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anonymous asked:

Omega!Kageyama who really hates his instincts and fights against them tooth and nail, and alpha!Tsukki who teases him for it because shouldn't the little omega not be in sports or something he might get hurt. That's when he gets a face full of Suga and Asahi, also omegas, who ask him how exactly omegas are supposed to act and educate him (aka absolutely roasts him) about the hardships and stereotypes that most omegas go through. He slinks off feeling a little bad about it, like he just got (1/3)

scolded by his mother or something. He doesn’t apologize or anything, but the others notice a huge improvement with his taunts, which are more tame and less hurtful and omega bashing. Kageyama in particular is kind of happy and confused about it but he’s trying not to act like it. Tsukki ends up helping him through his heats at one point, giving him clothing with his scent awkwardly and walking him home without a word if his heat starts early. It isn’t until an alpha from another team (2/3)

tries to get Kags to submit to him and even daring to touch him that the others see the extent of Tsukki’s protectiveness towards Kageyama. He nearly rips the guy’s arms off. It’s not even Kags after that. He’ll stand between any alpha who tries to flirt with Suga, or tries to intimidate Asahi. It’s not because they’re weak or can’t defend themselves, it’s mostly because Tsukki’s instincts are screaming that this is his pack and he won’t stand for anyone threatening them. (giraffe anon) (3/3)

anonymous asked:

The first time Lev and Kuroo hooked up, Kuroo didn't expect the power struggle that happened. They started making out going over volleyball stuff, next thing he knows he's on his back with Lev furiously grinding into him. He flips their position and tries to remain dominant (probably saying "I'm the captain, so slow down, kid") but Lev just grips his hips&starts whispering dirty things in Russian and Kuroo completely falls apart, whining&whimpering as he rides Lev's long hard cock (giraffe anon)

anonymous asked:

Back with more Oiiwadaisuga, or whatever you wanna call it. Oikawa and Suga are little shits and love to tease Iwaizumi and Daichi, Iwa totally talks about how 'Shittykawa should act nicer like Koushi' and Suga has this shit eating grin on his face when Oikawa glares at him. Daichi combing through Oi's hair because he's surprisingly good with styling it. Iwa wearing Dai&Oi's clothes. Suga being in the middle of cuddles when sleeping because he easily gets cold. Just these four yes (giraffe anon)

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Kuroo taking Kageyama ubder their wing when they overhear Kageyama talking about having gender issues. Kageyama finds out, after extensive talking and thinking, the they don't mind male pronouns but would rather have they/them like Kuroo, and they really like wearing lipstick and skirts. Kuroo lets him borrow whatever they need, and does their makeup a lot, and takes them shopping. Just Kuroo and Kageyama hanging out and dressing up and stuff (giraffe anon)

anonymous asked:

More genderfluid Kuroo&Kageyama. Kuroo talks to Kags and gives them tips on how to get off/have sex without feeling dysphoric, Kuroo being protective of Kags at training camps and dares anyone to hurt their precious kouhai. Kags returns the favor when some players from different teams makes rude remarks about seeing Nekoma's captain in a skirt, they get a black eye but it was so worth it. Kuroo covers the black eye with makeup and says not to do it again, but praises them for sticking up (1/2)

for them. Kags also gets eyeliner tips from Akaashi, and hair tips from Bokuto (even if they don’t necessarily want to use the gel, Bokuto knows a lot of hair care products and helps Kags acquire extensions for when Kags wants longer hair). Just Kags getting help and support from everyone and being really protective of everyone that helps them pls (2/2) (giraffe anon)

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How Kuroo and Bokuto meet: Kuroo broke into Bokuto's dorm room when he heard Bokuto's cat meowing and stayed there to give it company until Bokuto comes home to the sight of his grumpy, antisocial cat curled in Kuroo's lap and purring as Kuroo pets it saying "sorry, your cat got lonely, I didn't take anything or anything" and Bokuto knows that he's in love at that moment because if Keiji likes someone then they're obviously an angel sent from the heavens and this one's hot (giraffe anon)