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Can I get a gif reaction when their crush is trying to get something from the shelf but she's too short?


/tries not to react to how cute you look. fails/

*damn it*


/waiting to see how long you’ll keep trying until you swallow your pride and use a chair/


“I would help you… but you ate my sandwich without asking me.”

/thinks you look adorable though and secretly wants to help you/


“Jump like that one more time, I need it at this angle.”


“You called me all the way over here because couldn’t grab the cereal?”


/after your hand brushes against the bottle and it hits your head/

“I actually thought you were gonna get it!”


“I got all this height and you’re not gonna make any use of it?”

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(I had to do this one because I have social anxiety myself. Hope you like it)
You guys would be at a party and you would try your best to relax but it got to be too much for you. He would see you on the verge of a anxiety attack and would try to calm you down
“Just breathe baby girl. We can go home if you like”

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You guys were in Busan visiting Jimin’s family and you were meeting them for the first time. You were already nervous meeting them so when you were bombarded with questions, your body started to shake and you were on the verge of tears. Jimin noticed right away and came to your rescue.
“Sorry that my family is like this. I can tell them to back off a bit for you.”

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He asked you if you wanted to attend this huge event with him and even though you wanted to go, you tell him that you couldn’t and he asked why. When you told him that you have severe social anxiety, he understood and didn’t pressure you to go
“Thank you for telling me princess. We can do something small later. Just you and me”

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You were his date at a awards show and you couldn’t be more prouder of him when he won. As you guys make your rounds greeting people, Tae noticed that you weren’t talking much. When you told him that your social anxiety was starting to get the best of you, he would take you home and take care of you.
“We don’t have to stay here. Let’s go home and cuddle and watch movies yeah?”

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As much as you love your boyfriend and you wanted to support him, you couldn’t stay at this important dinner much longer. He chased after you when he saw you leave the table and ran outside to get some air.
“It’s your anxiety isn’t it? You wanna go home? Everyone will understand”

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He dragged you to go meet some of his friends and while they were nice, you just wanted to leave. When he heard you start to cry and try to breathe, he would calm you down and explain to his friends what was happening
“She’s having a anxiety attack. Someone grab some water please. Just focus on me and your breathing baby”

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He became concerned after you cancelled plans with him for the fifth time. When he sat down and asked you why you were turning down his plans, you told him that you have anxiety and he was very understanding and supportive.
“We can stay in and do something. We don’t have to go out. I don’t want you to have a anxiety attack.”

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// heyo, admin helmi here with some updates:

  • i’m finally back from my italy vacay so i can soon start answering asks yay
  • there aren’t many asks for jimin atm so u totally should send him some wink wonk
  • me and taru just made the angstiest bad ending au for this au and im em o
  • #auception #everyone suffers #no fluff only angst
  • i can’t believe this idea started from me not being able to draw jimin right djfkglgk
  • me and taru are meeting irl soon
  • next friday to be exact
  • time to get hy p e
  • that’s pretty much it, have a nice day pals


*immediately motions for you to come closer to him then pats his thigh*
“Come take a ride then babygirl.”

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*chuckles as he thinks about it for a moment*
“My thighs? Really?” “Well if that’ll get you off, then come here little one.” 

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*licks his lips as he tilts his head slightly* 
“You can do whatever you want babygirl..” “I wanna see you get off on my thigh alone, we can make it a game if you want?” 

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“My thigh?” 
*combs his fingers through his before offering you a seat*
“If that doesn’t work I always have something else you can ride.” 

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*grabs you by your hips and immediately places you on his lap before flexing his thigh*
“Go on little one, I wanna watch you cum all over me, Jagi…” 

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“You don’t even have to ask.” 
*chuckles as he licks his lips*
“Do you wanna do it now or later?”

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*raises his brow at your request before smirking*
“Alright, kitten but if you can’t cum- I’ll be glad to fuck the life out of you.”

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How’s Your Throat? (M)

Pairing: Simon Dominic x Reader
Warnings: ???
A/N: I started this months ago for a request but then things went left and I couldn’t write for a good month or so.  Mianhae to whoever requested this story.  I tried, yet failed.

Have you ever been backstage at an AOMG concert?  No?  Well, it is just as crazy as you can imagine.  Someone will end up chasing someone or they’ll be arguing over something stupid and/or irrelevant.  And please whatever you do, do NOT mention the NFL or the Seahawks.  Unless you want to hear Jay go on and on about the strength behind the 12th man.  

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-the moment the sweet petname slips, his cheeks turn a bright red; immediately turning into a shy little bunny- 

“Babyboy?” *smiling like a dork when you say it again* 
“Why do I like it so much?” 

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-as soon as he hears your little nickname for him his heart flutters and he immediately softens his cold exterior- 

“Aissh babe why-” *you cut him off by cuddling up to him, calling him the sweet name while telling him how much you adore him*  
*continues to become a big, smiley baby though he goes silent* 

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-is so used to being the one to call you cute little petnames that the moment you call him one he becomes extremely flustered- 

*smiling like a dork as his cheeks turn bright red*
“Really, Jagi? Where did that come from?” 

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-the second call him by your new petname for him, his extraness dissipates as his shyness overwhelms him- 

*pulls the blankets over his face to try to his reddening face* 
“So I’m your babyboy now, Jagi?” *you nod as you crawl up to him, planting soft kisses all over his face* 

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-he was always used to having little ‘petname battles’ with you, the two of you would go back and forth; calling each other cutesy names and the second you call him babyboy, he’d become putty in your hands- 

*smiles brightly as he lays his head on your lap, interlocking your hand with his* 
“Am I a good babyboy though?”

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-his heart would practically stop the moment you call him by the sweet little petname, he’d immediately flash that adorable boxy smile- 

*you began telling him how much you love him and how good he is while calling him the nickname* 
“Your babyboy loves you too, Jagi.~”

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-he’d already by laying across your lap while you played with his hair when you call him the loving nickname- 

*burying his face in a mix of giddiness and embarrassment, he’d become the cutest little baby in seconds* 
Really I’m your babyboy Jagiya?” *the moment you nod his cuteness shines through any shyness he felt*


Requested: “Do you think you can do a yoongi snap about you (a native English speaker) rapping a EXTREMELY fast rap song perfectly and he overhears you on a FaceTime when he’s on tour? (Sorry if this is complicated xx)”

Here’s Yoongi noticing your secret talent you’d been too embarrassed to share with him seeing as how he’s a professional rapper and all. - admin nicole 💕


Road Trip - Final

Genre; S m u t af

Length; 2,700+ words 

Kink(s); exhibitionism, oral (giving), teasing/sexual torture, Daddy kink, etc.

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Jimin’s hand tightened around your throat, clearly not appreciating your shy silence. 
“Answer me, darling..” He purred, those pillowy lips of his ghosting over your cheek and jaw just as he licked a broad strip up the side of your face. “You don’t wanna make me angry, do you?” 

A soft chuckle escaped Yoongi as he scanned your flushed face, his large hand began grazing your inner thigh as he harshly gripped onto you. 
“I suggest you answer kitten-” He playfully warned, a toothy grin painting across his face as he glanced over at his dongsaeng; noticing his darkening gaze as he looked over you, “I may be a bit unforgiving when it comes to punishments, but Jiminnie can be the scariest.” 

You watched as Jimin’s pursed lips curled up in a twisted little grin. “I’ll ask you one more time, and only one more time, y/n..” He stated with a stern undertone, tilting his slightly as he licked his lips. “Are you ready for us, babygirl?” 

“Mhmm..” You whimpered as you softly nodded in reply. 
Yoongi shook his head, clicking his tongue in slight disappointment at your lack of words;

-tsk tsk tsk

“Oh sweetheart..” He mockingly began, his hand reaching the spot you needed to be touched the most. His fingers gently traced your clothed slit- sending chills running down your spine while his piercing gaze locked with yours.
“You should know better than that.” Yoongi lowly snarled, hungrily licking his lips. “Use your words, you wouldn’t want to be punished now would you?”

Frantically you shook your head in response, the sheer look in his eyes and Jimin’s predatory aura beside you was enough to deter you from wanting to upset them at all. 
“No- No, Sir..” You mousily replied, biting your lower lip as their eager hands began running up and down your body. 

“Okay then-” Jimin sweetly purred, pressing those pillowy lips of his against your cheek as he whispered, “I want to hear how ready you are for us, darling. I want to hear the desperation in your voice.” 

Just as he finished speaking his fingers hooked under the hem of your sweater, pulling it up and off you in one swift movement- exposing the soft grey bralette that covered your supple breasts as Yoongi’s skilled fingers tenderly teased your needy core; running his digits over the front seam of your leggings. 

Soft, wanting little whines flowed out of you as the flame in your core gradually began to consume your entire being, “Please- Please don’t tease me..” You whimpered as he playfully tugged on your waistband for a second before yanking the material right off you- tossing it off to the side. 

Both men softly groaned at the sight of your cute panties perfecting hugging your curves, “Why shouldn’t we y/n?” Yoongi mockingly replied, his hands returning your heat; lightly rubbing your clothed clit in circular motions. 
The feeling of him touching your sensitive pearl sent bolts of electricity practically shooting throughout your entire body; your previous soft whimpers gradually became louder and louder as he refused to let up on you. 

“Yah-” Jimin called out to you, pinching and gently twisting your pert nipples as he nipped at the base of your neck; drawing out one of your loud, sweet whimpers. He began palming at his hardened member, the sound of your lewd noises overwhelmed him. “You know what.. look’s like I’ll have to keep that pretty mouth of your’s busy, huh?” 

With little warning, both men easily had you on all fours.
Jimin’s hand was in your hair, tenderly massaging your scalp as he held a tight grip on your hair while undoing his jeans just enough for his thich member to spring free. Grabbing it at the base, he licked his lips; “Suck me off babygirl.” He seductively purred, hissing slightly as you delicately wrapped one of your hands around his shaft. “God.. Show me what that pretty mouth of your’s can do.” 

You gently began stroking his length, biting your lower lip as you attempting to muffle your moans while Yoongi had his own fun exploring your needy flower. “Ye- Yes, Daddy..” You sweetly replied as you slowly took him into your mouth; wrapping your plump reddened lips around his swollen tip.

As you hollowed your mouth around him ever so slightly, Jimin let out an airy groan followed by a soft chuckle, “Daddy? Hmm, I like the sound of that babygirl..” He purred just as he turned to look over at his occupied friend, “Hyung.. having fun there?” 

Yoongi peered up at the younger man with dark, heavy-lidded eyes, “Shut up..” He retorted as he hooked his fingers around your panties, pulling them down to your knees. “Fuck..” He audibly groaned as his eyes laid on your sopping flower. 
With two fingers, he gently separated your lips, “God you look so tight babygirl..” He purred just as he took the liberty to slide one of his long digits inside you. 

You needily moaned around Jimin, lowering your mouth further on him as you head bobbed up and down. 
“Fuck..” Jimin cooed as he reached down to your breasts, pinching your sensitive nipples as you swallowed around his member. “You’re mouth feels fucking amazing babygirl.” 

Hearing his sweet praise only encouraged you to continue. With the hand that was gently wrapped around the base of his cock, your mouth stayed nicely wrapped around his head as you began stroking his length while circling the tip with your tongue. 
“God damn it..” He cursed, laying his head back against the leather car seat as he tightened his grip in your hair. 

As you slowly took his deeper into your mouth and into your throat, Yoongi quickened the pace of his finger. Your face contorted; brows furrowing as desperation clouded your eyes, “Mhmm…” You cried around, your voice muffled by Jimin’s cock. 
Suddenly Yoongi slipped another finger inside you with ease, curling them to perfectly hit your spot- practically making your body melt right then and there. 

“Mhmm, fuck..” He hummed as he palmed at his member through his jeans, chewing on his lower lip. “You’re so fucking tight babygirl. You’re gonna feel so damn good wrapped around my cock.” 
A loud, animalistic groan flowed out of him as your walls tightened around his fingers- and he could only imagine how fucking fantastic he’d feel having his cock buried inside you. “Do you want Daddy to fuck you babygirl?” 

Hearing his Hyung’s lewd question, Jimin roughly lifted your mouth of him- allowing you to reply to his friend. 
Soft, airy coughs escaped your mouth as air rushed down your throat and a mix of saliva and precum dripped down your chin. Frantically you nodded in response, “Ye- Yes Daddy… Fuck me please.” You needily whimpered. 

While listening to your nearly wrecked voice Yoongi undid his pants, rapidly yanking them down to his mid-thighs; allowing his lengthy member to freely stand, fully erect. 
He continued to finger fuck you as he used his free hand to stroke his own cock, “Beg for it, babygirl. Beg for Daddy’s cock.” He sternly replied, his piercing gaze burning into your back as he stared down at you. 

The feeling of his long digits fucking you seemed to drive your arousal into overdrive, “Fuc- fuck… “ You whimpered, roughly nipping at your lower lip as you felt your velvet clench around his fingers, “Daddy- Daddy, please fuck me.. I really- really need to feel your cock inside me.” 

Both men had smug grins plastered on their faces as they heard the sheer desperation that spilt from your words, “Yah, Hyung..” Jimin sweetly cooed, airily groaning as your hand continued to pump his cock, “Give the poor girl what she.. needs.” He teasingly giggled, moaning once more as you kitten licked the tip of his member. 

“I bet her pretty little pussy-” Yoongi growled as he retracted his fingers from you, positioning himself so his member perfectly lined up with your cunt. “-feels fucking amazing..” He purred just as he pressed his swollen head against your wanting entrance. 

As your soft gasps filled the car, Jimin just shook his head- clicking his tongue in disappointment a bit before practically shoving himself back into your mouth. “Didn’t we tell you, you needed to be quiet, kitten?” He lowly snarled as he held your head in place, his hips roughly bucking into your mouth; hitting the back of your throat with every powerful throat, causing you to gag slightly. 

While you were being ruthlessly face fucked, Yoongi sunk himself deeper into you, “Fuck..” He groaned through gritted teeth, “Fuck you’re so damn tight..” He purred as he gently eased himself into you all the way to the base of his lengthy member, staying there just for a minute to allow you to adjust to his size. 

Your suppressed whines mixed with the erotic sound of slurps and gags creating a lewd symphony as both men continued having their way with you. Tears gathered in the corners of your eyes as you found it harder and harder to breathe with Jimin’s member relentlessly fucking your throat.
“Mhmm.~” You whimpered as Yoongi began drilling into you at an overwhelming pace. 

“God damn..” Both men purred in unison as they became completely enraptured by how amazing you felt. 
Jimin stared down at you, carefully watching as you tried your best to breathe while he thrust his cock down your throat; holding you there, “Sh, it’s okay, breathe through your nose babygirl..” He cooed, as his eyes practically rolled back and shaky groans pour from him. 

As he held you there for only a second more, he quickly pulled you off him causing to you gasp in shock as air once again burned your lungs. Your desperate gasps quickly turned into needy moans as Yoongi relentlessly fucked you. 
The moment you opened your mouth to moan out his name, Jimin pushed your head back down onto him; groaning loudly as the warmth of your mouth had him close to his high. 

“You can’t cum yet, Jiminnie..” Yoongi warned, seeming to read the younger man’s mind. “We need to make our little y/n cum first.” He playfully purred, letting out a soft animalistic growl as your walls began tightening around his member. 
“Fuck- it seems as if she’s ready to cum too…” He added as he held a bruising grip on your hips, pressing his fingertips so deep into them that you know you’d have the bruises their tomorrow. “Do you babygirl? Do you wanna cum?” 

Truthfully, you’d been so focused on trying to breathe that you didn’t notice your climax rapidly creeping up on you until now. You let out a loud, muffled cry as you frantically nodded your head to the best of your abilities; your core began feeling as if it were ready to just burst as Yoongi continued to perfectly hit your most sensitive spot. 
Your sopping walls clenched around him while he continued fucking you with long, brutal thrusts. “Holy shit..” He airily snarled as he felt your need to cum, “You know what-” He purred, “I was going to make you wait, but you’ve been such a fucking good girl. So cum. Cum all over my cock babygirl.” 

You didn’t even need to be told again, your body immediately tensed as your orgasm wracked through you causing your entire body to tremble from the intensity. 
Jimin whined at the sight as he was coming closer and closer to his own high with each passing moment, “Hyu- Hyung..” He whimper, looking over at his older with heavy-lidded eyes; his cheeks flushing a soft rosy hue. His hand tightly gripped your hair, as he quickened his pace in your mouth- letting out needy moans every time his cock entered your throat. “Sh.. Shit..” 

“Hmm?” Yoongi groaned in response, as he hungrily stared down at you; losing himself in the feeling of your cunt basically trying to milk him of his cum. “Cum Jiminnie, I wanna see you cum all over that pretty fucking face of hers.” He growled as he began brutishly pounding into your hypersensitive cunt. 

The tears that had previously gathered, broke free as your body continued to shake from the sheer oversensitivity they drove you into. Youloudly whimpered as Jimin drilled down your throat, not caring for anything else but reaching his own climax. 
“God. Fucking. Damn. It.” He growled, thrusting into your throat repeatedly just as his own orgasm washed over him. Strings of his warm cum coated your throat just as he pulled out, “Fuck..” He airily moaned as he painted your face with his spunk, then slowly released the grip he had in your hair.  

Immediately you coughed as you attempted to steady your irratic breathing, “D- Daddy.~” You mewled, your face contorting as Yoongi leaned over to you, replacing Jimin’s hand; grabbing a fistful of your messy hair. 
He pulled you up to him, wrapping his forearm around your throat as he fucked you, “You look so gorgeous with JIminnie’s cum all over your face, kitten.” He whispered, nipping at the nape of your neck. 

You peered over to Jimin, watching as he tucking himself back into his bottoms then began enjoying the view your new position had given him. Getting on his knees, the younger man rose up to you; groping your supple breasts as he pressed his plush lips against yours to quiet you down. 

With gritted teeth, Yoongi hissed the instant he felt his cock twitch inside of you, “Fuck, come here..” He sweetly cooed, pulling you away from Jimin- laying your head back against his shoulder just before pressing his lips against yours. He then reached over to Jimin, roughly pulling him over to the two of you by his collar. 
The three you of you ended up becoming completely enveloped in the passionate, three-way kiss as Yoongi continued to chase his own need to cum. 

Jimin pulled away slightly, letting out soft gasps, as he saw the need written all over his Hyungs face. “Hyung, you really wanna cum don’t you..” He teasingly chuckled, as Yoongi broke his kiss with you. 
“I bet y/n really wants to feel you cum deep inside her, don’t you princess?” His hand cupped your jaw, “Tell Daddy how badly you want him to cum inside you..” 

In between your constant moans, you managed to reply somehow, “Cum- Cum for me Daddy..” You whimpered as your sore cunt continued to be pounded into, “Cum deep inside me, it’ll feel so- so fucking good..” 

“It- Its fucking would, wouldn’t it?” Yoongi growled, quickening his pace inside you once more. “I’m gonna-” He began, groaning as his thrusts suddenly became sloppy, “Im gonna fucking fill you with my cum babygirl. Daddy’s gonna cum deep inside your pretty little pussy..” 
Not even a couple minutes after, his thrusts slowed as his orgasm took over. His cock stayed buried inside you as he came, shooting his load deep inside your cunt; painting your walls with the warm liquid. 

Slowly, he pulled out of you, “Fuck..” He airily stated, sinking back down onto the leather seat; bringing you down with him. 
Jimin sat back down in his spot, gently laying your trembling legs over his lips as your head rested on Yoongi’s chest. 

They both gently caressed you, “You okay, babygirl?” Yoongi sweetly asked as he quickly tucked himself back into his jeans. “We didn’t hurt you did we?” 

Lazily you shook your head in response, “No- No I’m okay.” You giggled, “I really need to clean up though..” 

“Yeah-” Jimin replied, flashing that adorably bright smile towards you, “I really came a lot, didn’t I? I’m sorry, princess.” He cooed, interlocking his hand with yours. 

Before you could even say another word, Hoseok suddenly rose from his seat- tossing a spare shirt he hand towards you. “Don’t get cum on the seat.” He simply stated, a smug grin painted across his face as he looked over your jaded body, “Oh by the way, y’all aren’t as quiet as you think you are.” 

Namjoon stared back at y’all through the rear view mirror, laughing softly as he shook his head. “You know y/n…” He began as he tried holding back his pompous grin, “If Yoongi-hyung and our little JIminnie didn’t tire you out, you should come let me and Hobi-hyung play with you too.” 

Hoseok lightly smacked Namjoon’s shoulder, “That’s a good idea-” He added, his attention turning back to you, “How about it, princess?” He purred, licking his lips as his eyes scanned over your curves, “Be a good little girl and let us play with you too.~” 


you’re a new idol on the scene and everyone loves you

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