i’d know you anywhere.

..amidst a sea of unknown faces, in the chaos of the crowd, my eyes are drawn to your perfect profile.

i’d know you anywhere.

..even with a thousand voices raised, the thunder of a thousand clapping hands, your velvet tones rise above the white noise, music to my ears.

i’d know you anywhere. the sailor coming home with the tides, the traveler fixated on the north star, i keep coming closer and closer to you, in all ways. and always.

the other half to complete my whole. soulmate.

*photo not mine, but the words are*

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Followers, remember way back when, how there was rumors of Netflix taking Supernatural down but that was actually Hulu? Remember how we explained what really happened is that CW and Netflix were renewing their contract, with the new additional fan benefit of not making us wait until a week before the new season for them to add it? How they’d start adding shows a lot sooner after seasons finish?

Well, here we are a week after the finale, and guess what…


Go forth and binge, followers!

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anonymous asked:

Are Louisiana creoles a different race than Haitians? I know our black ancestry comes from Haiti but us being a ethnically mixed group has raised a lot of questions on whether we are black or not.


The question of Louisiana Creole identity and history is a complex one and should not be viewed solely as one of Haitian descent. While many can trace part of their origins back to Saint Domingue or Haiti, Louisiana Creole is a specific identity linked to Louisiana and their “black ancestry” likewise reflects non-Saint Domingue origins. Gwendolyn Midlo Hall, for example, has written about the slave trade and the ethnic origins of blacks in Louisiana. Although many Louisiana Creoles maintained links or ties to Haiti, their “black” ancestry was never solely derived from Saint Domingue. I hope that answers your question.

Guilty Pleasure {BBH} (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Description: You and Baekhyun are best friends and you’ve lived together for three years now. It’s no news to you that Baekhyun sleeps around, but you do too…so what happens when he wants to be with someone as experienced as him? // Requested

Genre: Smut / Angst / Fluff all of the above??

Word Count: 2,432 (possible series?????? three parts at max tho I’m a busy lady)

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader (feat. Lay)

Author: Admin Xiufairy

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

“C’mon, you can’t say you haven’t thought about it.” Your best friend, Baekhyun, nudged your arm. “There’s no shame in it. It’d be nice to be with someone who finally knows what they’re doing.” You put your cup of coffee down and looked at him from across the table.

It was no secret that Baekhyun slept around, but you liked to keep things under wraps. As long as the boys didn’t know, everything was fine. Baek, being your best friend, found out on his own. You weren’t planning on telling him either.

You’d been living with Baekhyun for a couple years now - it was originally just for a few weeks until you could find a place of your own but the two of you quickly grew close.

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Adam: Heaven or Hell?

Yo yo yo, followers!

Admin C here! I am freshly returned from the SPN NJcon, and I have relevant information for you! Executive Producer Robert Singer made a rare convention appearance, and someone asked him about Adam being in Hell at his panel.

We’ve had plenty of people debating in confessions over Adam being in Hell versus the popular theory that Adam has long since been in Heaven from the time Michael!Adam was Molotov’d by Cas in “Swan Song”. We also have a lot of people frequently demanding he be retrieved and not forgotten.

EP Robert Singer confirmed that Adam is indeed still in Hell. He commented that when discussed in the Writers Room, the idea is that Adam would have been down in the Cage for so long now that his soul would be completely twisted and mangled. Singer stated that the reason Adam has not made a return to the show is that it would be tricky to write that kind of change to his character. However, Singer also mentioned that should the writers find a good way to tackle that, they wouldn’t be opposed to getting him out of the Cage and writing that story.

So there you have it. Not only is Adam still in Hell in the Cage, but he has not been forgotten by the writers. Ladies and gents of the interwebz, you have your answer!

~Admin C



  • adorable bab?
  • not in bed!
  • actually that’s a lie, he’s adorable even if he were to torture you
  • enjoy’s your pleasure
  • but also has a small bit of sadism in him
  • (only when mingyu work upsets him tho)
  • lemme just say before I start really getting into this, it might be really odd to you who consider him a sub
  • whether it be hickeys or like knives
  • it’s his thing
  • okay probably not knives but you know
  • would never go over your limitations
  • thinks it’s like a trophy
  • would totally put them in the most obvious places when he’s jealous
  • speaking of marking, he would love to cum on you
  • or in you
  • just somewhere on/in you
  • secretly loves when you tease him in public
  • but much prefers teasing you in public
  • note: never sit beside minghao with the other members’ at the table
  • will wreck you
  • but it’s just shows how much he loves you (sexually)
  • a sucker for romantic scenes
  • like candles, romantic music, you touching him = his heaven
  • will defiantly start out with some foreplay
  • likes to use oral + fingers to prep you
  • probably uses his tongue against your clit/tip
  • men need preparation too
  • while fingering you
  • when you start to feel your high he’ll stop
  • how nice :/
  • after he’ll start thrusting into you like wild
  • like you really putting those dancer hips to work aren’t you??
  • did I mention how he likes the more dom positions??
  • mostly missionary + doggy style
  • also likes (the?) ballerina
  • all of these positions make marking (sorta) easy too
  • after care is a big deal with him
  • will do anything for you

I listened to some really odd songs while making this oops ~Admin C

Exo’s reaction to you refusing to wake up in the morning


If there was one thing Minseok knew not to push with you, it was forcing you to wake up before your alarm. Even on a Saturday like today he was stuck trying to subtly wake you up by planting soft kisses over your bare shoulders, squeezing your waist gently until you moodily wiggled away. Smirking mischievously to himself, Minseok scooted closer fingers poised over your stomach before giggling as he tickled you suddenly, straddling you so he could see the way you reluctantly starting laughing below him. He melted as you tried to glare at him before yawning and he leaned down to press his lips to yours, the faintest of touches as his warm eyes smiled down at you.

“well as much as I want to complain… that was a good way to wake up”

“I’ll keep that in mind for future use jagi”

Originally posted by yixingsosweet


Curling sleepily around you, Junmyeon would first take the time to linger in the morning with you before his schedule begins. Smiling softly down at you as he shuffled out of your bed, kneeling to press a kiss to your forehead only to be met with a disgruntled whine from your lips. “Why are you up so damn early… it’s unnatural Junmyeon” you murmur, earning a light laugh from him as he playfully ripped the duvet from you- washing the cold morning air over your body. The next five minutes were spent with you wrestling Junmyeon for the duvet, loud laughter filling the air before he insisted you eat breakfast together. 

“Tell your manager to at least wait until 08:30…like a normal person…”

“Perks of the job jagiya, but you’re so cute sleepy like this”

Originally posted by irpsychotic


After such a long time not waking up with you cuddled up against him, Yixing would immediately smile to himself and trace over your feature slowly to recommit them to memory, pressing his full lips to your cheek. After such a late night *wink wink* you were still fast asleep so Yixing would walk to the kitchen and prepare some hot green tea and some breakfast for you both to share, carrying it in and setting it onto the bedside table. Gently pushing your hair back and shaking your shoulder, you would quickly groan and pull the duvet over your head playfully before blearily peeking up at him and melting at his dimpled grin.

You’re so lucky you’re adorable in the morning Yixing or I’d push you away”

“But Baobei, I’m not cute…especially not last night~” 

*gets hit with pillow*

Originally posted by dazzlingkai


Grumpily huffing into your neck as you stole more of the duvet in effort of avoiding his insistent kisses and hugs for sleep, you would feel his pout against your skin. Wiggling stubbornly against you Baekhyun would whine “Jagi~~ It’s already daylight… why are you like this, let me eat” earning him a sigh as you turn over to look at him. Taking in his very cute pout and messy bed head you leant forward and whispered “You can’t make me leave this bed.” A sense of dread rose when you saw those puppy eyes glint mischievously and suddenly you felt yourself lifted, duvet and all, and carried into the living room. Baek flopping down beside you and handing you a controller, smirking.

“Byun Baekhyun. You have started something you’re going to regret.”

“I accepted your challenge, you’re so grumpy in the mornings” 

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


Walking out of the the shower while towel drying his hair, Jongdae would see you still softly snoring away before he giggled at the now closed curtains he had opened before his shower. Spotting your barely concealed smile at his laugh he walked closer and sat beside you, shaking his wet hair over your face, laughing loudly and jumping over the bed when he saw you leap up after him. 10 minutes later had you both in hysterical giggles as you chased him around the kitchen island, Jongdae desperately clutching the towel to himself as you advanced. It ended when his towel did slip and you burst out laughing as Jongdae went red though triumphant he dragged you out of bed successfully.

“I cant breathe Jongdae, the towel… pUT SOEMTHING ON!”

“Look I didn’t plan on having you chase me!! towels are not durable!

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Chanyeol would smile widely at your slight snores as he slipped out of bed to do some early morning composing. It was easier to think about music and emotions when the world was just a little more quiet and this morning he was filled with such adoration that he woke up beside you he knew he’d create a melody with ease. Picking up his guitar, chords softly filled the air in your cosy room and settled around him. Until Chanyeol ducked as a pillow came flying his way, looking up to see your grumpy pout. “You woke me up at 03:00 coming back from your studio, get your butt back in bed and cuddle me.” He looked at you in shock before breaking into his famous smile, walking over and shuffling his large frame against yours. 

“You know y/n you’re kinda bossy…did you like my song?”

“Of course I am when you wake me this early…and it was beautiful.”

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Kyungsoo would be just as reluctant to leave the warm bed as you would be, both of you snuggling together in an attempt to forget that the alarm would be going off in under five minutes. Lazy touches and soft caresses would fill this time as you felt his heart shaped lips follow your hairline softly as he slowly woke beside you. He would look down at you sleepily with soft brown eyes, voice breaking roughly as he said “I swear I am never leaving this bed when I’m on break” making you laugh into his shoulder softy as he pulled you up into sitting position. Pecking you on your forehead and laughing deeply when you try and playfully drag him back as he gets out of the bed, he’d promise himself he’d work hard to get that break for you. 

 “I’m holding you to that promise Do Kyungsoo. I’ll need you to sign your name~”

“you’re so ridiculous this early but I promise”

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Needing to get up for an early dance session for the approaching comeback, Jongin would look at you almost in loving envy as you stretch over his side of the bed and bury yourself into the pillow. Smirking to himself as he dragged his soft hair back with a hand while he whistled, he sat beside you to shake you awake, receiving only a sleepy moan. Grinning harder as he heard the pitter patter of paws against the floor he opened the door to let all three of his dogs run and jump excitedly on the bed. You would yelp at the sudden chaos in your bed, looking over to see Jongin wheezing as he hurriedly ran out the room for his session. Cursing after him you quickly snuggle back down with the dogs, sending him a selfie smugly. 



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Sehun would be starting an early morning Vlive for his Exo-Ls and trying to ignore your kicking feet as he spoke louder throughout the broadcast, interrupting your precious sleep. Sehun would be teasing fans about the upcoming teasers for the comeback when one last badly aimed kick knocked his hand to hit the camera reversal button, flashing his crossed legs and thankfully for him nothing else. Sehun’s quick embarrassed laugh would fill your ears and you’d have to stifle your laughter into your pillow when you realised your boyfriend had almost flashed thousands of fans his underwear. He’d quickly end the broadcast and burst into laughter with you, clutching you to his chest.

“i cant *heavy gasp* believe you just did that”

“Hey! you were the one who nudged my hand there!”

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Giant Birthday Jolse haul in the order of makeup, skincare, and free samples!! (Hairtie, blotting sheets, and cotton squares samples not included in the pic)

Send me an ask if you want to know what is what. I wrote it out earlier but tumblr’s being stupid and didn’t upload it. Also sorry for the crappy lighting, I’m at my cousin’s house.