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Off-screen Post #13

Friday, 1/15/16 12:10 PM

PATTY: Stan… I know you’re worried, but, do you really want to ask them?

STAN: I don’t really have a choice. Kyle was right… The fact that no one saw him anywhere is really weird. We have to find someone who saw something.
PATTY: Hm… well.. if you say so.

STAN: Hey uh, g–… …
STAN: … Wendyl, and you girls, have you uh, seen Kenny around at all?

RED: So what, now you’re not avoiding us? Just because that skank ran off like he always does? You’d think if one of you boys had any balls you could stop running away from things.
ANNIE: [giggles]
LOLA: Oooh.

STAN: This isn’t the time for petty shit, dude. Nobody’s seen Kenny for two days straight and nobody knows where–
RED: Uh, excuse me, “dude,” but have you considered the idea that Kenny finally got sick of you losers and bailed? I mean he might be a skank, but he’s better than the rest of your sorry excuse for a friend group.

PATTY: Ahh, babe? Maybe we should ask someone else.
STAN: Red, you at had at least a week of Kenny putting up with you and you still have no idea what he’s actually like.

NICHOLE: Oh my god.
WENDY: Is he fucking serious?
RED: Hah! Who’s being petty now bitch? It was a month, and you’re one to talk, Mr. I can’t even bother to keep track of what little friends I have! Why don’t you run back to fat psycho, anger management nerd and roided cream puff and see if they did a better job giving a fuck about Kenny than you did?
ANNIE:  My god, Red, yaas!

STAN: Cut the crap, Red! You wouldn’t be such a bitch if you didn’t have your cheerleaders kissing your ass all day.
RED: Oh. Somebody’s projecting. Be honest, you only have balls because Patty’s here. And by the way, did you have to be so obvious about replacing Wendy? Kinda creepy, don’t you think?
STAN: Fuck off! Patty is absolutely nothing like Wendy!

WENDYL: Is that supposed to mean something, Stan?!
STAN: Ugh– I mean–..!
RED: Nice job, Stan. I don’t even have to say anything to make you look like an idiot.

RED: Hey, keep it up! At this rate you’re gonna make Patty come to her senses too, creep!
PATTY: Don’t listen to her, Stan. Let’s just ask someone else.
STAN: God, I hate them so much. They’re such a fucking pain.
PATTY: Maybe you should take a break from this, Stan. You’re stressing out too much.
STAN: No… no, I still have to keep asking. We can find someone who knows something.
PATTY: Just relax, okay?

[ Just as a side note, writing Red really is a joy for me. I love her design and she’s so god damn sassy it’s great. ♥ ]