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what got7 stories would you recommend? (on tumblr) maybe some that have a story? also i'm in love with Oracle! keep up the good work! 😊

Thank you so much! I am loving writing Oracle so I’m happy you love it as well!

As far as stories go:

@parkjinyoungology @kpopfanfictrash are two of my mutuals who’s fics I read religiously. They have lots of great Got7 stories. Right now Shanna has one called The 7th Prince that’s fantastic. Also see: Not That Biased, Bossy As Usual, and Control. And Sara is writing Hidden which is definitely of my favorite’s. Also see: Confession Room, Son of the Park’s. (They have more  great work than just those, they are just ones I happen to really love).

CL will always be one of the writers I admire most. You can find her work at @smutfictionaddicted and @writings-by-cl

@yg-got7scenarios Infinity

@yves-saintlaurtuan Fools, Gilded Butterfly

@imsarabum Who Are You?

@honghearts Roomate Troubles

Also, the admins on my side blog all write really great things on their main blogs that I enjoy so much. @jisawang @the-goddesswrites @kisipie @coconutheadjawbum

@yeol-stole-my-soul currently writes mainly for EXO but is working on a Got7 fic so watch out for that!

All these pages have awesome fics so check them out!

Also, here’s a link to a post where I give some other recs

Sorry if I forgot anyone, but there are lots of really great stories out there and I hope this helped get you started!

as of today, there’s little under three weeks until the commencement of natsumeweek and season five!!

anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to the event! all you have to do is post your creation on the day and add #natsumeweek in the tags or @natsumeweek anywhere in the post caption and it will be reblogged here (late submissions are fine too, of course)! and as this isn’t a 60min draw event, you can absolutely prepare early for each prompt. 

here’s a list of things you could make if you’re struggling with ideas:

  • a drawing
  • a manga/anime edit
  • a gifset
  • a video
  • a song
  • a collage
  • a sculpture
  • a short drabble
  • a visual novel or game
  • pinpricks on a leaf
  • interpretive dance

the possibilities are endless

Don’t be afraid that your contribution won’t meet peoples standards, or that you won’t live up to the works others create, because we can tell you right now that any amount of love this fandom gets is adored and appreciated! Let’s work together, include everyone, and make Natsume week a good one.

and on another note—we won’t be accepting stolen art or plagiarism, nor anything with slurs or -phobic content of any kind. this is also a sfw event, so please refrain from creating nsfw content. thank you for your understanding!

if you have any further questions, consult the admins or about page. we’re all incredibly excited and cannot wait for everyone to participate!

New Admin

Hello there! My name is Admin Blueberry! (Don’t ask I love Blueberries.) Anyways, due to the the Supreme Admin’s busyness, she has appointed me to running the blog in the mean time. I will be taking requests and writing the imagines from the blog that you want considering I have the entire summer free. While I also need to work on my writing skills because writer’s block is a bitch. You will also be able to submit one-shots for imagines like before. It’s empty right now so feel free to submit imagines and one-shots.

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hello! i just knew i had Lithuanian descendants and i love to learn languages, do you know where i can learn it? I really like that language omg

You’re in luck– I’m (Admin An) actually trying to learn Lithuanian as well! Here are the links I’ve been using, and if anyone has anything to add, please do! Also, if anyone finds anything on this list inaccurate, then please do tell me.

First, I recommend you get a dictionary. Right now, I’m using this one, which isn’t very extensive, but it works for my purposes.


  • Omniglot: good for just a general introduction, things like alphabet and a little pronunciation. This page also has a bunch of other links as well, some of which may also be included in this post
  • Oneness City: I wouldn’t rely on this too much since it’s incomplete and very disjointed if that makes sense? But it’s pretty good for vocabulary and grammar, if you prefer to learn them separately (although I wouldn’t recommend it.).
  • SLIC: Very good for conversational Lithuanian! The lady and man who pronounces the words sound a little robotic, but it’s good for common/useful phrases and such. Depending on your browser/internet connection, the lessons might take a bit to load.
  • Baltic Online: Not so much for learning, but if you’re interested in the history of Baltic languages, this might be interesting for you.
  • ikindalikelanguages: The first of a two part language course. I used this site a lot during school when I had nothing else to do, since it’s only typing and no speaking.
  • Debesėlis: Good for learning grammar and as a grammar reference. I haven’t been able to look through everything, but there might be vocabulary and other things as well? But yes, there is a lot of stuff on here ^^
  • Cooljugator: For all your Lithuanian verb conjugation needs :)


  • Pimsleur: If you learn best through repetition, this might be good for you. However, it is very repetitive and a little boring if that’s not your learning style. This is the only resource on this list (other than the dictionary) that costs money.
  • Say Labas Show: For general information about Lithuania. There’s language stuff on here too! It’s not too well known, so I’m not quite sure how reliable the information is, but worth a check out! Its obscurity might be due to the fact that Lithuanian itself is rather obscure to English speakers so…
  • LITHUANIAN OUT LOUD: This podcast is also available on iTunes.

I also recommend you find Lithuanian media to watch or listen to. Here’s a very short list of the ones I use most often, although if you search around, there are definitely plenty more!

Other Media (TV/Radio/Others)

  • LRT: This is a TV/Radio company, and the link is to their YouTube channel. Their videos are in Lithuanian and helpful for listening. 
  • Žinių radijas: A Lithuanian news radio station. I don’t know anything about its leanings/partisanship, or even if it’s accurate at all, but what matters is that it’s in Lithuanian.
  • Lithuanian translation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s The Little Prince

This is most definitely not everything, and I’m sure that I’ve missed some things. If I find anything more, then I will add it to this post!

And that concludes acceptances for the day! You might have noticed we never actually closed the submit since some of us ( Admin Lux ) have terrible memories and didn’t want to risk forgetting to reopen it, so the submit is now once again open in spirit. All of the pages are updated since that’s what got done last night when some of us couldn’t sleep, and we’re working on getting those three character graphics updated right now. The three of us are also talking about setting an opening date and time, so if you’ve been accepted, please reply to this post with some feedback; let us know if opening tonight, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, or Friday would be best for you! We’ll see a third acceptance date when we get a new application to review. Thank you everyone!

Member: Hoshi/Soonyoung

Genre: Fluff/AU

Word Count: 680 words

~Admin Hari

Being a Hufflepuff and Professor Longbottom’s favourite student, you had some responsibilities in Herbology class. Currently, you have a free period but Professor had given you to task of taking care of some herbs. He always trusted you to also be a help to the struggling students, which you happily did because you adored herbology. Right now, there was a variety of students doing some make up work due to their low grades.

When they enter, your heart lifts as you recognize Hoshi. You smile and wave to him; he makes a face in return. Hoshi was a slytherin in the same year as you and he wanted nothing to do with you. You’ve had several classes together and you have been trying to get on his good side. In all of the time you’ve known him, Hoshi hasn’t really smiled. But it’s your mission.

Hoshi is in the process of slicing up some plants that will be used in medicines and potions down the road. You sigh as he is making the chunks far too thick for the intention. Without a second thought, you head over to his desk and reach your arm over his shoulder.

“Y/N! What are you doing?” Hoshi complains, trying to push your arm away.

“Unless you want to cause some serious damage to whoever uses this, let me help.” You laugh, putting your hand over his. He resists at first but he relaxes and lets you direct him.

Hoshi has always been opposed to making a lot of friends; he likes a small group and likes them to be not that loud. You were the most bubbly and positive person he knows and at first he hated being around you. But the longer you were nice to him, the more he grew the like you. You were loyal and persistent and unjudgemental. Now it was hard for him to pretend he didn’t like you.

As you guide his hands to the proper cuts, Hoshi isn’t paying attention to anything except for the feeling of your hand on his. Eventually, you finish cutting the root he was working on and you let go of him. He quietly thanks you and continues to work on his plant. The other people in the green house slowly begin to thin out until you and Hoshi are the last ones inside.

“Hoshi, do you want me to help you?” You ask, taking a seat on the bench beside Hoshi.

“Oh, sure.”

“Hoshi, you have been cutting thin air for a minute now.” You giggle, pointing to his phantom cutting. “And they’re too big again. Here.”

You once again settle over his hand and guide his cuts with the knife. The more precise pieces are finished and you move to pull your hand away. But Hoshi suddenly catches it and holds your hand there. He turns around to face you as he locks his fingers with yours.

“Hoshi?” You are slightly confused at his change in attitude.

“Y/N… can I talk to you about something?” He whispers.

“What? Are you okay?”

“No, because I think I like you too much.”

He stands and pulls you into his chest. You are even more confused about the hug. But your mind clears as soon as he is holding you close and you can feel your face go red. You push Hoshi away with your free hand and he tries to read your face. While you still have your courage, you lean up and kiss him.

The kiss is quick and you move away from his face but Hoshi suddenly moves in again. Your lips meet again but this time Hoshi’s kiss was deeper. As the kiss grows longer, he picks you up and places you on a clear table. You run your fingers through his hair. Eventually, you break the make out session, breathless.

“Well,” you huff. “That was a thing.”

“Yeah.” Hoshi’s face breaks out into a huge smile. “You have no idea how long I waited to do that.”

“Well, I can guarantee you that you’ll be doing that again.”

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Trick or treat with the cute Oikawa-kun, please~~?

OMG You guys, we have a special treat for you!! Admin Panini from @sportsanimehell-scenarios wrote a little guest piece for us!!! Go check out her work (her Captains Soulmate AU and Asahi stories are my lifeblood right now) and also Admin Mari on their blog, and please enjoy something different!
~Admin Emma


For the past thirty days, you fall asleep a little less soundly. There’s a list of names in your head that you check off. A list of people that would be proud of your progress. The true optimists—more like the truly ignorant—would say that eventually the event would become nothing more than a distant memory, that you would be able to live your life peacefully again. For some, it appeared that you were already at that point. You had decent grades, a decent apartment, and a loving boyfriend. By society’s standards, you were quite well off for someone who had survived such an ordeal.

Every time you close your eyes, you see the flickering lights, the strewn clothes, the dangling masks. You see blood splattered across white clouds, seatbelt webbing tied in frantic knots, and the same four images flickering on the overhead screens. You turn onto your side, hugging the covers closer to your chest. Shutting your eyes does nothing to cover the screams, the gunshots, the crying. Covering your ears does nothing to blind you from the the booming footsteps, the soft hum of the turbines, and the flight attendant’s running makeup as she tries to shield you from the massacre.

You exhale a sigh through your nose and decide that your dismal efforts are futile. There is no way you’re getting any sleep tonight. The soft moan of your name sends a chill down your spine. Turning over onto your side, you watch as your pretty boyfriend slumbers like a prince waiting for a kiss. Appealing to the innocent girlhood you were suddenly robbed of, you lean over and press your lips against his. If he wasn’t drained from hours of practice, he would have woken up but Oikawa is out like a light.

You quietly pad into the kitchen, your hand firmly gripping your phone like a lifeline. You strafe every corner and flick the light switch as soon as humanly possible. It takes your brain a few extra seconds to tell you that you truly are alone. Truly. You let go of a breath that you didn’t know you were holding and open a cupboard to fetch yourself the ingredients for a cup of hot chocolate.

As the chocolate bar and milk melt in the microwave, you make a mental note to thank Oikawa for his lavish tastes. If there’s one memory you cling to desperately, it’s the night he told you he loved you. You remember the way he held your hands, his thumbs rubbing soft circles over the tops. Your heart softens and swells when you picture his laugh after you point out he has a hot chocolate moustache. The beeping of the microwave snaps you out of your lovesick daze. You give your hot chocolate a stir before adding your secret ingredient: two generous shots of bourbon.

Just as you’re about to screw the top back on the bottle of Jack Daniel’s, you pause and hold it up to your lips. You take a large swig straight from the bottle, as if it’s a magic elixir that will help you forget. You face scrunches up from the bitter and the burn but you swallow and let the fire run through your throat.


Oikawa’s soft voice rings out like a morning bell against the silence. There’s a clang when the bottle hits the tiled counter. He’s at your side immediately when you gasp a little too sharply, when your shoulders tense a little too hard. You’re in his arms before the first tear even falls.

“Shh,” he cooes softly into your ear. “You’re safe now. You’re here and you’re safe.”

You’re breathing too quickly for his liking so he loosens up, but only by a little. He knows how much you like being held, how much you like holding on to him. Before he knew you, he always saw someone that everyone avoided, that everyone was afraid of. But he knew they had nothing to fear while you had everything to fear. All it took was a few deep breaths to psych himself up and he was walking over to the lone table in the corner of the university café, introducing himself with a smile. Iwaizumi had prematurely called it pity and that was the first and only time Oikawa had ever hit his best friend.

“I hate this,” you sob into his chest. “Why can I just…be normal?”

“You don’t have to be normal. You just have to be you,” he smiles, softly stroking your hair.

“What? And you’ll still love me?” you pulled away, wiping away your tears with your sleeve.

“Of course I’ll still love you. No matter what,” his expression softens as he brushes the hair out of your face. “Now, I’m just going to take this away from you…”

He swipes the bottle of Jack from your hands and you frown. “I’m not turning into an alcoholic if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“Oh, I’m not worried about that. I just want some for myself,” he winks, grabbing another mug from the cupboard. “Naughty, naughty ___-chan. Having a party without me.”

The sound of your laughter sets his heart at ease as he quickly whips up another cup of hot chocolate. Oikawa brings the two mugs to the couch where the two of you sit, knee to knee under layers of fleece throws.

“Don’t you have practice tomorrow too?” you asked, giving your drink a stir before taking a heavy sip. “You don’t have to stay up with me.”

“But I want to. Tell me about your day. And then I’ll tell you about mine?” he smiles, his hand inching closer to yours so he can take your hand. “Didn’t you have class with that one girl? Did she say anything annoying this time?”


He knows you’ll never be able to truly forget that one Halloween, that one vacation, that one flight. But if he can see your eyes light up and your lips form that gorgeous smile, if he can help take your mind off what happened ten years ago, then he’d gladly sacrifice sleep just to stay up with you a little while longer.


Exo { Sehun } angst series Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

Your best friend tells you that Sehun is cheating on you

Sorry for the long wait! I just got back from vacation, so I’ll be able to post more on here now. I’ll also start working on the requests in our inbox tomorrow (because I’m exhausted right now) •

Admin Incy

News Flash

Summary: You had liked Namjoon for as long as you could remember. When you work up enough courage to let him know how you feel, you definitely don’t expect the reaction you received from him.

Member: Namjoon x Reader

Type: Angst/ Fluff

Length: 1676 words

Recently I have taken an extreme liking to writing for Namjoon. I don’t know, there’s something so raw about writing for him, in my opinion. I also like writing for Jin too as of right now, but that’s just me. Anyways I hope you enjoy some high school Joonie.

-Admin Gray

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Bobbing your head to your music, you smile at the day ahead of you. All week, you had contemplating and weighing your options about your plans for today. You had sorted the pros and the cons, and eventually you had settled with going along with your desires. Today was Friday, the day you were to confess your feelings to your high school crush Kim Namjoon.

Kim Namjoon, you sighed to yourself in giddiness at the thought of him. You remember the first time you had ever come into contact with the brainy and beautiful boy; it was your freshman year and you had been cramming for midterms in the library. Stress had overtaken you and driven you to the brink of giving up, but someone had completely calmed you down. Someone’s presence had cause you to look up with annoyance, only to be surprised at the familiar face. He was a tall boy that was in a few of your classes. He was always quiet, but people naturally gravitated to his side. Not only was he super smart, but he was drop dead gorgeous. Even then in your young, freshman mind. His hair was unruly and a messy black style then. There he stood, staring blankly down at your notes on the table.

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Anonymous asked: I'M a hufflepuff too, and i love the representation of the house, personally its exactly how i would act, but i suppose there are all sorts of hufflepuffs, just like there are all sorts of people in the other houses, but i think you're doing a great job, hufflepuff admin :) also can you do all of the houses trying to start a super big homework assignment thats due tomorrow? (i may or may not be doing just that right now and could use some motivation)


Well thank you dear Anon~

As for motivating:





I just created what I think could be our home base starting today if the majority agrees with it. It’s pretty basic so as we go along I’m sure we can build on “our brand” and maybe make a custom theme and what not. It’s all a process.

I also made a Gmail so people can reach us if they wish to.

Why “viewers”? Well honestly fans was taken on both instances, but also I think viewers relates more directly to what we’re trying to achieve. Fans is too broad. We’re focusing on changing the way media represents us so viewers is more targeted and I think that should be our focus right now. 

Next step is bringing in a team to admin things. I have a few people who have volunteered and people who have been working alongside me since Wednesday so I’ll reach out to them as well, but if you want to help please don’t hesitate to let me know. This is all about building community. 

Anon: One Shot: Where the reader is Tony’s cousin who happens to fall in love with Loki. And Tony finds out confronting them both with Thor. Pretty please with many cherries on top and 💝 Love this blog btw, I check it everyday!

(One-shot requests are closed. Finishing off the ones we’ve got first.)

TITLE: I love her
Word count: 1513
NOTES/WARNINGS: I changed MCU a bit. At the end of the Avengers he is forced to join forces with them. So he’s sort on trial with the Avengers. I couldn’t see how it would work any other way. Also, I based this a little on that friends episode where Ross finds out about Monica and Chandler. (Can you tell I’m watching friends right now?) It’s another piss-take one shot.

“We can’t keep doing this.” You said out of breath as you and Loki lied naked in bed together, bodies tangled in the sheets. He looked over at you with his hair slightly in his face and sighed. “I think I should go.” You got up from his bed and quickly chucked on your clothes. You poked your head outside his bedroom door to make sure no one was around before running out to return to your room – all the while, Loki said nothing.

Flopping down on your bed, you checked your phone for the time. One in the morning. You and Loki were having sex for three bloody hours. Your cheeks reddened as clips of your activities together flashed through your head. You hated yourself for always being there when Loki wanted you. And you hated even more the fact that you were actually starting to have feelings for him. Dare you say, you were actually starting to love him. You were pulled out of your depressing thoughts when there was a quiet knock on your door. Confused, you walked over and opened your bedroom door.

“Hi.” Loki said awkwardly. “I was wondering if we could…” He coughed awkwardly and said no more but you guessed. A smirk tugged on your lips and you moved back into your room and climbed into bed. He did this sometimes. He wanted to cuddle but he would never say it out loud. Loki climbed in besides you and pressed against your back, wrapping his arms around your waist and buried his face in your hair.

“This is the last night we can do this Loki.” You sighed into your pillow. I don’t want to be a doormat anymore.”

“You’re not a doormat.” He said tiredly, kissing the nape of your neck. “Never let this leave the room and I’m only admitting it because I’m tired, but I like you. A lot.” A small smile graced your lips and you began to drift off into a nice, warm sleep. Knowing that Loki was starting to fall for you as well.

You were awoken by loud knocks on your door. Opening your eyes slightly, you couldn’t help but smile when you saw Loki lying on the other side of the bed with his hair messy. But before you even knew what was happening, your bedroom door flung open.

“Y/N, I’ve been calling you for half an hour. Breakfast-“ Tony stopped talking and stood frozen in your doorway. Loki was woken up by the talking and quickly sat up when he realised Tony now knew about you both.

“It’s not what you think.” You said getting up and walking towars your cousin. Thankfully you decided to put your pyjamas on last night. “He just… Had a nightmare.” Anyone else would have believed you but this was Tony Stark. Your cousin. You grew up together and could read each other like a book. So you could easily tell how much he was freaking out right now.

“I did not want to see this.” Tony left quickly and you and Loki gave each other worried looks. You closed the bedroom door before leaning on it and sliding down. You were not in the mood to deal with your over-protective cousin right now. Loki walked over to you and sat beside you. He then placed your hands in his before raising them to his mouth and kissed them.

“I can make you better arrows.” Tony said to Clint. The Archer rolled his eyes and sighed as he dreamt of being able to eat his lunch in peace. Tony kept talking to him about stuff Clint didn’t care about so he just stared out of the window. It was a beautiful view of New York city. He was jealous at the fact your bedroom balcony was right beneath the dinning room, meaning you got this view from bed. He glanced down at your balcony when he saw something in the corner of his eye. His eye brows furrowed when he saw you and Loki stood together with smiles plastered on your faces. He said nothing to Tony, but when Clint saw you and Loki kiss, he couldn’t help but gasp. Tony noticed and when he followed Clint’s gaze, he stood up so quickly his chair slammed against the floor. “No.” He said angrily. “No…Get off my cousin!” He nearly yelled. Before Clint could calm him down, Tony had stormed out but didn’t go towards your room. Instead, he marched to Thor.

“It’s nice to actually have some time alone.” Loki said after kissing you. He brushed your hair from your face since the wind was whipping it around slightly. “Your freezing. Let’s go in doors.” You nodded and he took your hands in his as he led you back in your room. But before you could even sit back down, you heard heavy footsteps and running from outside your room.

“Loki! Loki!” You recognised it as Tony’s. He tried to open your door but, thankfully, you had locked it. “Loki, I saw what you were doing from the window. I saw what you doing to my cousin now get out here!”

“Well, we had a good run.” Loki chuckled. “What was there? four, five days? We had a good run.” You hit Loki’s arm and walked towards your door.

“I can handle Tony.” You opened the door and smiled innocently at your older cousin and you noticed Thor behind him watching bemused. “Hey, Tony. Whats up?” You tried to act like there was nothing wrong but when Tony looked over your shoulder and saw Loki, he pushed you to the side. Thankfully Thor was there to catch you.

“What the Hell are you doing?” Tony yelled and he stopped walking towards Loki when his face was right in front of his. Loki looked up at you as he tried not to laugh. Tony wasn’t very intimidating considering he was shorter than Loki.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Natasha and Steve ran into your room after they heard the yelling.

“I think Tony knows about me and Loki.” You said. Thor walked over to his brother and managed to separate the two. You then walked over also and held Loki’s hand. There was now a stare off between brothers and cousins.

“I thought you were my best friend. This is my brother!” Thor said. You didn’t realise how bothered they would be by this! You and Loki told Natasha the other day and Steve over-heard, that’s the only way they knew. “My best friend and my brother I cannot believe this.” Thor said, his face still bemused.

“Hey, we’re not just messing around.” Loki said, putting an arm around your waist. “I love her.” You looked up at Loki and grinned. That was the first time he had ever said that. “I’m in love with her.” He said more softly. Tony’s and Thor’s expressions lightened slightly at Loki’s declaration of love but there was still a bit of anger there.

“I’m sorry but I-it’s true. I love him too.” You kissed Loki on the cheek and you waited for a reaction. Thor was the first to speak.

“My best friend and my brother!” He walked over to you both and wrapped his arms around you. “I cannot believe this!” He let go of you both and you walked over to Tony.

“You really love each other?” He said. You nodded and Tony sighed, rubbing his nape. “Fine. You have my blessing.” He hugged you and Thor, who still had an arm wrapped around Loki’s shoulder, turned to Natasha and Steve.

“You guys probably want to get some hugs in too huh? Big news!”

“No that’s alright we’ve actually known for a while.” Natasha replied but immediately regretted it when Tony and Thor looked at them annoyed and stopped hugging you both.

“Wait, you all knew and you didn’t tell me?” Tony yelled. Natasha and Steve began tripping over their words but Steve was the first to manage a full one.

“We were worried about you. We didn’t know how you were going to react.”

“You were worried about me?” He laughed before going back to hugging you. “Lets go have a drink. I need one after all this news.”

“Here here!” You giggled, taking Loki’s hand and following everyone to the bar.

Phandom Match Makers!!

Hi! So we’re starting a phandom match maker blog :)

Please click read more for more info if you’re interested

Please reblog! This is going to be a thing going constantly and we want as many phandom members as possible to see it

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Hello :) I'm reluctantly new to the fandom and I was wondering what your favourite long Destiel fics are? Thank you!

Originally posted by strongmeg

Hello and welcome to this awesome, fabulous, phenomenal and spectacular fandom! Seriously, I’m always so excited to get new members into our SPNFamily. There, have a hug. So, about your question… We’ve already made a list of our all time favorites. You can find that list from HERE. Check that out, too, because we’re not going to rec those fics into this post. Also here’s another post that could interest you in our easy-starter-fics tag HERE. Luckily, we do have many other fics that we love, so here we go again: some of our personal favorites. I’m pretty sure we’ve recced these before, but who cares? – Admin J

Admin A

Title: For Love, For Glory

Author: shotgunsinlace

Rating: Mature

Words: 83,427 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This one is awesome. I mean Indiana Jones type of au makes me wanna book plane tickets and pull out my whip and just go all Lara Croft on people. Real life is so boring :’D

Summary: It’s the 1940’s, the war is tearing Europe in half, and the Nazis have a plan to uncover an ancient weapon belonging to the Egyptian gods that can tip the scale in their favor. With the help of a librarian named Castiel, it’s up to Sam and Dean Winchester, respectively a professor of archaeology and treasure hunter, to get to the Lost City of Amun-Ra and stop the Third Reich from achieving world domination. But with a missing father, secret societies, and an unexpected romance, things get more than a little complicated in this race against time. Loosely based on the Indiana Jones franchise.

( Read here )

Title: These bleeding feet (dance only for you)

Author: JinxedAmbitions

Rating: Explicit

Words: 38,256 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I love Russian Cas. I need to do a rec solely for that. I mean I do enjoy the occasional French or Spanish Cas but Russian Cas is like the hottest thing out there.  

Summary: Castiel has danced his entire life. It has always been his dream to dance en pointe in the Russian Ballet; however, his mother and his instructors encourage him to stick to the classical style. Castiel leaves his family and the ballet academy behind to come to Chicago for a chance to dance as he has dreamed. While he trains in a tiny unheated studio, he meets Dean Winchester who has come to fix the heater. They build an unlikely friendship as Cas trains for the production. Dean doesn’t understand the first thing about ballet, but he teaches Castiel about friendship and family, and Castiel has never danced so well as when he performs for Dean.

( Read here )

Title: Prosopagnosia

Author: misseditallagain

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Words: 32,737 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: This wasn’t the most earth shattering story in the angsty sort of way that I’ve ever read but it was refreshingly realistic and different from most of the “disability” fics out there. Plus Cas is working in the Gas ‘N Sip here which was like one of my fav moments in SPN. Also Dean’s a firefighter…I mean, who doesn’t love firemen, right?!

Summary: “I could turn around right now and I wouldn’t be able to spot you out of a lineup. There is nothing remarkable about you I could identify and say: there, that is Dean.”

“So you mean I’m not just another pretty face?”

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Title: Kiss the baker

Author: Ltleflrt

Rating: Explicit

Words: 112,697 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin A’s notes: I have recced this like too many times for it to be even legal now, but this is so good.

Summary:Jo is pregnant and craving something a little bit unusual. When she sends Dean on a mission to find her some chocolate cake donuts with bacon sprinkles, he’s sure that he’ll fail. Luckily his partner Benny comes to his rescue and introduces him to a quirky little bakery that sells all kinds of weird (and delicious!) baked goods. And they do special orders! Dean finds excuses to keep going back, and Castiel finds excuses to keep giving him special treats.

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Title: Say Something

Author: JhanaMay

Rating: Explicit

Words: 85,562 – Ongoing

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin A’s notes: I know everyone hates unfinished stories but this one is awesome and the author does update it quite regularly… I don’t know what it is about this story that hit me so hard but this is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite fics!

Summary: No matter how difficult he can be, Dean loves his son. Raising him alone after his mother died hasn’t been easy, but with the support of his family and friends, Dean has made it work. Now that Ben is starting kindergarten, Dean hopes that he can finally relax a little, but the challenges Ben faces at school make Dean realize that their struggles are just beginning. When Ben is assigned a new support teacher, Dean finds that Ben isn’t the only Winchester who has a problem dealing with change.

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Admin J

Title: The Day the World Went Away

Author: pyjamagurl

Rating: Explicit

Words: 56,658 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: I love future fics. I never get bored with Dean waking up in a bed with Cas (literally or not so literally). This is a fic that I usually rec to people who have just joined into the fandom or have just started to read fics.

Summary: After being reunited with Sam and leaving Lisa, Dean is finding that adjusting back into the hunting lifestyle is harder than he thought it would be. When a particular hunt goes badly, he gets knocked out, only to awaken five years in the future. Things are definitely different; Castiel is a hunter, Sam is married and things between Dean and Cas had gone somewhere Dean really hadn’t expected. And somewhere in all of this there is a lesson to be learned.

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Title: The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through Chlamydia

Author: violue

Rating: Explicit

Words: 89,337 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Admin J’s notes: Is there anyone out there who hasn’t read this yet? The name is so epic that I can’t believe anyone skipping this. The fic itself is really good. I love the texting parts and I love Cas in this fic and there are so epic moments that it’s someway so SPN that I can’t stand it. It hilarious, it’s well written and the story keeps going. Love it.

Summary: Dean doesn’t expect to see his one night stand again, but then again he also doesn’t expect to find out he has an STD. Sometime life is hilarious like that.

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Title: Halfway

Author: Anythingtoasted

Rating: Explicit

Words: 29,963 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin J’s notes: A Supernatural universe fic! I love fallen Castiel so very much. I love the angst and the awkwardness and in this fic there’s both. And there’s phone sex and Castiel doing what he thinks it’s the right thing to do. I like it how Cas the Cas of this fic is. Yes, I do love the idea of Cas sticking together with Dean and Sam, but this is more like how it would really happen in real life.

Summary: Castiel arrives back at the bunker after six months of being missing, with eighteen of his newly-fallen brothers and sisters in tow; shameless schmoop and angel-care ensues.

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Title: Holy!Dean Series

Author: bunnymaccool

Rating: Explicit

Words: 98,510 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin J’s notes: I’m not usually a huge fan of winged Dean, but this one turned my head completely. There are so many funny parts in the series (like the credit card for example, because really?) The entire fab five team is together (no, not the guys from the old TV show but my three favorite angels and two hunters), and it’s amazing. Read this.

Summary: All Dean Winchester had wanted was a piece of pie. And yet, what he got was a bunch of wayward angels, and retiring God and too damn crazy-looking future plus heavenly superpowers. Just a normal day of the life of Dean Winchester. Oh, and hey, Chuck, what are you doing here?

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Title: The Writing on the Wall

Author: DasMervin, MrsHyde

Rating: Explicit

Words: 574,830 – Finished

Admin’s assessment: ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Admin J’s notes: This fic always drives me crazy (and not in the good way). I want to grab this Dean’s shoulders and shake him because WHO THE HELL CAN BE THIS STUPID? In some way  this is what I could really see coming in the show, and it’s just so sad. It’s not healthy and it keeps going too long and Cas and Dean are both stuck with it. I can tell you, this is not something light bedtime story kinda reading. This is drama. And porn. But drama, too. The summary is only from the first part (there’s 26 of those), and it doesn’t even give the entire picture of drama and angst.

Summary: The writing was on the wall—and now Dean just had to try and understand it. A Post-Season Six alternate universe, going a different route from what happened in Season Seven and exploring a long and difficult relationship between Dean and Castiel. Canon-compliant up through the finale of Season Six, with some Season Seven thrown in.

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knzyjsk  asked:

Hi!! How are you? You forgot me :c hahahaha Anyways, I just come to say that Youngjae looks amazing this comeback and fklajdsfklha <3 And I have a favor to ask you! u.u Is that my phone broke down and I lost my Youngjae's BIG collection and that sucks :c But I'm get all back now! hahaha So, can you send me your favorite pics of blond Youngjae please?!! :3 (I know is difficult to decide) Thanks :3

Hi dear, 

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO please don’t say that I forget you because I’m not TT_TT I’m just tooo busy right now because I have to update two tumblr ( I’m also the admin for fuckyeahkimwonpil) at the same time and I need to keep update with both of my fav boys GOT7 & DAY6 since they are making comeback around the same time plus my work so I had to multitask. So now my life is pretty much consists of GOT7 & DAY6 hahaha…but it’s all my fault for being soooo greedy. I just can’t help it. Anyway, please forgive me if you think I forgot about you dear. I really am. Can you forgive me? 

Anyway, I’m so sorry that your phone was broken and I hope you can get them back as I know how it felt to lose something that you love so much… of course dear I can send you all my favorite pics of Youngjae not only the blond one…kekeke but it’s gonna be hard since all photos of Youngjae are my favorite^^ 

Youngjae first appearance with blond hair^^

a bit disheveled but still looks so good 

ahhh look how happy he is 

look at that mischievous smile with snapback and glasses…so hawttt 


He lost so much weight during this comeback TT_TT 

Look at that pearly white teeth 

cute with round glasses

always be one of my fav 


side profile 


His killer stare ahhhhh 

there are lots more but I think these are enough~ ^^ bonus for you dear 

Youngjae with blue hair 

erithe  asked:

Greetings and Salutations! I wish to ask for admittance to the birthday unending. I think the scary place that is Tumblr ate my last request, so I am come again with gifts of art and writing. I've lost a lot of precious things this year - a father, a home, a loved one, but I retain many of my treasures still. My birthday was last month, and, from now on, I think I will use my birthdays for celebration of those things gone and the new treasures found. Peace and blessings to you.

No, it didn’t.

Your original request is still in the queue, and it’s more than thirty Asks from the bottom.  That means that every single person who Asked before you did will be answered before you are.  Since I try to aim for three admissions every other day, you’re looking at almost a month before admission, at best.

Now, to the more general crowd: y’all, please remember that I am outnumbered.  There is not a team of people handling Birthday requests.  There is me.  Just me, only me, also doing all my own email and admin work, also writing an average of four to six books a year.  The Birthday is something I do for free and for fun, but there’s not someone else who can pick up the slack if I get busy.  When there’s a long delay between your submission and my answering you, that is normal.

Right now–right this second–there are over sixty people waiting for admission.  That number stays pretty constant.  So unless you see someone admitted that you know for a fact sent in their request after yours, because you were sitting next to them when they hit “send,” please do not re-submit.  Please do not ask me where you are in the queue.  All that does is slow down everyone’s acceptance, not just yours.

Thank you.