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May I ask how first kisses with the nordics would go?

Why of course <3! By the way, we’re assuming you meant first kiss ever! ~Admin Sarah and Jay

Norway: “Are you ready?”
Lukas wouldn’t be too nervous about his first kiss, especially because he would already have been with his s/o for a while before this moment…so what’s the worst that could happen? Of course it would be soft, sweet and quick, but end with a small smile on his lips. As long as everything goes according to plan, he’d end the kiss with a happy heart.

Iceland: “Y-You’re sure?..”
Emil isn’t typically a nervous or shy person…on the outside. On the inside, Emil would be panicking with butterflies in his stomach…He’d be worried that he would mess up the kiss, especially with his older brothers teasing him about it; it wouldn’t help. Though when the moment officially came, Emil would gently cup his s/o’s face before giving them a quick but deep kiss. Pulling back with red cheeks he would nervously laugh, but as long as the kiss went good, he’d be eager to try again soon.

Finland: “I..I can’t wait..!”
Tino would be very very excited for his first kiss, though of course a little nervous, but he wouldn’t think about anything going wrong. As soon as the time came, he would want to make sure everything was set up and perfect, and soon swoop in with a soft and sweet kiss. Nothing is more perfect than a sweet first kiss! It could only get better from there.

Sweden: “…Positive?…”
Berwald is used to people being very scared and intimated by him, so he would be scared that he would scare off his s/o before their kiss. But if they’re close enough that they’re going to kiss, they wouldn’t leave him…right?…After a little while of thinking the moment would come, and when it did, he would be as ready as he could be. Closing his eyes he would lean forward and give his s/o a very soft and gentle kiss before pulling back, only to see that they were happy. Phew… From that moment on, he’d have more confidence toward kissing them.

Denmark: “Are we gonna do the kiss or not?”
Matthias would be so excited for his first kiss. He would be more energetic than usual, so his s/o better be ready for a bunch of tight hugs before the kiss. He would try to plan the kiss, but he would forget what he planned, but also when has he really followed a plan? Those are so boring! Matthias’ kiss would be super sweet. He would pull his s/o close and cup both their cheeks with his hands as he quickly but carefully goes in for the kiss…though he would let the soft kiss last at least 3 seconds, just so he can calm down from the nerves and enjoy it. Be warned, once the first kiss has passed, that gives him mental permission to kiss his s/o whenever and wherever, so they better be ready for surprise kisses!

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Do we have to protect the yellow jackets too? I forget, which wasps are the mean ones? Can I still hate those?

You can hate something and still not harm or kill it. 

Hate yellow jackets and wasps, run a wasp hate blog, frown at every yellow jacket you see, that’s totally fine. But killing or harming them just for existing (under the assumption that they are not directly endangering you) is denying them the right to live, a life that you don’t have the right to take away. 

-Admin Samantha

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I feel like you don't hear enough but thank you for bringing us this group and carrying it. You guys gave some of us a home and I couldn't be more thankful of all of your hard work. I hope this continues to thrive ❤

This is such a wonderful message and it literally made my day. Thank you so much, anon! It truly means a lot and I hope my fellow amazing admin Aleeza would see this sweet message too.

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Sorry to bug, but I think my ask might have gotten eaten. It was for a little scenario of England and baby owl, how baby owl loves to be with England and wants to help, so early one morning it goes to garden, find what it's looking for, and goes to England's bed. England finds two fuzzy yellow caterpillars on his bed. Apparently baby owl thinks England's eyebrows were caterpillars and needs to be changed every few days.

XD This is too funny! Glad this came back! -Admin Jay

Arthur blinked awake slowly as he felt something fuzzy rubbing against his hand…was Sir Pounce-a-lot sleeping with him? That was rare…his cat usually preferred the window sill…he sat up slowly…and nearly had a heart attack. Caterpillars?! Did Sir Pounce bring them in?! What were they doing in his bed?!
“Ah! Get off!”
Arthur shook his hand and knocked the caterpillars on to the floor as he gasped. How did they get into his house? Let alone his bed…
A small hoot beside him caused him to turn. Galahad was awake…interesting. If owls had expressions…he would say Galahad almost looked…sad?
“Galahad…did you bring the caterpillars inside?”
Arthur frowned. He couldn’t speak owl…though once he sat up and ran a hand through his hair he watched Galahad fly toward his face…and peck at his eyebrows…
“Oh no…did you…Galahad…did you bring them in…for my eyebrows?”
Arthur groaned and face-palmed…even his owl made fun of his eyebrows…were they that bad?
“Galahad. They are eyebrows. Not. Caterpillars.”
Galahad looked so upset at being scolded, Arthur couldn’t bear it. He gently petted the owl and shook his head before giving him his morning snack as he brewed himself some tea. He would let it slide this time…though maybe he should have someone do something about his brows…

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I've noticed something, Lucifer's gauges were glowing purple instead of their normal color red/orange. why?

I’ve probably been asked this question 50 times since the update lol I was going to just let people infer but it might come up again before SaM ends so I’ll address it now.

His horns shift from yellow and red depending on his mood; yellows are happier emotions, reds are more negative emotions. Red wasn’t sufficient enough to gauge how negative he was feeling so for the first time since he’s had horns it bled to a purple. Purple is despair.

*slams fist*


-Grew up on a ranch

-inherited the family business so he grew to be a businessman

-He’s a SHREWD one. Always looking to make deals, raising the stakes, knowing when to back off. Makes him an excellent Gambler still can’t sell babies for shit but when he switched specialty wOW

-if Egos INC. really WAS a corporation, he would be the one running it. Not Wilford, not Dark, but Ed Edgar. besides those two don’t know jack about running a company

-He’s pretty much a tough southern guy in terms of personality. He’s strong, got a good hand in taking care of animals, and is used to sweat jobs.

-OH MY GOD THE HORSES. Well, he only owns one, but when he was looking for a horse to be his mate, aLL OF THE HORSES THAT HE WENT UP TO LOVED HIM. They were all crushed when they weren’t chosen. @alcordraws I challenge you to find a horse for him


-goes into town on a horse. No car. Everyone stares at him, but he just looks so goddamN GOOD

-keeps the fireplace going at home. Everyone won’t admit it, but they love it

-totally in his element out in the fields and woods.

-uses the whip

-in contrast to the Host’s warmer/moving, bittersweet and feels-y violin playing style, Ed Edgar’s got the soUTHERN FIDDLE IN HIS BLOOD. Ex: hoedown from rodeo by Copland

-uses waaaayyy too many cute nicknames when addressing people, ESPECIALLY when he’s trying to be charming. Ex: darlin’, honey, sugar cube, brother, haystack, etc etc

-independent and alone to a fault

-wilford likes him (he’s fun). 

-Ed feels alienated by the Googles (did I forget to mention he’s not exactly in-tune with technology?)

-Dark feels repulsed by him. The Host is not fond of his energy

-Dr. Iplier has to constantly check up on him since he has like absolutely no sense of self-care. Gotta make sure he’s eating right, treating himself right and not injuring himself, etc etc

-probably knows a thing or two about raising crops/plants. maybe why Bim is okay with him

-makes killer lemonade and iced tea

-tips his hat at people he likes and respects

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Haikyuu!! Fic Recs

No one asked for this, but I’ve been slouching for a while and wanted to be forgiven by actually doing a little bit of haikyuu-related work. So I scrolled through my ao3 history and picked some of my favourites fics of all times. Peachy. This is not all of my favourites, just a few really. I’ll probably post more of these posts, cause I read a shittons of fanfics, and some are really worth sharing. Hope you enjoy it! ~

Admin Kaye

Part 1 - Part 2

Murder Time by kirsch-tein - 16k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: almost iwaoi, kagehina, daisuga, tsukkiyama, tsukkinoya, asanoya, ennotana, semitendou, ukatake

It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Had me laughing for days, really! Basically, in a college au, it’s a bloody murder night and no one’s safe.

Against All Odds by SharkbaitSekki - 93k words, rated T, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, daisuga

I periodically go back reading this cause it’s so perfect! A Single Dad Au in which Kuroo, Bokuto, Daichi and Oikawa have to deals with all the joys and problems (lots of problems really!) that comes with a single-parenthood.

What Are the Chances? by jellyfish_kuchen -60k words, rated E, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, daisuga, bokuaka, kuroken

Top best ingredients here! Figure skater Akaashi, deals with some family drama, an obnoxious and buff hockey player Bokuto, babysit his adorable nephew Shouyou and other things I don’t want to spoil. ~ One of my favourites, definitely. And I don’t know if it could be triggering to you, but better safe than sorry, there’s some homophobia here from some characters. And some well written smut. Also,it’s part of a series, and that’s always a plus to me!

Of Monsters and Men by shions_heart -220k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: iwaoi, kuroken, bokuaka, and lots of other side pairings, which includes some queerplatonic bokuakakuroken (SCREAMING HERE)

Settled in a Demons/Magic/Faeries Au, Oikawa, an half-demon goes to Aoba Johsai’s School for Hunters with his best friend Iwa-chan. Shit happens here and there, and suddenly the world is on the verge of falling in the hands of the Demon King himself. A really good fic with drama, lots of blood, magic, and great setting. I really thrive on some quality AUs. trigger warnings: temporary character death, some smut.

We call her Harley Queen by Smokey310 - 8k words, rated T, Completed, pairings: kurotsukki, side kagehina, yamayachi, and bokuaka

When I read this fic I started wheezing on the bus cause I was laughing too much. This whole series had me laughing for days,really. It’s one of the best thing I’ve ever read! It has everything I could ask for: lots of jokes, embarrassing situations, dorks being dorks, and a bird mating call that is “shit shit shit shit”. Also,part of a series, so kudos!

Daredevil on a slope by Smokey 310- 124k words, rated M, Completed, pairings: kurotsukki, bokuaka, BOKUKUROAKATSUKKI

Winter chalet, shenanigans on snow, Akiteru and Saeko being the best, and most of all BOKUKUROAKATSUKKI This fic had my polyships sense tingling. And also wheezed again on the bus from laughing. Part of the same series as “We call her Harley Queen”.