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You wake on the cold ground of what appears to be a dungeon. Disoriented, you look around, barely finding your eye’s way through the dark. As soon as your gaze acquaints itself with the shadows now surrounding you, that’s when you see him; standing there stock still and staring right at you.

In melodic sing song you hear a sickeningly sweet voice echo from somewhere above you,

“Have fun now. And try not to make a mess. I want you to save a bit of our pet for later.”

Admin Message

It looks like Tumblr is being a butt and not publishing things on the queue right now (hasn’t published a single post left of the spam since around 5pm) so Admin J will reupload everything to her personal Tumblr and reblog them here. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, and fair warning, I’ll be posting about three posts back to back. So……. extra vamp sexiness for all of us right in a row! WHOOT WHOOT.

-Admin J

/edit, perhaps it might be from one of the other admins personal Tumblrs instead…

OR I might just do what I can to post the remaining posts (text, otherwise)