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“My heart isn’t much of a target, but Cupid still managed to hit it when I first laid eyes on you.”

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I've noticed something, Lucifer's gauges were glowing purple instead of their normal color red/orange. why?

I’ve probably been asked this question 50 times since the update lol I was going to just let people infer but it might come up again before SaM ends so I’ll address it now.

His horns shift from yellow and red depending on his mood; yellows are happier emotions, reds are more negative emotions. Red wasn’t sufficient enough to gauge how negative he was feeling so for the first time since he’s had horns it bled to a purple. Purple is despair.

bts as types of furniture

yoongi: a chair. solid and dependable. just like yoongi. can be used for throwing at people. 10/10.

hobi: windows. lets in fresh air and sunlight. which is good. unless you’re a vampire. then it’s not good.

namjoon: a coat rack. tall and skinny. when knocked over, scares the family cat and breaks things. well-dressed.

jin: a mattress. because you all keep sleeping on him and ignoring his amazing talent and hard work and making excuses for why he has so few lines by saying that he’s not as strong of a vocalist or that his voice isn’t well-suited for bts’s music style when he has proven time and time again that he is a talented and versatile singer and performer who somehow manages to shine brightly despite his lacking opportunities and how little attention the fandom gives him. seriously, appreciate jin, you guys.

jimin: a throw pillow. small, compact, firm. can be thrown at people. being hit hurts more than expected.

taehyung: a couch. comfortable and homey. can expand into a bed if there is company. is often found with throw pillows on it.

jungkook: a desk. strong and solid. versatile. used in many different ways (ex: napping, studying, eating, drawing, napping). a desk you can trust.

Mafia!Got7 when they think your dead but your just going shopping/ hyung line

Got7 as Mafia members when they can’t find you and think your dead, but your actually just going shopping.


You knew you had forgotten something, but since you really couldn’t remember what, It couldn’t have been something important. Right? Wrong.Turns out you didn’t leave a message for Jaebum telling him you were buying some clothes. Even though you knew he always freaked out when he didn’t know where you were.

You just got yourself a knew dress and left the first store, when suddenly you saw a crowd of people watching the entrance of the mall. You were curious, so you made your way through the people. As soon as you saw what they were watching, you facepalmed yourself. Jaebum was basically waltzing trough the front door with some of his people, not looking very happy.

“Next time you go shopping. at least take a knife with you…”


“What? That’s normal, isn’t it?”

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As soon as he woke up and couldn’t find you anywhere, he would freak out. Did something happen to you? Did someone kidnap you? What, if you’d left him?! He should have watched over you better, he promised it after all.

When you suddenly came into his room, carrying some shopping bags, he would look at you with his eyes wide open, wondering if he should get angry or laugh at himself.

“So, you were shopping? Nice. That was the last time for you tho.”

“But Mark, I need clothes…”

“Who said that?”

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At first, he would just wonder where you were and why you didn’t tell him. He really wanted you to feel free, but he also knew it was dangerous for you out there since he was pretty known amongst his enemies. But you didn’t answer his call and he couldn’t find a message of you anywhere, so he decided to call his people in, panicking a little bit.

“Ok guys, so my lovely (Y/N) is nowhere to be found and I want to know where she is. So get the f*ck over here and search for her or I’ll blow up the Cafeteria.”

(Tries to act calm but is about to burn the house down)

When the guys finally found you at the shopping mall and bring you back, he looks at you with a small, relieved smile. However, his eyes are telling you that you better come up with a good excuse.. or make it up to him.

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“Oh my god, where is she? They kidnapped her for sure. What if they killed her? What if she’s dead?”

He would be going on the other boys nerves the whole day, being sure you were abducted. After all, you wouldn’t run away, would you? He would debate about wether he should waltz into the hiding place of his enemies or if he should save you with a ruse, when suddenly you just walked into the house, completely unaware of what was happening. The other guys would quickly get out of the room, probably laughing at him. However,basically for the first time in his life, Jackson wasn’t amused at all.

“Well, hello. I was just about to blow the world up because of you. But please, make yourself comfortable and don’t mind me… ”

(Doesn’t let you leave the house for the next month at all)

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Should I do this for the maknae line too?

Thanks for reading, I hope you guys liked it~~

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EXO practicing for comeback... probably
  • Kai: Did you see that? That's the reason i'm the best dancer
  • Lay: Pfff yea i'm sure pretty boy
  • Kai: U wanna go?
  • Lay: ??? I already won and they all agree with me, right?
  • Sehun// panting in the bg: Did i do it right? ugh... my footing was off :( i'll work harder i promise

Sherlock: So did it hurt?

Molly: Let me guess when I fell from heaven.

Sherlock: No.

Molly: ?

Sherlock: When you fell for me.

Molly:…Oh my god Sherlock.