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Welcome new bleach admin!!! Can't wait to see what you put together! Could I request some SFW and NSFW of Chad and Kensei falling in love?

Thank you for the kind welcome :D Let’s see what I can do for you /hugging Chad especially close/ MY PRECIOUS CINNAMON ROLL ;n;

Yasutora ‘Chad’ Sado

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  • Chad will feel intensely passionate towards his crush. Like his loyalty towards his friends and Ichigo, he would be inclined to be loyal to his crush as well - protecting them from harm, keeping their promises, ensuring their safety etc. Being the first to ask the individual out on a date he tries to be subtle, but in the end, it may come out as a blunt ‘would you go out with me?’. He would want his crush to see that he isn’t some foreign humanoid, rather as someone who would be willing to protect them and cherish them for the rest of their lives.
  • He’s not the one for cheesy/cliche pickup lines or moments. He doesn’t mind them though so maybe he can deal with kisses in the rain (as long as his s/o doesn’t get sick) and tolerate couple items (not T-Shirts and outfits though. He’ll think it’s too tacky). He likes to do small things with his s/o, like holding their hand - their small fingers intertwined with his larger ones is almost wrong, yet so right. The softness of their hand in his calloused palm is like a light touch of tender love to his hardened exterior.


  • He’s a gentle lover. He puts his s/o’s needs and desires over his own. He prefer having eye contact with his partner during sexual intercourse as it creates an element of intimacy between him and his s/o. He would want to see every expression of pleasure that he gives to his lover for every thrust he makes, hear every moan they sing and capture his name as they escape their lips. He’ll hold their hand as he enters them, ensuring that he is there and that he is not hurting them.
  • Secretly into blind-folding. He doesn’t mind being blindfolded or if his partner is. As previously mentioned that he would rather be face to face with their s/o, but by removing the sense of sight, it heightens his sense of touch and sound instead. If he is the one blindfolded, his s/o would be the one to guide his hands around their body. The slower, the better - the more for Chad to feel every curve, every sensual touch from them. If they whisper sweet nothings into his ear - to kiss them everywhere, leave them in a moaning mess -  their lips brushing against the shell of his ear, he would gladly oblige to his lover’s commands.

Kensei Muguruma

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  • This would probably be the first time that he would have feelings towards an individual. He’s so focused on his position as Captain that when he becomes a Visored, he has less responsibilities and more freedom to take notice of his surroundings. At first he’ll be slightly confused about these feelings, but will later begin to understand the growing warmth and beating heart of his is signaling him that he has fallen in love.
  • Approaching this individual will be comical though. Unlike Chad who despite his large appearance is a big teddy bear inside, Kensei scares anyone he looks at. His crush would perceive him to be far more intimidating up close and would most likely not want to upset him, in fear that it would just leave him angry…they might end up running off before Kensei could say something. When his crush stops becoming a shivering mess, they’ll eventually understand Kensei’s attraction to them and see him more as a scary guy after giving him a chance.


  • Kensei is unintentionally rough. He can’t help it though - he has a lot of anger in him. He tries not to go too overboard with his roughness when it comes to making love with his s/o, but he would really want his s/o to leave some scratches on his arms as he literally pounds into them, screaming his name into the dead of the night. As long as the scratches aren’t too deep, he has no intentions of hurting his s/o at all…unless they have a kink for it, he’ll have to work some things around it.
  • He has a slight fetish for leaving dark hickies on his s/o’s skin. Kensei likes the sight of a freshly bruised love mark on his lover, almost like marking his territory. If his s/o is comfortable with it, he would leave it in places that can be seen by others in public, specifically at the base of the neck and behind his s/o’s ears. If not, they would allow Kensei to leave hickies in other places - inner thighs and chest. If the marks are still there during the next time they make love, Kensei will be extremely happy.
What are boundaries in the RFA™
  • MC: Seven, Yoosung is missing, can you find him?
  • Seven: What, do you think I have him microchipped or something?
  • Zen: Well, do you?
  • Seven: ...
  • Seven: Yeah, hang on.

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Hi! You seem to enjoy cute asks, how about RFA/V/Saeran sharing bed with MC for the firstest time? First is always special; will they be super nervous and self-conscious? Spend a sleepless night afraid their love might stop breathing? (happened to me once!) Or just immediately relax and cuddle all night? Hog the blanket? Or would there be instant passion? But definitely MC won't take "i'll sleep on the couch" for an answer!

A/N: This is so cute i do enjoy cute thANK YOU (mainly because I can’t do angst i kinda just…. *slowly slides the angst inboxes to 626*) ~Admin 404


-He’d be pretty self-conscious about moving or snoring or something
-He’s so scared and tries to stay awake
-But that doesn’t work out, he falls asleep pretty quickly
-He likes to roll himself up into a blanket burrito and subconsciously forgets that you’re in bed with him
-It’s like fighting to the death to get into that blanket burrito just so you don’t freeze
-He’s used to cuddling a smaller stuffed animal, so he isn’t used to the fact that you’re a normal sized person
-You end up being the big spoon but that’s okay because he’s such a cutie omg

-Cool Calm Collected™
-Until it acTUALLY CAME TO IT *Internal screaming*
-He holds you close and absolutely loves the feel of you there
-You’re like a little heater and just WOW laying with you is way different than laying with Elizabeth
-But he just cannot sleep? No matter how hard he tries?
-He’s tried counting sheep, focusing on his breathing, focusing on YOUR breathing, but nothing worked out
-Gave up and accepted that he wasn’t going to sleep that night, he’ll have to drink a lot more coffee in the morning than usual
-It’s just what he’s used to, so it’s really hard to get comfortable enough to sleep
-He couldn’t help but admire how cute you looked when you were asleep, he couldn’t look away (though sometimes he forced himself too because wow jumin that’s a lil creepy stop that)
-Never once let you go though. If it seemed like you were waking up in the middle of the night, he’d hold you closer and internally freak out. He wanted you to have a perfect night’s sleep! Waking up would ruin that! HIS DARLING MC NEEDS TO SLEEP EVEN IF HE CAN’T

-Immediately falls asleep
-He has no problems sharing a bed
-He snores a little bit but it’s sooooo cute omg
-Rolls over and cuddles you as close as you can get to his chest
-Nuzzles his face against the top of your head and he’s just aDORABLE
- honestly he’s just glad he didn’t have any nightmares this time
-But he’s SUCH A BED HOG
-You wake up because??? Your ass hit the floor
-You throw yourself across him just so you can lay down and attempt to sleep and he just doesn’t move. He gets a good night’s sleep but you’re left strung across him, uncovered, annoyed

-He really didn’t want to because he’s very uncomfortable
-But he’ll give it a shot, just for you
-Absolutely no sleep at all (poor bby ;A;)
-What if you stopped breathing? What if something happened in your sleep? WhaT IF
- pls calm down saeran and just sleep
-He does like holding you though, won’t admit it, but he does
-When you put his head to your chest, hoLY SHIT
-He’s calmed down by the sound of your heartbeat cutie cutie
-Always makes sure you’re covered, comfortable, not too hot, not too cold
-Likes to drag his fingertips up and down your spine but if you make any sort of movement he practically throws himself away from you because he’s embarrassed

- but also really nervous???
- what if the beast comes out wHAT WILL HE DO
- he obviously wouldn’t do anything but still
- but all the nervousness goes away once he sees how sleepy you are
- totally not staring at ur legs
- and you find out Zen is a HUGE snuggler
- you should have known this???
- like he’s so affectionate when he’s awake, it just makes sense for him to treat u like a teddy???
- you’re dying cause he’s like a furnace and u jUST WANNA SLEEP but you can’t wake him up he’s so adorable
- since this your first time ever, of course he’s gonna be extra dramatic
- when he wakes up, he’s gonna stare at u cause ur gorgeous even with all the drool
- he showers you in kisses omg
- he just spends the morning spoiling you cause you’re his princess <3
- the first time you guys share the bed it’s totally an accident???
- usually after you two do the diddly do, you end up going home because you don’t have enough stuff at jaehee’s to stay over
- but over time all of your stuff magically started to collect at her place
- hell, the closet is is 75% yours
- so one night after the frick frack, you’re just chilling in bed with her, she’s drawing imaginary designs on you
- and you’re both so exhausted from work that you just fall asleep
- when you wake up in the morning, you find her snuggled up to her pillow and you burst out giggling
- you quiet yourself down though because you don’t wanna wake her up yet <3
- since she finally has a day off, you wanna let her sleep in and yOU’RE GONNA TREAT HER LIKE A PRINCESS TODAY
- you finally get up and make breakfast for two <3
- you and V take naps together all the time
- it’s like a hobby for u two
- so you thought sharing the bed the first time together wouldn’t be a big deal
- except you find yourself freaking out???
- he’s gonna see you when you wake up in the morning and you’ll look so ugly omg
- so you do everything you can to make sure you wont look to bad in the morning
- you use expensive perfume, you wear silk pajamas, you moisturize the heck out of your skin
- and when V walks in, you feel so ridiculous omg
- he’s just wearing normal pajamas, his hair is messy
- he knows he’s gonna look like a hot mess when he wakes up, he aint about to try
- when he sees you, his eyes widen cause damn u lookin fine, but he laughs because he knows exactly how ridiculous your thoughts must have been for u to do this
- so he just hugs you and you both go to bed and snuggle the heck out of each other <3
- you totally don’t set an alarm to wake up before him
- he also didn’t do the same exact thing

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Rfa + v reaction to finding out MC is 18? And therefore the youngest lol

♥Hewo :3 I did know which you wanted so i went with platonic (thank you admin molly for teaching me this word) Only because some of the age gaps were just to large for me to write it comfortably. I hope you understand!


- FiNaLlY 
- hes not the youngest anymore 
- When you start college he helps you with anything you need. 
- best friend more then a sibling 
- Video games!
- Everyone ships it tho,,,,lowkey…..


- Helps with supplies, tutors, lunch transportation, 
- Math? Yup he help
- Forien language? Yeup he help that too
- If you need experience he gives an internship 
- Stressed? Cat. Need a break? Cat,,,,,, Cat? cat.


- Teaches you the real world 
- I.e StAy AwAy FrOm BoYs
- Teaches you how to manage bills, and food, and housing (you know the things school should teach us?)  
- Helps you stay taking care of yourself 
- Older brother figure 


- also teaches you about the real world 
- But also school 
- She makes sure you eat and hydrate 
- and makes sure you get sleep as well.
- Becomes the mom friend mostly… 


- Tells you he will hack to get you in any school you want 
- Teaches you to manage time so you don’t stay up all night
- prob helps type your papers (two page paper done in two minutes perfectly typed)
- He finally felt he could be a good older brother so he plays that part
- He messes with you (the prankster brother) 


- He is so sorry you got involved with this 
- A N Y T H I N G for you 
- School supplies? they show up 
- Helps when/if you get to stressed 
- More like the Dad™  

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Hi! I really like your blog! And I request if that's okay! Can you write the reactions that the RFA would have when they see that MC doesn't have a limbs. And mc never told them because "you guys never asked". Thank you!!

I’m not too sure what you mean by “doesn’t have a limbs” (any limbs? a limb?) so I’m just going to go with amputee MC who’s missing an arm ^^; Note: MC’s prosthetic is smth like Kaitlyn Dobrow’s if you’re wondering. Her channel is rad as heck so check iT OUT


The moment he set eyes on you, he tears up and you’re like “??!!??”

“I didn’t know… But it’s okay!!! I think you’re still really pretty. And your arm looks cool…” A sniffle, then: “Did you not tell us because… you felt self-conscious…?” 

In truth, he usually feels pretty damn insecure about himself after hanging around wealthy, talented and attractive people all day. His insecurities suddenly looks super small compared to what you must have to deal with, though. So he prepares this entire speech inside his head and you’re like:

“Oh it just didn’t occur to me to tell you guys. You never asked haha.” And goes on smiling, radiating confidence and beauty and grace and boi he’s smi t t en. He goes on crying, the speech turning into some babble about his fears and how he admires your ability to go through life being chill af. You hug him lots tbh pls hug him lots he trie s  hi s  b est


She doesn’t comment on it at first, trying to Play It Cool. But you can tell she has questions and often acts awkwardly because she isn’t sure how to approach it. So you casually bring it up in a joking manner.

“Can you open the jam jar for me? Metal hands sucks at lids.” 

She rushes over immediately and the moment the jar lid pops open, the questions comes flowing. “Does it hurt? What happened? If you don’t mind me asking!! You don’t have to reply, of course… Is it alright if I hug you like this? How about like this? Does it get in the way when I do this?” Jaehee pls how are you gonna reply if she doesn’t stop talki n g

She listens to your answers with no judgement, only curiosity. Her eyes lights up with love and adoration with every passing moment as she grows to understand you more. There’s still some sadness in her though, wishing that she could do more for you even after you reassures her that you are mostly content with how things are. 


He smiles naturally when he greets you and treats you like a princess. Sweet words and pet names flow like honey from his lips and you soak it all up. For the first time, you feel truly precious, though you do wonder if he’s only so calm because he’s an actor.

The first comment he makes on your arm is: “Can I sign my name on it?”

It’s followed by a bit of flustered rambling. “Y’know, like, with a sharpie? When I had a cast on my leg a lot of people wanted to sign it— of course, I’m not saying that it’s the same thing I just… Is this a dumb question?” You manage to assure him that he’s fine, and laughed. A lot. Poor boy doesn’t know what to do with himself. You ask him why he doesn’t seem surprised with your arm even though you forgot to tell everyone and he blushed.

“It’s not that… I am surprised. And I want to ask you a lot of questions but I don’t want it to get in the way of our first meeting, you know? I wanted this to be perfect.” 


He does know quite a lot about disabilities, given that his best friend is currently blind and he has had experience with customers/clients/employees who are disabled before. So there isn’t any awkwardness when you two meet, and you soon realise that his protectiveness has nothing to do with your missing arm.

“Jumin, It’s fine. I’m safe. I’ll call you as soon as I get home, alright?” It’s only then that he glances at your prosthetic.

“Alright. However, I do wish you’d wear the dress for the party. You’d look stunning in it. And…” He pulls out a box, opens it and presents it to you. In it is an arm that ooks like it has been meticulously designed by a team of artists, not a hospital. A piece of royalty— emerald green highlighted by gold, carved into the shape of a shoulder guard that looks like it should belong to a medieval armour. And, you’d later find, it fits you perfectly.

“I contacted your doctor for guidance.” He says with a light shrug, cheeks dusted a light pink. He luvs u lots


O boi he does n o t get a nice reveal.

You have been using one of your more realistic prosthetics so he never noticed from the cameras. And he mostly stays out of your medical documents out of respect for your privacy, only paying attention to your criminal records and schooling when doing your background check. His reveal comes midway through your scuffle with Unknown— a sharp yank and a faulty clasp results in your arm literally ripping off your body.

You’ve never seen someone so shocked and genuinely horrified before.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He jumps straight to the point after the danger has passed and you could see leftover panic shaking his entire frame. Your reason dies in your throat— you’ve honestly just forgotten and scared him half to death because of it. Tears started to fall from under his glasses, thoughts racing faster than his heartbeat of what he could’ve and should’ve done, but never did to ensure your safety. “Do you know how much danger you were in? If he had known before I did, he could have taken advantage of that. He c-could have taken you.

“I—… I’m so sorry.” o no ur crying too :c

He halts in his pacing, stuttering breaths calming down as he looks at you. No, the only one to blame is him and his incompetence. “I’m sorry I—” He wilts. “I shouldn’t have yelled. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

Zen finally gets his own cover as the runner up~! Sadly this couldnt be posted in time for Valentines day, but it’s still the month of love anyway! 


These have probably already been done but I don’t care.


Ideas between @mysplaced-pen and I are amazing :’) 

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How do Jumin, 707, Zen and Yoosung look like if they formed a boysband?

some headcanons!

  • Yoosung always sings the bridge, its just his thing
  • Seven always be actin out during interviews,,,,the other members can never get a WORD IN
  • also the best dancer
  • also raps every now and then
  • always be pulling random ass stunts on stage
  • Zen is the resident lead vocal
  • he also always looks the most Emo
  • the choreographers just kind of shove him in the back until its his turn to sing
  • “just stand there and look pretty”
  • barley ever speaks but when he does everyone SCREAMS

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Can I pls have an hc of rfa and their kids ? And only if u can include some pics of gifs that would be doooope🙈

YASS!! I’m sorry I couldn’t find gifs for everyone, just pictures. Because of this my recent search was ‘dad and baby, baby daddy’. I’m sorry if the gif / pic is not to expectation :(

Anyways! Enjoy~~

- E.


  • Still busy with work and all. But deep inside he wanted to be with his kids.
  • For the several first months, the baby may not attach to him, rarely seeing him and all. So this kind of hurt him a bit.
  • He’ll probably keep a picture of them as his wallpaper. MC took it, when he took it, it was blurry.
  • So, when he’s back he’ll spend all of his time with his kids.
  • MC will always find him sleeping with his children at night. If he had to climb inside the crib, HE WILL.


  • Yeah, I think he’s going to do this.
  • And then brag about it on the group chat.
  • He’ll be super doting, lavishing the baby with the love he never got on his childhood.
  • But he’ll keep his kid out of public eye, never making a reveal to public and all.
  • He’s the kind that’ll serenade his baby to sleep with musical arias (he legit will)


  • When a package arrived at their home, MC found matching costumes in it.
  • A costume of his LOLOL character, in adult size and kid size.
  • He’ll probably start the kid early on cosplaying XD
  • He’s the kind that’ll probably cry together with the baby if MC leave them for a moment.
  • “Yoosung….. I just went to the kombini…..”
  • For him, it was growing together with the baby.


  • *cue MC screaming in the background*
  • He’ll raise the happiest most cheerful kid around
  • He’ll let his kid try anything, do anything.
  • “When can they start drinking PhD Pepper?” “Saeyoung…. They’re still 6 months old….”
  • He’ll still be very protective and all. Probably giving them a tracking device made as a bracelet.
  • And he’ll be the kind to ugly cry when he finally hears ‘da…da’


  • He’ll be the most considerate husband-father ever
  • Hospital bag? Baby bag? He got it all prepared.
  • Late night crying? Don’t worry he’s on it. 
  • Piles of baby clothes to wash? He got it all separated and washed.
  • Bathing baby? He’ll do most of the work
  • Just like him, he’ll raise the most gentle child with a very compassionate personality.
  • The baby room would probably be decorated with lots of baby photos. He’ll probably end up with almost 2000 photos by the time they’re 1. 
  • Zen: I will literally stop talking about how angelic my face is, if Jumin isn't into BDSM.
  • Yoosung: ...
  • Yoosung: What's BDSM?
  • Luciel, yelling from across the room: BIBLE DISCUSSION AND STUDY MEETINGS

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I love the idea of a friendship growing between MC and Jaehee at first because they're both the only girls and, like, sometimes you just gotta talk smack about the boys with another girl, but then it blossoms into this really good and deep friendship and I was wondering if you could maybe show how that friendship would manifest with MC's different relationships with the RFA boys and V?

A/N: THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA AND I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH BECAUSE I FEEL IT ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL I WANT JAEHEE AS A BESTIE IN EVERY ROUTE (also i kind of made this how they all reacted to the friendship i hope you dont mind) ~Admin 404


           - I don’t think it’d affect him that much

           -Like yyeess MC I’m so happy you got best friend!!!!

           -Does get a little jealous of her though

           -“MC!!! Wanna come play some LOLOL with me???” “Nah, me and Jaehee are going to go shopping!” “But…the two of you hung out all day yesterday?” “Yeah, and we’re gonna do it again! I’ll text you later!”

           -HE WANTS SOME MC TIME TOO *angry eyebrows*

           -As long as you make time for him, he’s a-okay!

           -But pls tell him secrets too MC he wants to be your other best friend

           -Also lowkey worried because??? What do the two of you talk about?

           -He remembered some of the things his sister and her friends used to talk about and he was nOT EXCITED



           -*Slides into the living room and seductively throws himself over the side of the couch*

           -“Where the two of you talking about me?”

           - yeah talking about how you’re a total fucking DORK

           -He’s good friends with Jaehee too!! Why won’t you let him in the room for talk time ;A;

           -Tried sneaking into the room to listen but the two of you are smarter than that and have to physically throw him out of the room

           -He’s happy that you’re such good friends with her, though!!!

           -Since he’s her friend as well, he knows how badly she needed a friend for some girl talk

           -But?? Still?? He waNTS TO KNOW


           - honestly pouts and sits outside of the door sometimes when the two of you throw him out, blows up your phone until you yell through the door


           -This….is so weird

           -Why is Assistant Kang in his house

           -Tries to hand her work almost every single time

           -Until you kind of knock it out of his hand and it falls to the floor

           -?????? MC????? It’s her job??????

           -“She is here as my GUEST Jumin, YOU do that work”

           -G A S P MC WHAT

           -Overall he’s just so…..awkward when you and Jaehee hang out at home. Otherwise, he could care less if the two of you were close friends. He loves that you have a close friend to talk with! He also doesn’t care if the two of you talk about him, whatever

           -Like how is he supposed to act??? He’s almost two different people. He’s so laid back at home with you and all business when he’s at work with Jaehee. WhaT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO ;A;

           - locks himself in his office when she’s over to avoid the awkwardness


           -*dresses up as a girl*

           -*slides into the room to join the girl talk*

           -*is promptly kicked out by the two of you*

           -The only person he had like that in his life was his brother

           -But they’ve been apart for so long, and with everything that happened….

           -He tries to have that kind of friendship now and Saeran just kind of walks out of the room

           -So!!!! He’s happy for you!!! But also very jealous (though he hides it)

           -You can tell how upset he gets sometimes, and you and Jaehee agree to let him hang out every now and then to make him happy

           - only if he dresses up like a girl

           -When the two of you don’t let him in, he just turns on the CCTV because??? He wants the juicy gossip on all of the members too??? BAD SAEYOUNG


           -Completely respects your privacy

           -Please, MC, you and Jaehee spend all the time you would like together

           -Talk about whatever you would like

           -Your laughter is muSIC TO HIS EARS


           -He couldn’t care less what the two of you talked about

           -Knows that if you want to share with him, you will

           -Plus, Jaehee isn’t really a loud, rowdy person well most of the time

           -So!! She can stay all she wants!!! It doesn’t break the nice relaxed feeling of the house and he appreciates that

           -He even makes the two of you tea and some snacks every now and then!!! hes like a mum omfg


           -What do you mean you’re going out

           -What do you mean I can’t come in and sit in the living room



           - someone please help him he doesn’t understand how this all works

           -Constant reassuring that you’re just going to hang out with Jaehee!! You aren’t mad!!

           -There’s just some things you have to talk about with a girl friend, ya know??

           -If you bring up even a slightly awkward topic he gets flustered and immediately agrees to leave the two of you alone

           -A lot of the time though, Jaehee doesn’t mind if he’s there? He’s actually pretty quiet and uninterested

           -He just likes to talk shit about Saeyoung let him into the conversation every now and then plEASE he needs to get it out

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How bout the Rfa with a Mc that's always lived in poverty so they feel really out of place around them at times and don't feel like their good enough? Cause as far as I know their all are rich (except Yoosung I guess) or at least very well off.

Sounds good to me!


He feels quite bad when you first tell him

★ But he understands, his parents tried not to spoil him too much so he would know the value of money.

★ He definitely had friends in school who always had the coolest stuff that he couldn’t buy from his pocket money

★ Even though is parents tried to teach him otherwise, he’ll try his best to treat you

★ Before he met you, he invested his spare money on LOLOL or equipment for his computer


★ He’ll try to secretly save up money so he could buy you something expensive


📱 Oh boi, he knows. I knows how that is and he hates that you had to go through a similar thing as he himself after he ran away from home.

📱 Poor guy could barely even pay rent

📱 And even though he now does make a living with acting, he’s still so used to take care of his money. He absolutely doesn’t want to live like he did back then, ever again

📱 He still definitely feels weird when he sees how Jumin throws around with money like it had no value at all.

📱 He’ll treat you. He will definitely take you out for dinner, or a spa.

📱 if you ask him to bring you some lotion, shampoo or conditioner, on his way home he will always bring you the most expensive and highest quality stuff he can find


♛ Okay, CEO-In-Line has no clue what it’s like without much money.

♛ And he’ll feel bad that he can’t really understand you

♛ But Oh boiiii, he will 100% get you ANYTHING you want

♛ It doesn’t matter if you already have 27 dresses in the same colour, he’ll get you another one.

♛ He will 100% refuse to let you work for anything

♛ He’s gonna spoil you more than you could even imagine

♛ How can someone have so much money????

♛ When you walk past some store while you’re on a walk and you just seem like you’d like to have it…. He will get it.

♛ Honestly, he doesn’t even realise that you may feel a bit uncomfortable with all of this because you’re not used to getting spoiled this much

♛ But he’ll make sure you know it’s the very least he can do to make up for your past


☆ Well our defender of justice obviously has quite a bit of money. Maybe not as much as Jumin, but he’s well above middle class.

☆ He knows how it is not to have much money as well as Zen but unlike Zen, he would spend his money single handed on his “babies” and upgrading his computers if Vanderwood didn’t stop him.

☆ Honestly? He didn’t really know what else to spend his money on.

☆ You’d expect him to spoil the shit out of you now but you’re wrong.

☆ Saeyoung doesn’t like to buy things for the love of his life. He doesn’t find it personal enough. He prefers self-made stuff as it shows his dedication towards you.

☆ Of course, if you really need or want something, he’ll buy you whatever.

☆ But instead, he’ll just be the massive dork he is.

☆ “Hey, princess, I made you a bath!!”

☆ The bath is full of money.

☆ Saeyoung keeps all his money in cash and now it’s in a bathtub.

☆ Ready for you to take a bath in!

☆ “Honey look, you can feel like Jumin now!!”


☼ Look, he’s really well off. But he never brags about it.

☼ If humble were a person, that person would be Jihyun.

☼ You don’t even feel too bad around him because he lives like a normal person.

☼ But he noticed that you feel odd when Jumin talked about getting Elizabeth another collar for millions of dollars.

☼ So when you tell him about your past…

☼ He’ll just smile at you

☼ He’ll tell you this is all in the past and it doesn’t matter

☼ He’ll tell you, you have all the support from everyone and that you don’t need to feel bad about anything

☼ Jihyun will get you nice things every now and then, but honestly he won’t go over the top at all. But he’ll tell you everything that belongs to him, is also yours.

☼ He just wants both of you to live a normal, average life.

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How would the rfa and Saeran have MC saved as in their phones ?

LOL IM GONNA DO WHAT MC HAS IN THEIR PHONE TOO BC WHY TFRICK NOT!! And a text photo bc in extra and owe you guys 

and yes Zen has a bts reference in there bc it fit..

Originally posted by bwiseoks

- Babe/Baby~
- Mc
- Sweetie♥~
–This boy is probably to shy for anything drastic. 
- Angel
- Bean
- Baby Boy 

- Kitten
- Princess 
- Sunshine 
– Something that would catch his eye, different from all the business names. 
- Honey Bunny 
- Juju~
- Cat Daddy Han 

- Princess~
- Doll
- My love♥
– Has no shame in what your contact was your his girlfriend.
- Prince
- Mr.World-Wide Handsome 
- Zenny♥~

- Mocha 
- Mc☕
- Angel~
– She wouldn’t have anything crazy as your name, but it still would be cute. 
- Honey 
- Sugar 
- Flower

- Angel 
- Miss Kitty 
- 606~
– you best believe if its not something ridiculously cringy its some inside joke between you. 
- God Seven
- SaeOLD
- honeyChip

- Snowflake 
- Mc🍧
- Halo 
- Bean♥
- Babe
- Mint Coco.

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Hey guys. So I'm on mobile and I can't tell if you guys are open yet. But to welcome our wonderful new bleach admin, I'd just like to ask for some Nemu and Isane relationship has with a gender neutral s/o who is a new Captain (like of say squad 5 if shinji didn't decide to come back). And they are a bit like Komamura personality wise but a lot less fanatically loyal like our favorite dog man. Just like dating, marriage and parenting hcs if thats not too much. If it is, then just regular is great

Thank you for the warm welcome! I’ll try my best to see what I can whip up for you :) I hope that this doesn’t disappoint you >< (it’s mostly relationship hcs sorry!)

Nemu Kurotsuchi

Originally posted by okami-fr

  • Because of the abuse from her ‘father’, she might be hesitant to start a relationship with the new captain. Her shy nature will end up making her watch the new captain from afar, either by herself or alongside with Mayuri when he doesn’t notice. Nemu is most likely to be attracted to their open-minded personality as they tend to accept everyone, despite their flaws and differences without a single judgement. She hopes that they will accept her as she is when she has the courage to approach them herself…in this case, they would have to talk to Nemu first ^^; therefore they’re the dominant one in the relationship
  • Once acquainted, Nemu will feel more at ease to talk to them although she will withhold some personal things until they become more intimate with one another. Although her facial expressions rarely show it, she is overjoyed with the company of her s/o. She is more of a listener rather than the talker so she’s more than happy to listen to her s/o’s banter and comment when necessary. In return, Nemu’s s/o knows when she needs her personal space and does not pry information out of her - Nemu will tell them what she deems secretive until she is ready.
  • In private, Nemu’s partner is the only one capable of getting her to blush. Just the slight brushes of pink on her cheeks is enough of an achieved accomplishment that breaks off Nemu’s stoic gaze. Ways to make Nemu blush is by showering her in affection (within limits - Nemu may get uncomfortable with the attention), calling her ‘beautiful’ and pecking her on the lips however they all must be unexpected so it still has that element of surprise. She’ll smile in secret if their attempts end up failing anyway it’s funny come on
  • Nemu is fiercely protective of her partner whenever Mayuri is around - regardless of the fact that they are more stronger than Mayuri (5th division over 12th division) She may be loyal to her ‘father’ even though he treats her as a mere tool than his daughter, but she refuses to let him hurt her s/o. Nemu feels that her s/o is the only person that treats her as an equal and an individual with emotions unlike Mayuri. On the other hand Mayuri doesn’t really care what Nemu does as long as she doesn’t stop working for him…though he might slightly just see ‘be around the corner’ to ‘check up’ on Nemu.

Isane Kotetsu

Originally posted by syairi18

  • A relationship with Isane means that the new captain has to get the approval of Isane’s younger sister, Kiyone. Isane would be quite worried that Kiyone won’t like her s/o however it is to her surprise that her s/o’s personality is able to adapt to the differences between the quiet Isane and the bubbly Kiyone thus can adopt similar traits to interact with the other. Whenever Isane watches Kiyone playing or having a competition with her lover, she’d imagine what life would be like if they had children together and how they would be as parents.
  • Because Isane is such an expert healer, she would give her s/o massages after they have been training and working so hard all day. She would arrange a room with her s/o’s favorite incense burner and dim down the lights in order for them to relax. Rather this being a mood starter for sexual intercourse these sessions will still maintain a sense of intimacy as Isane would want these massaging sessions to be focused on making her s/o unwind from their responsibilities of being a captain. She would ask them how their day has been, if there is anything they need to talk about etc. This would be her s/o’s secret therapeutic world.
  • Poor Isane is prone to frequent nightmares to the point where her s/o has to leave their own division to go to the 4th division to calm Isane down. Retsu trusts them so she would end up making sure that the 5th division is secure whilst they take care of Isane. If Isane can give their s/o massages, they in return will comfort her and talk Isane through her nightmares and overcome them. ‘If the nasty kamaboko is on your plate, I can always have it for you’. Whether the nightmare contains anything odd or something horrifying, Isane’s s/o will always be there to console her. Also they’ll probably be spooning her for the rest of the night to make sure Isane doesn’t have anymore nightmares.
  • She’s not the girly type, but Isane loves receiving a new pair of earrings from her s/o, knowing that they have taken time to choose the perfect pair that would suit her best. She wears them all at least once, her favorite ones being the pair she currently wears all the time (the red ones). Her hair is always relatively short not out of convenience when in battle, but so the earrings are more noticeable in the eyes of her partner. So it would be a sudden surprise when instead of another pair of earrings,  Isane’s s/o slips a ring onto her finger and asks her to marry them.
Zumin in a nutshell
  • Jumin: Zen and I have that kind of easy chemistry where we finish each other’s-
  • Zen: -sentence.
  • Jumin, deeply offended: don't interrupt me.

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RFA + V and Saeran if they were datinf an MC was the type of person who casually says "I love you" to their friends but they mean it platonically? Bonus points if they say I love you direcrly to another RFA member/V/Saeran.

A/N: im pretty sure y'all have noticed but I’m the same way ^^;;; I CANT HELP IT AAAAAAAAAAA ~Admin 404


           -He does it too!!

           -He just really loves everyone!!! except v fucking rip

           -But it does bother him a little bit when you do it

           -You’re the first person he’s truly loved in this way!!! So deep down….he kind of…only wants to hear you say it to him?

           -But NEVER makes a big deal about it! Because! FRIENDSHIP!

           -Except he does get a little protective when you say it to V

           -Because he says it back?? He gets the V is the same type of person who loves everyone but?? Don’t say it to his MC

           -Deep down he knows it’s just platonic, but V is….V

           - slight yandere yoosung?

           -Pouts whenever it happens and you have to kiss his nose so he focuses on being flustered rather than jealous


           -500% all for expressing his love for you

           -Which means he’s 500% all for you expressing your love for him



           -Says he’s not jealous

           -Is completely jealous

           -When you tell any of the members that you love them, he’s practically sliding in front of you

           -“But…you love me most, right?”

           - no shit, sherlock

           -Not ashamed to show he’s jealous, you’re often held against his chest as he gets very animated in his arguments over you


           -She doesn’t really… care?

           -She just thinks it’s something you say, she doesn’t think you actually mean it

           -Of course, that just depends on the situation

           -But usually, she’s aware that you say it when you’re really happy with the person!

           -Don’t worry MC, she knows when you say it to her, you absolutely mean it

           -Actually thinks it’s absolutely adorable!!!!!!

           -Loves that you care so deeply for others, and wishes she could match your passion

           -Lowkey uses the fact that you say it to others as an excuse to do it too

           -When you tell Zen you love him, she pops up and agrees



           -Stop that

           -He’s very bad at expressing  emotion so he can’t really understand how you can freely say those words?

           -It took a lot of thought and understanding of himself to tell you that he loves you, but you….say it….to everyone?

           -Does that mean you don’t love him as much as he loves you?


           -You have to explain that you just love your friends in a different way!!! So you do love them! Just not how you love him

           -After a while, he learns to love that you’re so loving to everyone! You’re so warm and inviting!

           -Hates when you say it to Zen though

           -Zen is a nuisance in his eyes and he hates how he gets flirty and thinks he can say it back to you

           -Immediately pulls you into a passionate kiss or holds you incredibly close, you’re his MC, he won’t let Zen send his flirty-germs your way


           -He’s very insecure about himself so

           -That means he’s very insecure about why you love him

           -He’s usually okay when you tell others that you love them

           -He could tell from the very beginning that you were the type of warm, kind-hearted person to love everyone until they do you wrong

           -Tries to say he doesn’t tell everyone he loves them but you have screenshots of him telling Yoosung and Zen that he loves them

           - and possibly a video of him saying it while drunk, that he doesn’t know about yet

           -Once, when the two of you and Yoosung were hanging out, you told Yoosung that you loved him, and you totally meant it platonically, and he knew that!

           -But Yoosung is easily flustered, so he turned bright red before saying it back

           -Saeyoung immediately gets an unamused look on his face

           -He surrounds you with his hoodie, shielding you from Yoosung while he keeps the unamused look on his face, he even attempts to walk the both of you away but you kept tripping due to the fact that yoU COULDN’T SEE, SAEYOUNG, MOVE YOUR HOODIE


           -He’s the same way!!

           -Just wants everyone to know how much he loves them!!

           -Has absolutely no problem with you doing it

           -Lowkey prefers that you do it

           -Because that means he’s not the only one doing it!



           -Never jealous! Like, ever! They say it back to you and he’s just like, “Hey same”

           -The two of you are literally rays of sunshine omg so cute

           -Y'all just go love everyone, it’s okay, you guys do you <3



           -WHAT ABOUT ME, MC

           -Took him A L O T of time and courage to tell you he loves you

           -What the fuck MC

           -He’s seen how bubbly you are with others, so he just kind of assumed you’re the type to tell everyone just how you feel

           -Gets a little insecure each time it happens, and you have to reinsure him that it’s okay!! You love him in a way you couldn’t love anyone else



           -LET GO OF HIS MC, IDIOT BROTHER. He’ll pull you away and hold you completely against him, shooting a h u g e death glare at his brother

           -You have to shower him in affection! Lots of kisses will take his jealousy away..after a while

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Ok so i know that this is overdone BUT.. What would the rfa + v do when mc is jealous? And the opposite, how would they act when THEY are jealous? Man i love me some jealousy headcanons lol. On the the other topic, i saw that mod rouge said that they are tattooed and pierced and just wanna say, tattooed and pierced people, UNITE!! ✋✋

NOTHING’S OVERDONE FOR ME!! I’m too new to writing HC’s and people’s view’s tend to differ a little so I think it’s always refreshing when you see mutliple people writing about one thing. :p
Oh well, gotta admit, my tattoo is well hidden between my shoulder blades… While well, piercings are rather obvious with lip, nose and stretched lobe ^^;; BUT YA; UNITE!!
~Mod Rouge


★ Okay we know he’s a little Yandere so it’s usually him who’s getting jealous rather quickly.
★ Yoosung definitely doesn’t hide the fact that he’s jealous
★ One evening, you’re out to the movies and while he’s getting you both some snacks, a not too shabby looking guy
★ When Yoosung comes back, he just hears how the guy is complimenting you, you being polite, returning the compliment
★ Ok Yoosung, stay calm, stay calm
★ “Hey honey, we should go in now, the movie is about to start”, the self-control is real in this one
★ Leaving the other guy behind he’ll ask what that was, and why you’re complimenting other men.
★ “You’re supposed to compliment me, not other guys!”
★ “Yoosung, listen. I was just being polite. I don’t look at anyone like I look at you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Really. I couldn’t wish for anyone other than you.”
★ He’s instantly calm. Hearing those words from you just melts his heart and the whole thing is forgotten.

★ His ego goes through the roof. It’s so rare, because you really trust him.
★ So when that happens, boi oh boi, he feels so good that you don’t want to lose him.
★ Finds it genuinely adorable.


📱 Honestly, he isn’t really the jealous type of guy
📱 He blindly trusts you.
📱 But he doesn’t trust other men. I mean, how could he, you’re everything a man could ask for.
📱 So in case a guy does approach you, Zen’s just gonna be smooth.
📱 Laying an arm around your shoulder or waist, giving you gentle kisses
📱 Generally just smoothly showing “Sorry buddy, that Lady is mine.”

📱 The good looking guy Zen is, he knows how most women see him and he knows that is a factor that would raise your jealousy Level
📱 So usually he simply tries to keep his distance, works usually out pretty well
📱 You’re used to him having to get closer to some actresses so that’s not a big issue to you
📱 … But this one day, you met a fan of his while grocery shopping.
📱 Fan didn’t know you’re his girlfriend
📱 And she gets all touchy touchy. Touching his arms and chest.
📱 Zen’s trying to brush it off, but he doesn’t wanna sound rude and is also a little flustered
📱 “O-Oh hey MC, I guess I met a fan.” , he’s awkwardly smiling, knowing that you wouldn’t like the situation
📱 unpleasant glare towards the fan intensifies, “If she’s your fan she should know that you have a girlfriend, /babe/. It’s fucking uncool to get so close to taken men.”, you snap.
📱 GASP, what did he just hear???
📱 fan backs off and leaves, rather offended
📱 “Woha, that was pretty unexpected! I’m proud of you, babe”
📱 but… “But babe, you can’t say those words, a lady like you shouldn’t use the f-word.”


♛ Like Zen, he rarely gets jealous
♛ and when he does, he’ll simply say that he doesn’t like whatever made him jealous, knowing you will respect those boundaries
♛ in case he can’t just boldly say that he’s jealous because it may be some business dinner, he’ll like Zen, just go over it rather smoothly.
♛ Laying a hand on your thigh, lacing fingers with you on the table, really subtle things

♛ Honestly, he doesn’t really give you any reason to get jealous either
♛ The only reason may simply be in case he’s gotta be a little more charismatic in order to get some business deal
♛ But you know that you can’t just snap at female business partners, you don’t wanna ruin some deal
♛ Simple solution; You tell him afterwards
♛ He totally understands and tells you that he won’t do it again


☆ Honestly, neither of you give the other one any reason for jealousy
☆ Neither of you often leave the house or socialise much
☆ I mean, why leaving the house when you have Vanderwood to literally do everything
☆ Jealous because of Vanderwood? lololol
You better be glad I’m not your MC, Saeyoung. Because if I was, Vanderwood would be your biggest enemy.
☆ But you care a lot for Saeran, Saeran needs people to make him feel secure
☆ Which sometimes scares Saeyoung a little
☆ It reminds him of how you helped him through his hardships, which was because you had/have feelings for him so he’s sometimes afraid it’s the same thing with Saeran
☆ But it also reminds him that you’re simply a caring person who wants to help her husband’s twin brother
☆ So he never really says anything about it
☆ He’ll just increase the time that he swoons around you honestly


☼ Has a smiliar approach as Jumin
☼ He will never go over the top when he’s jealous, which is a pretty rare occasion anyways
☼ But when it happens, he’s still pretty collected and smooth, giving you some kiss on your hair, some exchange of loving glances
☼ He’ll probably talk about it afterwards but that’s it really.

☼ You on the other hand… tend to lose your temper a little quicker than him
☼ If that happens you better be ready to be bombarded with affection
☼ “MC, I’d never leave you for anyone, you’re perfect for me. Why would I ever prefer someone over you, who has helped me through all my hardships, who taught me how to love myself and others for real. You’ve shown me the world and no one would be better than you. Ever.”
☼ Omg, Jihyun please
☼ Pls don’t kill me with words
☼ Critical hit right in the heart