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Popsicles - Rapper Line

This was a request a long time ago and I probably took it out of context but hey at least I still did it right? word count = 2.5k

attempted comedy(?), slight innuendo, hinted reverse harem, college!au

In your defense, it was summer. A scorching one which only is worst because the dorm house’s electricity bill last month exceeds limit and the daily use of air conditioner since the start of the hot season takes up a lot in that bill. The owner decides that it will be good to conserve energy by only allowing very, very limited use of air conditioner everyday. 

So who can blame you when you’re lying down outside of the house, trying to get some cool air and shade. It’s too hot inside the house like a sauna(which is an exaggeration of course) and you’d rather chill outside with your tiny toy fan than be stuck inside with the other dorm-mates that are sweating and more annoying than usual. 

 The door opens hastily which catches you by surprise. You’re right by the door, lying down on the small wooden platform, foot touching the wooden door.  

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Drabble - Suga

Yoongi comes home and finds his little sister grew closer to their older brother

Someone requested this and I find that a short drabble is more suitable to the prompt; I’m sorry ;; platonic nonau

Yoongi swears he’s going to ignore his older brother and his younger sister the whole weekend. It’s revenge for the little girl who didn’t give him a warm welcome he was expecting and didn’t shower him with attention she used to give him, but instead turning all the wanted attention to the other brother. It’s totally reasonable, not childish at all, to act like he doesn’t miss her after a long time of not seeing each other, when in fact he does. 

He’s not jealous at all and doesn’t reminisce the time when his sister is clinging to him and not the “other brother”. He feels betrayed that the said little sister has turned to his brother while he was gone. Really not his fault though; Free time isn’t exactly an option when you’re an idol. Because she’s ignoring him, he won’t give her the present he bought for her. Nope. He’s not getting any love from Yoongi. But then, she’s sneaking inside Yoongi’s room that night and slipping under the blankets behind him. Her skinny arms slides around his waist and her face presses on his back. 

 "Yoongi, I missed you,“ she mumbles sleepily. 

 Yoongi’s resolve crumbles and he’s turning around to hug the little ball of fluff closer. Maybe he’ll give her the present after all.


Yoongi with a little sister tho

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anonymous asked:

How would They ask you out?

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey there!


“You’ll be my Peach and I’ll be your Mario.”

*Pick up line because I don’t know how he’d ask you out*

He’d just straight up ask you out, after a lot of thinking, that is.

~Admin Q

(ft. Suga: “I like you.”)


*Embarassing flirty mode trying to look cool but looks very awkward*

(ft. Jhope making kissy faces)

Rap Monster:

“I may be the God of Destruction but I promise I won’t break your heart if you give me one chance.”

*Pick up line because I don’t know how he would ask you out.*


“Be mine and we’ll both be jamless together.”

~Admin Q

(ft. Jimin waiting for a response)


“Stop playing hard to get before I kick you in the butt.”

~Admin Q

*Pick up line because I don’t know how he would ask you out.*


“Girl do you wanna go out with me?”



-admin j

anonymous asked:

I have a question for you about your last post with the text conversation between two of the admins. Were you using LINE? If so, is it good to use? I've wanted to use it in the past, but have been worried about the quality. Thanks!

Hello there~

I actually don’t use LINE. The chat that you saw was from Kakao Talk. I’ve used LINE once? I deleted it about a week after installing it. To me, I find Kakao a lot easier to use and I love the emojis more. Also love the fact that I can change the backgrounds of the chats too :) It also gives me updates on EXO and such.

LINE isn’t bad, in fact, more people use LINE than Kakao anyways. It’s really nice, and it has a ton more options than Kakao. Such as a translator in the keyboard. They have cute stickers as well :) The other admins uses LINE and they say it’s pretty good.

So either choice, Kakao or LINE, you won’t be disappointed really :)

- Admin KP

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anonymous asked:

I had a question actually! When's the admin dead line? Because I was going to apply but I didn't know if I would have time to do it >.< and do you right all of the scenarios or just one from each section? And do we send them to you via fan mail or how do we submit it?

the deadline is september 30th, so you should have some time! you need to write one of the four choices from both, so for example, number 2 from the team, number 3 from the single character. more info here, beyond the read more.