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RFA as the Mafia

Inspired by @palettesky‘s post~ Thank one of the admins for reblogging that -Admin Yuki-


  • A new recruit but still in basic self-defense training under Zen
  • Only join after the death of one of the top notch mafia lord’s fiance died
  • Is actually VERY skilled in a pulse rifle (head shots here and there)
  • Likes long distance elimanations
  • Has dares with Seven on who gets Honey Budda Chip boxes after a mission
  • Gets depressed when an animal gets involved poor yoosung :(
  • Jealous of 707 and Zen


  • Freelancer Hitman
  • Most of his clients were young adult women and he is not complaining
  • Is thankful for Mafia Lord V but not Lord Jumin
  • Hates alley ways because they are infested with cats
  • Likes to poison his targets first then does something unimaginable to them later
  • Does his work even if ALL his limbs are broken


  • Was a freelancer at first but Lord V saw her potential and told Lord Jumin
  • Manages everything that happens in Jumin’s Mafia  
  • Does a lot of paper work all day and does assassinations at night
  • Drinks a lot of coffee and barely eats any food that the elite eat
  • Doesn’t do any seducing to her victims doesn’t get why other women do
  • Likes close range elimantions
  • Always makes sure that they are no witnesses


  • Owns a lot of businesses and villas all around the country
  • Every command he says must be done in a snap of a finger or else you’ll be punished 
  • When a business partner does not agree or give what they have promised, they are executed right on the spot.
  • Always bribes his women business partners
  • Doesn’t allow any prostitutes in his compound
  • Elizabeth 3rd has her own cat hotels all around the world lucky cat
  • sucks at aiming


  • EVERY MAFIA LORD WANTS HIM but he rejects all of them
  • Because he is one of the world’s best hackers and great at self-defense
  • Knows that Yoosung is jealous of him and Zen and teases him about it
  • A fun person to hang out with but a very intimidating person when on a mission
  • Has a weird maid
  • Loves to play pranks on his victims like filling the victim’s computer screen with long cat pictures
  • Owns like a gillion cars
  • On his free time, he would sneak in Jumin’s house and “play” with Elizabeth 3rd

What do you guys think? Should I do more??? I would really like your opinions on this one or add some more if you want!

-Admin Yuki-

anonymous asked:

RFA + V and Saeran if they were datinf an MC was the type of person who casually says "I love you" to their friends but they mean it platonically? Bonus points if they say I love you direcrly to another RFA member/V/Saeran.

A/N: im pretty sure y'all have noticed but I’m the same way ^^;;; I CANT HELP IT AAAAAAAAAAA ~Admin 404


           -He does it too!!

           -He just really loves everyone!!! except v fucking rip

           -But it does bother him a little bit when you do it

           -You’re the first person he’s truly loved in this way!!! So deep down….he kind of…only wants to hear you say it to him?

           -But NEVER makes a big deal about it! Because! FRIENDSHIP!

           -Except he does get a little protective when you say it to V

           -Because he says it back?? He gets the V is the same type of person who loves everyone but?? Don’t say it to his MC

           -Deep down he knows it’s just platonic, but V is….V

           - slight yandere yoosung?

           -Pouts whenever it happens and you have to kiss his nose so he focuses on being flustered rather than jealous


           -500% all for expressing his love for you

           -Which means he’s 500% all for you expressing your love for him



           -Says he’s not jealous

           -Is completely jealous

           -When you tell any of the members that you love them, he’s practically sliding in front of you

           -“But…you love me most, right?”

           - no shit, sherlock

           -Not ashamed to show he’s jealous, you’re often held against his chest as he gets very animated in his arguments over you


           -She doesn’t really… care?

           -She just thinks it’s something you say, she doesn’t think you actually mean it

           -Of course, that just depends on the situation

           -But usually, she’s aware that you say it when you’re really happy with the person!

           -Don’t worry MC, she knows when you say it to her, you absolutely mean it

           -Actually thinks it’s absolutely adorable!!!!!!

           -Loves that you care so deeply for others, and wishes she could match your passion

           -Lowkey uses the fact that you say it to others as an excuse to do it too

           -When you tell Zen you love him, she pops up and agrees



           -Stop that

           -He’s very bad at expressing  emotion so he can’t really understand how you can freely say those words?

           -It took a lot of thought and understanding of himself to tell you that he loves you, but you….say it….to everyone?

           -Does that mean you don’t love him as much as he loves you?


           -You have to explain that you just love your friends in a different way!!! So you do love them! Just not how you love him

           -After a while, he learns to love that you’re so loving to everyone! You’re so warm and inviting!

           -Hates when you say it to Zen though

           -Zen is a nuisance in his eyes and he hates how he gets flirty and thinks he can say it back to you

           -Immediately pulls you into a passionate kiss or holds you incredibly close, you’re his MC, he won’t let Zen send his flirty-germs your way


           -He’s very insecure about himself so

           -That means he’s very insecure about why you love him

           -He’s usually okay when you tell others that you love them

           -He could tell from the very beginning that you were the type of warm, kind-hearted person to love everyone until they do you wrong

           -Tries to say he doesn’t tell everyone he loves them but you have screenshots of him telling Yoosung and Zen that he loves them

           - and possibly a video of him saying it while drunk, that he doesn’t know about yet

           -Once, when the two of you and Yoosung were hanging out, you told Yoosung that you loved him, and you totally meant it platonically, and he knew that!

           -But Yoosung is easily flustered, so he turned bright red before saying it back

           -Saeyoung immediately gets an unamused look on his face

           -He surrounds you with his hoodie, shielding you from Yoosung while he keeps the unamused look on his face, he even attempts to walk the both of you away but you kept tripping due to the fact that yoU COULDN’T SEE, SAEYOUNG, MOVE YOUR HOODIE


           -He’s the same way!!

           -Just wants everyone to know how much he loves them!!

           -Has absolutely no problem with you doing it

           -Lowkey prefers that you do it

           -Because that means he’s not the only one doing it!



           -Never jealous! Like, ever! They say it back to you and he’s just like, “Hey same”

           -The two of you are literally rays of sunshine omg so cute

           -Y'all just go love everyone, it’s okay, you guys do you <3



           -WHAT ABOUT ME, MC

           -Took him A L O T of time and courage to tell you he loves you

           -What the fuck MC

           -He’s seen how bubbly you are with others, so he just kind of assumed you’re the type to tell everyone just how you feel

           -Gets a little insecure each time it happens, and you have to reinsure him that it’s okay!! You love him in a way you couldn’t love anyone else



           -LET GO OF HIS MC, IDIOT BROTHER. He’ll pull you away and hold you completely against him, shooting a h u g e death glare at his brother

           -You have to shower him in affection! Lots of kisses will take his jealousy away..after a while

RFA Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Admin Rina: we should do what ugly christmas sweaters everyone would wear
Admin MP: I’m already on google

The Christmas sweaters that everybody would wear to a party!

~Admin MP








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I saw this in k-drama and I wonder what the RFA would react to MC accidentally slipping into bed with them bc they're drunk. bonus if they wake up and they're kissing each other half asleep.

I wanna bet I know the exact drama you’re talking about. It was the first one I watched (with Lilac heheh), so like I’ve GOT THIS kinda maybe I”M GONNA TRY

problem is that in the k-drama, both of them were drunk, in this it’s only MC and I don’t think any of them would wanna take advantage of a drunk MC. This would probably end up differently if the RFA was drunk as well

So to make this easier, I’m gonna say that the RFA went on a trip with MC (and let’s assume MC isn’t dating anyone), and MC got drunk somewhere and came back late and wandered into whatever door happened to be open…


  • Yoosung had just left the room for a moment, leaving it propped open for his quick return
  • And so drunk you thought that was your room, and you just wandered right on in and plopped onto the bed
  • Yoosung came back to find you curled up on his bed
  • “Umm, MC, did you.. need something?”
  • “Mmmmm…. no. Coooome.. here”
  • He was pretty flustered to say the least, “MC, are you okay?”
  • “Yeeaahhhh, come heeerree”
  • You are a very touchy drunk. When Yoosung got close enough, you were pulling him closer and snuggling up against him
  • You couldn’t see it in the dark, but this boy was blushing beet red “Are you sure you’re okay??”
  • “Yeahhh…. a little hot. It’shhot in here”
  • “Whyy, it’sh hot”
  • He wrapped you up in his arms and pulled you close to him so it’d be hard to take your shirt off
  • “Woww, you’re really cute at night Yoosung” you said as poked his face “Can I kiss you?”
  • He couldn’t exactly stop you from kissing him ‘cause your drunk mind was darn determined to kiss him
  • But you were asleep before the kiss was even over
  • He tucked your head against his shoulder and fell asleep with his arms wrapped around you protectively


  • She hadn’t meant for her door to be open, it propped itself open on something in the doorway
  • But it was the door you found open when you wandered up, so you let yourself right in and into the bed, where Jaehee was laying almost asleep by now.
  • She jumped and had to bite back a scream when you slumped into bed with her
  • “Wh–wait, MC? What’re you doing here..?”
  • “Shhh…. sleep” you said, putting a finger up to her mouth before hooking your arm around her and pulling her closer to cuddle “your hairs… it’s so soft”
  • “MC, where’s your room key? Did you lose it?”
  • “I don’t know, I’m just tiiiiirred. Did you know your hair feels like– like clouds?”
  • “We should find your room key..”
  • “But I’m tiiirred. I don’th wanna look for it”
  • She sighed and let your hands ruffle her hair “Do you have pajamas to change into?”
  • “Nope”
  • She managed to find you something more cozy than the outfit you were in and gave it to you to change. Drunk you didn’t think of privacy and just started changing right in front of her
  • Then dragged her back into bed because you needed a cuddle buddy
  • “I like you Jaehee”
  • “I like you too MC”
  • “No, no I like like you, like like like you”
  • She couldn’t stop the kiss cause she didn’t expect it, but she didn’t exactly pull away from the kiss either
  • Before she could say anything about it you were asleep, so she just nuzzled up against you and fell asleep too, blushing pink from the kiss still


  • Zen wasn’t asleep yet when you had wandered in, he was lying on the bed thinking
  • Then you came in and bundled yourself in the blankets
  • He kind of jumped. “MC?”
  • “Oh, hi Zen. Why’re you in my room…?”
  • “This is my room…” he trailed off as he noticed the smell of alcohol on you “oh gosh you’re drunk”
  • “Pshhh, I only had a coupfle drinks…” you said, flopping your hand around before snuggling up to him. “It’s coolldd…. and you’re waarrmmm…”
  • “Is that where you were when we lost you? Out drinking?”
  • “Shhhhh….” you papped his face. He gently grabbed your hand and pulled it away from his face
  • Staring into your eyes, he watched as you pulled in for a kiss, and for a moment, he enjoyed the kiss
  • But when you slowly pulled away, he could see your eyes were kind of glassy and dazed with drunkenness
  • “You need sleep, MC,” he said, trying to blink away his desire
  • “But… youu”
  • “Sleep. You’re drunk and tired. Sleep for now”
  • He pulled the blankets up over the both of you and waited for you to fall asleep before he got up and took a cold shower
  • He fell asleep sitting in a chair next to the bed, the blankets draped from the bed over his legs, his arm stretched over to yours, holding your hand


  • Jumin had been on a late walk and propped his door open
  • He came back to find you had stumbled into his bed, but didn’t realize it was you at first
  • He was ready to call security when he head
  • “Jumin? Whyyy are you in my roooom?”
  • “MC?” he put down his cell phone and slowly walked over to the bed. “What are you doing here? This is my room”
  • “Nooooo…. I used this to get in” you held up a paper from a bar of some sort
  • Jumin shook his head “of course you’re drunk”
  • “Nahhh, I’m nott…. I’m jusht tired”
  • “You should sleep then. You’ll feel better in the morning.”
  • “But it’sh colld in this bed, there’s no blankets here…” you say as you are under all the blankets “Come heeerree”
  • He sighs as he walks over to the bed, and you grab his arm and yank him down. You are surprisingly strong
  • “This is better” you say as you snuggle against him. He doesn’t know what to do at this point, he planned on sleeping on the couch provided in the room but now…
  • You had your arm hooked around him, and the other rubbing your tired drunken eyes and you were so cute
  • You ran your finger along his lips, and he pushed your hand aside, but then you went for a kiss
  • Flustered, he rolled over. He didn’t want to do anything with you being drunk. Drunk you didn’t care that he rolled over though and just snuggled up against him and fell asleep
  • After the kiss he was wide awake though, and spent a lot of the night fully aware of every little toss and turn of yours before he fell asleep, too


  • Seven doesn’t have a sleep schedule
  • He was wide awake when you wandered into his brightly lit room, but he was in the bathroom
  • Drunk you plopped down on the bed as soon as you wandered in though
  • When he walked out of the bathroom to see you bundled up in the blankets, he was kind of puzzled “MC, what’re you doing here?”
  • “Sleeep”
  • “You can do that in your own room”
  • “Noooo….” you waved a floppy hand at him “it’s too bright, turn off the sun”
  • “Ohhh MC, you’re drunk, aren’t you?” he chuckled as he turned out the lights for you and sat down next to you on the bed
  • “Shhhh,” you said, holding up a finger to your mouth “it’s a secret”
  • “It’s not very well kept. You should sleep it off, you’ll be better in the morning.”
  • You sat up and poked him in the chest, “you,” you said accusingly, “you should sleep. I’m noooooot–  not– no…..” you poked him more, a little harder each poke, “tired. Not tired. No.”
  • He ruffles your hair and you slouch against him, yawning. “I’m noooot tired…”
  • “Sure you aren’t, lets lie you down” he helps you lie back down on the bed, lying down next to you “I’m never gonna let you live this one down, MC”
  • You stare at him for a moment before lifting a hand up and ruffling his hair, “Fluffy hair…”
  • Out of the blue you kiss him
  • He flushes red, but you wouldn’t notice. It’s dark and you’re drunk
  • “I… I like. You I like”
  • He starts to stammer a response, but you’re already asleep
  • He wraps his arms around you and lets your head nuzzle up against his shoulder
  • He’ll bring this up later with you

Sorry for taking so long to get to this I know this has been in the box for forever we’re working on getting all of the asks out, so please be patient with us if you haven’t seen your request!! We’re working on it I promise!!

~Sunflower (:

  • Ancient Rome: The day you realize that it's all thanks to me, you'll realize I have the heart of a parent.
  • South Italy: You've just insulted parents all around the world.

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What would Zens reaction be if MC worked behind the scenes in plays and has actually worked with him quite a bit in the past? Like as a makeup artist, costume designer, helping with lighting or sound effects or something like that.

-while he talks with you about his musical experiences and such, you say that you dabbled into some plays before

-it perks his interest

-he would immediately interrogate you about the plays you’ve done

-”i-i only work backstage..”

-”which ones??”

-you would say some of the plays you’ve helped with

-”omg i was the lead in that one..”

-”i know lol”


-”sort of i guess lololol i fixed your makeup for you at that time”


-he immediately praises your work and tries to make you blush

-when you guys finally meet..

-”no wonder your profile pic was familiar” he says

-you wack him on the arm before saying “you too.”


  ~admin nari

anonymous asked:

Okay but consider this... The RFA, plus Saeran and V of course, going to MC's family reunion, and MC gets into a sass battle with one of their uncles/aunts/cousins. Like the "I see your bad attitude hasn't left" "I see your husband has" kind of sass. I've recently had (won) a sass battle with my uncle and it felt freaking amazing to sass him. 10/10 would recommend

A/N: I am the sass master of my house, let’S DO THIS! ~Admin 404


           -He’s so excited to meet your family!

           -He’s really big on family!!!!!! Really can’t wait!!!!

           -Did not expect your aunt to be so critical though??


           -“MC, why does your boyfriend have mismatched socks?” She asked with a sneer

           -So, without even glancing at her, you respond with:

           -“Why do all of your children have mismatched dads?”


           -But wow that was AMAZING, lowkey worships the sassy side of you for the rest of the day

           -“But MC, what did you mean by mismatched dads? Also, are my mismatched socks really that weird??”


           -Very afraid about being around your family!

           -Wasn’t very good around his family, so… being surrounded by yours was scary!

           -You decided to dress casual because? It’s just your family! Who cares!

           -The two of you stuck together the whole time, he didn’t think it was that bad!

           -That is, until your grandmother decided to pick on your sense of style??


           -So when she asked, “So, MC, where did you get those jeans? Did you really have to buy them with the holes in them?” He had a response at the ready!

           -Although before he could answer, you did instead??

           -“Why don’t you stop worrying about my jeans and fix the hoLES IN THE ECONOMY, GRANDMA?”

           -HOLY SHIT MC DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY THAT TO YOUR GRANDMA WHAT THE Though he thought the sass was extremely hot mc dont mind if theres more hole in your pants later on today wink wonk


           -She was a little worried about meeting your family

           -Most of them were accepting but?

           -You warned her about this one homophobic cousin you had

           - really did not want to deal with that

           -So because fate sucks, the first person you run into at the reunion was that homophobic cousin

           -“Uhg, MC? When are you going to grow up and get yourself a MAN?”

           - cue angry and hurt jaehee

           -You didn’t even pause before you responded with,

           -“Hm. That’s funny. Isn’t that what your ex-husband did?”



           -He wouldn’t tell you, but he was excited to meet your family!

           -Didn’t know that a lot of your family was in the business world as well, though

           -A few of your uncles and older cousins swooped in and took him into another room to talk

           -When you were finished greeting everyone else, you decided to join them, though when you tried to voice your opinion, one of your uncles said:

           -“MC, stay out of grown men’s conversations.”


           -Was about to voice his opinion when you stood up and grabbed Jumin by the hand, dragging him out of the room, but not before throwing one line over your shoulder as you were leaving,

           -“Maybe you should stay out of married women’s houses.”

           -WOAH, MC, SASSY. FEISTY. H O T

           - shows you later that night how much he enjoys your feisty side, pls show it to him more often


           -“Watch. Just watch. Someone in my family is gonna comment that my knees are dry. WHY DID YOU MAKE ME WEAR A DRESS, SAEYOUNG??”

           -He just wanted to make a good impression!!! He’s never really had a family!!

           -So the two of you dress up and lo and behold, your cousin had something to say about it.

           -“MC, why are your knees so ashy?”

           -Saeyoung took a drink of his water, to hold his tongue

           - did not want to hear you say ‘i told you so’

           -When he took a drink though, you had no problem responding

           -“I dunno. Why are you always on yours??”

           -CUE THE SPIT TAKE

           -He apologized and cleaned up his mess but he had to drag you out of the room to hide the fact he was about to die of laughter! TELLS EVERYONE IN THE GROUP CHAT WHAT HAPPENED AND HOW PROUD HE IS OF YOU!!


           -He remembered you telling him your family was loud and kind of mean to each other, but??

           -There’s no way he could have predicted how….sassy you all would be?

           -Throughout the reunion, he heard a few sassy remarks from you, but he never really minded it

           -Your aunt, on the other hand, minded it a lot

           -“MC! You need to keep your mouth closed!”

           -He pulled you close to him and pouted towards your aunt on your behalf

           -Was going to tell her how disrespectful her comment was until you blurted out,

           -“What, like you shoulda done with your legs?”

           -woaH MC WAIT A MINUTE THAT’S BAD!!!!

           -He’ll congratulate you on your sharp tongue but!!! His angel!!! AAAAAA


           -HATES THIS

           -DOES NOT WANT TO GO

           -To many people!!!!! Not looking forward to it!!

           -Not to mention he thinks it’s going to be extremely boring

           -Though, as soon as one of your uncles see’s a glance of his tattoo, he tells him,

           -“You know, tattoos are a lifetime commitment.”

           -He glares at him and before he could spew what was most likely a line of curse words, you jump in with,

           -“But your marriage wasn’t, huh?”

           -SHOCK AND APPALLED though he thought it was amazing!! He knows you were sassy but!!! Oh my god??

           -  Later that night he shows you what happens to girls with dirty mouths WINK WONK okay im SORRY I DONT KNOW WHY I ALWAYS GO THERE BUT SASSINESS IS FUCKING HOT

100christy  asked:

Members (also V&Serean) reactions when Mc wakes them up at 3am to drive to a beautiful or amazing location. May it be outdoors, or an amazing back alley way coffee shop. Or, may it be a part of town that works it's magic at that time of day. 😀

This isn’t 100% what you asked for, but I hope you enjoy!

~Admin MP


  • They would have already been awake from playing video games, and although they’re not tired, they don’t want to play video games anymore
  • So they decide to find somewhere to go eat because they’re hungry but there’s absolutely nothing in Yoosung’s apartment
  • They end up in this shitty American 24/7 diner with tar coffee and awful pancakes
  • Its one of those places where it feels like time stops and reality is skewed
  • They sit there, eating the food because they’re hungry and half awake, but there’s something about the way that Yoosung’s messy blonde hair looks against the hideous orange leather booth that makes it a memory that MC treasures forever


  • He’s always one for adventures okay he fucking loves adventures
  • So if MC was like “let’s go fucking find this haunted house in the middle of the woods at 3 am” 
  • He’d literally get so fucking lit for it??
  • So the two of the would drive to the woods and of course they didn’t plan this out so they just plunge straight in
  • It’s really dark out and there are scary forest noises but they’re together so they don’t even notice
  • Instead of finding the house, they find a field of wildflowers that is lit up by the moon and it’s literally gorgeous
  • They just run through the field, laughing and hugging each other because it feels like a place where fairies go??


  • Jaehee has been working so hard on stuff for the cafe that MC decides she needs a break
  • So when Jaehee stays up until 3 am working, MC drags her out
  • They end up finding this really cool cafe that stays open really late that almost nobody seems to know about
  • It’s very homey and almost seems like a club, but instead of people dancing, there’s people cuddled in blankets all around drinking hot chocolate or coffee or studying
  • The two of them end up watching Netflix together and drinking hot chocolate, snuggled up in a blanket 
  • A few hours later, they leave, although they decide to come back


  • Although he’s used to travelling, Jumin still gets jetlag pretty badly 
  • So when he’s still awake at 3am, MC offers to just go on a walk to see if that’ll help him get tired
  • They end up walking around the frigid neighborhood, holding hands and pointing out stupid sights they see
  • Like a raccoon in some trash bins (which actually scares Jumin) 
  • It turns out that they’re walking around for longer than they think, and they come up to a garden with a cute bench
  • Jumin is very sleepy so they sit on the bench, staring at a fountain that has a lion spitting water out of it’s mouth
  • When Jumin is this tired, he’s affectionate and open, so he just rants about how much he loves MC


  • It’s 3 am and Zen is very stressed about his upcoming role, practicing for hours
  • Seeing how upset Zen is makes MC want to help him, so they drag him away
  • There’s an Insomnia Cookies nearby (i don’t know if they have those in Korea but roll with it) and they end up going there and feasting on cookies
  • There’s nobody else there except for an exasperated employee who’s dealing with a high customer on the phone 
  • They end up sharing a cookie and laughing when their faces get covered in chocolate
  • Slowly, the tense set of Zen’s shoulders relaxes as he laughs with MC and the lights of the front of the store wash over his face, rendering him ethereal and beautiful
  • It’s a magical moment and feels fake, but MC’s heart swells because they know that it’s real


  • He is having a very rough night
  • His coping mechanisms aren’t working very well and he just feels very useless and afraid 
  • So MC is like “that’s iT WE ARE LEAVING!!”
  • And drags him out (even though it’s like 5 am)
  • They drive to a cliff and Saeran recognizes it as the place where MC gave Saeran a promise
  • That promise was that they would always be there for him, they would never abandon him, and they would always help him with his recovery
  • That was two years ago, and the little flat area on the cliff has just as much magic as it did then
  • They huddle there together, watching the sunrise, and Saeran feels the tightness in his chest ease a bit


  • They’re both bored and can’t sleep (this was after they drank a lot of alcohol and slept all day from hangovers RIP) so they decide to walk around
  • It’s summer, so they’re bored and feeling a little adventurous
  • They end up driving to a lake where they had a picnic once even though it’s like 4 am
  • And of course, they skinny dip because they’re young and stupid
  • But all MC can think about is the way the moonlight shimmers on V’s hair, turning it silver and giving his pale skin a gentle wash
  • Combined with the dark water rippling against his chest, V looks like a mermaid tempting MC to their fate
  • But they don’t mind as long as they get to kiss V (and they do)

imagine-ikebukuro  asked:

"I never loved you." + Seven and "I should have known you'd break my heart." + Zen (both with Seven's and Zen's reaction to a gender neutral MC saying it)

Damn, break their hearts, why don’t you? I certainly don’t mind. ;^)) -Ellis

*comes back after writing them* I’m sorry with how awful they are.


“I never loved you.”

Saeyoung’s body jolted, his eyes widening as he immediately dropped his arm. What? What do you mean you never loved him? Did these past three years mean nothing to you? They obviously didn’t if you could stand in front of him, stare right into his eyes, and utter those words.

Saeyoung’s heart ached with an emotion he knew well. God, he isn’t suppose to be so familiar with this emotion.


The gut-wrenching, teeth shattering, heartbreak that no one should be familiar with.

However, Saeyoung could easily say that he greeted this emotion with a bitter smile and tears quite often.

“W-what do you mean you never loved me?” Saeyoung hated the way his voice had trembled. Did he really get so attached to you that it was affecting him so noticeably? When you didn’t respond, he gritted his teeth. He bowed his head a bit, letting his hair cover his eyes.

“I guess I should have expected it.” He barked out a bitter laugh, letting a spiteful smile form on his face at your wince as he tried to stop the shaking of his hands. “How could anyone love a person like me?”

Saeyoung tried to ignore your pitying stare as he grabbed his laptop and walked out of the door. At least he didn’t stumble, even though his legs felt like jelly.

He was going to walk out with his head held high.


“I should have known you’d break my heart.”

Zen winced at your words, even though he knew he deserved such cruelty. Hell, he deserved worse than that.

He had been drunk.

He hadn’t meant to go home with a person that wasn’t you.

But he did and now he was paying the price.

He never deserved such an amazing person such as yourself.

His luck had been bound to run out. He was just happy that it gave him these blissfully happy years with you.

“I’m so sorry.” Zen whispered, even though he knew sorry wouldn’t cut it. He wouldn’t forgive him if he was you. He knew that what he did was wrong and even the excuse of being drunk wouldn’t lessen the pain you felt.

“If I could take it all back, I would.” He promised when you didn’t respond to his previous apology. Maybe it was losing the effects it never had. After all, repeating “I’m sorry” over and over again eventually makes it lose it’s meaning.

“Just go.” You shook your head, looking anywhere but him. “If you ever loved me, you will leave and never let me come in contact with you.”

Zen noticeably shook before slowly nodding. “As you wish, my darling.” He murmured before turning around and walking out.

He did what you wanted. He left and he made sure to never contact you, knowing that he would never gain forgiveness for what he did. And even if he did, he wouldn’t have accepted it as he never forgave himself.

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anonymous asked:

I love the idea of a friendship growing between MC and Jaehee at first because they're both the only girls and, like, sometimes you just gotta talk smack about the boys with another girl, but then it blossoms into this really good and deep friendship and I was wondering if you could maybe show how that friendship would manifest with MC's different relationships with the RFA boys and V?

A/N: THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA AND I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH BECAUSE I FEEL IT ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL I WANT JAEHEE AS A BESTIE IN EVERY ROUTE (also i kind of made this how they all reacted to the friendship i hope you dont mind) ~Admin 404


           - I don’t think it’d affect him that much

           -Like yyeess MC I’m so happy you got best friend!!!!

           -Does get a little jealous of her though

           -“MC!!! Wanna come play some LOLOL with me???” “Nah, me and Jaehee are going to go shopping!” “But…the two of you hung out all day yesterday?” “Yeah, and we’re gonna do it again! I’ll text you later!”

           -HE WANTS SOME MC TIME TOO *angry eyebrows*

           -As long as you make time for him, he’s a-okay!

           -But pls tell him secrets too MC he wants to be your other best friend

           -Also lowkey worried because??? What do the two of you talk about?

           -He remembered some of the things his sister and her friends used to talk about and he was nOT EXCITED



           -*Slides into the living room and seductively throws himself over the side of the couch*

           -“Where the two of you talking about me?”

           - yeah talking about how you’re a total fucking DORK

           -He’s good friends with Jaehee too!! Why won’t you let him in the room for talk time ;A;

           -Tried sneaking into the room to listen but the two of you are smarter than that and have to physically throw him out of the room

           -He’s happy that you’re such good friends with her, though!!!

           -Since he’s her friend as well, he knows how badly she needed a friend for some girl talk

           -But?? Still?? He waNTS TO KNOW


           - honestly pouts and sits outside of the door sometimes when the two of you throw him out, blows up your phone until you yell through the door


           -This….is so weird

           -Why is Assistant Kang in his house

           -Tries to hand her work almost every single time

           -Until you kind of knock it out of his hand and it falls to the floor

           -?????? MC????? It’s her job??????

           -“She is here as my GUEST Jumin, YOU do that work”

           -G A S P MC WHAT

           -Overall he’s just so…..awkward when you and Jaehee hang out at home. Otherwise, he could care less if the two of you were close friends. He loves that you have a close friend to talk with! He also doesn’t care if the two of you talk about him, whatever

           -Like how is he supposed to act??? He’s almost two different people. He’s so laid back at home with you and all business when he’s at work with Jaehee. WhaT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO ;A;

           - locks himself in his office when she’s over to avoid the awkwardness


           -*dresses up as a girl*

           -*slides into the room to join the girl talk*

           -*is promptly kicked out by the two of you*

           -The only person he had like that in his life was his brother

           -But they’ve been apart for so long, and with everything that happened….

           -He tries to have that kind of friendship now and Saeran just kind of walks out of the room

           -So!!!! He’s happy for you!!! But also very jealous (though he hides it)

           -You can tell how upset he gets sometimes, and you and Jaehee agree to let him hang out every now and then to make him happy

           - only if he dresses up like a girl

           -When the two of you don’t let him in, he just turns on the CCTV because??? He wants the juicy gossip on all of the members too??? BAD SAEYOUNG


           -Completely respects your privacy

           -Please, MC, you and Jaehee spend all the time you would like together

           -Talk about whatever you would like

           -Your laughter is muSIC TO HIS EARS


           -He couldn’t care less what the two of you talked about

           -Knows that if you want to share with him, you will

           -Plus, Jaehee isn’t really a loud, rowdy person well most of the time

           -So!! She can stay all she wants!!! It doesn’t break the nice relaxed feeling of the house and he appreciates that

           -He even makes the two of you tea and some snacks every now and then!!! hes like a mum omfg


           -What do you mean you’re going out

           -What do you mean I can’t come in and sit in the living room



           - someone please help him he doesn’t understand how this all works

           -Constant reassuring that you’re just going to hang out with Jaehee!! You aren’t mad!!

           -There’s just some things you have to talk about with a girl friend, ya know??

           -If you bring up even a slightly awkward topic he gets flustered and immediately agrees to leave the two of you alone

           -A lot of the time though, Jaehee doesn’t mind if he’s there? He’s actually pretty quiet and uninterested

           -He just likes to talk shit about Saeyoung let him into the conversation every now and then plEASE he needs to get it out

love at first sight

here we go!! mysme week day 2, “how the characters fell in love with mc”. a little different style, but hopefully just as good!

@mysticmessengerweek hope you guys enjoy!!


Falling for you wasn’t hard. The moment you cared for him and let him express his sorrow was the moment he began to feel longing coat his cheeks in blush pink when he read your name and infiltrate his thoughts at late hours. Yours was the name on his lips that he breathed out before he tumbled into sleep. Yours was the voice that echoed in his head, soft and breathless and utterly distracting. When he met you, he was overjoyed, the abundance of emotion rendering him speechless, but not motionless, arms pulling you against him, soft and gentle and wanting. Looking into your eyes for the first time was a confirmation, not a beginning. From the moment you two had truly talked, he had been all yours.


She was cautious in love, as she was in all things, the bitten pink of her lips and hesitant taps on her phone evidence of her prudence. Even after meeting you, even after beginning a new life with you, she would be mindful. She would realize it first, however, waking up beside you for the first time after a pleasant night of dreams, the robin’s egg blue of the sheets contrasting with your skin nicely. You were ethereal, and the tugs at her heart would make it all too clear to her what she was feeling. It was only when you blinked your eyes open and offered her a sugar smile that she would understand that she had loved you all along.


Love was binding, a contract not easily broken. This was what he was taught, and until recently, it was what he believed. He couldn’t trust your open face, your bright smile, your supportive words. There was something that you wanted from him, something he knew he couldn’t give. You kept on painting the world with your smiles, though, and finally, he understood, sunshine yellow the only separation between his hand of yours and bubblegum pink exploding across his vision when your lips met. You gave your love to everyone, but to none more so than him, and he realized that love was not a contract, but rather an investment; if you use it right, you win big. Judging by the way that he woke up, the scent of pancakes drifting through the pale lemon room, he would say that he hit the jackpot.


1) You were an angel, wings big enough to support both him and you as you carried him toward the land of dreams, leaving him heady with desire and intoxicated by your grace. 10) You understood him like no one else did, each unspoken word between the two of you a cipher that he loved to watch you decode, feeding off the way your eyes lit up and met his. 11) You tasted like cherries and honey and potent desperation, clinging to each other like the sky was falling and only the two of you knew. 100) He was never in love with you, with the way that you turned away from him and stole his things and asked too much. 101) He was always in love with you, from that very first moment, with the way that you surprised him with little gifts and wore his hoodies and gave him so much that he could never repay you for what you had done for him.


As much as he liked to joke, you were the one thing he was serious about, the familiar dancing crimson of his eyes hardening to a brilliant ruby. He was a flirt and a narcissist and had more vices than he could count, and yet your eyes never cooled when they met his. They burned more brightly than his ever could, passion and intensity echoing in their eternal gaze. He knew he was in love with you the moment you were beside him, hands locked in an embrace more intimate than any previous one could compare. Each day, he fell more and more in love with you, the red strength of his eyes turned into an all-encompassing scarlet.


He was a fool. That, he would admit to anyone, except perhaps Zen. He looked at you and saw the world in shades of blue, the soft cerulean of your hair, the deep azure of your kisses, and the timeless aegean of your gaze reverberating in his core like you delivered a message to his soul. You did, your embraces telling of your excitement, your gentle touches of your contentment, even your harsh words, telling of your disappointment; each told him an unforgettable story, one he vowed to take to heart. The day he fell in love with you was the day that you proved to him that anything was possible with the two of you, the world spinning not on its axis, but off its preconceived orbit into a new realm of possibilities.


To say that V realized he was in love with you would be a misconception; since he was born, he has been in love with you. This fact is undeniable, carved in stone and painted on the crook of your neck, the place he likes to bury his face when life gets to be too much and he needs time to relax. The two of you laugh at cheesy love quotes, and for all his sweet words, he knows they’re false. The two of you can’t be from the same star; you shine far too brightly for that. Instead, he’s happy to be your stellar system, a series of smaller, dimmer moments that revolve around you, forever supporting you. V has loved you since the beginning of time. You don’t come from the same star, but to him, you’ve always been the most important.

anonymous asked:

MC crying over their favorite fictional character and Zen + V (separate or together is fine) comforting them? Thank you!

It isn’t a trouble at all writing for you! winkwonk - Lizz


  • it happened when Zen came home from work
  • he just saw you crying there… looking at him.. with these red and swollen eyes… tears still rolling down ur cheek….
  • boi he ran to the couch as fast as he could doing parkour and shit
  • he hugs you and looks you into your eyes
  • “what happened?!?!?!”
  • and then you tell him… in the most dramatic way.. that it’s about your favourite fictional character..
  • at the beginning he doesn’t even understand?? he just stares at you for a few seconds to realize what just happened
  • but then he sighs out of relief….
  • he was SO WORRIED
  • and then u get mad because he should be worried??? it’s about… YOUR FAVOURITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER???? EXCUSE YOU???
  • and then he begs you to tell him about it and you explain everything.. holding back your tears…
  • at the end you feel better because you could finally talk about it
  • “Zen… are you crying?” “I’m not… I’m just still sweating from training……”


  • you both sit on the couch and everythings super cozy and nice
  • suddenly V hears your sobbing and he doesn’t understand what happened
  • he turns around to you and comes closer, putting his arm around your shoulder and pulling you closer to him
  • “MC… what is wrong? What happened?” 
  • his voice is very calm and quiet.. it’s very soothing
  • you just explain everything… something very tragic happened to your favourite fictional character…
  • after he listened to you he grabs your face and wipes your tears away
  • “Shhhh… everything’s alright.. I’m totally sure they wouldn’t let him die like that.. he’s too amazing to die in such a way…” 
  • you believe in his words because it feels like he’s saying the truth… 
  • then he gives you a kiss on your forehead
  • how could you still be sad when he comforts you like that?????

anonymous asked:

RFA + Saeran + V with a MC who has an 'emo-like' fashion ?? Facial piercings and black wardrobe vibes. tHaNkS a bUnCh

A/N: Y'all haven’t seen how I dress but this me a lot of the time ^^;; (Though when I went through this emo-phase back in high school I had blue hair and raccoon eyes but omG I MISS MY BLUE HAIR I WANT TO DYE IT BACK) I kind of went based off of things I would wear during this phase sooo;;; ~Admin 404


           -You were nicely dressed at the party so he really had no idea what your casual sense of style would be, but no matter what it was, he was sure it was gonna be cute!!

           -10/10 did not expect you to be wearing so much black and spikey… things

           -???? Is this the same MC??

           -Has nothing against it at all but? WOW not what he expected

           -You’re still the same MC!! Just…. in darker clothes and makeup than expected!!! Still loves you!!

           -“MC! Share some of your bracelets with mmmeeee!”


           -He also loves the splash of colour it gives your outfit!!!!

           -If you dye your hair he’s 500% for it because now you two can dye each other’s hair!!


           - you steal his leather jacket very often

           -But he loves it!!!

           -It’s very expressive! Completely accepts it!!

           -If you have a tongue or lip piercing he is fuCKING WEAK

           - THE BEAST, MC, THE BEAST!!!!!!

           -Ripped skinny jeans!!! Yes!!! Put them on!!! Y E S

           -Secretly loves the short vests you put on over loose tank tops

           -If he sees any black piece of jewelry, or a piece of clothing with a skull on it, he’s buying it for you


           -He knows you like black, but??? It’s so cute when the only splash of colour you put on is in your hair!




           -She’s really happy you express yourself but!!!

           -This is so not business professional MC that’s…the point, jaehee

           -Respects how well you can do your smokey eye makeup! skills, MC, skills

           -Paints your nails for you if you paint hers!

           - refuses to admit she checks out your butt in your skinny jeans

           -She does like your large sweaters and plaid over-shirts though!!!

           -Takes them to wear around the house and plays dumb when you ask her about them

           -“?? These aren’t yours. I’ve had them for years? Are you sure? I think you’re wrong. See, this plaid shirt is red, you wear all black. It can’t be yours!”


           - Listen here mr. bodyguard, I’m not a threat, I’m not a delinquent, I’m MC and I’m hERE TO SEE JUMIN HAN, JUMIN, LET ME IN!!!!!!

           -C H O K E R S

           -Surprised when you showed up at his penthouse in a corset-like dress???

           -Aren’t corsets meant to be more….lingerie-like???

           - what are you trying to say here mc

           -He actually really likes it, so long as you…. don’t wear so many spikes and chains and… black…. and take out the jewelry in your face when attending fancy parties

           -He tries so hard not to laugh when Elizabeth tries to play with your dangling chains hanging from your belts

           -10/10 Will buy you beanies with cat ears on them

           -Okay lets be real, he’ll buy you anything black that has anything related to a cat on it pls wear this for him MC

           -Likes when you wear high-heels with spikes all over them, they’re just so badass and he can’t help it?? But remember to be proper when needed, otherwise it’s all good MC




           -Can and will do your makeup for you

           -If you wear skinny jeans with rips in them, he’ll make sure his fingers are cold and poke your leg through them


           -Tries to see how many crosses he can put on your outfit until you tell him to stop

           -Loves giving you his hoodie because it’s so big and long and hey, it’s mostly black anyway!!

           -GALAXY CLOTHING!


           -Unnatural hair colours is an A+++++ for him!! Loves it!!!!


           -Oh my is that a nose piercing? How cute!!!

           -He’s okay with it but wow, it’s very expressive of you

           -Black, lacey dresses make him WEAK


           -Every time he sees you in any type of band merch, he asks you about them

           - secretly has a list written down somewhere about the bands you seem to like the most

           -Loves taking pictures of you because each picture shows different pieces of your personality because your outfit is always expressive

           -Unnatural hair colours are soooo pretty in different lights!!!! LET HIM TAKE PICTURES

           -You always seem to carry a backpack that’s 5 times too big for your body every time the two of you go out for photoshoots but you’re literally the cutest thing in the world

           -Seriously does not mind how you dress? It’s just a part of you, please be yourself, that’s all he asks of you


           -This little hoe likes to bite on your lip piercing and it’s like??? DON’T at least not in public okay

           -“MC, that’s my choker. No, it’s mine! I LITERALLY BOUGHT IT LAST WEEK, THAT ISN’T YOURS, YOURS IS ON THE DRESSER”

           -If you wear dark red shades or black lipstick, he dies and goes to heaven

           -He dyes his hair, so he wouldn’t mind if you did as well

           -Just to mess with you, he’ll pull your beanie down over your face

           - listen, asshole;;;;;; you’re ruining my makeup

           -Doesn’t even try to hide the fact he checks out your butt in your skinny jeans

           -You try to take his jacket but he ALWAYS catches you and takes it back

           -“Get your own! I’m wearing it!” “But I like it!” “THEN GET YOUR OWN I JUST SAID THAT”

           -Spike-Squad; no one gets close to you in fear of being poked by them lets be honest people avoid you all together because??? so much black tends to scare others