys to complete some dirty work, just for some entertainment on a slow day. His authority is accepted and understood, everyone knowing not to mess with the one who could take over at any moment, depending on where Suho is.

Caporegimes: D.O, Luhan, and Chanyeol

D.O Kyungsoo, Luhan, and Park Chanyeol are three of the strongest leaders of the other men in the mafia. They are similar to that of military lieutenants, leading large groups of soldiers to complete diabolical things such as murder, assault, bombing, witness intimidation, bribery, picking up cash, making deliveries, and other organized crime. The three may even come with the soldiers to see everything through, and to get a thrill. 

D.O is the strictest of the capos, sending people out for missions with little to no remorse if they return injured. Luhan is strict, but not to the extent of D.O. He cares about if the members return alright and will often go with them on missions to make sure they are safe. Chanyeol is the softest though, worrying about the people he calls friends when they go out. Years of commanding different men has made him hard, though, and he isn’t afraid of anything.

Soldiers: Chen, Xiumin, Kai, Lay, Tao, and Baekhyun

Divided into three groups of two, these men are the ones on the field. Kim Jongdae and Kim Minseok are persuasion experts lead by Luhan. These two specialize in bribing law enforcement, politicians, government officials, and federal agents for the mafia, usually getting their way. Xiumin is a smooth talker with a sharp wit, and Chen seems so sweet that he can get inside your head without you even noticing.

The brute force of the soldiers lead by D.O are Zhang Yixing and Kim Jongin. These two are the ones in charge of carrying out the most violent acts. They commit murder, arson, assault, battery, bombings, and killing jurors. With their combined strength, they can complete these tasks in very little time and with little effort physically. Emotionally however, Lay feels remorse for his actions and wishes he could switch roles, but the time isn’t right for him to do so. Kai feels similarly, but knows it’s what must be done to keep the organization safe.

The last pair, lead by Chanyeol are the dealers, Huang Zitao, and Byun Baekhyun. These two are in charge of making deliveries, and picking up cash and supplies. Despite butting heads often, the two have learned to work well together, creating a system to complete their tasks quickly and effectively.

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