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Zen finally gets his own cover as the runner up~! Sadly this couldnt be posted in time for Valentines day, but it’s still the month of love anyway! 

Hearts AU

Soulmate AU where whenever you have a crush on someone, hearts will appear around you, in your pocket, on your bed, in the drawer, etc, and the hearts will increase whenever you’re near the person that you have a crush on. The number of hearts that appear also depends on how strong the crush is, and the color the hearts have different meanings – for example, light purple is nostalgic, dull yellow is jealousy, red is passion, etc. 

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Companions get dared to turn sole on without touching them

Hey guys, this is my first ask so I hope it’s okay, even though it’s super long! ~Admin Shadow

Companions Turning on Sole without Touching Them

Cait: Right away Cait got a wicked little grin on her lips as Sole’s gaze trained on her. Oh, she had caught Sole staring at her tits a few times and she sure as hell wasn’t going to let them off easy. Even through her corset she started pushing her perky breasts up and letting them fall. She ran one of her fingers around her nipple in a loose circle before she said, “Eh, Sole, you might wanna close that mouth of yours. Don’t want anyone mistaking you for a mouth breather.” Sole turned a rosy shade as they quickly closed their mouth to hid their slack-jawed expression.

Codsworth: “Mum/Sir, is this really necessary?” He let out a sigh before he said, “I’m completely in the nude, if I must digress.” Sole started bursting into a fit of chuckles before Codsworth finally said he had at least made an attempt. 

Curie: “Do… Do I have to, missure?” She was so embarrassed. She started chewing nervously on her bottom lip and stumbling over her words, she was completely oblivious to Sole watching her lips. Finally Sole said that she needed to stop otherwise they wouldn’t be responsible for what happened next.

Danse: The Paladin was red in the face but he knew exactly what to do to get Sole panting. He still couldn’t believe he was doing it, but he slowly unzipped his Brotherhood uniform down to his waist exposing his toned chest. Making eye contact with Sole once and seeing their warm and lusty gaze was enough before he quickly zipped his uniform back up and tried to hid in embarrassment.

Deacon: Right away Deacon started laughing, because he knew exactly what got Sole all hot and bothered. He had caught them peeping on him changing his outfit more than a few times, so right away he started stripping all slow, first starting with his white t-shirt before he shimmied out of his jeans that went up to his ankles. He dropped each piece of clothing in a neat little pile and kept asking if it was hot in here or if it was just him, which caused Sole’s face to light up a blistering red. Sole finally begged him to get his clothes back on before they couldn’t control themselves any longer. 

Dogmeat: He just started hopping around barking, and wagging his tail almost unable to contain his excitement, but that was basically all he did before Sole walked over that started to pet behind his ears.

Hancock: Oh, Hancock got this shit eating grin on his face like he has been waiting a long time for this moment. Instantly, he took one of his fingers into his mouth and sucked on the digits until there was a distinct pop each time he pulled his fingers out. Then he took to licking his forefinger up and down, in a slow, methodical pattern, all while sending Sole a steamy stare. After a few seconds he started laughing from Sole’s ragged breathing and wide eyes, he told them he would be happy to demonstrate his technique later.

MacCready: He was blushing before he even approached Sole, leaving just an inch between his mouth and their ear. “You always tell me I have a smartass mouth, boss, so let me show you some other uses for it,” he whispered hoarsely into Sole’s ear before backing away. He had heard Sole’s breathing become irregular, and that’s when he knew his words had really gotten through to them. MacCready had flushed cheeks, and was definitely not willing to admit how much that had affected him.

Nick: The detective sighed and Sole had mentioned many a times about how much they enjoyed his voice. Nick rolled his eyes a little before finally saying “Doll, let me take you on a night out, I promise I’ll show you a ‘good time’.” Nick refused to make eye contact with Sole for a long time after that, he was ashamed he had even played along.

Piper: When they first met, Sole hadn’t been able to keep their eyes off her ass. So Piper waltzed up to Sole with a little sway in her hips and turned her self around and put both hands on her ass and ran palms up and down each cheek. “You okay, Blue?” She asked as Sole’s face turned a violent shade of red, as if they had forgot how to breath.

Preston: Preston gave Sole a sideways smirk and tugged his scarf from around his neck with one hand, while the other furiously worked in undoing the buttons on his jacket. He let it fall to the floor as he exposed sinew muscle under dark skin. “I knew you were curious, General.” Sole couldn’t stop staring until Preston laughed and put back on his jacket.

Strong: “Turn human on? Strong not know what that mean! Does it help find milk of human kindness?”

X6-88: He right away asked if this was absolutely necessary and how this would benefit them? Finally, after standing there and debating whether this was worth his time, he caved and strode up to Sole. He left very little personal space between them before saying “I like how your ass looks in that Vault Suit, Ma'am/Sir, maybe I’ll get to see it fully one day.” X6 quickly turned around and backed off leaving Sole more shocked than anything.

Maxon: He didn’t let a single emotion show as he marched up to Sole with his hands firmly behind his back. His normally regal voice was rougher than usually as he said, “Knight, I expect you in my quarters at 2100 hours for that full body inspection. If you’re even a minute late, I might have to think of a creative punishment.” Maxon actually winked and turned around leaving Sole desperately wondering what would happen if they were late.

Gage: “Aww, boss, don’t get all blushy on me now.” Was the first thing Gage said as he got really close to Sole, so close that Sole could feel the heat radiating from the raider’s skin. “Boss, normally I don’t like saying this stuff but, I wanna pin you to the wall and have my way witcha.” Gage let out a low chuckle and stepped back to look at his handy work as Sole gasp.

Ada: “I do not register what you mean by ‘turned on?’ You seem to be functioning quite well.”

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Sole gets dared to go up to companions and call them daddy? love your blog xx

Ohh, gosh I love daddy requests, whoever submitted this, I love you. ;) We had a daddy request earlier, so I did this like it was happening for a second time. ~Admin Shadow

Sole Calling the Companions Daddy for a Second Time

Codsworth: Sole walked by and said “Oh, look at that robotic daddy,” to Codsworth without a moment of hesitation. The Mr. Handy seemed to get excited, and right away shouted, “Oh, Mum/Sir, I’m so glad for the compliment, I have 183,578 programs that help me be a quality caretaker, including a father!” Sole chuckled wholeheartedly, as the whole meaning was lost to Codsworth.

Danse: Sole already knew what was coming when they said “Hey, daddy,” right at Danse. The Paladin frowned and nearly yelled “For the last time soldier, I’m not your daddy!” A few people shot Danse weird and confused looks, which caused the Paladin’s face to light up a distinct crimson, before he scuttled off.

Deacon: Sole snuck up on Deacon, and probably only because he let them, and whispered, “Hey, hot daddy,” right in his ear. Deacon turned around and had this wide grin before saying, “I know, it’s the sunglasses. They make me look so daddylicious. And later if you wanna see this dad bod I’ve been working on, let me know.”

Hancock: Sole couldn’t resist whispering in Hancock’s ear, “Oh hey, my hot ghoul daddy.” Hancock gave Sole one of those lopsided smirks that were almost one of his trademarks. “Oh darling, I’ll be your daddy anytime you want.” He couldn’t stop himself from nipping on their earlobe quickly.

MacCready: Sole walked up to MacCready with absolutely no reservations and right away muttered right behind him, “Hey, MacCready you’re such a daddy.” The merc jumped out of his skin, immediately he whipped around, while blushing profusely and barked, “Da.. I mean darn it Sole, for the last time, I’m not comfortable with you calling me daddy! It’s a little weird, and honestly that title is reserved for Duncan.”

Nick: Sole strolled right by Nick saying, “Hey, my hot synth daddy.” Sole made sure to run their eyes all over Nick, from head to toe, because they knew Nick had played ignorant to the remark last time. The detective let out an exasperated sigh before rolling his bright, yellow eyes and muttering “You wish, doll. You only wish.”

Preston: Sole had no fear wandering up to their second-in-command and muttering “Hey, sexy daddy.” They could see Preston visibly stiffen before he carefully said, “Uhh… General, I’m not sure if that’s appropriate, you know. But if you’re into that, type of thing, I’ll go along with it.” Preston gave Sole a shy wink.

Strong: Sole was pretty certain they were going to get their ass beat, but they said “Hey, daddy,” to Strong anyways. The super mutant clenched his fists before yelling, “I no father to human! Is human stupid? Strong start to think you a stupid human!” Sole bolted before Strong could even move.

X6-88: Smiling, Sole murmured “Oh, hot daddy,” at X6 eyeing him up, which caused the courser to shift uncomfortable. “Not this again,” Sole could hear the slightest strain and irritation in his voice. “For the last time, I’m not your Father. And isn’t daddy what little girls say?” X6 got even more vexed when Sole started laughing uncontrollably.

Maxon: Maxon was standing there looking completely unsuspecting when Sole passed and whispered, “Hey, Maxon, you’re such a daddy.” Maxon grabbed Sole’s arm instantaneously and tugged them close so he could whisper in their ear with ease. “Your ‘daddy’ is very disappointed in your behavior. You better find some way to make it up to me, otherwise you’ll be scrubbing the floor by the med bay.” Sole couldn’t help but shiver at the low, gravelly suggestive tone he used.

Gage: “Hey, Gage, you’re such a daddy.” Sole couldn’t help but smile as the raider got this little, awkward smile on his face, and it was hard to tell, but Sole was pretty sure Gage’s cheeks might have been a little pink. “Oh boss, I didn’t know you had such a kinky side. You can call me daddy, I don’t mind” the raider chuckled.

“My heart isn’t much of a target, but Cupid still managed to hit it when I first laid eyes on you.”


I like food puns, so have some Valentine’s cards! (part 1 / 2)

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This is more of a cute one, but companions(+Maxson!!) are dared to ask sole on a date? Maybe include what they do, etc.

I seriously could not resist this ask, it was so cute and fluffy! I took this as what they would do for the date, and I hope that was a right interruption. Enjoy! :) ~Admin Shadow

Companions are Dared to Ask Sole Out + First Date

Cait: Cait is pretty blunt and doesn’t make her offer for a date anything special. She just asks Sole “Hey Sole, you want to hit up the pub later? Get a few drinks and call it a date night, eh?” Cait proceeds to take Sole to the roughest bar around for a first date. She will buy the first round of drinks, but after that they’re on their own. Half way through another round she will kiss Sole and it might be a little sloppy because she’s drunk, but still worth it. 

Codsworth: This mister handy is going to be very slick. He’ll say, “Oh, Mum/Sir, let me treat you like you should always be treated tonight!” He doesn’t really ask Sole on a date and follow the dare to the letter. Instead he cooks Sole a very nice homemade meal from anything and everything he has available at his disposal. He sits with Sole and asks them how their day went, and inquires about the mundane, while Sole eats, and he pampers them with a dessert later. 

Curie: Her face was a blistering red when she even suggested the idea of spending extra time with Sole, and she could never get the nerve to sincerely ask Sole out for the dare. “Missure, we should spend some time in the lab, no? The marvels of science are fascinating.” Her ideal date with Sole was a lot of talking about the most profound strides in science. Curie would never work up the nerve to try and kiss Sole; they would have to make the first move for anything physical to happen on a first date. 

Danse: Danse tries to spruce up his appearance, and ends up combing his hair six times before he decides to pick some carrot flowers to make a bouquet. When he approaches Sole to ask them out, he almost backs down at first, before he reminds himself that a Paladin doesn’t back down from a challenge. Finally, he pulls himself together and asks them out for the evening, in a sterner manner than necessary. Something along the lines of “Soldier, uh, I was thinking we could spend some extra time together off the clock. Personal time together, as in a date.” Danse is a classic dinner date type of guy. He would probably let Sole dominate the conversation on the first date, unless he felt strongly about something they said. He would be too shy to start anything after dinner, so he would wait for Sole to kiss him on a first date.

Deacon: Deacon is going to find some way to nonchalantly bring up a date in conversation, because he was never going to lose a dare. He’ll start asking Sole about old movies and then casually slide in “Oh, would you like to see a movie some time, you know like a good ol’ fashion date?” He is going to take Sole to a drive in, where he kind of fixed the projector and he had found an old film that actually survived. He is such a fan of the past; movies and comics are his favorites. Never underestimate Deacon, he’s going to try and put the moves on Sole the whole movie – and he’s not giving up until he at least gets a kiss. 

Dogmeat: He doesn’t ask Sole out on a date necessarily, but he does hound Sole until they reluctantly take him on a walk out in the Commonwealth. He really likes having Sole all alone to himself, and he loves when Sole makes him play fetch. 

Hancock: This man isn’t even nervous about asking Sole out, no dare about asking Sole out was going to make him back down. Nonchalantly he just says “Hey babe, you wanna go out for food? My treat.” Hancock does prepare by washing his jacket and dusting off his hat. That night he takes Sole to a sketchy place to eat – unusually sketchy even for a post apocalyptic world. But this place has some of the best food in the whole Commonwealth. He is a complete gentlemen, he holds the doors, and pulls out the chair before Sole sits down. Hancock will definitely find some way to kiss Sole or get a little bit more of he can.

MacCready: He’s not very good at dates, not at all, and he would only ask them out for a dare, because he lets things slide and work out on their own normally. MacCready would say to Sole something along the lines of “I was thinking boss, we should get some drinks soon, it would be a nice change from killing everyone? It could be even be a date.” MacCready would also take Sole to some shitty bar for a few drinks. But he becomes a cheapskate quickly once they rack up a few bottle caps worth of drinks, but even if he is as cheap as fuck, he’ll still try and kiss Sole at some point, after some liquid courage.

Nick: Nick knows how to be a flirt when necessary, so he’ll say “So Doll, would you be interested in making an old robot happy and go on a date tonight?” He would take Sole to the most high class eatery that exists in the Commonwealth. He really believes in treating a first date as something special and he don’t care how much it costs. He will let Sole do a lot of the talking and chatting, and he will be such a gentlemen – the absolute epitome of one. Nick will open the doors, pulls out the chair before Sole sits down, compliment them on how extraordinary they look tonight. He also wouldn’t try anything romantic on a first date, he just finds that inappropriate, but he wouldn’t deny Sole if they tried to kiss him.

Piper: She didn’t even bat an eye when she was forced to ask Sole on a date; Piper knows how to work an angle. So she would ask Sole by saying, “Hey Blue, you want to come over tonight for a coffee date?” Piper really likes a quiet, intimate atmosphere to talk in, so she is going to invite Sole over to her place while her sister is out and busy. She wants to have coffee with Sole probably some Fancy Lady Cakes and maybe interrogate them, maybe kiss them on the couch. She really doesn’t know yet.

Preston: Preston is surprisingly nervous when he asked Sole on a date for the dare. He broached the subject by asking “General, would you be willing to go on a picnic with me? Like, uh, you know, a date?” Preston just wants something simple, so he takes Sole on a long walk. He will definitely hold hands with Sole and he eventually stops somewhere that he has always found serene. He’ll throw out a blanket he packed along with some food for a relaxing afternoon of chatting, eating and maybe kissing if he is feeling brave enough.

Strong: Strong would ask Sole “Human want to eat with supermutant? Human need food to be strong.” So a date with Strong would probably involve him chasing around Dogmeat so he could cook him up, and Sole chasing Strong trying to stop this from happening.

X6-88: X6 would be very formal and ask Sole “If they would mind an escort for a night?” Basically he would take Sole on a tour of the Institute and show them around, even if they already knew all about it. X6 would stop at the cafeteria and let Sole eat and chat about their day, and he would of course take them to the shooting range for prototype weapons testing. He would avoid any contact, but at the end of the night when he walked Sole back to their room, he wouldn’t be apposed to Sole giving him a peck on the cheek.

Maxon: Maxon doesn’t get a lot of free time so he would ask Sole if they would meet him in his room at 1800 hours. He would have ordered some scribes to bring their best reserves of food and a fresh bottle of whiskey. Once Sole arrived, Maxon would ask if Sole was “willing to honor him with their presence tonight?” He would be shooting for an intimate dinner that would hopefully be uninterrupted and Maxon could focus his intentions on Sole. Sole better expect to drink a lot of alcohol because Maxon will be filling their glass quite full. And don’t doubt for a second, Maxon is going settle for just a few good kisses; he will probably have them propped against the wall in no time.

Gage: “Hey boss, would you like to go on a date? I’ve just been thinking about this for a while… Uhh, aww, boss, don’t get all mushy on me.” Surprisingly, Gage decided to take them to the top of the Ferris Wheel at Nuka World, which is only half working. Still Gage would cozy up to Sole in the seat they share and wrap his arm around them and ask what a place like this would have been like before the world went to shit. Gage would probably ask Sole most of the questions stuff about what the world was like before; he would let them talk until he got impatient and finally leaned in to steal a kiss.

Ada: Ada wouldn’t really ask Sole on a date for the dare, not really. She would probably ask for Sole to just spend more time with her. Ada would suggest sitting by a tree and talking more as they can both try and enjoy some shade. She is one of those beings that believes she can best enjoy a person through social interaction and especially fun conversation.

Old Longfellow: Longfellow would keep it relaxed, and effortless when he asks Sole if they would like to have some drinks. “Erh, I only have so much fancy alcohol I can give away in my life, so you better come over to the ol’ cabin for the good stuff that can strip paint.” He would have them over to his cabin for some hardcore drinking. Longfellow pulls out some of his best liquor for the occasion which means something coming from him. Sole shouldn’t expect to be sober afterwards, and Longfellow will be that awkward jokester that walks or maybe the more accurate term would be half carry them home.

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But here’s just a quick lil valentine I made up to send to your favorite Jooniepeople ay. )

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AUs for Valentines’ Day? :o I’m loving your blog by the way! ♡♡

  • It’s character As first Valentine’s day with a significant other, Character B.  They go out to buy Character B a gift a week before the holiday and save it for the 14th, but two days before, they get a break up text from Character B. Now Character A has to spend their Valentine’s day eating the chocolates they bought for Character B by themself and watching Netflix.
  • “I know tomorrow is Valentine’s day but I work all day and then I have to take the morning shift so maybe we could just eat a heart shaped pizza together  tonight and call it even?” AU
  • Character A is a cupid and their significant other, Character B, isn’t happy that Character A’s busiest day of the year interferes with their own romantic plans every year.
  • Character A has a “Valentine’s day curse.” Every time they date someone, they always get broken up with on Valentine’s day without fail.