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How Do I Write: “Realistic College AUs”

Too many-a-time have we admins read College AUs with high hopes and have been let down by the strange and inaccurate existence of lockers, eight classes per day schedules, and other such items that just make us cringe. It’s not anyone’s fault; the movie industry ruined the college scene for many of us. SO, we’re here to set some stuff straight so that you can sit down and write a “Realistic and Accurate College AU™!”

Disclaimer: This is explicitly for the American College Experience - if you’re international and in college, please feel free to add your own bullet points!


The majority of colleges run on an A/B schedule, where you’ll have certain classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, then your other classes on Tuesday/Thursday. Very rarely will somebody ever have a class on the weekend. For example, on Monday/Wednesday/Friday you might have three classes, then on Tuesday/Thursday you might only have two. (Note: Sometimes students try to put all their classes on one day and it’s a living hell. Would not advise. [a.k.a. Admin M is a dumbass.])

Each class is about two hours long if it meets twice a week or one hour long if it meets three times a week (unless it’s an 8-week class during the summer or winter, then it might be a little less than 3 hours). A full semester class normally runs for 16 weeks and usually counts for 3 or 4 credits (classes with labs might be more, PE or exercise type classes count for less). If a student has a job, it’s advised that they do not take more than 14 hours (or about 4 classes [a.k.a. Admin M is still a dumbass with a job and 7 classes]); for students without a job, the typical limit for classes is 16 hours a semester.

IN ADDITION, the classes themselves almost never occur just after one another and usually have a time gap of at least 15 minutes in between each - there may even be a five hour gap!

Really Cool Classes

One major thing that fanfiction gets wrong is college Freshman and Sophomores getting to take amazing classes. Unfortunately, for the first two years of school, you’re usually stuck taking General Education Requirement classes. Sometimes you get cool classes like Civil War History (History class credit) or Physical Anthropology (Cultural credit), but for the most part it’s classes like English Composition, Government, Foreign Language, and Sciences.

Even still, there are cool classes that you can get to count for your GE classes. Introduction to Psychology is always an adventure, along with Physical Geology (fun with rocks), Native Plants (fun with herbs), and Art History (fun with paintings). There’s also the Physical Education class credit that needs to be fulfilled, so there’s Jiu Jitsu, rock climbing, yoga, and swimming classes that apply for that.

Into your Junior and Senior year, you’ll begin to take classes that are more relevant to your major. If you’re a part of the school’s Honor’s program, then you might get classes like “Science Fiction Literature” or “Gender Studies in 18th Century Europe”.


No teacher is going to make you write a college essay about why religion is dead (@“God’s Not Dead” film), but they can be bizarre. Teachers will tell you about their mental illness(es), how their kids are doing, and past students. The best storytellers are Psychology professors, Biology professors (especially the ex-ER workers), and Anthropology professors (so many stories about doing drugs in foreign countries). 

Your professors aren’t there to kill you!…but some are. There’s a chance that you’ll come across a teacher who just always seems like they’re having a bad day, but many have chosen to work at a university because they legitimately love to teach. Don’t make every single one of your characters’ professors like the Economics Teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!

Foreign Language Classes

Why does this get a separate section? Because foreign language classes are OTP first interaction gold. The main languages are Spanish, French, and German; however, colleges also offer languages like Japanese, American Sign Language, Russian, Urdu, Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and even Hebrew. It depends on where you live, but it’s not uncommon for students to practice their foreign language by going out and having a “No-English Date” (meaning that no English is spoken at all), or just talking sh*t about people in public.


There aren’t lockers. Don’t think there are lockers. Who started the rumor that there are lockers. You have a backpack, your dorm room, and your pockets. There are no lockers. Also, for the record, lockers would be incredibly inconvenient since all your classes will most likely be in different buildings. No lockers. Cut that out.

Cars and Transportation

If you’re living on campus as a freshman or sophomore, you won’t be able to have a car!!! This is a common misconception, but many (if not all) colleges won’t let you park your car on property until you’re an upperclassman. It also costs money to keep your car on campus, which is why many students have bikes and skateboards to get around campus.

Many colleges have a bus system that goes around campus, around downtown, and even to larger bus stations where students can get a bus to take them close to their family’s homes. Sometimes if a college is large enough (and they value public transportation), there will be a train that stops near the school.


Ah yes, good old Dormitories…and when I say “old,” I mean that literally.

Depending on the college you’re writing about, there is a possibility that the dorms are the worst thing you have ever tried to sleep in - they can be too hot, too cold, smell weird, have cracked ceilings, and just have to the general feeling of being OLD. However, depending on how your college is set up (dormitory-wise), you could be on a co-ed floor (two girls per room, two guys per room, two girls per room, etc.), a same-sex floor (all girls / all boys), in a suite (up to 6 people), etc. Honestly, there’s an amazing number of options, but keep in mind that people normally don’t get higher end rooms until their junior or senior year, so don’t place your characters in an apartment on campus in their freshman year!

The dorms themselves can be a bit crazy at times, but they’re honestly pretty calm during the weekdays. Come Friday afternoon, though….everyone is off the walls. The weekend has officially come, and that makes everything ten times better. There’s gonna be yelling, scheming, unicycling down the halls, and other things happening right outside your door. If you think you’re going to get a nap at any time after 1:00 p.m….then you thought WRONG. 

In addition, if you have any food at all, then expect that to be gone very quickly if people come in and out of your room often. Just. Totally gone.

PARTY!!!! (but not really, and here’s why…)

Not everyone goes to a party every night, but those who don’t party don’t just study. Did you study all the time when you weren’t working in high school? Nah, didn’t think so. It’s the same thing at college

For example: there may be a Miyazaki Movie Night Marathon happening in the triple down the hall, a Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament in the lounge, an excursion to the gym for a group workout session (which honestly just melts into a trip to get smoothies and sit on a patch of grass), a swing dance social event at the local church, a dorm competition to create the most festive themed door, and there’s never a lack of Student Life events giving our free stuff (mostly free food and shirts, but occasionally candy and gift cards) trying to encourage students to be social.

There’s also the shenanigans where somebody accidentally kicks a hole in the vending machine because it gave them a Diet Coke when they wanted Snapple, going out to the closest 24-hour Walmart at midnight, and the attempted group all-nighters that result in everybody nodding off simultaneously. 


College is a great time and one of the best settings to practice your OTP’s interactions when you’re first getting to know them as characters, but you need to understand the setting you’re placing them in before you get started. So, do your research, understand college as a whole, and have fun but don’t get too caught up in the technicalities of University™. This is all about your characters; focus on them, let them lead the story, and your piece will be a complete and total success.

Good luck!

Boyfriend. BTS suga edition

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FIRST OFF, he may come across heartless and like he doesn’t care about you, but if you even just whispered ouch, he would run to you and probably call an ambulance cos he doesnt want anything or anyone to hurt his little girl

-You will have random outbursts of him rapping romantic things to you, you make it out that you’re annoyyed, but low key it turns you on

-In front of everyone he acts like this guy who doesn’t care about anyones feelings, even yours. But when he gets home, YOU ARE DONE. I REPEAT. YOU ARE ABSOLOUTLEY WRECKED AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WALK IN THE MORNING

- YOU two will always have rap battles, and they will end with suga giving you a sexy lap dance and repeating your favourite lines from his songs or just freestyling (cos he knows what gets your motor running)

- The first person he would introduce you to, would most likely to be J hope and he would convince j hope to become a fan of yours, just like Suga is your biggest fan

-LOts and LOTs of sweg

- You two would be the power couple no matter who the other guys are going out with

-You two will always be wearing your black and white clothes

-You’ll prank him by replacing all his dark coloured clothing with pink, yellow and bright green clothes. He would get his own back by putting shaving cream inside all your black boots and trainers

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-When he comes back from rehearsals, you will have a watergun ready and you forget that under his WHITE ASS SHIRT HE IS NOT WEARING A VEST. AND YOU SEE HIS BEAUTIFULLY SCULPTURED ABS AND CANNOT RESIST TO JUMP ON HIM AND TAKE HIM TO YOUR BEEEEED (sorry got a bit carried away)

- he will always be asking for kisses and on days that he takes you to rehearsals with him, he makes sexy faces at you but then breaks out of character and does stupid cute dances

- He loves dancing in front of you, but can’t concentrate cos you’re always teasing him so both of you make dance choreography together and make the rest jealous

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-you and him love making memes and funny photos of each other and he practically has your photo EVERYWHERE

- Your sexy time includes SHIT loads oF FOREPLAY LIKE HE LOVES TO PLAY AROUND AND CANNOT KEEP HIS HANDS OFF OF YOU!!! BE ready gurl, cos you WILL be working up a sweat


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-You two will have a lot of rolepay, and you will have suga dressing up loads and he will keep asking you what you want him as next. Sometimes he dresses up as a sexy maid when you come home. But then a rare Jungkook pops out of no where

-He loves his thighs=you love his thighs. Those thigHs ARE HEAVEN AND YOU WILL MAKE THEM YOUR THRONE BITCH. Overall, i think that min yoongi will warm up to you quickly and although there is a lot of foreplay and that might seeem like the best part, your sexy time will be FIIIIIIRRRREEEEEEEE. He will miss anything and everything for you, cos you are his one and only. You two are the cute fuluffy couple, who wears shit tons of black and white, love to prank each other and dancing on each others laps and are really hot in the bedroom Hope yall enjoyed this boyfriends edition.

~~ Love Admin M xx

BTS’s Reaction to you Wanting to Cuddle

Request:  Bts’ reaction to you wanting to cuddle with them! Thanks! m- @thisisrapmonster

I tried a new format for this one guys give me feedback on if you like it! -Admin Rose


  • Acts like he doesn’t want to 
  • But as soon as you’re like “nevermind” HE IS THERE
  • Like “I mean if you really want to of course we can”
  • but you know the truth he’s a cuddle monster
  • holds you v tight
  • Plays with your hair for so long
  • occasionally kisses you

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  • How to make Hobi’s day- ask him to cuddle
  • Wraps his arms entirely around you
  • makes a cocoon for you out of him and blankets
  • LOTS of forehead kisses
  • Doesn’t move even after his arm falls asleep 

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Rap Mon:

  • Happy Mon™
  • Hold you tight so you feel safe
  • you always somehow end up on top of him
  • Chest is firm and nice
  • and v warm
  • You end up falling asleep before you know it

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  • Happy bunny maknae
  • Is always up for cuddling 
  • Likes you to lay on his chest
  • Just so he can give you kisses on top of your head
  • Smells v nice and it’s great 

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  • If you wanna see him smile just ask to cuddle
  • Big spoon™
  • Kisses your cheek so often
  • and your neck
  • Will sing to you if you ask

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  • Super happy 
  • Loves cuddling (especially from you)
  • Likes laying on you
  • Loves when you play with his hair
  • Don’t even think about getting up because that boy is stuck to you
  • Not even five minutes in he’s asleep

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  • Cheeky af when you ask him
  • “Of course jagiya.”
  • likes looking you in the eyes as you cuddle
  • whispers sweet nothings
  • Rubs your back as you both talk

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EXO Reaction to their s/o’s voice hitting really high notes

This was requested by @ly-nia​ Sorry for the wait! Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Your high notes and his deep voice are the perfect combination for the duet of the year*


“Sensei… please teach me how you do it… I want to sing like that too” *So much respect here*


*Your fan number one* “That is my girl!! Show them how high you can reach! Just like the other they when we were alone in the room!” *This boi*


*Never saw it coming* “All these time… and you didn’t tell me you could sing like this? Baobei… do you want to sing with me?”


*Really confused here* “Wait… was that Chen? Xiumin? Baekhyun? You? can we please have a contest and see who goes higher? Yes?”


“So… you say you can go very high? Wanna see who goes higher? The one who loses has to do as the other wishes…” *Wonder what he’s thinking about*


*Speechless* “This is… and here I was thinking Chen was the only one who could beat me… we need to go to Chen now and show him who’s in charge here!” 


“Everytime I think you can’t be more perfect you prove me wrong baobei” *So in love this deer*


“Wanna go even higher jagi? I can help you in that?” *Lord of the high notes is probably not thinking in singing right now ;)*


“I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect girl…. marry me now” *I do expect an album with songs of you two*


“I’ve never heard anything more beautiful in my life… you have the voice of an angel baobei… my heart is beating so fast right now” *So touched*


*The proudest boyfriend in the world* “You’ll never guess who has a high range in her voice? Yes my girl.. my girl, boys. It’s going to take four Chens to beat her. That’s for sure”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

anonymous asked:

Any fics where jimin/anyone (preferably yoonmin) are major enemies to lovers? Or any fics where they deny their feelings for jm/vice versa? Ive read all the ones you have rec'd so far and i was wondering if u have more!! I kept losing the chance, so i waited like a month to ask this ;-; pls help thank you

sure thing!

I Hate Him by freelancejouster [minjoon. T, 10k]

i’ll stick to you like glue-cose by cygnus (lucid_wisteria) [jikook, T, 7k]

Blueberry Muffins by springrain21 [yoonmin, M, 67k]

soundtracks by maxx [yoonmin, M, 38k]

Outro: Love is Not Over by EmotionalDad [yoonmin, E, 18k]

is this really just a one day sale (because i think i want you every day) byinfires (infires_man) [yoonmin, G, 2k]

- Admin Ange

It’s Never Fair -- Kim Taehyung (M)


~Admin Des

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Pairing: Kim Taehyung (Vamp AU)  x Reader

Genre: Smut as fuck and angst, enjoy kiddies.

Word Count: 1,460

Quick Author’s Note (besides the one above, lol): If people really do like this I’ll make it a short series, I have thought of ways to continue it so yea, just let me know and I’ll do it.



The breeze blew through the trees as you walked down the path leading you to god knows where. It had only been just a few hours since you had left your home after getting into a terrible fight with your now ex boyfriend. Without saying a word you had left the house running as far as you could, however you we’re now in a forest with no clue of where you were. It was dark, cold and not a single star above, for all the trees had covered the night sky.

In the distance there was a crack. You stopped. It’s probably just a deer or something. You had your phone out and you flashed the light on it towards the direction of the crack. You continued to tell yourself that it was nothing and continued on your way. As you kept walking you heard another crack right behind you, your heart was racing at this point and before you knew it you we’re being pushed into a tree. You grunted in pain as you looked up at the figure walking towards you. You blinked a few times trying to figure out what or who it was that had pushed you into this tree, however the pain took over and you went unconscious.

Your eyes shot open as you were now in a new setting. You looked around as you were sitting on a bed chained to the headboard. Your heart raced as you try to figure out what the hell was going on. You’ve been kidnapped, you got that, but by who. “I can hear you, you know.” A voice from the darkness in front of you announced. “Your heart is racing a million miles per hour and I find it pleasing…” His words trailed off.


“I wouldn’t speak or ask questions right now. Not in the position you’re in.” He cut you off. You then heard foot steps, then a figure was now traced out in the darkness. “I have a simple rule for you, you disobey me you die. And just so you know sweetie.” He turned on a light relieving himself. He was handsome you’d give him that, but his eyes were bloodshot red, skin pale and a smile simply revealed exactly what it tied him up to be. “I wouldn’t try to fight me.”

You couldn’t comprehend anything at this point. Your kidnapper was a vampire who was basically ready to kill you at any god given moment if you stepped out of line once. You wanted to speak, you wanted to ask him questions, but as he said, you broke a rule you died and you didn’t feel like dying today.

“I’ll keep this simple for you.” He continued. “You’re now my new toy. Meaning I feed from you when I choose, I command you to do what I choose, and I’ll fuck you when I choose and how hard I choose.” He ran his hand up your leg and to your thigh. “I know, it’s unfair, well for you, however I’m doing you a favor. When you were walking out in the woods you have no idea how many eyes were on you. How many wanted to drink you down to the last drop, I’m keeping you alive, but just simply as mine.” A smirk came across his face as his thumb ran circles on your thigh, making you squirm. His eyes went from looking down at your thigh to meeting your eyes and watching your reaction.

Your breath hitched when he moved it closer and closer to your slit. “I’m marking you as mine tonight. No other will have you the way I will.” You took in a deep breath when he pulled your pants completely off, your panties following with. Giving you no reaction time he was fast to slip a finger within you, causing you to moan. You shouldn’t be turned on by this, but for some reason this all turned you on in the most twisted of ways. He continued to pump his finger in and out of you as he leaned up to kiss your neck. All this contact made your eyes shut as you moaned from all of the contact. As he bit down on your neck he added another finger. You shouted in pleasure as you felt him suck from your neck. A classic vampire move.

He stopped sucking your neck, before kissing and blowing on the spot. He then continued to kiss your neck up to your earlobe. His fingers kept pumping in and out of you. Your walls clenched around his fingers as he picked up his speed. “I–I’m close.” You finally spoke. However that was a mistake. He was fast to stop all of his actions and pull out of you. You winced from his sudden leaving. When he pulled back to face you, you could see the anger in his eyes.

He moved the chains so he could flip you over, your ass now on display for him. “You disobeyed me. Now you get a punishment.” You gulped not too sure how he was going to take it. Without warning he smack your ass, hard enough to make you have tears form in your eyes. He did it three more times before he was quick to undo his pants and pull his member out, pulling it to your entrance and slamming into you. You cried out in pain as the tears finally left your eyes. He picked up his pace, slamming harder and harder into you. You can feel your end coming faster and faster, your walls clenching around his member as he continued to thrust harder and harder. You wanted to say something, however you didn’t want another punishment.

You could tell he was close from how he grunted with each thrust. Your orgasm finally hit, you moaned out as you unraveled, he shortly followed behind you, releasing inside of you. He rode out his high before he pulled out. To your surprise he started to clean the two of you up.

“You can speak now.” He said as he continued to clean up your mess.

“What’s your name, I never learned it and if I’m stuck as your new toy I should at least know who you are.” He stopped in his tracks and looked at you.


It had now been a few weeks since you were taken by Taehyung. Your absence did not go unnoticed as you heard news of your disappearance spread fast. You were marked in different kinds of marks and bruises from Taehyung, it was to a point where you now craved his every touch and begged for him. He had officially made a mark on you, and made each night different from the last. You were to his schedule now, slept through the day, awake at night. You took care of his every deed he made you, and if you were good you were pleasured.

He would take you out with him at night for the whole world of vampires to see that you were his toy, and if anyone was to touch or look at you he would punish you for it, then later going after whoever it was that thought you could be theirs. He enjoyed making a pet out of you, he enjoyed watching you squirm when he denied you, punish you, or whatever he chose to do. You gotten used to being his toy because you knew if you slipped up, if you disobeyed him, if you were to step out of line your death would happen.

Taehyung was simple, you listen you go praised, you disobeyed you got punished, however if you disobeyed to the point where it wasn’t deemed fit he was to kill you. That night Taehyung had decided to take you to the nearest bar. He had you sit on his lap in a booth with him and his friends as they drank and made jokes. He made sure your marks were noticeable because no one was to touch his new little toy.

“So (Y/N) shall we get going?” Taehyung whispered seductively into your ear. You nodded before the two of you got up. Taehyung said his goodbyes to his friends as the two of you left to go back to his place. The minuted you were in the door he was fast to close the door and attach his lips to yours. “I’ve been waiting all night for yet another round of fun.” He muttered in between kisses. His hand quickly going down and into your pants.

“Tae, fuck me like you’ve never fucked me before.” A smile came across his face before he quickly picked you up and dragged you into the room.


Just don’t do it.  Don’t sexualize the minors.  Don’t sexualize the legal members.  ASTRO, along with every other kpop idol, are actual human beings with actual feelings and opinions and they are not yours to put in that light.

Sexualizing minors, specifically, is against Tumblr’s guidelines, as much as people try to say that it isn’t.

Don’t post anything relating to minors that is sexually suggestive.

In no way is it okay to sexualize a minor.  Keep in mind that though the “legal age” in your country might be young, the legal age in South Korea is 20.  This means that anybody that has was born in 1998 (or later) and has not had their birthday so far this year is a minor.  This makes Rocky and Sanha minors, and Moonbin is just barely legal.

In sexualizing the older members (referring to MJ, Jinjin and Eunwoo): just don’t do it.  It’s disgusting.  It’s harmful.  The internet is a big place but there is still the possibility of any of the members seeing your nasty comments.  If ASTRO–any of the members, not just the legal members–saw a sexual comment about themselves or one of the other members, do you really think that they would be okay with it?

ASTRO are humans.  They think and feel just like you do.  The only difference major between yourself and the members of ASTRO is that they are the members of ASTRO.  They would still feel violated if they knew people were seeing them in such a disgusting way.

Please, do not sexualize the members of ASTRO.  If you think it’s okay to sexualize any of them, minors or legal, you can unfollow this blog.

Send love to CupcakKe please!

Hey guys! A bunch of nasty ARMYs attacked CupcakKe on twitter. If you want info about what happened, I reblogged some posts about it before this one on our blog. 

I’m really worried about her. So if you guys can please give her some positivity and love on her twitter and her instagram, that would be really nice. 

Look, I know some of you don’t care about CupcakKe, but she doesnt deserve this treatment. And I’m tired of ARMYs constantly harassing other people. (This isn’t even the first time some thing like this has happened in this fandom!)

Listen, all these attacks are ruining BTS’ name. If ARMYs want to say that we are one big happy family and a “friendly” fandom, than we better start acting like it. 

Admin Matte

The B In Baejin Is For Boyfriend Material

• who?: Wanna One’s Bae Jinyoung
• genre: 🌸
• type: bullet point

blog navigator.

• pure fluff of what Jinyoung would be like as a boyfriend on campus

kdlsjskdjsj I’m honestly really terrible at the boyfriend type of content because I’m not good at speculating or assuming how people actually are in real life. But this was fun to do and I hope it isn’t a total flop. Thank you for requesting this anon!!

- Admin L 

• first of all, regardless of what college you apply to or enrol in, Jinyoung would be super supportive
• even if your dream college and his dream college were 200 miles away
• luckily, you guys somehow got into the same college
• hell yeah
• you wouldn’t see your boyfriend for awhile because you’re too busy packing and getting ready for college
• but this is Bae Jinyoung we’re talking about  
*ring ding dong*
• you peel open the door to reveal a smiling Baejin, hands filled with packing materials such as masking tape
“yah ~ aren’t you supposed to be getting ready as well? Why are you here?”
“i’m here to help!”
• you sigh and raise your eyebrows at him
• then again, you aren’t actually complaining about it
• who wouldn’t want to have your boyfriend around
• and helping you
• Jinyoung’s house is closer than yours to the institute so he doesn’t have much to bring to his dorm
• he can travel that half an hour every weekend
• your situation is different
much different
• a dozen of your things are packed and ready to be shipped to college with you
• which is practical because you can’t be travelling 5 hours up and down every day
• you need everything in your dorm
• literally
• including that cute plushie Jinyoung gifted you on your birthday to sleep with
• otherwise, you know you won’t be able to fall asleep
• your roommate is cool with you pretty much occupying the entire dorm since they too live extremely close to the college
• you love your roommate already
• let’s not lie Jinyoung is probably decent at packing and being neat
• sure, he’s no Minhyin but he makes an effort to try and help
• folds your clothing
• realises it’s his sweater he thought he lost last Winter
• Baejin sighs but smiles and tucks it in your luggage anyway
• his baby WILL wear his clothes
• stops to observe the things you packed and realises you have like 500 boxes of household equipment
“….love, how much stuff do you actually need?”
“LovE hOW muCH STufF dO YOu acTUALLy NeED” you reply
• *insert Spongebob meme*
“you will help me carry it to my room, won’t you?”
• your voice drips with honey, sickeningly sweet and begging
• Jinyoung pinches your cheek gently, “ahh, I can’t. I’m moving in two days after you, remember?”
“yah! is that your reason for moving in after?”
• a cheeky smile spreads on his face but before you can retort something snarky, he presses his soft lips to yours
• packing is forgotten
• you are sad you’re moving in before your boyfriend does
• he doesn’t forget your move in date
• at first, your parents were going to drive you and your things over
• surprise
• on that day, it was Bae Jinyoung and  your parents who showed up in the car to pick you
• you nearly melted into tears
• he lives far away from you so any unscheduled meet up is rare and always makes you cry
• bc he doesn’t have to make that 5?? 6?? hour journey to and fro
• but he chose to
• well duh, it’s for you
• he’s that type of person let him live
• your parents were in on it too
• the car ride to college is one of the more enjoyable ones you have had in your life
• Jinyoung is so charming your parents fell for him immediately
• he’s talking about baking, politics and gardening all at once to both your parents
• it’s amusing
• and you really wouldn’t have it any other way
• look at your boyfriend and family getting along so well
• he bouta be part of the family soon
wink wonk
• your parents love him as much as you do
• maybe even more
• as soon as the car is parked, your parents venture out to sip tea in one of the on-campus cafes, promising to see you before they leave for the long drive back
• your legs are so wobbly you can’t even stand up straight anymore
• pins and needles are a PAIN
• thankfully, you have an amazing boyfriend by the name of Bae Jinyoung to assist you in balancing
• both of you make multiple trips back and forth, each time the load of boxes seemingly heavier
• djosapdkdl you realise it’s going to take the entire day even if you started at 7am
• Baejin pulls out his phone. “Hi Jay, clear my schedule for today. I’m really busy right now”
• eventually, you do finish up unloading and unpacking every box and bid your family goodbye
• you let your lips linger on Jinyoung’s for a few more seconds than usual
“it’s never a goodbye kiss, Y/N.”
• of course, you are reunited on his move in day
• the favour is returned by you helping to carry like two boxes of things  
• he only needed three boxes and one bag
• don’t you love staying nearby
• college starts and your life is flung into a flurry
• you barely catch a glimpse of Jinyoung throughout the first couple of weeks but you two decide on a schedule
• he walks you to your first lecture every odd week
• and you buy him coffee after his classes every even week
• sometimes, he just calls you out of your dorm to grab a pizza at the restaurant on campus
• college isn’t like this irl but
• picnic dates at the picnic tables outside the cafeteria
• cloud watching, enjoying the sun, just conversing and finally! relaxing after all the stress from your studies
• Jinyoung takes a ton of pictures to save as his wallpaper
• you talk about your troubles and spill everything during those sessions
• it becomes somewhat therapeutic
• when either of you has a bad day, you call each other as soon as classes end
“hang on babe. grab your coat, we’re headed out”
• it happens all the time
• you grab dinner together and then go for a nice night stroll
• such romantic
• 110% mood improved
• study dates in the library when it’s finals season
• it’s meant to be a date but you guys concentrate so much on your studies and nearly forget each other’s presence
• the library closes late for night study etc
• you’re wrapped up in his sweater and poring over your notes, frantically trying to memorise information
• whenever you look like you want to tear your hair out, Jinyoung takes your pen from you and scribbles on a post-it before stamping it in your notes
“take care of yourself! i love you. :)”
• your binder is covered in those neon stickers and they make your heart melt every time you see them
• always reminds you to eat and stay hydrated
• buys you ‘cheer up!’ stationery such as ramen shaped erasers or a pen with a cute design
• you never actually use them and you keep them in a special pen holder on your desk
• your roommate teases you about it, especially when more stationery is added
• when Jin gets frustrated, you always remind him that he is worth it and that he isn’t going to screw up
• hyping him so his confidence doesn’t fall to where it used to be
• to Baejin, your smile itself is enough to make his day
• it only gets better when you leave handwritten notes and sometimes a small snack in his bag while he wasn’t looking
• walks in and out of the exam hall exuding confidence
• one night, you fell asleep at the library, surrounded by all your books
• Baejin can’t exactly leave you there yet he doesn’t want to wake you up
• so he took over the graveyard shift from the student librarian just to keep the library open and operating
so that you could have a good sleep
• and so that half the cohort could cram a night before finals
• in the morning, you are forced to literally drag him out lest he miss his final
• you blush when your friends tell you about his gesture
• how extra™
• you shake your head out of embarrassment but your friends find his care adorable
• he gets really shy when you confront him about it
“really? was there no better way to solve it? you could have woken me up you know?”
“ahh but if I did, you wouldn’t have gotten an A* on your paper? would you?” he teases
• hahaahahaha true
• since it’s after finals, Jinyoung decides to take you off campus on a date
• he goes out of his way to obtain a special parking pass for campus parking
idk we have that here so ^
“jin, wasn’t that cafe over there? why are we headed to the carpark?”
• you feel a bit overdressed for your usual spot but he told you to dress your best
• Jinyoung tightens his grip around your hand and beams with a wink
“we’re going off campus tonight, sweetheart”
• S W E E T H E A R T
• by the way, I should mention that he looks absolutely dashing in his suit and maroon tie
• you’re practically drooling and thanking God for your amazing boyfriend
• he’s glad he heeded Guanlin’s fashion advice
• anyway
• you can hardly contain your excitement as it’s been awhile since you got a break from the college scenery
• when he sees your mouth stretching into a giant smile, Jinyoung can’t help but grin too.
• he’s happy you’re elated to the point that it can’t be hidden
• since he lives in the nearest city which is 30 minutes away, you take time to admire the foreign scenery
wow….I can’t believe Jinyoung lives here…. it’s so pretty
• ….maybe one day that will be your hometown too
• Jinyoung takes you to the finest restaurant he knows
• his mum ONLY brought her clients there to eat so he knows it’s serious
• parks his fancy car right next to the entrance
• you’re wondering how he can afford it
• he’s still in college
• maybe he’s in the mafia? or a stripper?
• okay i’m sidetracking again I’m sorry
• with your arms linked, Jinyoung walks up to the host and confidently says, “I have a reservation under Mr. Bae Jinyoung, table for two”
• A S D F G H J K L
• dinner isn’t as tense as you figured it would be
• there’s still laughter, jokes, and small talk about your school life
• it feels the same - if you minus the fanciness of the place - as one of your regular dates on campus
• no matter what, Bae Jinyoung is your boyfriend. the type of date doesn’t change who he is
• the walks to class
• the on-campus dates
• staying up late to cram for finals
• helping him with his presentation slides
• going to watch a movie at the media centre
• visiting his dorms with food in the middle of the day when you found out he had been cooped up in there and refused to eat lunch
• thank you Daehwi
• you propped your head in your hands, sighing but beaming
• one hand reached out to grab Jinyoung’s, he didn’t complain
• your hands intertwined lovingly
“my college days are so much better with you”

anonymous asked:

here was the question about the devorak siblings after an argument with mc. but what bout other characters? i need Dramaaaa

I’m going to redo the Devorak ask, because I have improved, but you can find it here!! Also, this is different from the last argument ask. I might make another one to satisfy my own self-fulfillment tbh

- Asra: He never likes to talk, conversations filled with him only dodging your curiosities. Questions were answered with a secretive gleam in his eye, the almost guilty but not really smirk, and the little noncommittal hum in his breath. God, it hurt. You asked why he never answered you, and he gives a quick blink. You almost wouldn’t see it if not for you standing in front of him, trying to be more assertive than usual. You needed to know, after months of him dodging your attempts. The reply? A shrug. You felt your heart tighten and tears fill your eyes in anger. You couldn’t help but unleash a rage kept dormant, and everything was red, everything hurt. And all he did was stare, his gaze filling with remorse and something you just couldn’t understand. You leaned against him with a shaky sob, hands gripping onto his shirt. “I’m sorry,” Why did he sound more heartbroken than you? He couldn’t possibly understand. “The timing isn’t right, not yet.” Before you could ask him any more, your lips met, and you forgot. He was gone, the only memory of him being there was his gentle lips.

- Nadia: A simple mistake on your part. A little ungraceful slip, nothing to mention or bring up again. You felt your face heat up with humiliation, and was glad she didn’t hold it against you. The meeting with the courtiers went smoothly, and there wasn’t much to do until dinner. The courtiers left the room with their flowery goodbyes and well wishes. The temperature dropped. She gave a heavy, disappointed sigh, and you felt yourself shrink. Her dissatisfaction was one of the worst things to put yourself against. You just sat there with her, neither of you raising your volume, but particularly hurtful words were exchanged. Sitting next to her, you couldn’t look at her, but refused to rush out. Wouldn’t that just make her more upset? Silence filled the gaps, the ticking of a nearby clock seeping into the hurt of her words. A gentle hand caressed your back, and you couldn’t help but flinch. “I apologize for my rudeness. It was uncalled for.” She held your cheek tenderly, and stared into your eyes. “You did nothing to deserve my anger. Please, allow me to make it up to you.”

- Muriel: This was your fault, or really, a complete lack of communication resulting in your emotional outburst. A simple question had lead to you yelling at the gentle giant, but it honestly felt like you were trying to talk to a brick wall. He let you storm away from him, tears welling up in your eyes as you stomped out of the room. Regret coursed through every nerve in your body, and you were too scared to approach him, to apologize for whatever stupid mess you created. Your anxiety made you exhausted, falling asleep as soon as you could. You woke up to Muriel’s rough hand pushing the hair out of your face and his soft gaze regarding you. Before you can utter your apology, he stops you. “It’s alright,” his low voice rumbles. “I’m not upset. I don’t want you to feel… bad.” He rested his sweaty hand on top of your own. “I want us to work. Together.” You intertwined your fingers and the intimacy made him recoil away slightly. “Please… just give me more time. I’ll do my best.”

- Lucio: He was always prissy, and there wasn’t much you could do about it. Especially when he directs his attitude towards you. Simple banter had turned into a ruthless battlefield, everything was loud and he was yelling. It wouldn’t last, this always happened. Until he said the worst thing he could: “I hate you.” Everything came to a screeching, burning halt. Your heart sunk and you stared at him, stunned. He… he didn’t actually, right? He’s never said that before. The seconds cruelly passed, and tears welled in your eyes. He’s lying, right? He ran a hand through his hair, not noticing your obvious distress. “I really wish you’d just…” He freezes as he sees your face, completely hurt and shaken. Striding towards you, his claw hovered anxiously over your shoulder. “Darling?” You ask him if he meant it, voice on the verge of opening flood gates. “No, no, no darling!” He lets his hand comb through your locks, an almost desperate attempt to make you feel better. “There’s no way I’d hate you, you know how I am!” He peppers your face with kisses, holding onto you tightly. You only wished you could believe him.

- Admin Christmas (look who it is!!)

[Submission] Title: Ataraxia

Author: yuni3010

Status: Ongoing

Rating: M

Length: Chaptered

Genre: Wolf!AU, Omegaverse, Romance, Angst, Angst with a happy ending, romeo and juliet dynamics

Summary: Baekhyun, once deemed as a barren omega, was claimed and impregnated by Chanyeol. Six years later, he finds himself being dragged to his alpha’s pack so he can witness the union between Chanyeol and another omega. He would be damned if he sat back to allow it.

thank you chansoobae-k for the submission! the summary sounds really interesting i think i might go and have a read hehe - Admin N

chansoobae-k: I only read it yesterday, but I really like it! The author’s way of writing is very descriptive and charming, and I can imagine all the scenes properly in my head. I also love the characterisation of Baekhyun, he’s very nicely written. One of my fave genres is Wolf AU, and I’m so thankful this author is writing this fic. I can’t wait for updates, so I want to share this awesome fic with the rest of the fandom~


EXO reacts to: Their s/o being Canadian and knowing Korean but having trouble speaking it

Anonymous asked: EXO reaction to their s/o being Canadian and having a really hard time with the language and accent? I love your blog! Just found it a few days ago and it’s so nice!!! Love from Canada


Originally posted by nastyfarmiga

Would find your struggle adorable, but would make sure to help you. He would assist you in any way possible and help you with learning better. He would make sure to tell off anyone who made fun of your accent.


Originally posted by lawlliets

Suho would help you minimize your accent by giving you lessons. He would correct your pronunciation without being a dick about it. He would really just want you not to have to struggle when you speak Korean.


Originally posted by squynhty

Yixing would understand the struggle of speaking another language all too well. He would help you as best as he can, but he would assure you that your accent was fine and that it was cute. He wouldn’t be the type to correct your pronunciation and just let you talk as you do.


Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Jokes jokes and more jokes. This boy would make so many jokes about your accent and struggles. He would actually find your accent adorable and would flip on anyone else who made a comment about your accent. He would have the mindset that only he was allowed to make jokes about it. If the jokes hurt your feelings though, he would never make another one.


Originally posted by exogifsets

Chen would mimic you. No doubt about it, he would just sit there and mimic your accent. He would be sympathetic towards your struggle however and he would help you make you accent less noticeable. He would help you with any pronunciation but you would have to ask for help.


Originally posted by porkdo-bi

He would be the type to not really notice. After a month he wouldn’t even be able to hear your accent. If someone pointed it out or made a comment about it, he would be clueless as to what the person was talking about. If you asked for help, he would help but he wouldn’t even notice you pronunciation was different.


Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

He would not say a thing. Your accent would not matter one bit to him, and even though it made him sad to see you struggle, he would keep quiet, not wanting to anger you at all. He would be the type of person to yell at another person if they even made a loose reference to your accent, because he didn’t see why it would matter.


Originally posted by daenso

Kai would be a mix of Kyungsoo and Suho. He would never say anything about your accent but if you needed help he would be right there assisting you. He is the type that when he heard you obviously struggling, he would discreetly help you, making sure not to make a huge fuss about it.


Originally posted by r-velvets

He would be the worst. The jokes and mimicking would be never ending and if your pronunciation was really off, he would almost die laughing. He would be the type to stop doing it if it bugged you and would make sure he never hurt your feelings by making those comments. Like Baekhyun, no one else was allowed to make jokes about your accent though and if they did he would freak out.

-Admin Pierce

anonymous asked:

Can I have this quote for I.M/Changkyun “Please don’t go away. Please? No one’s ever stuck with me for so long before.” -Dory, Finding Nemo Could you please make it really angsty and sad, I wanna cry right now. Thank you. 💕

Ahh Im afraid this isn’t as sad as you wanted it to be, but I hope you still like it! -Admin Bee

The heavy metal door slams shut behind you, the defining click of the lock sliding into place coinciding with the release of your shoulders. Your back hits the cold surface and you slide down, joining the man beside you on the floor. Both of you are trying to catch your breath, no amount of cardio days at the gym could prepare you for running for your life.

“That was a close one,” Changkyun breathes, looking over to you with an impish grin. All you can do is glare back, words escaping you until your lungs had time to recover. With a final huff, he stands and makes his way over to the control board of the machine, pressing a few buttons to make the machine start again. Meanwhile, your heart was still trying to escape out your throat.

“How did you recover so fast?”

He glances over his shoulder as you struggle to stand before turning back to pull a lever, “Must be an alien thing.”

“Must be,” you mutter. Finally you join him at the console, still having to grip onto the edge of a panel of knobs and wires. With a final lever pull, the machine gives a hefty groan and puff, transporting you away from the mysterious planet and through the realm of space and time.

“Where to next?” He asks, sliding a monitor over to enter the coordinates. You sigh, rubbing a hand over your face.

“Actually, could you just take me home?”

Changkyun stills, his fingers hovering over the keyboard. You’re about to ask what’s wrong when he shakes his head, going quiet but still entering your address and the day you’d left home, just an hour later.

The ride back is unusually quiet. Typically at this time the two of you would be excitedly yelling about the adventure you’d just been on, eagerly awaiting the next destination Changkyun was taking you to. But this was different. Neither of you had said it, but this felt like goodbye.

The machine groans again and you know without opening the doors that you’ve already arrived. Changkyun won’t look at you. He simply unlocks the door.

You whisper a small “thank you,” hoping he knows there’s so much you can’t articulate behind the words. Leaving is suddenly harder than you once imagined it would be. It’s with one hand against the door that you hesitate, hearing his sharp intake of air that makes you turn around to look at him. He’s watching you go, but now with one arm outstretched toward you.

“Please don’t go away. Please? No one’s ever stuck with me for so long before.”

You glance back at your apartment building. You’re so close, near feet away from your doorstep and inside the safety, comfort, familiarity of your home. In a few hours you could be snuggled under your blankets, pretending that Changkyun and his time machine was all a hallucinatory dream, the wonders your eyes had seen simply fairytales to melt into your memories. You’d go back to your job as a secretary, see your two friends from work, resume your ordinary life.

But what was the fun in that?

“Alright, Spaceman.” His eyes light up at the nickname you’d given him at the start of your adventures together and you reach forward to place your hand into his, “Show me the stars.”

send an idol + a Disney quote/song and we’ll write a drabble based on it![no more please!]

Drabble Reaction (Monsta X): #61 Summer (When their s/o freaks out over their summer comeback)

Shownu: “Wha???? You really like it that much?”

Originally posted by gthir

Jooheon: “You’re just such a cute little fan baby. I love it.”

Originally posted by dramarrama

Wonho: “Yah, don’t yell at me. At least it’s summer and you have free time to fanperson.”

Originally posted by wonhontology

Minyuk: “We were good, weren’t we? I agree baby.”

Originally posted by minhyukie

I.M: “You like it that much, eh?”

Originally posted by bts-bap-trash

Hyungwon: “Babe literally chill. If you can’t handle our summer comeback, how can you handle our other ones?”

Originally posted by babywoon

Kihyun: “You’re so cute when you’re freaking out over our comebacks.”

Originally posted by kihn


oneofthemillionarmy  asked:

can you introduce me to b.a.p. and their music please? share with me your top five favorite songs, introduce me to the members, and a video of them that you love to watch :)

Members: (oldest to youngest)


  • such a caring leader (the way he just silently takes care of the members makes me all soft)
  • honestly if you have a hard time picking out his face just look to the face that the very deep whale voice came from
  • his vlives in bed are so boyfriend GOD BLESS

Originally posted by soooldout


  • definition of a visual tbvh (he literally looks like a model istg)
  • he needs love and protection pls protect him
  • is known to be blunt and a sav
  • his personality can come off as strong at first but in no time you’ll see just how much he cares for babyz and the members

Originally posted by daehdream


  • A FUCKING SINNAMON BUN (during a recent vlive he literally exposed his body and had the AUDACITY to act all cute after)
  • the most luscious lips ever lIKE HOLY SHIT also probably the easiest way for you to identify him
  • has an amazing vocal range his high notes are life
  • he loves BABYz so much

Originally posted by matokisonyeondan


  • ok he literally looks like a teddy bear he’s so cute, probs why him and daehyun are bffs and cause my death but that’s not the point (admin k)
  • idk he reminds me of the sun? but he’s a traitor don’t trust him just look at what he does to b.a.p in their one shot m/v (JFC ADMIN K DON’T SPOIL THE DAMN MV)

Originally posted by kitty-dae


  • looks cute and like he’s a sweetheart but he’s a lowkey savage ok he betrayed b.a.p watch their skydive m/v (STOP SPOILING)
  • has cheekbones that can cut 
  • he has a really nice butt
  • he’s an amazing dancer

Originally posted by jonqups

Zelo (Junhong):

  • honestly you’ll be stuck between wanting to protect this tol smol and wanting to fight his rude ass
  • an actual giant
  • also very quiet and shy he’s a bean
  • search zelo tattoo…you can thank us later
  • great dancer despite his height

Originally posted by ab1004

Favorite Songs:

  1. 1004(Angel) (my absolute favourite out of all their songs I love it so much you don’t understand)
  2. Entire Rose Album: Dystopia, Wake Me Up, Diamond 4 Ya (THERE’S ONLY 3 SONGS BUT IT’S A MASTERPIECE AND SAVED US OK)
  3. Badman (this shit makes me feel badass af)
  4. Excuse Me (ZELO’S LTE RAP you better be ready to…”get down” im actually a loser bye)
  5. One Shot (this song is just- if you plan on getting into bap you have to listen to this AND IT’S A CINEMATIC MASTERPIECE MUST WATCH)
  6. JUST LISTEN TO THIS (you’re welcome)

Favorite MVs:

Wake Me Up 

One Shot and Skydive a.k.a B.A.P being snakes

Favourite Videos Of Them:

Reaction to reaction videos about them(they’re short!):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Weekly Idol (this episode was wild idek)

Extreme Dilemma Discussion (they’re so smiley in this i cry)

*There’s a whole series of videos on youtube dedicated to reasons to love bap just search “Why We Love BAP”*

Fun Facts:

  • the bffs are by age group so: yongguk+himchan. daehyun+youngjae, jongup+zelo
  • a lot of their music deals with social issues so defs check out their translations
  • if you’re wondering about the bunnies (a.k.a Matokis)… basically B.A.P are aliens sent from planet B1A4AP224 to take over the universe and use the screams of their fans as a source of energy pls don’t ask us why just learn to accept it
  • they’ve been through a lot together (slave contracts, a lawsuit, mental health issues) and they need more love tbvh they love BABYz so much
  • they’re supposedly having a comeback in the summer nfpcwinare

so in conclusion:




anonymous asked:

Hiya, do you know of any namjin fics where they start off acting like a couple as a joke but then realise they actually do like each other? I just really wanna see this happen *.* Thank you!

apple strudel by rxaaru [M, 1k]

Totally an accident by Kpoprose [T, 1.3k]

Let’s Not Fall In Love by foreheadhobi (arecipeforfeels) [M, 4.4k]

The Boy’s Club by taethereal [E, 14k]

These are the only ones I’ve read of fake bf au namjin but I hope you at least enjoy them!

-Admin Nana

[Submission] Title: you smile at me like you’d been waiting

Author: frevan

Length: One shot

Status: Completed

Rating: NC-17

Genre: supernatural, smut, fluff, romance, ghost!chanyeol, hiker!baekhyun

Summary: It’s Saturday and Baekhyun really wishes he had better things to do than travel hours to hang out with a ghost.

Reason for submitting: soft ghost!chanyeol is just the cutest thing and I love the interactions between him and baekhyun so much, this is such a cute fic that deserves lots of love!

Admin Shiba: this was sooooo adorable omg thanks for the lovely sub!!


anonymous asked:

SO BTS :)))))

ok so LISTEN i was one of those people who was like, y’know BTS is cool and all but i don’t really follow them, ARMYs seem kinda scary…
and now i’m fuckin gay for min yoonji

like,,,,, idk how i got here but i’m bts trash now

~admin hidari 

Nobody Compares - Yeo One (M)

A/N: 10 years later… 

So like… the sex wasn’t really angry… I sorry… GUYS WTF THIS WAS SO HARD FOR ME TO WRITE LIKE I HAD THE WORST WRITER’S BLOCK OF MY LIFE anyways… sorry if its sh*tty and yes, i know, the ending sucks :’) kms

-Admin Kay

Originally posted by pen1ag0n

Pairing: Yeo One x Reader

Genre: Angst Smut

Word Count: 2,163

Keep reading

How Would Twice||Wake you up

Requested: Hellooo can you do how would twice members wake you up? I really liked the red velvet one thanks!

↠ Admin:Mirae

J e o n g y e o n

  • Jeongyeon slowly opened her eyes
  • She looked over at you and through her body on you
  • You started to groan making Jeongyeon laugh
  • “Wake up”
  • She simply said while rolling on you

Originally posted by jeongyeon

N a y e o n

  • Nayeon placed warm kisses along your face
  • Your nose scrunched up at the feeling
  • Nayeon started to giggle
  • She placed more kisses on your face
  • “Y/N~”
  • She cooed sweetly

Originally posted by ayoshidae

M o m o

  • Momo sat up in the bed
  • She looked over at you and laid on top of you
  • She kissed your neck
  • Her hand pinched your cheeks
  • You opened your eyes causing her to smile
  • “Hi”

Originally posted by jeongyeon

 J i h y o

  • Jihyo made her way into the kitchen
  • She made some breakfast before walking into your room
  • She set down the breakfast on a side table
  • “Y/N, I made some food,”
  • She said shaking your arm

Originally posted by misamo

S a n a

  • Sana poked your nose
  • She continued to poke it
  • it wasn’t her poking that woke you up
  • It was her sweet childlike giggle
  • She giggled when you woke up 
  • “Hiiiiii Y/N,”

Originally posted by ongsway

M i n a

  • Mina didnt mean to wake you up
  • She was taking a shower when she noticed a spider
  • Mina let out a scream and started to run out of the shower
  • You sat up at her scream
  • She screamed

Originally posted by allminastuff

D a h y u n

  • Dahyun laughed at your face
  • You were drolling a little
  • Dahyun made a face and sat up
  • “Hey Y/N’
  • She said
  • You didnt move
  • “Y/N WAKE UP,”
  • She yelled loudly

Originally posted by fordahyun

C h a e y o u n g

  • Chaeyoung looked at you
  • She rolled her eyes 
  • Slowly Chae leaned in and placed a warm kiss on your cheek
  • She smiled and placed another kiss on your forehead
  • You opened your eyes
  • Chae placed one last kiss on your eyelids

Originally posted by kyuteu-k

T z u y u 

  • Tzuyu yawned as she opened her eyes
  • She slowly looked at you and then back at the ceiling
  • She kissed your forehead before standing and leaving
  • Your eyes opened after that
  • She seemed to noticed and apologize 
  • “Hey Y/N I didnt mean to wake you,”

Originally posted by yeowangs