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Requesting a scenario for Sharrkan, Sinbad, and Lo'lo (separately) where they are playing strip poker with their s/o except their s/o is extremely good at cheating discreetly and just completely destroys them. Their s/o relishes in the glory that they haven't removed a single item of clothing and the boys are completely naked.

By Admin Kadia

[I laughed to much at this.]

Sharrkan: The large grin stretched across your face while looking at your lover. Sharrkan slammed his hands down on the table as he stood up. “HOW!?” He screams, pretty pissed off. The grin on your face got bigger with a purr.

“I don’t see what the problem is. You’re the one who challenge me to this game.”  You reply. Sharrkan couldn’t tell if you were trying to seduce him with that grin of yours though he didn’t mind.

“You cheated.”

“What proof do you have?” Your lover stood there for a minute, unable to answer. “That’s what I thought. So would you like to continue or we can move to the bedroom~”  

Sinbad: Seeing Sinbad naked was nothing unusual but the expression of annoyance on his face was great. You couldn’t stop a giggle from coming out knowing why he looked so annoyed. Usually he didn’t mind being naked but he was the one who challenged you to this game, you should be naked in front of him or at least have some clothing discarded.

“Is something wrong?” You asked, smiling.

“(Y/n), are you perhaps cheating?” The king came to a conclusion but you knew his game. There was no expression change with you.

“Now, why would I do that?” Sinbad stood up and took your arm, pulling you up against him. One of his arms were around your backside, the other under your butt. His lips brushed against yours as his eyes were darkened with lust.

“Well, since I have nothing else to lose to you. Why don’t I let you lose yourself in pleasure~”

Lo’lo: The fanalis crossed his arms in wonder, looking at his S/O slightly upset. You sat with a pleased expression on with a smirk, something that he should be doing. “This isn’t fair.” Lo’lo mutters, looking at you with narrowing eyes.

“Hmmm? Why is that?” You ask, putting the cards together again. “Is it cause you didn’t think I was this good at the game?”

“You’re too good at this game! You should have lost at least twice!” You rolled your eyes at him.

“Don’t be a drama queen now, Lo’lo. You can’t be good at everything now, can you.” With a growl, the fanalis stood up and picked his S/O up.

“Oh, I’ll show you what I’m good at.”

-Admin Lolo


Yoongi groaned from above you as you tried to wiggle out of his grip, “Don’t leave me…”

“Yoongi~” You whined, feeling your lungs slowly being crushed, “I can’t breath, just scoot over a bit?”

Murmuring under his breath, he tipped over and trapped you inside his arms. “Jagiya,” His raspy voice said in your ear, “never leave me.”

“I would never dream of it,” You pecked his cheek softly, “you’re all I’ll ever need and more.”

He hummed as he closed his eyes, bringing you closer to his chest. In the darkness and silence of the room you two shared, the sound of Yoongi’s low humming of your favorite song filled the boring space. “Perfect, beautiful, adorable…” He trailed off, “Does it hurt to be as perfect as you are?”

You giggled and looked at him in the eyes, the long tour for the latest album really wore him out; he wasn’t being himself for the time he’s been home. “Really? That’s the best you can come up with?”

“It’s the truth, not what I can come up with.” His droopy eyes looked back at you, the sides of his mouth tugging upwards into a smile, “(Y/N), you haven’t ate dinner yet.”

“I know, I know.” You roll your eyes, turning your back towards him now.

He chuckled, “Yah, you’re not getting away that easily.” His hands pulled you back by your hips, sending your bum against his groin in a spooning position. “I haven’t seen you in months and this is how you treat me, baby?” He asks in your ear, “Huh?” He bit your ear lightly, “Huh?” He tickled your abdomen.

“Yoongi-ah!” You kicked your feet, ruining your perfectly fixed bed. “S-Stop!” You yelled, feeling the tips of his fingers graze your stomach lightly.

He wrapped his arms around you, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You turned to face him, grabbing his face in your hands and kissing him upon his lips passionately. When you finally broke away you stared into each other’s eyes, “I’m gonna go make dinner, okay?”

He nodded and smiled his beautiful cave smile international fans came to know and love, but most importantly you. “Fine, only because you haven’t ate.” He poked your nose lightly, “I’m not hungry, I ate on the way here.”

You nodded and tossed your legs over the edge of the bed as you sat up. You raised your arms high, stretching and yawning until you yelped as you felt Yoongi wrap his arms around your body. “Yoongi~”

“Ugh,” He groaned, “fine.” There was a soft thud on the mattress when he had thrown himself backwards.

“I’ll be back soon, I’ll just make something simple.” You promised as him as you stood up and began walking to the kitchen. Your eyes wandered around the room: Yoongi had surprised you when he came home and had thrown his suitcase and bags on the ground when he ran in to engulf you in a suffocating hug. Smiling, you looked through his bags at the little knickknacks he had collected from several different countries but stuffed them back in as you saw a beautiful little statue of a classical Japanese woman. Switching to his suitcase, you noticed he washed all his clothes before coming back home. You slipped on one of his t-shirts you had seen him wear constantly in photos of him at the airport; plain and white. You couldn’t help but giggle when you felt the cold air hit your bare chest as you lifted your tank top off and put the shirt on. You continued to rummage through his belongings and settled on a hat he had worn with this shirt before. You closed the black suitcase back up and skipped happily over to the kitchen area finally.

You began to boil some water for instant noodles when you heard the shuffling sounds of feet on the floor behind you, “Jagi, who gave you permission to put my clothes on?”

“I took it upon myself.” You shrugged.

“At least turn around so I can get the full view.” He sassily commented. Once you turned on your heels he smiled widely, “That’s my girl.” He chuckled as he walked over to you.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” You asked as he peppered kisses on your neck.

“I missed you.” He said into the crook of your neck, “I love you too much to stay away from you, (Y/N).”

“I love you too, Yoongi.” You smiled as he wrapped his arms around you and swayed side to side.

exposingLAND theory time

Hi Landers! Introducing our theory series. Where we share some of the best 5H theories we see and recieve that are floating around the fandom and social sphere. Note, this is not an endorsement or verification of said theories and will note them as unconfirmed. It’s simply an opportunity for fan discussion and thought sharing. ☺️

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theory status: unconfirmed

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Can you do a scenario where sinbad, Kouen and lo'lo are sleeping and spooning their female s/o and starts having a wet dream and rubbing their hands and grinding against them which makes their female s/o super horny and wakes up, please?

Sinbad: You sit up with your body feeling hot and panting. In honesty you felt completely turned on, looking over at the king who slept soundly. It didn’t help the fact that he was naked, making your mind run is over drive. “S-I-N-B-A-D~” You whispered into his ear, realizing this was his fault for getting you turned on.  Sinbad woke up to a surprise with you sitting on his stomach, (E/c) eyes darkened with lust.

“(Y/n)?” Your lips brushed against his ear, going to nibble on his ear lobe.

“Won’t you do your job and pleasure me, my king?”

Kouen: It felt like he purposely did it. Making you feel all hot and turned on when you got up. There was a very pleased look on Kouen’s face. It wasn’t hard for you to wake him up with kissing and biting his neck and shoulders. You felt his arms wrapped around your waist and pull you hard against his chest, sending excitement through your veins.

“What do you think you’re doing, (Y/n)?” He asks, slipping a hand under your nightgown.

“Just returning that favor, my beloved prince.

Lo’lo: He was more then willing to wake up to his S/O lust filled eyes. As you traced shapes into his chest and a flirty grin rested on your lips. Arousal filled your vein, arousal that he had caused you. A grin immediately stretched across his lips, bring his hands to rest on your hips. 

“What’s wrong with you (Y/n)?” Lo’lo asks, enjoying this already, not bothered at all that he just woke up. Your shirt fell off your shoulder while sitting up.

“I feel so hot. Maybe you could cool me down.”   

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Scenario where for Muu, Lo'lo, and Masru (love my Fanalis) where one of their children runs up to them saying "Mommy is dead! Someone killed her!" When they get to the house, they just see their wife laying on the ground with tomato soup on her with one of their other children standing over her holding a wooden sword. Their wife had no idea about this cruel prank. Hope this makes sense!

By Admin Kadia

Muu: You couldn’t help but giggle while lying the floor with tomato spilt all over your body, this would be a pain to wash off your hair. Your daughter stood above your body with a wooden sword with a proud smile on her face, now pointing it at her younger brother. “I have now defeated this thing called mother. You are now my eternal servant!” She shouted right when the front door slammed open and a panicked Muu entered the room with your oldest child next to him.

“YOU KILLED MOTHER!” Your oldest yelled. Your husband seemed confused with all this happening, the expression of disbelief on his face.

“Is something wrong, love?” You asked sitting up and pulling your daughter onto your lap as she squealed in surprise, covering her in tomato soup.

“I honestly thought someone had hurt you.” The fanalis sighed, placing a hand above his heart.

“What, why?”

“I told daddy that you were dead and someone  had killed you.” Your oldest son said, acting innocent. Your face paled before apologizing to Muu, hopefully that never would happen.

Lo’lo: As soon as his son told him what happened, Lo’lo picked his child up and bolted home with the worst worries going on through his head. He couldn’t focus on anything but his S/o at this point and pretty much broke the door open.

“What?” He muttered when seeing you giggle as your covered with tomato sauce and your daughter, laughing in your arms as she waved a wooden sword around shouting no.

“You’re home early, Lo’lo.” You say, raising an eyebrow at him since he shouldn’t have been home for another hour or two.

“I guess sis didn’t kill mama after all.” Your son muttered before running over to his mother and joining on the mess train, not minding the tomato soup sticking on him.

“I swear these children will be the death of me.” Your husband growled as you explained to him what happened. You felt bad for his panic but it was kind of funny.

Masrur: The fanalis drop everything he was doing in an instant, picking up his daughter and running home with not stopping for anything. The door slammed open, breaking as it hit the wall which cause you and your son to jump in surprise. “Daddy’s home!” Your son shouted before hugging his father. Your daughter slipped out of his arm while giggling at her mother.

“Mama’s covered in blood!” She squealed, knowing fully it was tomato soup as she helped spill it on your body.

“Why did you go bug your father, I don’t even have dinner started.” You huffed, hoping to surprise him with big meal.

“I thought you died, so I told daddy that someone had killed you and that you were dead.” She said, face sparkling with happiness. You quickly reassured Masrur that everything was fine, hoping he didn’t have a heart attack.

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Judar Kouha and Lo'lo with a fem So who is also small and keeps being told she isn't sexy because she's small. How would they react or comfort their poor small boobed so I mean A36-B34 small

By Admin Kadia

Judar: Once finding out why you were so down lately, Judar starts laughing, finding this too funny. He never understood why people cared so much about their breast size, Judar says you look fine and to stop worrying. Everyone is just jealous that your together with him and they could never look as beautiful as you.

Kouha: He hums in response to his S/O worries, saying they look more than sexy. Kouha will trail his hand to their thighs and almost up to their underwear till they shutter out for him to stop. He’ll start laughing and give you a kiss.  

Lo’lo: In truth, Lo’lo had never noticed how small your boobs were and finds your smallness just too adorable. He asks you if you want him to fight someone since they couldn’t see just how beautiful and gorgeous you looked.

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Love me some muscle men can I request for Hinahoho, Lo'lo, and Muu (magi has so many buff men I'm literally watching anime heaven) where they catch their lover unashamedly staring at their muscles and their lover just keeps on staring

By Admin Kadia

Hinahoho: This is a complete boost to his confidence, flexing so his S/O has a better view. The loving sigh that leaves your mouth, causes him to chuckle before approaching his lover. “What are you doing?” He asks, knowing what was up. Your hand reaches out and gently caress his chest while looking at him with flirtatious eyes.

“You know. Just watching my hot lover in action.”

Lo’lo: He will milk it for all it’s worth, going to pick up his S/O. Showing off from there while a huge shit eating grin sits on his face. Lo’lo will tell you that there was another place where he could show you his muscles behind a door and wall, where someone could maybe walk in.

Muu: Raising an eyebrow, his eyes meet the ones of his lover. He couldn’t help but chuckle when you dreamily wave at him. Muu excuses himself from the conversation he was in and walked towards his lover. “You seem to be enjoying yourself.” He hums, taking your hand in his.

“Oh I’m more than enjoying myself. It would be better if we could remove the armor though.”

qt-kitsune  asked:

Mu Lo'lo and Masrur: Fem SO Jealousy ~ Oh shit there's another Fanalis making the moves on their girl yo. Not takin' no for an answer either they look like they wanna bite her to possess her. Go get 'em boys.

By Admin Kadia


  • Walking over, he gently places a hand on your shoulder asking if there was a problem. Muu will make it known that you belonged to him. Preferable, he would like to talk this whole thing through without getting into a fight.


  • His eyes narrow looking on the fanalis, Lo’lo was sure that the bite mark he left last night was still on your neck. With a small murderous stare, he’ll approach, wrapping his arms around your waist, asking if something was the matter.   


  • The growl sits in the back of his throat, eyes narrowing. On most occasion, Masrur would be slightly excited to meet another fanalis. But now, he wanted them gone and not touching or coming near what was his. He’ll pull you against his body, telling the fellow fanalis off and who you belong too.  

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May I request a cute scenario for Lo'lo where his tiny s/o challenges him to an arm wrestling match? His s/o ends up winning because they distracted him with a kiss and totally just slammed his hand down.

By Admin Kadia

Lo’lo: The fanalis almost started laughing as you demanded an arm wrestling match. Lo’lo wasn’t the one who would say no to his S/o and agreed. Even some of the others surround the two lovers, thinking Lo’lo was going to win hands down. “Don’t start crying after I beat you.” He smirks.

“Oh? I won’t be the one crying though.” You sassed as Muu says start. Quickly you arch up, pressing your lips to his. You could feel everyone’s surprise as Lo’lo wasn’t expecting this to happen. The next thing everyone knew was you slamming his hand down and pulling away from the kiss.

“And that is why I win.” You mutter, kissing his noses with a smile. The fanalis busted out laughing, you were a clever one indeed.

-Admin Lolo


Your best friend Min Yoongi has known you since first grade. The way you got aquatinted was when he had spilled water paint on your dress and apologized profusely. After that you just spoke casually—including playing house together: him being the father and you being the mother. He was your first kiss, actually giving you a kiss when a fake one was planned. Although you were young, you still considered it as your first kiss. From your first year on, you were partners in crime, never leaving each other’s side even for just a moment. Now you’re in your second year of high school, not a bit has changed.

“Yoongi-ah~” you called him, lifting up your project, “Does this look creative enough?”

“It looks good to me.” He nodded.

“Thank you.” You smiled, leaving it out for the glue to dry. “So, are you doing anything after school?” You asked Yoongi.

“No, why?” He blew on a wooden popsicle stick to back the glue he applied tacky.

“I was wondering if you could come over.” You felt a little sense of risk when you asked, it made your heart skip a beat; you always got nervous when you were alone with Yoongi.

“U-Uh,” he stuttered, “yeah, I can.”

“Good,” you smiled, “my parents are out of town and you’re the only person I can have over.”

“Oh, I thought you just wanted to hang out…”

“I do, but it’s by choice—not because I’m lonely; I enjoy your company.”

There was a light pink brushed upon his cheeks and soon enough you felt your cheeks burning lightly, “Thanks.” he laughed, “Movies, video games, and pizza?”

“Only if there’s junk food.”

“Of course.” He nodded, “It wouldn’t be a sleep over without it.”

“I’ll meet you at the school gates?” You asked, noticing only a few minutes of class left.

He set his project to the side for Monday and gathered his things, “I need to get some clothes before I head over there, I’ll pick up the food on my way there too; just head home.”

“Okay,” You pulled your backpack on and opened your arms, “Bye, Yoongi.”

He wrapped his arms around you tightly and you both stood there for about a minute just holding each other closely, “Bye, (Y/N).” He mumbled in your hair.

As you began walking out a girl you casually talked to came behind you, “You and Yoongi are finally an item?!” She squealed, “You guys are so cute together!”

Before you could clear things up she ran over to her group of friends to gossip. Although Yoongi was a sweetheart with you, he was the most popular kid in your grade; ever since sixth grade, actually. Everyone questioned him why he would ever hang out with someone like you, not understanding the fact you two had known each other practically your whole lives and there was nothing in the world that could break you two apart. He’d smile and change the subject, knowing they would tell him to ignore you. You were the quiet and reserved person, the one that no one paid attention to and barely knew unless they asked Yoongi who you were but quickly forgot afterwards. You walked to your next class thinking about what that girl could have been telling her friends and how fast it would spread that Yoongi was your boyfriend.


Before Yoongi had gotten to your house you showered and got comfortable on the couch. There was a knock at your door; it was Yoongi. When you opened the door he was smiling his beautiful cave smile he was know for as he held something behind his back, “(Y/N)~” he sang, “I got you something.”

“What is it Yoongi?”

“Well, have you seen social media lately?” He asked as you went back to the couch and he closed the door.


“Check then, it’d be a lot better if you knew about what happening before hand.”

Yoongi’s attitude was extremely ecstatic, he was never this happy and confident before; it was adorable and a bit sexy. You grabbed your phone and began to scroll through the social media source most popular in your school: everywhere there was posts about you and Yoongi going out and how ‘cute’ you two were. “Oh…” You felt you cheeks burning up.

“So, I gotta ask…” He started, “Do you like me? Because I sure like you—for years, (Y/N).” He confessed, he sounded as if it was a weight lifted from his chest. “I really do,” he laughed, “I never thought I’d build up enough confidence to tell you, but now since this rumor is going around…” he knelt down on one knee in front of you, “(Y/N), why don’t we make the rumor true?” He pulled out a bouquet of roses from behind his back and held them out to you. “Will you be my girlfriend?”

You felt the heat travel to your entire face rather than it just being focused on your cheeks now. “Y-Yes.”

“Really?” He stood up, “Thank you so much.” He held you tightly in an embrace, “It means the world to me that I finally get to be with you the way I’ve been thinking about you for so long.”

“I’ve liked you for a while too, Yoongi.”

He smiled and cupped your cheeks as he leaned in to give you a soft and sweet kiss upon your lips. It was like sugar, so sweet and so nice. He was now yours and you were now his: the most popular couple in school with a long history behind you two. Yoongi cuddled you the whole night and fell asleep spooning you as you watched a movie after you ate. There’s nothing like the warmth of the person you care for the most as you sleep; Yoongi was your cute teddy bear—a big, popular, and wise teddy bear that’s just perfect for you.

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Well no reason to hold back now. Is it alright to request for Muu, Lo'lo and Sinbad where the s/o is a mischievous magician and they like pull pranks like conjure a piece of ice and put it down their shirts and such?

By Admin Kadia


-Whenever there’s a grin on your face, Muu tries to stay away from his S/o as you were planning to do something mischievous. After awhile of being together with you, the fanalis learned about the different grins you had as the mischievous ones always appeared before you prank him somehow.


-His always excited to see what new tricks you have planned but Lo'lo just doesn’t allow himself to be your guinea pig. If he can tell you were up to something, he’ll try to caught you red handed or stop you somehow.


-On most occasions, Sinbad would be happy that you were having fun. But not when it involved pranking him, with Pisti even joining in. The king couldn’t even sit down to have some wine without his S/o pulling a prank, though it was funny when his S/o decided to prank Sharrkan for once.

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Can I've a hc where the S/O of Lo'lo, Aladdin and Koumei wake up in there child form ? •What would they do for there S/O ? •What is the think they find cute when they're little ? •What would be the think they found funny ? Thanks you Bye

By Admin Kadia


-He does anything you ask without question expect doing something that might hurt your child form. The way you can’t say words correctly, Lo’lo finds that to be the cutest thing ever.

-When you shout/scream about not being able to reach things since you were so small. Once his done laughing, he’ll get what you want.


-People can find him always carrying your child form around and getting you something sweet to eat as that might not be the best idea. Whenever you shyly ask for something, Aladdin will let out a small squeal. 

-When someone, who isn’t him, tries to hold your child form and you freeze up with large eyes. Aladdin knows he shouldn’t laugh but he does.


-He’ll spoil child you as your easier to deal with when happy, so if you ask, he’ll fetch. Whenever you get frustrated with something and you’re pouting, Koumei chucks at your cuteness. 

-He always finds it amusing when you try to escape the room to go exploring but can never get the door open.

-Admin Lolo


“Let me go!” You yelled at your ex. It was practically useless, the school was already empty except for some teachers.

“Give me a second chance and I’ll let you go.” He gave you an ultimatum, “(Y/N), give me a second chance.” He demanded in a stern voice, having a tighter grip on your wrist.

“Get off!” You screamed, frantically pulling.

“Not until you give me another chance.” He repeated, grabbing your other wrist.

“Stop, you’re hurting me!” You cried, falling on to the floor as he walked towards you. The pain was targeted on your back, the weight he applied on top of you to hold you down was no help. “Help!”

Just when you were about to lose hope, a door swung open from the hall around the corner and someone came running your way. “Get off of her!” The man yelled, charging over to you two and grabbing your ex boyfriend from the back of his shirt and throwing him off you. “You think it’s okay to force a girl like this?” He growled, “Pick on someone your own size—and as if she’d want you back, it’s no wonder why she left you.”

“Mr. Min—”

“Get the fuck out of my sight before I beat you senseless.” He pointed towards the doors, “Go.”

“I don’t think you wanna pick a fight with me.” He pushed the blonde teacher’s shoulders roughly, “Even if you do, guess who’ll be at fault? You; they’ll never believe a grown adult over a student.” Standing up closer in his face, he was challenging him with bumps to the chest with his own.

“Yeah? Well,” Mr. Min laughed, “no one has to find out, do they? Go home embarrassed and bruised, I’ll be here untouched; it’s not like you can do anything.”

This angered him, his face got harder, his fists clenched, “What’s a loser music like you got up his sleeve? You play piano for a living, teaching high schoolers shit they don’t need in life—music is a waste of time, just like you.” He almost let Mr. Min speak but laughed and looked towards you still on the floor watching everything, “Just like its her job to shut her mouth; she’s a woman, she had no say. (Y/N) was mine before so she’s mine now—I own her.”

Mr. Min punched your ex boyfriend in the face, sending him back into the lockers. Grabbing his shirt collar in his fists he brought him to his face, “A woman brought you into this world, women are life—respect them. (Y/N) sure as hell is not yours, nor will she ever be; she’s a beautiful girl who doesn’t need assholes like you in her life. Leave this school right now, don’t pass my class and don’t you ever walk in there ever again.” He growled an inch away from his face, “Do you understand?” Your ex gulped and nodded silently as Mr. Min pulled him closer until their noses were touching, “Leave!” He threw him against the lockers once more. He fell onto the floor but ran out of the building as he stumbled lightly. Mr. Min sighed, he hung his head low and looked at the ground. Once he had regained his posture, he smoothed out his dress shirt and slowly walked towards you. “(Y/N)?” He held his hand out to you to grab, you accepted it and he pulled you up. “We have a bit to discuss.”

“Yes sir.” You nodded, keeping your head pointing towards your feet.

“You’re not in trouble, (Y/N)-ah.”

He caught you off guard, he never favored students, he never called anyone in that manner. He was strict, only cracking a few jokes every month or so and barely speaking when he didn’t have to. His cold exterior seemed to shatter when he called you beautiful, he seemed almost as if he had failed at something. “I’m not?” You looked up at him, feeling so small and fragile as ever.

“No.” She shook his head as he opened held the door open for you to walk into the music classroom. You entered and crossed your arms, feeling quiet embarrassed after what had happened out there. Mr. Min closed the door behind him awkwardly and looked down, taking a deep breath to gain courage, “(Y/N), this is a very difficult thing to say; I’m not good with words. It doesn’t help that these things aren’t supposed to happen, it just helps that you’re of age. Nonetheless, no one can find out about this.” He looked through his long blonde hair, his dark eyes sparkled in the lighting but were filled with guilt.

He was an extremely handsome man, many thought so but thought he was weird for not speaking. There were rumors spread around that he had a traumatic experience that wouldn’t allow him to talk, some girls have said that he touched them inappropriately; that he was a child molester. In all honesty, those girls used these kinds of stories on every male teacher—telling everyone horror stories about how they couldn’t keep their hands off of them to build popularity and to make people feel sympathy towards them. You felt disgruntled, Mr. Min was a nice man and fell victim to another one of those sob fictional stories—and it stuck. For about a week or two straight there were notes on his desk and daring students calling him harsh names, it even got to the point where the principal had to take him out of class for a couple of days. The stories were endless altogether, every teacher fell victim; only Mr. Min Yoongi had it worse. “What is it?”

“Can you sit down for me?” He motioned to one of the desks behind you. You nodded and slid into the seat of the closet one. “I..” He started but closed his mouth and his eyes. His thin fingers brushed into his hair as he paced around a small area. “You’re a very nice girl,” he started, “the nicest person I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting in this school.” His hands were shaking, “I can’t find a way to say this.” He laughed in disbelief.

You watched as his hands were quickly stuffed into his pockets when he noticed you staring, “Just say it Mr. Min.”

“Okay,” He breathed, “I will.” He stood still, looking at you straight in the eyes, “I really like you, (Y/N). You’re beautiful; I’d protect anyone from that, but you’re special to me. You’re the only one who got close and wasn’t afraid of me after that whole fiasco. I really appreciate you as a student, and I’ve fallen in love with you.” He licked his lips quickly, “Please don’t think of me differently.”

You shook your head, “Of course not, I think you’re handsome and there’s no doubt in my mind you didn’t do all those things. Those girls make up rumors for credit, many other teachers have had that happen to them.”

“It’s so easily to believe people,” Mr. Min walked closer, “you knew I didn’t do it.” He smiled a beautiful cave smile you’d only seen a handful of times. “Everyone said it would just blow off, but I got it more than anyone else.”

“I know you did…” You motioned for him to come closer, to which he knelt down to you. You grabbed his cheek lightly and caressed it, “I’m happy it finally went away, that you could teach and live now. I’m happy you like me—”

“I believe love is the correct word.”

You smiled, “That you love me.”

“Why is that?” He hesitantly held the hand on his cheek.

“Because I really like you too, Mr. Min.”

“You do?” He was in awe, he held your hand but placed it on your thigh. “Would you like to go on a date? How does Saturday sound?”

“It sounds great.”

He looked at your eyes, immediately making the blood rush to your cheeks; the heat from your cheeks rose. “May I kiss you?”

You bit your lip and nodded, “Yes you may.”

Mr. Min cupped your cheek and brought you in slowly, you felt his lips brush against yours lightly. The heat from your breaths tickled each other, but the fixation you had in each other’s eyes was more apparent. Finally, the gap had been closed and your eyelids had closed: your lips gently pressed against each other in the most heavily way possible. When you pulled away after a few seconds, Mr. Min had looked at you once again, “Call me Yoongi—just Yoongi.”

“Call me (Y/N).” You mocked him.

“Already making fun of me?” He touched his chest lightly, “I’m hurt. Respect your elders, respect your oppa.”

“Yes sir.”

He smiled and laughed, “No more yes sirs, only in school. Just call me Yoongi, act like this is a normal date and relationship.” He informed you, “Okay, so now we just do what normal couples would do.”

“We aren’t normal?”

“We aren’t exactly the ideal relationship,” he grabbed your hand to stand up, “but I’ll love you and it regardless of the circumstances. As long as I have you I’ll be happy, (Y/N). I swear I won’t be anything like your ex; I’m mature, I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, I know how you should be treated.” He promised.

“I trust you will, Yoongi.”

“Mhm.” He hummed, kissing the top of your head and wrapping his arms around you. “I’m happy you’re mine now.” He looked down, “Show me your aegyo.” He pinched your cheek, “You’re so cute I’d love to see it.”

“Nope.” You shook your head.

“That’s okay,” he chuckled, “you have natural aegyo.” Yoongi held you tightly against his chest, “I can’t wait for our date, (Y/N)—I really like you.”

“I can’t wait either, I really like you too Yoongi.” You hugged him back.

-Admin Lolo

“I can’t believe it…” You slam your phone on your table, dropping your keys in the floor. This is the third time this week Namjoon is still not home when you arrived from work. You wondered where he was: with friends, with the boys, or with another girl. At this point, you’d thank the girl for taking Namjoon off your hands. He’d become so cold and loveless, never giving you even a hug or a peck on the cheek. Just as you were about to sink down into the dinning room chair, there was a knock at your door. You sigh, lugging yourself over to the front door of your small apartment.

“Anyounghaseyo!~” Jimin cheerfully greeted you with his eyes shut tight and smile huge.

“Hey,” You attempted to sound upbeat and happy but failed.

“Ah,” he frowned, taking his coat off, “what’s wrong, (Y/N)? You seem upset…”

“Nothing.” You shook your head, “Come on in, make yourself at home.” You held the door open.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s anything, cutie.” Jimin walked in, setting his coat on the first bit on coach he came in contact with and took his shoes off.

Your stomach tightened a little: Jimin was always kind, he gave you pet names and often bothered Namjoon with them when he was still interested in you. Of course, he was being kind and even Jungkook and Taehyung were in on the pet names and cuddling while Namjoon was there. “It really isn’t.” You shook your head, closing the door after him.

He seemed to be looking around, searching for something, “Hey, where’s Namjoon?”

“I don’t know.”

“Is that what it is?” Jimin frowned, “He’s left you again, hasn’t he? I thought he was with you, I called him earlier and he was at a place with loud music and I swore I heard your voice—”

“What was the voice saying?”

Jimin stood quiet, holding the sleeves of his shirt close to his mouth, “Can I watch a movie?” He ignored your question, sitting down slowly and grabbing your remote to switch the tv on.

“Jimin,” you called him, “what was the voice saying?” He licked his lips and swallowed, eyes glued to the tv as the late night Saturday infomercials played, “Jimin.” You said sternly, “Jimin, this is the last time I’m going to ask you.” You stood in front of the tv, “what did the voice say?”

He bit his bottom lip, patting the cushion next to him, “Listen, I know Namjoon is sometimes a difficult person to deal with. He’s really a nice person, though—”


“(Y/N), I really don’t want—”

“Jimin, just tell me already.”

“She was telling him to take her home already, home as in they were together and going to the same place. It sounded like she was pretty drunk, Namjoon wasn’t really sounding like that but she called him baby and all this stuff.” He finally said.

You licked your lips, beginning to bite your nails, attempting to prevent yourself from bursting into tears right there and then. “Are you sure she was talking to him?”

“Yes, she said his name.” He nodded.

“So he wasn’t with you guys?”

“No, we’re all home, I just figured I’d come to pay a visit.” He shrugged, “I guess it was the wrong time, right?” You shook your head, sitting next to Jimin quietly and not saying a word for at least fifteen minutes. You felt his arm slowly slip around your shoulders, bringing you closer to him, “Some things aren’t meant to be, (Y/N). Namjoon is an asshole, and for some reason he decided to ruin everything you two have. I will never understand these guys who just take girls for granted: you’re perfect, you’re everything any man in the right mind would want, and Namjoon throws it all away over some stupid whore and alcohol.” He vented, sitting back and bringing you with him. “Come here, baby.”

“Jimin, I don’t think you should call me those names.”

“Well, Namjoon isn’t here to do it and someone has to show you how loved and appreciated you are.” He brought your head to rest on his chest.

Jimin had stayed for some time, he had curled into a ball with you and a blanket draped over you. “(Y/N),” he spoke, watching the cartoon characters run around the screen, “I don’t think Namjoon is coming home.”

You opened your mouth, only nothing came out, “I-I figured that, it’s probably about one or two—get home.”

You were about to sit up but Jimin wrapped his arms around you, pulling you back down to him. “Oh no, you’re not getting rid of me,” he laughed lightly in your ear, causing you to feel a slight bit of happiness, “not that easy at least. I’m sleeping over, I’ll order some food,” he reached for his phone, “is pizza okay?” You nodded, watching Jimin dial the local pizzeria’s number as he has his left arm around you.

“I’m gonna go get some water,” you whispered, pointing to the kitchen, Jimin nodded as he began to tell the worker his order. While walking into the kitchen, you felt a sense of relief: being with Jimin made you feel better, him sleeping over was even better. You poured your water, watching the clear liquid fill the glass quickly. You stared at the glass for a minute, thinking about just how you were going to break things off with Namjoon. Chances are, he won’t handle it lightly and might even start a nasty argument that’ll spiral out of control. You lift the cup up to your lips, sipping the cold contents and holding onto the edge of the counter.

You were so caught up in your own thoughts you didn’t hear Jimin walk behind you, “Are you thinking about him?” He spoke in a rather sad voice.

“Yes.” You nodded, not turning around as you felt the tears touch your cheek.

“It’s okay,” he hugged you from behind. Something about the hug made you bawl, cupping your face in your hands and lean over the counter. “(Y/N), it’s not meant to be. He should be thinking about you and you only, he doesn’t deserve you if he’s out with other girls and cheating on you—it isn’t fair. You’re here trying to make it work and he goes out and ruins it all, it won’t ever work like this. You can try, but I doubt he’ll ever change, he’s too young to change.” You continue to cry, making sounds as you sobbed, “Come here, baby.” Jimin turned you around hugging you closely, almost squeezing the rest of your tears out. “It’s okay, just let it out.”

“I just,” you shook, “I can’t believe he’d actually do it, I was so upset that I didn’t care if he was cheating, I just didn’t want to face him. I’m so stupid,” you sniffled, “I thought I didn’t need him, I thought I didn’t care—I’m so stupid.” You ball up Jimin’s white shirt in your fists tightly and continue sobbing.

“Stop.” Jimin held your wrists, looking up at the beaming kitchen light on the ceiling, “Just fucking stop it.” His grip got tighter, “Don’t cry, he doesn’t deserve you to cry over him. You shouldn’t be crying or be calling yourself stupid—you’re not stupid and you don’t need him. Listen to me,” he grabbed your chin, “you’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, you’re the most perfect girl I’ve ever met; you don’t need Namjoon to be happy, he isn’t the only person who can or will care about you.”

Your chest raised up, only to fall back down in a quick pattern in an attempt calm yourself down. “Do you really think so, Jimin?”

“I know so, (Y/N). I’ll still care about you, the boys will still care—you have us.”

Your eyes wandered down to the cold kitchen tile, “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me, just go sit on the couch and watch tv with me.” He held your hand loosely, guiding you to the couch. “Have you ever watched this movie? I saw it was on and it’s one of my favorites.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“You should, let’s watch it together.” Jimin smiled sweetly to you, taking the position you had before.

Half an hour passed, the food had arrived and you ate and once again resumed the same position. Jimin played with your hair delicately, almost if he were to hurt you if he had pet it any other way besides with the tips of his fingers. “Do you think I’m lovable?” You randomly asked, feeling Jimin look at your face.

“Yes, extremely lovable.” His eyes relaxed as he looked at you watching tv, then looking up at him. The moment was silent, so silent even a mouse’s feet would be heard if one were to run across the wooden floor. The focus was you: Jimin stared into your eyes, almost as if you were a beautiful sight that a tourist would see and take pictures of. He seemed to be moving in slow motion when he very hesitantly weighed out the consequences of what he was about to do in his head; he leaned in, the hotness of his breath tickled your lips, and once he had fully closed his eyes he gently pressed his plump lips against yours, sending electrical body signals through you. It felt peaceful—sinful in all, but peaceful and reliving, almost like you were just waiting for him to do this. When he broke away from the kiss, he just slightly strayed away from you lips, now hovering over you and hungry for a little more than that sweet kiss. By this time, you were so upset at the fact Namjoon could do something like this every time he didn’t come home; you felt torn and scared if he walked in or ever found out, but your attraction to his best friend and the thought of him above some girl fueled the fire in your heart. Before you knew it, your lips had crashed onto Jimin’s opening your legs to allow him to get closer. He was stunned for a moment, feeling the weight of the stealthy attack you had just preformed, but soon after he gave into his temptation and kissed you passionately. It was wrong to say, but the attention and passion was more than you’ve ever experienced with Namjoon in months. Jimin’s lips connected to your neck, licking and sucking at the sensitive skin as he began to see a light red stain on your skin from the inside. “Should we really be doing this?” He heavily breathed, pressing his forehead against yours.

“You started it, aren’t you gonna finish?”

“If that’s what you want, babe.” He grinned, grinding against your clothed womanhood. “I’ll make you feel better than you could ever think possible,” he breathed in your ear, biting it right afterwards as he ripped your shirt off. “So these are what they look like?” He sat up, admiring your body, “I knew they’d be just as amazing as I imagined,” he dove in, suckling on your nipples roughly and grouping the other in his hand. He lightly flicked his tongue against your already hard nipples, then gently bit one and he pinched the other between his fingers. He looked up at you as he kissed the canvas of your breasts, trailing down to your stomach and never missing an inch unappreciated by his lips. Once he had reached the hem of your shorts he smiled, biting them downwards to get rid of them. Jimin was noticeably enjoying himself, going slow and making you ache for him more as the minutes went on. Once your bottoms were off, he breathed lowly on your wetness, watching you close your eyes tightly. “You’re beautiful from this angle, not much of a surprise.” He smirked cockily, “I bet you’d look just adorable screaming my name.” With that being said, he gave a strong lick upwards.

“Ah…” You lowly moan, feeling Jimin throw your legs on his shoulders, spreading them widely.

“You have to open up more than that, princess~” he teased, “I’m a man that eats a lot,” he raised his eyebrow as he forcefully spread you wider, “you don’t want to keep me hungry, now do you?” You shook your head, biting your thumb as you watched him, “I didn’t hear an answer.”

“No, I don’t want you to stay hungry.”

“Good,” he said satisfied, immediately gripping your thighs and gracing your wet folds with his strong tongue. He gave soft licks, building up with strength as he got closer to your soar nub. The licks became erratic, going each and every way; he made every letter in the alphabet on you, sending your back into an arch full of pleasure. “That’s right,” Jimin held your back from where it raised from the couch, “now tell me who’s making you feel so good.” He breathed, sucking on your nub and abusing it greatly.

“Jimin!” You scream, sitting up from the immense pleasure.

“Yes?” He smiled, finally getting his face up.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” You panted, looking at his face: lips, chin, and even nose glistening in your fluid.

“I thought you’d never ask.” He swept you in his arms. He took the short walk to your bedroom, kicking the door open and tossing you on the bed carelessly. “You’ve made a big mistake,” he placed a kiss on your lips, “I’m not gonna take it easy on you, I’m giving you exactly what you’ve made me wanna do to you for so long.” Jimin lifted his shirt, watching your eyes search over his body; he turned slightly, giving you the sight of his hardened member creating a tent in his sweat pants. He looked up at you through his dyed light brown locks, smiling cockily once again as he pulled his pants down slowly, making you want to rip them off of him. When the elastic band that once rested on his waist got down to his thighs his member sprang up, being released from its confinement.

“No boxers?”

“No,” he stepped out of his pants that pooled on the ground, “I didn’t feel like it today, I guess I made a good decision.”

“Just get over here, Park Jimin.” You pulled his wrist to make him fall on top of you.


“What?” You roll your eyes, irritated that he teased and now won’t deliver.

“Do you have a condom?”

“No, I don’t have any here—you don’t?”

“I wouldn’t be asking for one if I had one, pabo.” He kidded, gently pumping himself as he stared at your body.

“It’s not a big deal, just get over here.” You mauled him, exchanging deep kisses that lasted more than necessary. Your tongues collided, fighting for dominance bitterly, but Jimin held your wrists down as he won the fight. “Just fuck me already.”

“Will do,” Jimin grabbed his member, rubbing the tip along your folds and gently sliding just the tip in. “Are you gonna beg?” He looks at you chuckling, “No?” He took it as a challenge, “Well, I can wait any longer.” He shoved the rest of his length inside of you, taking a moment to enjoy the feeling of you from the inside. “Shit,” he breathed, “you’re really tight, you know that?” He struggled to raise himself up, grabbing you to get you to the edge of the bed to make it easier to thrust into you. He started off slow, making sure you felt every inch of him in all his glory, he stared at your eyes breathing heavily. A quick thrust that reached deeper than imagined is what sparked the quick paced sex, rough and wildly the thrusts were so fast Jimin’s sweat was dripping onto your body from the work out he was getting. Each time he hit your sweet spot, causing you to moan loudly to the point of screaming. “Say my name, baby.”

“J-Jimin! Oh, fuck, Jimin!” You cried, clawing at his back as you felt your stomach tighten. “I’m gonna—”

“So am I.” He breathed, going even faster than before with the motivation of finishing you both off. Jimin could no longer hold in his moans, he bent over to your ear and moaned deeply. The sound of his moans was just enough to make you moan in his ear as well, the mix of the moans filled the room as you drew closer to your orgasm.

“I'm—” you were cut off by your moaning, feeling yourself tighten and shutter around Jimin.

“Ah.” He breathed, pulling out and finishing on your chest. He breathed heavily, resting on your body for a second before standing up and laughing happily. “I’m so sweaty—that was great, babe.” He kissed the top of your head and rubbed your cheek with his thumb as he stared into your eyes. “You’re beautiful…”

You were both smiling uncontrollably, locked on to each other like nothing could break you apart—only something did: the sound of glass shattering and and a table being turned. You jumped, “What was that?”

“I don’t know, I’ll go check.” Jimin pulled up his pants quickly, “Stay here in case it may be a robber,” he slipped his shirt on, already walking to the door. You slowly got dressed, trying to hear what was going on. “(Y/N),” Jimin called lightly, “come here.”

You finished getting dressed and rushed out to see your coffee table and various pictures of you and Namjoon smashed and a new vase of roses smashed on the floor. You cover your mouth, eyes tearing up at the sight of everything you loved shattered. Upon examination, you saw water dripping from a giant splash stain on the wall; you walk over to the bouquet of roses and see a note attached to them:

‘To: My girl. From: Your fucked up boyfriend. Note: I’m sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t intend for this to happen, I didn’t know what I was doing until later on tonight—I didn’t know I was hurting you so much. I love you and I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you, baby… I’m sorry, please forgive me.’

-Admin Lolo

You could feel it: the intense gaze of the other students at their desks as you stand before them, presenting your project about a book you were assigned to read. Your teacher—Mr. Kim—was a wonderful man, filled with passion and interesting lesson plans. He assigned books to everyone in class, each one reflecting the person’s personalities and their scholastic abilities. Mr. Kim has already told you beforehand when you two first met that he found you interesting and different than the rest of the students in your class. His class was the last period of the day, and you never failed to stay after on Friday’s to help clean up another week’s mess. You two began speaking, not only about education but about your personal lives. Mr. Kim was unmarried, had no children, and was fairly young for a senior literature teacher. Amongst the spectrum of conversations you two have spoken, you’d gotten to the topic of books and which kinds each of you liked: you enjoy realistic, poetic, mystery, and anything symbolic, whereas Mr. Kim enjoyed more mystery and suspenseful stories to keep him on his toes. With the exchange of information, it wouldn’t be a surprise Mr. Kim had especially picked a book out for you—not on the boring list of mandatory books that seniors had to read, but one he hand selected himself from the town’s library. It was beautiful, symbolic, and mature. Mature so much so that your face burned a bright red as your voice quivered along side the blush, adding to your embarrassment. “The main idea of the book is that even when life takes unexpected turns, you can always find the good in it. The main character finds her future lover,” you gulped harshly, “as she was trapped in an unfortunate marriage, leading her to spend extra time at work to make ends meet. Her assistant,” you slightly stuttered, “he had an interest in her sexually, but she noticed that it isn’t the sex she craves—it’s the attention.” You heard the giggles of your classmates down the halls as you switched your weight from leg to leg repeatedly, “They turned the situation around from extra work to find each other, then realized it wasn’t what they thought it was, and they fell in love without even noticing.”

“That was a perfect description, (Y/N).” Mr. Kim smiled, “Just as I suspected from you—you grasped the understanding of the true meaning of the story.” He put his hand in a fist, walking in front of you to shelter your embarrassment. “Who’s next?”

“I’ll go, I guess.” A boy stood from his seat hesitantly.

“Thank you for volunteering, it makes the process go by quicker.” Mr. Kim thanked the boy, putting his hand on your shoulder and whispering, “Great job, I loved the book when I read it and I can tell you did as well.”

“Thank you.” You bowed.

“No need to thank me, your work thanks me enough.” He lightly laughed. “Okay! Let’s get this one started!”

“Mr. Kim?” You stood from your desk.

“Ah, I have some papers for you to help me sort out today. I thought we could play some music just to have an upbeat time, it is Friday.” He excitedly said, grabbing the stack of papers from his desk.

“I wanted to talk about the book you selected for me,” You smoothed out the pleats of your skirt, “it was different than everyone else’s.”

“Of course it was,” He smiled kindly, “it’s perfect for you. I knew you were the only student in all of my classes mature enough to read that book, and besides,” he set the papers down on your desk instead, “you’re my favorite.”

“Why am I your favorite?” You innocently asked, holding your hands behind your back.

Mr. Kim swallowed the gathering saliva in his mouth from his nervousness, “I just,” he coughed, rearranging his desk frantically, “you help me a lot, that’s all. I just thought that you getting what you like the most would be a good reward for helping me so much when you don’t even have to. You’re different than any student I’ve ever had, and that’s a good thing. Whenever I see you, my day just brightens up because I know you have a great attitude and always do your homework; you never cause any problems and I never have to discipline you, you always are prepared and never talk back or disrespect me in any way. You appreciate me being a lenient teacher so it’s only fair if I appreciate you for being a cooperative student, (Y/N).”

There it is, the oh-so-familiar sensation of the apparent red markings on your cheeks. “Thank you.” You bowed, but when you looked up Mr. Kim was staring down at you oddly.

“(Y/N),” he began, “may I confess something?” Caught off guard, you merely nod in agreement. “For quite some time now,” he sat in the desk next to yours, clearing his throat, “I haven’t been able to get my mind off of you.”

“W-What do you mean, Mr. Kim?” Your facial expression softened from the furrowed browed confusion.

“You’re a very beautiful young woman, an intelligent girl, a kind and selfless one at that as well. You’re a perfect student,” he looked down in shame, “and I can’t live with the fact that I even think about one of my students this way…” He cupped his hands over his face in despair, “You’re too sweet, too cute, too funny—too perfect, (Y/N). I’ve never met anyone quite like you, and I know after getting to know you that I can’t let you go. I’ve dated and met women my age, but none of them catch my interest nearly as much as you do. They all have a catch: smart but cocky, beautiful but stuck up, and a kind heart but have no idea what I talk about when I mention my work. You are all of that with only one consequence: you’re my student.” It seemed as if Mr. Kim was close to crying with the way his voice lightly cracked and his eyes began drooping.

“Mr. Kim…” You reluctantly take a step forward with your hand out to him, “there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m a young woman but you’re also not that old, not to mention I am an adult. Sure, you’re my teacher but it doesn’t mean you can’t see me like that, it’s only normal.”

He looked up, eyes red from the tears forming. “You think it’s okay? You’re not going to tell anyone of your friends or the principal?”

“Of course not, why would I?”

“Harassment.” He simply said, “Lots of teachers like their students and not in as nice of a way as I like you, they go on to tell authorities are they have them arrested and or fired.”

“I’d never do that to you,” You shook your head, “I may not know how it is for you, but I do know that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt me so there’s no point.”

“Thank you.” He ran his fingers through his hair gently, “I’m sorry, I just had to get it off my chest.”

“It’s okay, Mr. Kim.” You nod, “I may not feel the same way as you do, but I understand and I’m flattered.” You lightly blush.

Mr. Kim stood quiet, looked down at the floor with furrowed brows and finally looked up to you. “Then I’ll make it my best effort to make you feel the same, I can’t let you go.”

“Isn’t that against the rules?”

“Not if they don’t find out,” He stood up, placing his hand gently and hesitantly on your warm cheek, “Will you take the risk?”

You stared up at his chocolate eyes, feeling every bit of the word he meant in all sincerity, “Yes.”

A smile spread across his face, the brightest you’ve ever seen him smile before, “Thank you, thank you,” he laughed happily, “it really means so much.”

“I’m glad it does, Mr. Kim.”

“Please,” he lowered his wide smile into a kinder and smaller one, “call me Jin.”

You returned his smile, “I’m glad it does, Jin.”

A few months later.

“Omo!” You laughed at Jin’s face, “You look like a cute little boy, oppa.”

He laughed, kissing the top of your head lightly, “Ah, and you look like a little girl jagiya.”

You spread your arms out too their full expansion, “I want a hug.”

“Sure thing, my love.” He ruffled your hair, engulfing you in a hug. “You’re so beautiful,” he complemented you, “as beautiful as the first day I saw you.”

“Thank you~” You giggled, kissing his cheek. Ever since that day Jin confessed to you, it’s been flowers and dinners and even lunch together in his classroom. He never wanted to spend a waking moment away from you, and you still kept your relationship a secret in fear of what others would think and the fact it’s forbidden in school. Jin would be fired and you would be expelled or be forced to be a victim—no matter what you say, it’s still going to be Jin’s fault. “Oppa~” you lightly call him.


“Do you think we’ll get married?” You bluntly asked, “I am an adult and you’re looking for a wife, isn’t that how it should be?”

“We can’t, jagi.” He sighed.

“Well, why not? It’s not like it’s illegal. After I graduate we’ll be free to—”

“The school will still find out, people here will find out and rumors will be spread. It’s not that I don’t want to get married, it’s just that it would cause so many problems so soon.” He frowned, “Once you move in my house and we get everything settled and not mention I’m your teacher or you’re my student to our families,” he smiled, holding your hands loosely, “we can get married.”

“I can’t wait,” you stared into his eyes just as you had before, “it’s going to be so beautiful…”

“I can’t wait to see you in a wedding dress, pregnant, playing with our children…”

“I can’t wait to be together and not have to hide it,” you grab his face, pressing your lips upon his gently. Jin wrapped his arm around your waist, holding you tightly against his chest as he deepened the kiss with more passion.

There was a slight creak then a gasp. Jin quickly spun around, staring at the door in obvious fear: his face was paler, almost as if he’d seen a ghost, “(Student’s/Name)!” Jin yelled, covering his mouth to wipe your strawberry scented lip tint off of his mouth.

“I-I’m sorry!” She apologized.

“(S/N), please don’t tell anyone—”

“I’m not sure about that, Mr. Kim.” She said as she walked out slightly horrified and embarrassed.

Jin almost ran after her, but you had held his broad shoulder to prevent him from doing so. He massaged his temples roughly, turning around and holding you tightly. “What if she tells the principal?” He mumbles into your shirt, “I’ll be fired, you’d be judged and made fun of, and worst of all we can’t see or be with each other.” He rested his head upon your chest, “Do you think she will?”

“I don’t know…” You stare off to where she was just standing, brushing his hair softly as you felt the wetness on your arm and the quiet sniffles of your Jin.